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  1. hmm weird Ashe's VA has done more live action than voice work. As far as Behind the Voice Actor is showing, he was in Transformers: Rescue Bots back in 2012 (playing a few characters) and that's it for VAing. The rest of his stuff (according to IMDb) is all live action.
  2. I doubt it considering master class actually appears on the class selection screen even before getting a c rank it’s just locked. However I wouldn’t be surprised if hidden classes like Dancer are (but I doubt there will be a whole other tier)
  3. I've done more thinking over classes and such now that we have some recommended skill levels for master classes and I think I have my final classes for my first Blue Lions run:
  4. I have played through all of the games at least twice now however I mainly only replay Awakening, Conquest and SoV due to the fact the older games are not very accessible since I don't have them physically and my computer sucks at emulating. I hope to get Shadow Dragon physically soon tho (probably on amazon or smth) since it's my favourite pre-3ds FE and I'm dying to play it again. It would probably be my most replayed FE tbh.
  5. Both gay men and women suffer from homophobia and to say that one is undoubtedly treated better than the other is completely false and ignorant and most often then not a homophobic person doesn't care about your gender. Also saying that gay women are more accepted because straight men fetishise them is the most dimwitted thing I've seen. Fetishisation /=/ acceptation. Straight men like seeing two women they are attracted to together because they are attractive, not because they accept them for being gay (the same goes for straight women and gay men. It's all a fantasy and a fetish, not acceptance). So as Parrhesia said, can we drop this since neither gay men or women, as I've said, have it objectively better than the other.
  6. It's especially sad that most units that have a strength in heavy armour have a weakness in riding too. Hopefully the boost from the saint statue alongside tutoring will help reduce the tedium.
  7. Dark Knight has been confirmed to need an A rank and since Dark Knight and Holy Knight are essentially the same sans the magic they focus on, it wouldn't be off if they had the same requirements. For Falcon Knight, I'd expect C in Swords and A in Lances and Flying like Von Ithipathachai said. For the infantry classes, I'd say maybe A in Swords and B/B+ in Reason for Mortal Savant and A in both Axes and Brawl for War Master and A in both Reason and Faith for Gremory. For the most part, it really looks like it will be a pain to get to Master tier, especially for the four cavalry classes (literally the four horsemen lol) due to all of them being defacto promotions for classes that don't need Riding. It's really gonna hurt characters that went Armoured Knight/Fortress Knight trying to get to Great Knight except maybe Ferdinand. Bow Knight seems to be the most forgiving imo.
  8. At 7:38 in this video it shows it as well but's it's for pretty much for a second so you might need to slow down the video to 0.25 speed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDLkEtze5vs
  9. Ugh Great Knight is gonna be a pain to get to since most units that would be decent in it are bad at riding (namely Dedue and Raphael)
  10. He stated that master classes were not available pre timeskip it seems. Either that or he didn't get to level 30 (which is the required level for them) and just assumed they weren't available.
  11. That's a first. I can see Byleth very easily being the best dancer since they innately have a sword and authority strength and you can develop their faith hidden talent too. EDIT: Just read the thread and it turns out Byleth is not able to be a dancer rip
  12. Commoner/noble is already ruled out for endgame because of their 4 mov imo. Also based on their descriptions, they may also cripple mages since they can only use ‘some’ magic whatever that implies.
  13. Do we know if a characters strengths and weaknesses affect weapon exp from battle or is it just with tutoring?
  14. With Three Houses coming next week, Famitsu is releasing their final article which will mainly be a reacp (as expected) of all the information so far and the writers will also give their own impressions of the gameplay. Article
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