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  1. Black Eagles: I feel like they all make sense joining the empire personally, being loyal to Edelgard and all. Obviously Ferdie is slightly suspect but I think it depends on how you see him developing and whether he's put his nationalism before how he feels about his noble title etc. As for other houses: Ferdie can fit in any side of the war tbh because again, if he desires his noble title over his nationalism, he's obviously gonna fight against Edel. Caspar and Petra I feel like would be the most likely to leave the empire with Caspar thinking Edel's war is unjust (though his sense of justice depends on route) and Petra deciding she wants to liberate Brigid. I feel like Linhardt and Dorothea would actually just not fight if gameplay didn't demand otherwise. Linhardt I can see joining Claude however due to overlapping interest in crests/relics and Dorothea I can on any side as long as she was fighting to just end the war. Bernie oddly enough I feel suits fighting with the empire best over other routes. It's the only route where she is completely free form her father and actually is outside her room. Blue Lions: I feel like the only ones who would actually join the empire with little regret would be Mercedes and Ashe, for Emile and for getting revenge for Lonato/Cristophe respectively. Felix and Annette could also realistically do so (and do in cut content), for his resentment with Dimitri/his father and to protect her family respectively. However, I think they would still be more likely to stay with Faerghus/the church. I really can't see Sylvain and Ingrid joining though. They do have reasons, but I think they are so loyal to Faerghus, they would have a hard time deserting Faerghus. In regards to joining Claude/the church, I think all of them reasonably could, though, I think the BL in general are the most likely to stay in their house because for the most part, they are all so close knit, even with the problems they have with their country/the church. Golden Deer: Sans Hilda, the GD are so disconnected, they could all go either way. Lorenz and Lysithea would easily join the empire because that's who their families joined (even if joining wasn't their own choice). Marianne is similar sine her father is a huge opportunist and would join the empire if they were winning. Then the commoner trio really have no political ties to Leicester besides the fact they live there (also Ignatz's family has ties to Gloucester). The only one who would be most apprehensive would probably be Leonie because of TWSITD but even then, she would probs join to protect Byleth for Jeralt. Besides the empire, again I can see everyone from GD joining Faerghus/the church too again, because they are so disconnected. Though, again Hilda I feel like she would stay with Claude, even though she is recruitable on those routes. Ashen Wolves: Yuri would join the winning side to protect his people and family, it's as simple as that. Balthus would probably be similar because his mother and Kupala, but I feel like he would also fight and protect Leicester from the empire for the same reason. For Constance, I feel like she is really the only character who would actively not join the empire because her rebuilding her house is so integral to her and that is something she wouldn't be able to do in the way she would wish with Edelgard. Hapi on the other hand would probably join the empire the most willingly because of the church and what they did to her. Faculty/Knights: We know Hanneman and Manuela join the empire if you don't recruit them so this is an easy answer. I feel like Hanneman especially would join Edelgard. For Alois and Shamir, they have contradicting reasons for joining and not joining the empire. Alois would join the empire to protect Byleth for Jeralt but fight against the empire and Byleth because Byleth betrayed Jeralt. Similarly, Shamir would fight with the empire because she has no loyalty to Rhea but would fight against them because of her loyalty to her. It really goes either way imo.
  2. Honestly your plans seem sound enough however... Lorenz, Raphael and Ignatz are pretty bad units tbh, especially on maddening however you unfortunately are stuck at least training them for chapter 13 if you don't want to lose anyone/be overwhelmed by units they can't kill. For Lorenz, assassin seems like an okay idea, but unfortunately Lorenz is so balanced stat wise, it's almost to his detriment. It would be better for him to focus on magic/cav and using frozen lance which he gets at C+. Going Dark Knight endgame then if you can if you used him enough for endgame. Raphael would also be better for Brigand then Grappler for Death Blow then Fierce Iron Fist if you want to use him. Armoured Knight/Fortress Knight is fine to have in the wings if you ever need a particular tanky unit though I find traditional tanking doesn't work very well on maddening. Though he would also work super well as a guard adjutant. Ignatz is a great rally bot but if you want him to do damage, you'll want Hunter's Volley. It's honestly just easier in the long run too since you are only focusing in two of his weapon skills (Bow and Authority) and thus are taking up less time instructing. You could get his Reason budding talent for seal strength so when he's doing chip damage early game, he decreases strength though it's not essential. For F!Byleth, I would say Brigand-Peg-Wyvern would be best for her. She gets Death and Darting Blow and yeah that's really it. Claude also should just be going Brigand-Wyvern or Sniper too. Leonie should definitely level bows mainly for point-blank volley. Honestly Leonie can work as a Falcon Knight or even Bow Knight tbh. Lysithea is fairly vanilla tbh for everyone on maddening I think, though definitely try to gets dark spikes and warp asap. Hidla is also quite vanilla too going Brigand-Peg-Wyvern. Overall no problems here. Marianne also works as dancer too so no problem there. Sylvain can go between Wyvern and Paladin tbh. Swift Strike obviously like Lancefaire, but flying mobility is also very good. It's mainly personal preference tbh. One thing I would say regarding fliers is to not go ham with them. Fliers are great and all but flying battalions are very sparse and also can require higher authority ranks to use them then most battalions. I would say 4-5 fliers max tbh (Byleth, Claude (though he gets his own battalion in part 2 so you don't have to worry too much), Hilda, Leonie, Sylvain maybe). For recruitment, Dorothea is quite easy to recruit and makes a good dancer if you want Marianne to do smth else. If you're recruiting Mercedes, I would say Linhardt is a bit better due to having Warp rather than Fortify, tho he also requires reason rather than bows and you're more likely to train in bows so I guess it is personal preference. Annette can be a bit of a pain to recruit tho because of B faith unless you get her to like B+ support. I would also suggest Felix too tbh. He's easy to recruit and one of the best combat units with the best crest in the game and a great personal skill (which does fall off once battalions level up and eventually give more of a damage boost than his +5 but it's still great). Seteth, Catherine and Shamir are also great combat units that don't require too much investment either besides maybe reclassing a bit for other skills like Death/Darting Blow but fulfil good niches (Swift Strike with Seteth, Catherine is a great Jeigan esque character for part 1 if you recruit her early enough, Shamir is the easiest to have master Sniper and is just the best base archer in the game). Alois can also easily become a guard adjutant too. Hope these tips can help you and good luck!
  3. Based on the scene where Edelgard as the Flame Emperor berates Kostas for being unable to perform his job, which, as his says was 'to kill as many noble pipsqueaks as possible', I'm highly unsure that Edelgard didn't intend for Dimitri and Claude not to be killed. There is even a NPC that references something along the lines that it's crazy how this year's studnet body consist of the next three leaders, and if anything were to happen, it would be horrible for the church. So I'd love to know these 'hints' where it is implied Edelgard didn't want Dimitri and Claude dead. Also, concenring Jeritza, within the game, there are many references to people disappearing at night and never being seen again by the hands of someone in black armour wielding a scythe. If this doesn't translate to Jeritza killing people, I don't know what does. That is incorrect. The insurrection was spurred by Emperor Ionius suppressing the Hrym rebellion as they tried to join Leicester. The seven main noble houses of the empire then stages a coup where together they stripped Ionius of much of his power and those seven each taking a responsibility over the empire's affairs (like how Aegir is prime minister, Arundel reagent and so on). The slithers took no part in the insurrection and didn't get involved in imperial business until after when they began experimenting on the Hresvelg family. However, despite this we see that Edelgard is still able to go to her father, demand he abdicate the throne to her where she then proceeds to strip Duke Aegir of his power with little to no problem at all and with no intervention from the slithers. Clearly Edelgard has a large modicum of power if she is able to take the role of emperor and take all the power back that was stolen from her father to lead Adrestia into the war to begin with. Also, as someone who has looked quite deeply into the characters of this game, namely Edelgard, DImitri and Rhea as they interest me the most, I think I have quite a decent understanding of Edelgard's life and her situation based on what was given to us in all the routes and supports and supplementary lore in game. Based on all of that, I do think Edelgard had more options, not many albeit, but more than plunging the entire continent into a war, senselessly ending the lives of many people in service to TWSITD and the nobles of Adrestia who were really responsible for her trauma. On top of that, as I said previously, Edelgard's vision for Fodlan is extremely flawed and would simply not function in such a world that is Fodlan and is bound to repeat history and again, make her entire war moot.
  4. Personally, I quite enjoy Edelgard as an antagonist, especially in AM and somewhat in SS. However, I personally cannot agree with her and her methods (like how she hired Kostas to kill Dimitri and Claude, how she lets Jeritza simply run wild and murder innocent people etc.) if she is the protagonist. While I agree, Edelgard had little choice in her actions, however, there were alternate routes Edelgard could've taken to prevent what happened, such as, just not instigating a huge war. What exactly could TWSITD do if Edlegard just refused to partake in their schemes? They had no political power aside from the few nobles houses (Volkhard and Cornelia being the main ones, and even then, they are some of the weaker powers in their respective countries) they managed to sneak their ways into. Edelgard simply waiting rather than deciding to instigate a war with the church would have prevented a lot of disaster. While I think war was definitely inevitable, that's undeniable, the war would have been on much smaller scale then the war Edelgard caused imo. As well as that, I personally just don't agree with the future she wants for Fodlan. While a meritocracy is admirable and a good idea in practise, in a world where crests, despite Edelgard wanting less emphasis put on them, still exist and will still give those who have them an advantage over those that don't (and even then, crests become less important in every route without Edelgard winning the war so...). As well as that, nobles, especially those that sided with Edelgard, will still retain their wealth of gold and land, which will give those nobles and their heirs a very real unfair advantage over any commoner, regardless of merit. On top of that, unlike when Rhea posing as Seiros united the continent with Wilheim, Fodlan was very much so one country with little cultural diversity (or at least that is what I'm presuming) outside of little pocket civilisations. Now though, Fodlan has spent hundreds of years as three separate countries with different cultures and just uniting a continent under one banner is bound to cause major culture clash and cause many civil and guerrilla wars to happen from traditionalists/anti-imperialists, which will bring even more deaths. It is an extremely flawed system that while it may work for a while, is bound to fall apart after Edelgard's death and after a few successors and Fodlan will just turn back into what it was and the war will have been for naught and history will repeat itself. (Both Edelgard and Rhea suffered sever trauma related to loosing their families at the hands of TWSITD or at by proxy of TWSITD's actions/prompting. Both set out aiming to kill those they see responsible for their suffering (Rhea for Edelgard and Nemesis for Rhea). Both prevail and end up uniting Fodlan under one banner. And then, in Rhea's case, due to manipulation by TWSITD and many other politcal things, the continent gets split in three, so on and so forth, which is bound to happen again with Edelgard's vision of Fodlan). TLDR; Edelgard is cool playing the role of the antagonist, but I can't agree with what she does as a protagonist nor do I agree with her vision for Fodlan as it will just cause history to repeat itself.
  5. Avatar: Aaron Class: Griffon Rider (Bring it back IS! Even as DLC, I will pay for it!) Lord: Dimitri (Post recovery obviously. I don't really want a blood thirsty guy in my army.) Mercenary: Navarre (He's a mercenary in more games than he is a myrmidon, fight me) Myrmidon: Felix (Blue Lions boys are best boys) Thief: Niles (Technically an outlaw but whatever) Fighter: Osian/Orsin (For Pugi or whatever it is called now) Brigand/Pirate: Largo (He's the only brigand/berserker I've actually ever used seriously so...) Cavalier: Sylvain (I love my Blue Lions boys) Armor Knight: Dedue (Can't have Dimitri without Dedue) Soldier/Spear Fighter: Oboro (I love her and Niles together and she's great) Archer: Ashe (Blue Lions boys tm) Bow Knight: Rath (I've always liked Rath) Pegasus Knight: Marianne (Yes she is a pegasus knight, I dunno what you by her being a cleric traditionally) Wyvern Rider: Seteth (Best FE dad, period) Anima Mage: Tormod (I always enjoyed this dude) Light Mage: Linde (Idk if she counts but she counts) Dark Mage: Henry (I always enjoyed this maniac) Cleric/Priest: Flayn (The purest) Troubadour: L'Arachel (I feel like she could fit in every FE game tbh and she's just the most memorable troubadour) Dancer: Phina (I dunno but I feel like if I have Navarre, I need her) Trainee: Cyril (I have a big soft spot for him, what can I say?) Manakete: Tiki (Awakening version specifically) Beast: Maurim (Can't have Tormod with Maurim. Plus he's my fav laguz sans Ranulf)
  6. I mean the thing is, nobility and crests will always be a thing regardless of the route. While yes Edelgard may have established a meritocracy, the nobility (at least those that sided with Edelgard like Gloucester) still have their money and land and people still have their crests and thus are more powerful than those without and as years go by, people that have this money or power form crests will without a doubt take power again solely because they have the advantage over those without and Fodlan is bound to revert to what it was before Edelgard waged war on the church. The world is still inherently unequal and while there may be peace for a while while Edelgard reigns (or whoever she chooses as her successor) but Fodlan is bound to go back to what it was. This is personally why I think Edelgard is very justified in her actions and why overall Crimson Flower's ending is the worst for Fodlan, because it is very short term and there was so many needless deaths when Edelgard could've done so much more rather than side with the very people who experimented on her and were actually responsible for segmenting the continent (not the chruch as Edelgrad believes). It definitely comes down to personal preference at the end of the day, but personally I prefer Azure Moon's (really any route's but AM's the most) ending over that of Crimson Flower's because it actively makes change to Fodlan rather than rebooting Fodlan back to when it was under one banner like what Rhea/Seiros had done originally (rather than three separate countries ruled by one king as it is in AM) which will inevitably lead to culture clash and underlying negative sentiments remaining in Faerghus and Leicester territories causing another bloody war to break out and for the cycle to reapeat.
  7. Honestly Azure Moon is the happiest for me. 3 of the 4 MCs all live, it's the only route where Dimitri can begin recovering from his torment (or at least have it not affect him to point of being unable to live normally), it is possible to have every student and faculty member survive sans Edelgard, Hubert and Jeritza if you choose to recruit them and, while not completely wiped out, TWSITD are basically a non-threat to the world now that Thales is dead and they are without a leader. Overall, I felt like AM can end on the happiest note (unless you're an Edelgard, Hubert and Jeritza stan of course...).
  8. Personally, I don't think Alm was ever meant to be portrayed as extremely ruthless and militant as your average Rigelian would be and that mainly comes from, like Acacia Sgt said, the fact he was raised in Zofia all his life. Despite that, in ways he does mirror Celica still in that he chooses to fight while Celica goes on her pilgrimage to the temple because fighting to free Zofia is, as far is Alm is concerned the only way to end the war as relying on gods just simply wont work, which is a core principal of Duma, who wanted his people to fend for themselves and not rely on his bounty to see them through. All in all, Alm does in a way follow the principles of Duma, don't rely on gods and it is up to you to make change and to fight to make it. However, because he was raised in Zofia, he never became the cold-hearted, ruthless and militant soldier a normal Rigelian would be, ala (as flawed as he may be) Berkut, who I feel was made to be a foil to Alm who is similar, but was instead raised in Rigel and became that person. Also, I feel like it's not very fair per se to compare the Awakening dlc of Alm and SoV Alm. You can't really compare a dlc character whose personality was based on a couple of lines from a game that was 20 years old at the time and a character from a game where they probably put way more thought into expanding the characters and story (and even if their vision for Alm was to be more ruthless, they obviously changed their minds and toned it down).
  9. I think the only character I vehemently hate in FE is Chris. By far the worst avatar in the series and makes it hard for me to go back to play FE12 due to how he derails the story and completely wipes Marth of any character development he had received in Shadow Dragon. Like say what you will about Corrin, at least she's bad in her own story, Chris comes barging in on an already established canon and is the epitome of player worship. It's also one of the reasons I still kinda want another remake of FE3 (preferably w/ FE1), solely for them to remove Chris but I know it's never gonna happen... Other characters I dislike is Peri because of her character warping abilities and just being absolutely unenjoyable as a character and the entirety of Fates' villains.
  10. Story/Characters - While I do enjoy a good unique story, I'm also not too bothered by the traditional FE story of lord vs empire, oh look there is dragons too. The only thing I want is that it is told well and that the characters are likeable and unique. The only thing I want specifically is a lord we haven't seen before/not as much. FE tends to always have the naive prince who fights for his friends, the hot headed strong guy who charges head first into battle or the female protagonist who starts off really great but inevitably gets shafted by her male counterpart. Edelgard and Dimitri were great departures from these tropes and I would like to see more lords that defy expectations and aren't interchangeable with other lords in the series. Also, if there is a route split, do it like Sacred Stones but have it be longer. Artstyle/Animation - For artist, I'd love to see Hidari return because their art for SoV is imo the best in the series. Either them or Daisuke Izuka or Sachiko Wada. I wouldn't mind if the game went back to 2D or stayed 3D tho, if staying 3D, I would like for them to take from SoV and have battles flow more. SoV battles felt so quick and seamless while TH went back to the rather rigid 'I'll hit you, step back and let you hit me' animations. Something I think would also be cool is if like Dragon Quest XI, you had the option of playing in 3D or 2D I dunno. I doubt it will happen (unless maybe it's an option in a remake). Also, whoever did Awakening's CGs needs to come back too. They were my favourite. Music - Whoever did Awakening's music. Awakening has some great music and Id Purpose is still one of my favourite if not my favourite final map theme in the series. Gameplay: Base - While I enjoyed the monastery, it was way too much and took up way too much time and was needless padding. I would prefer for PoR's/RD's base to come back, however, to have features like an arena for leveling up weapon ranks or just to get gold or other prizes like weapons, a mess hall to eat and boost unit stats and supports between units, just stuff like that. Units - I personally loved the personal combat arts/spells for each unit and I would like to see it return. I would like a return to a just plain and simple two-tiered or even three-tiered class system where a class can only use that class' weapons. Also weapon ranks to only be E-S with no + ranks in between. 3H's system works for 3H but it's too much otherwise. No reclassing. Battle - More victory conditions and better maps. Bring back battalions. Capture but Fates style capture so that it's more so a fun optional thing rather than something needed to recruit certain characters like in Thracia. Remove adjutants so that rescue can be brought back. Keep monsters from 3H. Keep linked attacks. Keep super canto. Make steal more useful and worthwhile to use. Bring back weapon triangle, I kind of miss it. Etc. - Bring back gauntlets. Keep bows the way they are from 3H. Keep magic split up as black and white magic. Also finally, remove avatar. And that's it.
  11. Yeah, it's only some of Catherine's endings (like her solo one and I think her ending with Seteth also that mentions it).
  12. Yeah she's never actually shown at the end of Azure Moon however unlike in the other routes where she suffers damage from Thales' missile things, she never does and thus is never injured which is the cause of her death in VW (and is part of he rloosing control in SS aswell I think) and in some endings of certain characters, namely Catherine, it references her going to Zanado with Rhea after she stepped down as archbishop to live in isolation and protect her. Though Rhea can actually live in SS (without marrying Byleth) and VW (I believe in VW anyways) if you get an A support with her and her living is referenced in endings, again, namely being Catherine's. But Azure Moon is the only route where she is guaranteed to live.
  13. AM>CF>VW=SS Azure Moon will always be my favourite mainly because it is the happiest ending (3 of 4 of the main characters survive, you can save every student sans Edelgard and Hubert, you kill all main figure heads in TWSITD and Dimitri is able to heal rather than die tormented). It is also the closest to simple/vanilla Fire Emblem which I always love (I mean both Shadow Dragon and Binding Blade are games I rank) and this route is my favourite version of Edelgard. Obviously it has it's downsides, mainly being its lack of dealing with TWSITD properly (in that despite Thales dying, they are probably still active, just wont be as powerful) however I personally don't mind it too much (and it's not like every route has issues when concerning TWSITD). Also, my other main gripe is the lack of Dedue because the devs thought he should be optional even though they could've made extra scenes if you saved Dedue but whatever... Overall I love this route. Despite the fact I'm not a big fan of Edelgard as a protagonist (mainly because I hate CF's ending and the future it establishes for Fodlan like, really, a 'meritocracy'???), it is the most different of the routes gameplay wise so it is a nice refresher and it is a Conquest done right. I do wish it was longer (I still don't get why they couldn't have given us a battle with Thales is dubstep city and some super powered Agarthan automaton as a final boss to fully end the TWSITD saga rather than leave it in the epilogue) and I also feel like this was the most Byleth-worshippy path but otherwise I enjoyed the route (especially Rhea since she is such a non-factor in other routes besides the final two chapters of VW and SS). VW and SS are equal but the only reason I would prefer VW over SS is because of Claude and the fact the Golden Deer feel present unlike the Black Eagles who don't really in SS. However, VW does lose points because Claude feels so stagnant and I feel like they don't delve into his desire to break borders and unify Fodlan and to simplify it I guess, end racism essentially, but instead focus on lore dumping everything about Fodlan in the last few chapters which SS also covers. While yes Claude uncovering secrets is something about him he wished to do (and it makes sense an outsider who is not well versed nor has has his views altered by society like Edlegard's had learning the truth make sense) I still wished it focused more on his other desires. SS is mostly fine tbh, I just wish Byleth had someone to bounce off of since they're not the most compelling protagonist by themselves and Edlegard, for what she was supposed to be was rather underwhelming (which was the case in VW too).
  14. If she's not dead after Solon ripped whatever he did our of her, she's probably trapped in whatever void Byleth and Sothis were trapped in before they went super Saiyan. I would say it's safe to say she is very dead.
  15. Garon is way worse. TWSITD were extremely mishandled, however, at least they had a history and a modicum of lore in comparison to anything Garon, Iago or Hans had. The only thing I would give them over TWSITD is Garon and Iago's designs (even then Garon and Thales are pretty similar).
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