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  1. Commoner/noble is already ruled out for endgame because of their 4 mov imo. Also based on their descriptions, they may also cripple mages since they can only use ‘some’ magic whatever that implies.
  2. Do we know if a characters strengths and weaknesses affect weapon exp from battle or is it just with tutoring?
  3. With Three Houses coming next week, Famitsu is releasing their final article which will mainly be a reacp (as expected) of all the information so far and the writers will also give their own impressions of the gameplay. Article
  4. Obviously a Byleth + the main 3 would be obvious, however if I were to make separate house banners: Black Eagles - Axe!Edelgard, RedTome!Hubert (He's a dark magic user so red makes more sense), BlueTome!Dorothea (she seems to be a thunder mage), Gauntlet!Casper (To introduce gauntlets into the game. I would imagine they would be colourless as Ice Dragon said as colourless don't have a melee equivalent) Blue Lions - Lance!Dimitri, Axe!Dedue, Sword!Felix, Staff!Mercedes Golden Deer - Bow!Claude, Axe!Hilda, RedTome!Lysithea, Gauntlet!Raphael
  5. If the fourth route does happen to be BE only, I'll probably still play the game BL>GD>BE however I'll save at the presumed ultimate choice for BE and play both routes simultaneously. However I'm hoping that the 4th route is accessible on all routes and that each one has their own violent route and the 4th route is a peaceful route that tries to unite the countries however from different perspectives (with some alternate events).
  6. Yeah it was shown in the French gameplay at Japan Expo that you can temporarily recruit students for a month to help out at field studys
  7. I agree, it's definitely gonna be an overclass situation. Unneeded but a nice addition for those that want them. Personally I prefer the advanced class over the master ones so I'll probably stick with them unless the difficulty really is super difficult later on and master classes have good class abilities.
  8. Funny how the Gloucester crest actually is better for Lysithea than the Charon crest as the Gloucester one raises might of magic when it activates while the Charon crest does that with Combat Arts. I'm really curious to see if Lorenz and Lysithea will actually discuss this in their supports.
  9. I don't think dark/holy knight only have a proficiency in one magic means you can only use that magic. I mean look at dancer, it explicitly says you can use magic yet it has no proficiency (same with commoner/noble too). With dark/holy knight, I say you can use any magic however each respective class is only proficient in one or the other thus skill level exp goes up faster.
  10. It's a professor bonus from Byleth. They gain extra exp from what Byleth is good at (so swords, lances, bows, brawl, authority and eventually faith presumably if you level up his faith enough that his talent blooms).
  11. Now that we know pretty much all the classes (besides probably the lords unique promos I'm assuming). So for the Blue Lions at least:
  12. Same. The article very heavily features Claude and pretty much confirms it but it seems they were referring to how flirty his dialogue seems I guess.
  13. An article from gayming I believe heavily hinted at Claude being bi in their article and thus many people latched onto the idea of Claude being a same sex option. Looking back on the article now, the writer is very vague however they feature Claude very prominently so it makes sense as to why people would think that he is an option.
  14. The twitter confirmed Edelgard, Dorothea and Mercedes so far and said overall there was 5 however those 3 (plus Linhardt for the guys) were the least spoilery.
  15. They mentioned that they accessed this in a menu on the home screen which shows all the support options in the game, it's not based on the house they picked unfortunately.
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