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  1. Not gonna make predictions but as for what I'm hoping for. New FE. Don't care if its a remake or a new FE, just want one. Am thinking it will be a new game, using the Echoes title. I would love to see GotHW or PoR tho I think BB is also a possible one. A new nintedno warriors game. Would be cool if it was a Three Houses Warriors in the same vain as Age of Calamity, taking place during the War of Heroes however, a nintendo warriors game regardless of the franchise would be cool. A Kid Icarus Warriors would be amazing, tho a bit unlikley. Xenoblade X ported to Switch, pretty please. Wind Waker and Twilight Princess also ported to Switch. They are like the last few of Wii U games to not have been ported. A Mario RPG in the vain of Super Mario RPG. FF Pixel Remaster on Switch. Would also love a FF 13 trilogy collection... Feel like I am one of few and it probably would not be on Switch but.. I want it Otherwise... I really hope PL: Arceus is good (I have it preordered so...), am excited for BotW 2 however not sure if it will be released next year. Recently played through Mario + Rabbids so the sequel has me excited. Also recently finished both Bayo games so Bayo 3 has me massively excited. Am apprehensive about Triangle Strategy after the demo but am still hopeful, the idea of a more choice influenced SRPG is exciting. The new Kirby looks exciting too.
  2. No I am not a child, and I fail to see how me wanting to be able to see a mc that somewhat looks like me when I play a game that's whole premise is to immerse the player in the world to where it feels like I myself am going on my own pokemon adventure? At least, that is how I have always played pokemon games growing up at least. Like, I'm not playing the game to project on to the 10 year old protagonist so I myself can pretend I am 10 years old, but I do like to play the game where I'm like 'Yes, that character that is supposed to represent me, does look like me, cool'. How exactly has pokemon become less inclusive exactly? They went from having only a male mc to asking the player to simply pic how they want to look when they start a game, a big update in inclusivity if you ask me? If you are referring to inclusivity in terms of difficulty, pokemon has always been a kids game and is made more kids to play, the fact that people still want pokemon to grow up with its audience baffles me because game freak never promised to do that because from its original release to now, pokemon has always been for kids and, sans the few little throwbacks and easter eggs for older fans, that will never change. This fact still doesn't prevent older fans from enjoying the games though. Yes, a world where a 10 year old leaves their home to travel the world and inevitably single headedly defeats an evil corporation is far fetched but why does it have to make sense? What happened to imagination? It would be nice if pokemon tried something different story wise, but I fail to see an issue with its current story it tells verbatim per game cause it is in fact a video game. The whole excuse 'it's made for kids, it's only inclusive for money and business reasons' is bs. As someone who works with kids, they are extremely perceptive and notice things. The very simple thing of being able to chose your skin tone does wonders for POC, especially when in so many video games, they very often don't see themselves as main characters (and especially in pokemon when again, orginally the only option you had was a male npc from red/blue to gold/silver, and then all you had was pale skinned male or female until X/Y). While it may be for the incorrect reasons (and unfortunately this is an issue with inclusivity and representation in general), it is there now and has made people happy and should be expected as the norm from game freak from now on imo. Anyways, I'm not gonna derail the thread anymore. The character customisation options are literally in the game, I really don't know why this is such a debate.
  3. Honestly I agree and can see Dedue, Raphael or Alois being the best for War Monk if we have to pick one and ignore Grappler and War Master. They all get Recover, which aside from Physic, is the best healing spell available and require low investment to get into the class, having Brawling boons and being neutral in Faith. Alois is probably better since he starts off with B Brawling in the first place. In the grand scheme of things, War Monk/Cleric is just not a good class anyone wants to end up in the first place unless you really want to go through it for Brawl Avo +20 lol. On the topic of Holy Knight, I would say Ingrid or Sylvain would best in it tbh. They both learn Physic and Seraphim allowing them allowing to provide distant support while also using White Tomefaire to the best of ability and have the relavant boons (Lances and especially Riding). If you want a purely combat Holy Knight, Lysithea would by far the best Holy Knight, making full use of White Tomefaire with Seraphim and Abraxas. Again though, Holy Knight is really just not a good class in the first place so...
  4. Personally I think skin tone options should take precedence over hair colour options and in X&Y/Sun&Moon, you can dye your hair. I do understand the frustration however. Best case scenario, character customisation in Pokemon would be more along the lines of AC: New Horizons, where you choose your skin tone and hair colour outright before even starting the game. Overall, I think games that advertise themselves as having the player be the MC should allow for the player to represent themselves in the in game MC/avatar that is being used to represent them as much (or as little) as possible/wanted.
  5. Not in my opinion no. Personally, when ORAS came out, seeing the fact you couldn't choose the MC's skin tone or hair colour or even customise the MC at all was ridiculous, especially after X and Y. Having skin tone options/different hair colour options is great if it makes players feel more included and should become the standard of pokemon games, remake or not (which thankfully it is). Inclusivity and diversity is far more important imo than remaining faithful to designs of the MC that is supposed to represent the player in the first place. Like I may play using Lucas' design, but I'm not playing as Lucas, I'm playing as me and I should be able to have the MC that is supposed to represent me look like me.
  6. Really cool mod! One of my least favourite things about SoV was the genderlocks so it's cool to see smth like this. In regards to Conrad, I recon he should get a unique spell list as a Cleric/Saint in order to mirror him getting a unique spell list as a Mage/Sage (even tho it is a copy of Nomah's). I think him getting a unique spell list would make more sense than not if you get what I mean considering he's the only non-Villager/Merc to have a unique spell list despite not being a Villager/Merc. As for what that spell list should be, I think it would be interesting to see him mirror Faye, as they are both Echoes characters and both of them have 5 spells as Mages, so him having 6 to mirror Faye having 6 as a Cleric would be cool. Perhaps he could have Warp, Fortify and Expel? Warp and Fortify are the only white magic spells not present on Celica's route and Expel would make him unique from the other Mercs as Clerics.
  7. Honestly, I almost cried seeing BDSP lol. They look absolutely amazing and I am absolutely ecstatic to play them. Pretty much every wish I had for them has come true (basically Platinum dex/expanded DP dex and better graphics). Based the on the map picture we got, it seems like we're only getting the battle tower and we wont be seeing the battle frontier but tbh, I don't mind too much... Seeing character customisation was a massive surprise, even if is relegated to Overall, I'm super excited for it and the nostalgia hit that inevitably come. As for Legends, also very excited. It looks really interesting so far and I lowkey hope we get a story trailer or smth, or at least another new trailer with more Hisuian pokemon. Overall I don't much to say other than I am excited and I will definitely be purchasing. Still unsure of what starter to pick tho lol.
  8. I have to agree with Shadow Mir, War Cleric Hilda just seems like a waste of time. I get the appeal of having her be a physical unit that has the ability to give a link bonus to everyone but first of all, in order to get her to War Cleric, you have to get her up in brawling, which she is neutral with, and faith, which she has a bane in. On top of that, she doesn't get bolting until A reason. While a fun build to do maybe on NG+, on a normal run, it requires so much investment and flip flopping you might as well just have her focus on her basic wyvern lord build or if you want a magical Hilda, just make her a DK or Gremory. I feel like War Monk/Cleric is just a very odd class (same applies to Mortal Savant tbh, and Trickster less so, but only because it has lockpick utility and Shade can be useful (and it gives Manuela something nice)) that really provides nothing to anyone who might want to even use it. Brawlers don't often have good spell lists, healers either a) have brawling banes or b) shit strength and might as well stick to magical classes. As others have mentioned, really the only 'best' character for War Monk/Cleric is Byleth because pretty much no one benefits from what WM/WC has to offer/what they would benefit from (mainly Brawl Avo +20) comes too late when they could have invested else (such as FIF in Grappler or QR from War Master).
  9. Damn this woulda been nice for my first NG Maddening run where I had stupidly decided to keep Byleth as Enlightened One lol. Thankfully I managed to get through it thanks to Gilbert with a steel shield being surprisingly tankier than I expected and Dimitri having the Chalice of Beginnings (and getting very lucky with avoiding things and criting things)... I will definitely be using this strategy on future runs however (whenever I do tackle NG Maddening again)
  10. It really depends on the game tbh. I think the only game where the amount of main characters hurt the game was Fates. Trying to balance 10 character (4 if you think Corrin, Azura and the eldest bros are the only mcs) really hurt it (alongside its choppy story...). Otherwise I think other FEs that tackled having multiple protags did well. If I were to pick one way to do multiple protags, SoV is probably my favourite. Something like that or hell, Tear Ring Saga (which I think does the simultaneous multiple protags better than SoV) would be my favourite way to do it personally. Also differing the protags is of course important too. They should feel unique to play (ala one being physical and the other magical like Alm/Celica and Ike/Miccy). Though, in saying all that, there is something to be said for games that focus on one lord. Marth is one of my favourite lords in the series thanks to Shadow Dragon (tho he was the only one who got development there lol) and Leif is also a great character and has great growth throughout the game. Overall, again I really don't mind how many protagonists there is as long as it's done well and everyone feels done well.
  11. I pretty much agree with everything Dark Holy Elf says. For War Monk, I would say Byleth and Balthus are really the only viable options. Raph could also do well in it due to get Recover, tho Bylad/Balthus are clearly the best options for the class if we have to pick (tho to be fair, no one is using War Monk/Cleric when Grappler/War Master is better for offense and Bishop/Gremory is better for healing support). As for Dancer, there are a few options. I would argue Marianne is the best. Having a natural affinity for swords allows for her to get axebreaker and sword prowess for the best avoid possible with sword avo +20. Also her riding affinity makes it possible for her to get mov +1 too if you maybe stick her in the stables and use a chapter or two where dancing isn't very necessary to have her in cav/paladin to get her up to A+ riding. Marianne is also able to use physic of course in turns where again, she may not need not dance. Dorothea is also a good Dancer due to how great her utility is having physic and meteor for pot shots. She also has the same sword affinity as Marianne so same as above applies here. Constance also works as a decent Dancer for the same reasons (minus physic unfortunately). Personally I still think Marianne reigns supreme. In terms of best Dark Flier, I would say Constance is the best between her and Flayn solely due to ease of access and being the better offensive unit while also being able to provide utility with rescue versus Flayn who's only claim to fame would be rescue imo. Also, maybe its just me, but on maddening, I do prefer enemy-phase strats come late game, so fortify ends up being more of a annoyance than help when I'm trying to keep my enemy phase sweepers on low hp for vantage/wrath/defiant strats. DF is without a doubt Flayn's best class, but Constance is the better DF.
  12. I think the reason Hanneman suggest Byleth should strip is because of the fact that Byleth's crest to him is smth new and undiscovered, so he probably wants them to strip to see if there are maybe any bodily anomalies in comparison to other crests. At least that's how I always justified it. We know that crests sometimes have bodily effects, such as Dimitri's insane strength and penchant to break frail things.
  13. I mean it depends on context. If its the case of if a character does something well in a trade off for not be so good at smth else i.e. glass canons, I think that's fine. That's a niche a just a way to balance the character from not being op. If a character can only do one thing in one situation and that's it, well then in that case, obviously they are useless and aren't worth using. Tbh, I personally haven't really come across too many characters that have been overly specialised to the point of being useless, except in like pokemon maybe? But even then I don't play competitive and pokemon is all about playing favourites (at least for me) so I don't really care if a 'mon I like is considered useless.
  14. There two of the zelda games that I have yet to play that I really want to play so I would love to see them be remade for switch. I would hope they would be packaged in one since I wouldn't like to have to pay for two games that, knowing nintendo, would probably be full price... As for graphical style, I wasn't a massive fan of the link's awakening style and I would prefer a style more along the lines of a link between worlds, though, I wouldn't be surprised if they reprised the link's awakening switch style for a hypothetical oracle games remake.
  15. I find, in multi-character party RPGs, specialists are best. In nearly every RPG I've played where a character is presented as an all rounder, it's always a case of 'jack of all trades, master of none'. This same issue is actually present in recent FE games where the Str/Mag split is present. How often are hybrid physical/magical classes fairly shite, same for units that try to have a balance of str and mag? Often. Having a singular focus and specialty is generally best imo.
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