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  1. Considering the generally large casts (or larger casts than your typical jrpg) and the possibility for units to permanently die off, I think supports were and are the best way to handle characterisation and extra world building without sacrificing permadeath. While it generally does break the rule of 'show don't tell', it's kind of a sacrifice that needs to be made so units don't feel like empty husks with a recruit quote, death quote and maybe a line or or two outside of that like they did in kaga era, RD's new cast and ds era FE (and arguabley FE6 too but I'm not going to go into that since I'm not very familiar with FE6). I think SoV does it best, having some supports be locked behind progression walls, so that they will only be unlocked when the time is right and also, by virtue of SoV, having the potential for units to appear in villages and have monologues and we learn extra bits about them. SoV also has the benefit of having one of the smaller casts in the series as a benefit. PoR and Three Houses also have progression walls too, but some of Thee Houses (like all of the A supports that take until the time skip to unlock and Leonie's B support with Byleth being poorly timed are...). Overall, supports aren't perfect, but I think they do their job right for what they need to, being that they can give characterisation to characters who wouldn't have it either ways and also allow for world building, even if it does end up being rather shallow, it's still something.
  2. In the one maddening mode run I have done, I chose male Byleth. While female Byleth has peg knight access, I find that enemies on maddening are so fast and have such high AS that darting blow wasn't worth it and having access to war master was better overall than peg/falcon knight. Also I was playing Blue Lions so I didn't have to worry about recruiting Sylvain early for Lance of Ruin at Ch. 5.
  3. I mean technically Byleth becomes the reigning king/queen of a united Fódlan so... (and in a no recruit run, all of the BL and GD die (sans Annette if we go based on VW where she is no present at Gronder)) To actually answer the question however, Ferdinand would definitely be the head honcho of Adrestia. He would probably retain his father's prime minister role. I can see Lorenz becoming the new head of the Alliance round table. Hilda/Holst could too but I would imagine they would be too busy dealing with Fódlan's throat (There is also Judith who could return to the round table since Ordelia ceases to be a noble family). Faerghus is much more difficult to say. We know that Felix abstains from his nobility (and presumably Rodrigue dies at Gronder), and Ingrid is either focused on restoring her own territory to lead/or leaves the nobility to become a knight depending on who she marries. Annette is too minor a noble and if Ashe becomes a lord, he would also be too minor. So I guess that leaves Sylvain who I could see as, not necessarily king of Faerghus (since Byleth becomes the supreme ruler) but as a just the head honcho and main correspondence between Faerghus and Byleth (considering he technically has the highest status as margrave versus Ingrid being a countess, Annette being baroness (if she een become sthe head that is) and Ashe being a lord. Realistically tho, I can see some distant Blaiddyd relative/Fraldarius relative taking control. TLDR; Ferdie, Lorenz and Sylvain (aka the cav trio lol)
  4. Personally I am super excited for the remakes. Ngl, a lot of it is nostalgia and rose-tinted glasses, but gen 4 is my baby and Diamond was my first pokemon game so this is certainly swaying my opinion to the very positive side. It also helps that I've been burned out since gen 6 and haven't touched a pokemon game since sun/moon so having a pretty much direct port of some of my favourite games ever is also very exciting for me. I also love the chibi/Link's Awakening remake esque style of the overworld. It's very cute imo. My main wishes for me is that it uses Platinum as a base for the pokedex. If my only options for fire types are Infernape or Rapidash again, I might crack. Also I hope they manage to fit in the distortian world somehow and all the events like Shaymin, Darkrai and maybe finally have the Arceus event happen. Thankfully this seems to be the case based on the Gracidea flower girl being in Floroma Town and Porygon-Z being there. Also I do hope they improve the in battle graphics too. Graphically, the trainers in battle sprites are my biggest gripe. They just look weird to me so I do hope they improve them a bit. Would also be happy to see mega evolution make a return, but I'm not holding my breath. But yeah overall, super happy and content with what we are getting. As a Sinnoh fan, I am eating well with these and Legends. Haven't been this excited in pokemon since pre-X/Y.
  5. I'm excited tbh. Pokemon hasn't excited me since pre-X/Y and since playing X/Y it has gone down hill for me since. The D/P remakes and this are certainly helping boost my enthusiasm for the series again (albeit I am quite biased when it comes to Sinnoh so that helps) so I'm excited to see where it goes. I do hope the graphics and fps improve a bit with Legends, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm also excited to see what they have for us lore wise, especially seeing as Sinnoh is one of the most lore filled regions in the Pokemon universe. Overall, super excited about Legends (and the remakes too)
  6. From what I heard, the Yuffie chapter is PS5 only. You can get the PS5 version for free if you transfer your save data from PS4 but Yuffie's chapter is paid DLC AFTER getting the PS5 version it seems. I say if there is enough fan outcry they might release it on PS4, but I feel like they are just gonna focus on releasing it on PS5 so they don't have to optimise it for two consoles...
  7. The only thing I was interested in was FF and we got FF lol. Nice to see some Yuffie dlc and also Weiss from DoC????? Excited to see what they do with the rest of the FF7 universe. Am a bit upset Yuffie DLC is PS5 only tho. It makes sense, why bother continue working to make the game work on two systems, when you can just do it on one, but I was hoping I wouldn't have to get a PS5 to play FF7R but here we are. Overall, happy.
  8. Personally, I don't particularly mind IntSys pandering towards certain demographics, I mean, you gotta make money to survive, my main issue with some of the more pandery tropes they started to play into (mainly FEA and especially Fates) were at the expense of characters, case in point Tharja, who wasn't the worst character in FEA and actually had some nice moments in supports, but outside it in side material like Heroes, is nothing but obsessed with Robin, aka, you the player, which is unfortunate. Same with Camilla tbh. Honestly, if I have one issue with the pandering, aside from some characters suffering, is the fact avatars exist. If there weren't avatars, the pandering wouldn't be as bad imo but it is what it is. Thankfully FETH has takes a step back in terms of the more overt pandering (with Bernadetta being the worst offender in TH), though I do think by the virtue of an avatar/played expy character existing in FE, the pandering will always seems more prevalent than sometimes it is.
  9. Story wise, it reminds me a lot of PoR, sans the fact you are actually playing as the royalty on run rather than a group of mercenaries. I've oven played the first map and watched the side story with the other lord of the invaded country but the desert theocracy place screams Begnion as mot theocracies in video games always have some form of corruption. I'm excited to see where it goes tho. Gameplay is fun enough, tho I'm not a fan of the camera, but that could be my own fault for fidgeting a bit with the right control stick a bit much when I play.
  10. It's a great game imo. If you like jrpgs, you'll like this one (probably). Though, it is known as the black sheep of the FE series for a reason, so don't expect it to be super tactical (especially if you've played Conquest). DLC wise, the only ones I would really recommend are the story based Deliverance ones and the Cipher character ones (and of course the free ones cause they are free lol). There are typical grinding ones for exp/money/weapons and items for both the early game and late game. The early game ones are pretty pointless, so if you want grinding DLC, I'd recommend the late game ones if you really want them. Finally there are 10 ultimate class DLCs that are pretty unnecessary and bloat the price of an already expensive DLC. The classes are cool but are super late game and you wont get access to them without serious amounts of grinding. They are meant to help in taking on the super post-game dungeon but honestly you really don't need them because by the time you have grinded up units to access them, they'll be able to do the final dungeon no problem. They are more of a commodity than a necessity. As for the amiibo, the Alm and Celica amiibos allow you to access two new dungeons that give access to some some cool items but they aren't super necessary. If you can get the amiibo for a decent price, go ahead if you really want them.
  11. Personally I was expecting more 1st party content than what we got. Overall it was rather disappointing, but I'm assuming covid is still affecting work output so I think it mainly being ports/remakes and indies makes sense tbh. Tho kinda pissed they said early 2021 but dropped several mid/late-2021 and some 2022 games lol. - Super excited for Triangle Strategy (I really hope that is a working title unlike what they did with Octopath lol). Looks super nice and looks like it will be its own thing since I never played Octopath and I don't want to have to to understand the universe. Although, as soon as I saw that TS was a trpg, I knew we would get no FE. - Skyward Sword HD is hype, especially with buttons. SS is one of my fav Zelda's but I find it had to replay because the controls, so having buttons controls is nice. Also those joycons... I really want them. - AoC DLC finally. Disappointed we have to wait until November for it all but none the less I'm excited. AoC was super fun but felt super short in terms of content compared to HW and FEW so I'm hoping the DLC adds a lot more to it. - Nice to know BotW 2 is still in development I guess lol. I kinda wish we got like even just a little gameplay sneak peak or another mini-trailer, idk. - I don't care for Smash or XC2 as a whole, but I do enjoy Pyra and Mythra and it's nice to see them in Smash. - Splatoon 3 looks cool, I might actually try to get into Splatoon when it comes out. Overall, it was fine. What I got, I was happy with and I'm excited for them. Sad we got no FE, Pokemon Gen 4 remakes and Bayonetta 3 news, and especially ??? at the lack of Zelda considering it's the 35th anniversary, but hopefully we'll get a Zelda direct later in the year (with a WW/TP HD port for Switch) and also hopefully we'll get FE news in whenever the next direct is
  12. Personally I'm hoping for smth FE and Zelda related. I also am expecting maybe smt5 and nocturne hd news. Also smash stuff since it was pretty much confirmed lol
  13. Normal mode is pretty easy tbh. As someone who is bad at FE, I had some issues in some places (but getting adjusted to new features played a part) but for the most part it's fairly easy in comparison to other FEs. Hard mode feels more standard. Again, some points here and there where it does have some difficulty, but overall, it feels fairly fine again. Maddening is most definitely a big step up from hard. I wouldn't say it's horrible and its definitely not on the level of PoR Maniac/DSFE Hard 5/Awakening Lunatic (+) but it difficult. However, I have been able to get through pretty decently for a first time run which isn't very optimised. So while it is difficult and I have had many more stumps during maddening compared to normal and hard, it's not impossible and is very doable even casually. Overall, TH has some difficulty, but overall I would rank it pretty low in terms of difficulty in terms of the entire franchise, especially when taking hardest difficulties of games into account
  14. Like said above, Anna really needed supports. Even if she just had one with Byleth, it would've made an improvement, but it really is just not worth using her because she does the same job that a number of other units can do (speedy sword user/thief/bow user) and has shitty boons/banes that don't give her that stand out feature to make her worth it. Another thing to do with supports, I don't understand why Byleth couldn't just S support anyone, regardless of gender. Partially this is me being salty over the fact M!Byleth only got Linhardt, Gilbert and Alois (Gilbert and Alois being purely platonic) in the base game, with Jeritza being an update and Yuri being locked behind dlc. Thankfully F!Byleth got significantly better options, especially with Edelgard and Rhea, being plot important characters and all. But considering they don't have to worry about kids in this game like they did with Awakening/Fates, I really don't understand why gender had to determine who Byleth was able to S support. And if they wanted to make them platonic endings, they could have, they did it with Gilbert and Alois.
  15. My main question is, how the heck did it end up in that video lol. Personally, I'm more on the side of it being beta footage (mainly due to Edelgard's eye colour being darker) but I wouldn't mind it being a 'definitive edition' since the graphics are so much better imo (despite the fact I've put nearly 500 hours into TH...) or for it to just be an update/new dlc.
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