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  1. Dimitri and Claude. If that were the case, it would just help so much because then it would even out the lords all being available for Byleth regardless of gender and it would make the bi options 5:5
  2. I'm actually super excited for TMS. I've wanted to play it for so long but buying a Wii U for one game was just too much. I'm super happy to see Maiko, Barry and Tiki are gonna be playable. I'm assuming Maiko's mirage will be Olivia and Barry will maybe have Barst/Vaike though I could see them introduce some Fates characters with Azura for Maiko and maybe Flannel for Barry, though I'm leaning on them being SD/Awakening mirages. Overall, super hype, TMS was the highlight of the direct for me.
  3. Allegedly Petra has her timeskip design as both a wyvern rider and thief/assassin however she is fought as an assassin in BL and GD routes. Cyril's is wyvern rider. I've used him in both my runs so far and he only has his timeskip design as one. Also I believe he is fought as a wyvern lord in BE:E route. The rest are what Chocolate Kitty said
  4. Oh Hanneman actually retains his model? I saw that with him and thought it was a glitch. His mage model also changed to the generic mage model, it's very strange, especially since Manuela and Flayn, the other two intermediate pre promotes don't change when in advanced. Also, can someone actually confirm Petra retains her post-skip look as a wyvern? I find it hard to believe personally. No, besides colour palettes, all master classes use the generic models.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's Dorothea only. Annette and Hilda (alongside Dorothea) seem to be the 'canon' dancers however my Annette does not retain her skip outfit as a dancer. I noticed that Cyril has his model as a wyvern rider and that's it. I haven't checked his intermediate classes or beginner, but for his advanced at least, he only has wyvern. Ingrid has no advanced class, she only has peg. knight (though peg. knight is pretty much an advanced class in the intermediate tier). Both Mercedes and Felix have their models in all tiers (not counting master since no one has one there) being monk-priest-bishop and myrm-merc-swordmaster respectively. I haven't seen this for other BL units.
  6. This is gonna be a weird, specific question but where do you get zanado fruit? I have a quest where I need to give someone 2 of these and I have been using the garden and planting different seeds but I can't seem to get any
  7. So I'm 20 hours into my BL playthrough and I'm currently on chapter 7. I'm really loving the supports in this game. Sylvain's and Dedue's supports are a standout tbh, it sheds a different light on Sylvain I was worried we wouldn't see. Dedue in general is a great character imo and I love learning about Duscar from him. His and Ingrid's B support made me tear up a bit tbh. Dimitri is a great character tbh, he's everything great about Marth and Eliwood, two of my favourite lords. Mercedes might be my favourite of the group tbh. The only character I'm iffy with on BL is Felix, but it's probably because I only have C's with him and everyone so far. His Dedue support was a standout however because of the tension in it, I could really feel it! Gameplay wise, it's fun. Not the best gameplay in the series but not bad. I do wish there were some features in the game (namely SoV's BEXP at the end of maps or just BEXP in general). The monastery can get a bit tedious but I think that may be partly my fault because of how I'm playing the game too fast. Unit wise, Dimitri is great, Dedue is a wall that kills everything, Felix is good as expected, Ashe is surprisingly great, Sylvain is a good cav, Mercie is a great all round magic user, killing and healing, Annie is probably my only unit that is not pulling her weight as she got really magic screwed and being a mage with only 4 move sucks (and I gave Dedue the mach ring but I might give it to her now...), Ingrid is a great peg too. Cyril has also unexpectedly gotten really good level ups and I'll probably keep him as my permanent 10th unit to fill in that extra space. Flayn is being regulated to Byleth heal bot as a adjutant. I also have both Catherine and Shamir but I'll probably put them as adjutants too once I have more spaces unlocked (I'll probably do the same with the rest of the faculty units tbh as so far my students + Cyril are turning out really good, minus Annette but I'll show her some favourtism to catch her up). Overall, I'm really enjoying the game and it's definitely battling to be my favourite it the series.
  8. Oh wow if it is B support, then by playing NG+, it will be super easy to recruit students if you B ranked them in other files.
  9. I managed to recruit Cyril today. I’m BL, I’m just at chapter 5 (Sylvain’s brother’s chapter) and Byleth is level 9
  10. We've seen characters in the level 50s so I would say it is possible. I would really love to know why Manuela of all people has a max HP of 91, considering she's a healer lol
  11. I'm pretty sure it's 10 plus what ever adjutants you can have max for every map in the game
  12. So today it was revealed that Edelgard will be getting a figma by Good Smiles Link This is the same company that gave us the Lucina and Corrin figmas, the Tharja, Cordelia and Camilla statuettes and the Marth, Caeda, Corrin, Elise and Sakura nendoroids. Hopefully Dimitri and Claude also get figmas!
  13. His personal skill is aptitude which increases his growths by 20%. His growths are still fairly average tho even with that
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