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  1. Balthus’ personal skill and the appraisal (better weapons to sell)/despoil (more gold) seem to be the best. I’ve seen people say the secret route is good for grinding since it’s rather short. Shez can learn both skills so maybe using merc whistle on Balthus might be a good idea for best grinding options, though, Balthus on his own is good
  2. They are only available to use in record battles unfortunately and cannot be used in the main story. They are listed under 'Other Units' in the convoy
  3. The only units who have their unique outfits on master class mounts are units who are cavaliers/pegasus knights/wyvern riders. The likes of Ferdie, Ingrid or Seteth can change to their unique outfits in their master classes, but units like Dedue as a Great Knight or Hilda as a Wyvern Lord cannot (even though they can as enemy units for some reason).
  4. That's actually really interesting... Does it ever state in the game that combos are tied to weapon levels because I don't believe I ever saw that lol. Nice to know I can keep Linhardt/Mercedes/Marianne as Bishops now so they don't overlap with their other houses mages. Also nice knowing units that promote into mounted units who can't retain their camp outfits can stay as advanced classes without missing out. I hate the Great Knight costume of Dedue but I thought keeping him as a Fortress Knight would make him worse, guess not though.
  5. Noticed some of the Azure Gleam recruitments were missing so here they are. In regard to another character: EDIT: Here is a list of all the paralogues and their associated groups. There are 21 in total.
  6. Azure Gleam. Got it at chapter 11
  7. I got Mercurius from a rusted sword that I got from surveying the war map. I had the option of a rusted sword or lance, so I presume the rusted lance would've been Gradivus.
  8. Like Olivier said, this isn't a 1000 hour warriors game ala HW:DE or even the OG FEW. Character progression isn't as grindy as the other nintendo warriors games where grinding for materials is a necessity. I'm just about done my first route and have not had to grind battles for materials, money or levels. I only grinded when the demo was out cause I wanted to play the game lol. There is pretty much no shared battles among the routes sans the short prologue in the beginning. Everything else is unique to each route (of which there are three for each lord). The only shared battles are paralogues I believe, though I doubt there will be many of them since cross house recruitment is much more limited compared to the OG TH. Also maps are shared among routes, but there are good variety of maps and pretty much every key location has a unique map. In regard to classes, yes there are gender locks. The same as TH. Every class sans Lord, Hero and 3/4 of the DLC classes (War Monk/Cleric, Dark Flier and Valkyrie) return. This is probably where you'll have to do the most grinding if you want to get 100% outside of grinding for supports, though it really isn't that bad. But again, like Olivier said, you'll mainly just be replaying different routes on NG+ to eventually max out classes and get all supports in the game for 100%, but getting 100% in this warriors game feels a lot less daunting than the other nintendo warriors game (well at least Hyrule Warriors and FEW, Age of Calamity wasn't that bad imo).
  9. Now that the full game is out, here is what I would imagine/would like to see as DLC. Firstly, I would like a free update that includes the forgotten five (Hanneman, Gilbert, Alois, Cyril and Anna). Considering everything is there for them in the game and all they are missing is unique abilities, I don't see why they can't be added in. Hanneman would probably be Scarlet Blaze locked and Gilbert/Cyril Azure Gleam locked but I definitely would like to see them if only for having them all be available. Based on the datamine, we know there is three dummy slots, presumably for DLC purposes. I think three is a fine number for new units. The cast is already massive, even considering the fact they are split three ways and not everyone is playable on all routes, so three is fine. I feel like Nemesis needs to be one of them. He's like one of the only characters from Three Houses who just isn't in Three Hopes (the only other one being Aelfric I believe). Considering how iconic and important he is, I think he needs to be added. I would like if he was added with some kind of fourth route (which I would hope would follow Byleth and Shez teaming up and with the Church of Seiros playing a big role) where he'd be the final boss. As for the other two, I really don't mind. I think maybe bringing over the Aytolis twins as a reference to the previous FEW would be cool. They could give them unique classes that use lances and axes to reference the fact they were suppose to use those weapons before they were both given swords. I would like for some new classes to make an appearance. Not so sure off the top of my head, but I'd like to see the rest of the DLC classes come back. Some more new classes would be cool too. Especially a gauntlet class for female units, cause it's so stupid they just can't use a whole weapon type, except for in fighter. Also costumes of course. I think having access to units part 2 Three Houses outfits would be nice. Overall, I'd split the DLC in maybe two or three packs. One would be gameplay based and the other would be story based (like what they did with AOC). A third pack could be for costumes or some other stuff. Preferably both packs would include new classes with unique movesets to make them more worth it.
  10. Have just beaten Part 1 of Azure Gleam and I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying my playthrough so far. Azure Gleam has single handedly fixed all my issues with Azure Moon thus far, namely being the treatment of the Tragedy of Duscar and Dimitri's relationship with his allies, namely Dedue and Felix. The story isn't out of this world, but definitely on the same par as the OG TH so far imo. Though, that's mainly for AG obvi, I have heard things about the other routes but I want to experience them first before forming opinions. I like the recruitment system. I feel like the units you can't recruit make sense and the ones you can also make sense (sans Leonie, I don't know why she can't be recruited in AG but there are enough units that like being cavs on that route anyways so its fine). Part of does wish I didn't recruit everyone however as now I have a good amount of units who I'm struggling to keep up with one another (not that I have too, but having so many units is a bit overwhelming, though it will hopefully pay off come NG+). I also like, how despite the game basically being mainly clones, everyone still feels somewhat unique to play as in regard to their personal abilities (and also some units have special musous other units don't). Am playing on Normal/Casual and the game hasn't been too hard but also not too easy either. Resource management has been the hardest part tbh. It's probably because of my need to 100% as soon as possible, but I find myself spending a lot of smithing stones to upgrade facilities. Also I find myself going though a lot of money. I have yet to go out of my way to grind so that is a positive, though, playing Normal mode has probably helped. The level recommendation doesn't seem to mean much really, as long as you have the weapon advantage and pull off one or two critical hits, the enemy tends to die. I also have no idea how weapons and forging works, but that hasn't been an issue so far so whatever. Overall, very good game, has completely blown the OG FEW out of the water and even the Hyrule Warriors too. A great addition to the THverse and lore.
  11. I know it has only been a day since the game has dropped for most of us however I was wondering if anyone has any idea about the weapon and forging mechanics in the game. I'm assuming 5-star weapons are the best of their type and maxing out their mt/durability is the way to go however I'm confused in regard to the restoring weapon function and also the attribute system. Can I remove these attributes from weapons like I can in other nintendo warriors games or are they permanent? I've been looking at the in-game tutorials but they just confuse me more lol.
  12. I'm really enjoying Shez more than I thought. I like how they have minimal story involvement outside of little things that other characters are also involved in but at the same time have their own subplot that doesn't really overshadow the game with Byleth. They're also just very chill and a nice individual. Definitely the best of FEs player proxy characters that we have gotten I feel
  13. It's just past midnight here and it is available to purchase for me, so I assume it's midnight for all territories. Very tempted to buy it despite already having the SE preordered...
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