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  1. Mika Pikazo, the character designer of Engage, actually specifically designed Clanne and Framme with the intent of them filling the role of the Cain and Abel (at least aesthetically). Mika Pikazo is a fan of FE and it was her idea to make them green/red (well pink) to make them the resident red/green duo of Engage.
  2. Paragon is unused and is only available via hacking/save editing
  3. From a narrative stand point, I think it's great. Gameplay wise, it's iffy. So many units are punished so badly from a lack of availability, especially the majority of part 1 units, more so units who are new to RD which really sucks cause the new units are already hurt by a lack of any character depth due to the shitty support system so them being hard to use hurts even more. However, despite this, I still do think its cool and really made RD's story feel like a grand spectacle and an actual war and did grey morality and dramatic irony pretty well. Like Florete said, I'm happy RD did it but I'm also happy for it to remain a RD only thing.
  4. Second seals become available from chapter 8 in the shop (you also get a couple from chests I think) and you get a couple available every chapter in the shop, until chapter 17 where they become infinitely buyable. So yeah they are in fairly large supply.
  5. To expand more on this, the FX doesn't scale difficulty wise with your playthrough. The FX's difficulty is separate from whatever file you are playing currently, in that you could be playing maddening mode in the base game but choose to play normal mode in the FX. The only thing your main file affects is what units and emblems (plus supports and bond levels, and also any skills too) you have available. Unit levels and inventory are all pre-set in the FX. So basically you can make the FX a bit easier by having decent supports and higher bond levels on units and you may be artificially making the FX somewhat more difficult by playing early on where you less emblems, supports and skills available for your units. Also worth noting that pre-promotes are inherently better in the FX as units that join in base classes are forced back into their base classes for the first two FX maps meanwhile pre-promotes stay in the normal classes, thus have 5/6 move. For example:
  6. Am pretty sure that, like Mauvier, Gregory and Madeline come with an internal level of 20. (Also just want to point out not all units come with Int. Level 15. Rosado and Goldmary are 17, Lindon is 18, Saphir 19 and like I said, Mauvier is 20). No, the new seals (and Cannoneer's cannons) are only unlocked in the shop once you have beaten the FX.
  7. They aren’t on the website yet however they can be found here on the leak google doc under the class section. DLC stuff is highlighted in green https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1qFcABi455ZzLh0Drz1yZAxat5i_GWxIv3SPEDdlcZRE/htmlview#
  8. I think for myself, waiting until post-Solm is best to do the FX. You'll have Seadall by then which will help make the missions go faster to get the five units. Also by this time, the skirmishes and DPs (if you left them this late) wont feel as much of a gut punch in difficulty because of the level 20 units. EDIT: Just finished the DLC. The full version of Emblem Engage is available now in Alear's room lol As for what I thought about it...
  9. Pikazo posted this a bit ago in celebration of the DLC dropping with some nice art of Nil and Nel. Thought I would post it here
  10. Pikazo posted this in celebration of the DLC dropping with some art of Nil and Nel
  11. Yeah, everything is preset in the FX. NGL, I haven't finished yet but this DLC is disappointing to say the least. With how the FX works and how level is predetermined, you would think you might as well play ASAP to get everything but that just fucks up your early game since you get 5 overpowered units that fuck up your skirmish levels. But with how bad post game is, if you wait until then you get 5 units with nothing to do with them. And on subsequent runs, you'll have to replay all 6 missions again to get anything from them. I really wish they just made it so the FX was a dlc campaign you played over the course of the game where each chapter got more difficult so that you could actually get something from it. Having to play these six missions every time I start a new game to have to use preset characters that gain nothing from doing the missions is very unfortunate to the say the least.
  12. See title. DLC is currently available to download.
  13. One run I've tried (and dropped since I got bored and I kinda want to wait until the DLC is out) is an under 18 run. Since a lot of people pointed out how young Engage's cast is and how many kids there are, I wanted to actual try a run where my only units are child soldiers lol. Thanks to datamines, we know unit ages and which characters are under 18. They are: Madeline would probably be added to the list after DLC is out since Marni is 16 which will round out the list to a nice 14, the max unit slots. I'll probably reattempt this run after DLC with Madeline cause why not.
  14. I mean Alear's dragonstone is destroyed and nothing is mentioned about Veyle's dragonstone being anywhere (I vaguely remember her mentioning she buried it but that could also just be me making stuff up in my head lol), so I can't imagine them transforming anytime soon. Even with Nel, I have a feeling her transforming will be locked to the Fell Xenologue tbh
  15. You have to have a specific level of relationship with Sommie and they only appear after you complete normal chapters/paralogues and they don't appear after skirmishes
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