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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  2. Haha thanks. I was going for a Bandit Keith type of dealie at the time. I am known to wear an American Flag as a bandanna a lot, but it looks a bit different. I was trying to go for something different that I haven't really seen before. Originally I was trying to put a design into the shaved part of her head, but it came out looking awkward so I bailed on it.
  3. Wonderboy

    Dat Merc

    Great work on the execution, but the horses body should be smaller sadly. Like Sigma said, the head seems small, but its actually the body is too large. Merc.. you look like the world's smallest jockey riding a Clydesdale, haha.
  4. Something I threw together in my recent free time. Angel from Borderlands played her hand in inspiration.
  5. It says the title sums it up, but I feel out of the loop. Are these just going to be peoples renditions of FE6 mugs, or are they supposed to be younger/older?
  6. I wanted to do more with this... but the best I could think of was Lowenizing a mustache on that motha...
  7. I actually personally like NickT's the most. I don't know what it is about it, but it looks game quality. AK's is great and all, but from the beginning it never really caught my eye as something I liked. Well made, just not my preference is all.
  8. I read yesterday that six kids got drunk and hospitalized off of hand sanitizer.. they distilled it and it has crazy amounts of alcohol in it, more than Everclear. Do Not, and I Repear Do Not Attempt to drink Hand Sanitizer, Please.
  9. Name: Jack Cross Gender: Male Age/age range: 23 Appearance (image or text description): Jack has shaggy, close to platinum blonde, medium length hair, that is usually ruffled up and unkempt. He stands at 6' 4", 180 lbs with a fairly muscular body. Not much muscle on his legs despite how fast he can move, but he makes up for it with massive biceps and broad shoulders. A distinguishing feature he has is his left eye is blue whereas his right eye is green. Personality: Flirtatious to the max, happy-go-lucky and charismatic. Is attempting to recover from addiction problems, and with the right help, his will will win and the addiction can be beaten. Personality quirks?: Jack suffers from schizophrenia, and rarely sleeps. This sometimes causes him to see things that aren't really there causing him to experience extreme paranoia at times. At times he turns to booze and drugs to quell his anxieties and paranoia, but it usually causes the hallucinations to become more real and frightening. Fears?: That someone might remember details about her. Strengths?: Strong and brave. Very happy go lucky and always tries to help with everything he's got. Weaknesses?: Addiction issues, schizophrenia. Favorite FE class: Thief/Assassin/Rogue... whatever fits. You can decide personally. SPECIAL EXTRA INFORMATION: Jack can start with addiction issues if you'd like, or not at all. Wouldn't mind seeing him beat them. When I think of a character I'd like to make in a story, I think of a good cop type of guy, who gets mixed up into stuff, bends the law, but still works his ass off to get the job done right. If that helps at all. If you don't care for the schizophrenia either, or if it'll pose too much of a problem, you can drop that as well, I just figured it would add to the story when my character will talk to "himself" occasionally or something. If you want me to be in depth with anything, run anything by me, or have any questions, let me know.
  10. 2 things I'd like to say real quick. 1. Quit the bickering. Doesn't get much more straightforward than that. This is not the place to go at each others throats. If you for some reason NEED to continue this, there's a little feature called PM or Personal/Private Messaging. Keep your grievances private, please. 2. I may make something, but I'm a bit intimidated based on what I've seen so far, so we'll have to see if I feel like putting the effort forth to try to top the others. That is all.
  11. I'd like to hear what you all believe is wrong with mine exactly, because honestly, I can see flaws on the others you guys are praising, but that's none of my business. Just curious about whats so bad about mine.
  12. Wonderboy

    Mug Medley!

    Still a bit rusty.. just coming off a couple year break, so I hope this suffices for everyone.
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