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  1. YES YOU GOT IT FIRST TRY I KNEW IT! Suck on that, momogeek! Zeiss is pretty cool, I enjoy using him and since you love your wyverns, you'll have fun with him. Also, for your other run, there's a secret shop in this chapter (as there usually is in the chapter you get the Member's Card) [spoiler=Secret Shop Location]Top square in the area Zeiss spawns in Next Gaiden: [spoiler=Next Gaiden]Chapter 20, quite a ways away
  2. I'll eventually pay my end if I lose, (but it'll probably take forever to happen because school's a bitch). Debating doing a FE6 Siblings Only run or an Iron Man. Hm... @Dual Dragons: This chapter sucks, Hugh is not worth 10k unless you're seriously low on usable mages, and it's so incredibly satisfying to finally get to squash Narcian
  3. RIP Perceval/Garret. Perceval's recruitment is really dumb, though. Perceval can only be recruited by Lalum/Elphin, and with Elphin at least you know he might be 'more than a bard', although guessing that he could recruit him is already a pretty hard leap to make, and Lalum...I don't think there are any hints at all. It's probably one of the top 3 dumb recruitments in the game (next to Cath's and 1 more that you haven't encountered yet). Garret's is foreshadowed ever so slightly more, in that he has the same thing that Gonzales does (the 'bandit with a kind heart gimmick'), as apparently Lilina is a magnet for kind hearts..? Yeah, it's pretty dumb too. At least you missed out on Perceval in normal mode where he's 'only' a pretty good paladin; in HM, his bases are absolutely insane: [spoiler=HM Bases] 50.7HP/19.75STR/16.3SKL/19.98SPD/14.75LUK/15.32DEF/12.87RES Just wow. Literally at HM base, he's better than your Alan, without having to invest any exp/Knight's Crest Good luck with 16 Gaiden, I have faith that you'll get it first try! (You have a pretty good record so far)
  4. This is going to be awesome, but having played FE7CM, I can say that it's going to be insanely difficult. Normal powerhouses like Serra and Lucius are probably going to die early due to lack of sturdiness, and without Merlinus, mine glitching is going to yield a few less legendaries (and overall be less fruitful). Personally, I'm predicting that Eliwood is going to get a lot of your better units killed early on, and that the run will survive (barely) until somewhere between Battle Before Dawn to Cog of Destiny (unless torch glitch gets used. If torch is used, then I think you can make it to VoD/Light), at which point you'll have lost enough units that the run becomes pretty much impossibly hard. I also predict that Oleg's chapter (Fuzzy Foggy Fuckfest?) is going to claim a very high death count... Good luck, I look forward to seeing how this ends up!
  5. Well done, that was a really impressive final chapter, and congratulations on the conclusion of another excellent LP!
  6. Was a fun run to follow given all the challenges associated with 2-range lock. Well done and congratulations! I'm actually pretty surprised the C24 Manaketes took so much damage from killer bows, but I guess the endgame of FE6 is really scaled poorly (difficulty peaks at C21 if you actually trigger reinforcements, especially if you use the C21 secret shop for boosters. After that, 21x is a joke, 22 you can take slowly and leisurely, 23 is another map which you can just take slowly and bait out statuses/ballistae, and 24 gets destroyed by Sacred Weapons, or apparently just random scrubs with killers, and then Idoun is....yeah)
  7. Interesting fact about Gonzales: If you compare him across the two routes, you'll see he has the same base stats, but starts at level 5 this route as opposed to level 11 (Also, C axes as opposed to D) on the original route! No clue why IS did it like that, but it means you're pretty much forced to go this route if you want to use Gonzales. As for Roy...almost every LP I've ever seen has had an insanely screwed Roy, and yours is pretty good (and therefore best I've ever seen) As for Sophia...it took 9 stat boosters, insane care and feeding, and amazing stat blessedness to make her into the killing machine that she was. Normally, she really isn't worth the effort...
  8. Sophia...can be worth it with sufficient favoritism (see Sophia in my Sig, who ate 9 stat boosters and proceeded to roll the entire game, although it could probably be argued that most characters with that ridiculous amount of investment could turn into an absolute monster...), although she's not quite as big of an Est as, say, Nino. I love how Miledy joined, and within 2 chapters, has become by far your most capable combat unit (she does tend to turn out that way :D). She's honestly the greatest thing about FE6... You were pretty spot on about Roy, by the way. He's supposed to be mediocre and with poor Res, but your Roy is...possibly the best Roy I've ever seen :D
  9. I'll bet you another insanely difficult FE6 challenge run LP (no promises about when I'll actually have time to deliver if it comes to that, though :D) that Dual Dragons gets C16x first try. I believe! @Dual Dragons: Yeah. When I saw you miss that guiding ring in your first run, I felt pretty bad :( Poor Saul indeed, although at least he's the only other Magic user you're really using right now. Some of the promotion items have really stiff competition in this game.
  10. The Miledy from your first dead run was pretty awesome, but it's pretty clear she's going to be awesome no matter what! Also, you're pretty spot on with your judgment of Cecilia (and Sophia, but anyone can tell that looking at THOSE bases. She's a real joy to use with her 15HP/1Def, with 2AS after being weighted down by Flux >_<. Not like the fact that she's getting doubled is relevant when any enemy OHKO's her...). She's useful by nature of the fact that she a) doesn't need a Guiding Ring, b) comes with decent weapon ranks, and c) Staff on Horse. Here's a map of the C14 Treasure locations (with what's contained in them crudely MSPainted out, so minimal spoilers for you) [spoiler=C14 Map] Also, a little warning: one certain treasure is...rather trolly: [spoiler=Hint about trolliness] One treasure, which you're going to really enjoy failing to get, can only be gotten by one character :D (at least that character gets that particular one treasure 100% of the time). It's sort of obvious which one, but you'll see :) Also, now that you've gotten this gaiden. Next chapter with a gaiden is...:
  11. Piggybacking off what momogeek said, Miledy is utterly and completely awesome and is the greatest thing to ever happen in FE6. Anybody who doesn't use Miledy and isn't doing a challenge run doesn't deserve to play FE6 and should just donate their game away. Also, if you think her base stats here are good, you should see her with HM bonuses (I swear uber!Miledy is the biggest attraction of all of HM. And you get her HM bonuses despite never even seeing her on the map as an enemy because she flies right to you and insta-self-recruits): 38HP/16-17STR/14-15SKL/13SPD/7-8LUK/15-16DEF/4RES. That's pretty much taking a prepomoted General, slapping on 3 speedwings and 2 secret books, then making it fly, have 7 move, and be level 10 unpromoted. Your Shanna is so amazing. Incredible dodge-tank stats, as well as respectable strength and non-paper defenses <3. Also, by now, I think you've realized that FE6's promotion bonuses are utterly awesome and blow FE7/FE8's out of the water. Remember, the upcoming Chapter 14 has a gaiden!
  12. Your Lilina right now is the very definition of glass cannon. She can probably ORKO or very near to ORKO anything in your path, but suffers OHKOs/2HKOs in return. Also, her speed gain is nuts :o. Not going into any detail, but I would kill to have a Lilina that fast... [spoiler=Why I'm Jealous] My Lilina at 20/20 only gained two more points of speed than yours. And your one has 23 more levels to go.
  13. I'm so jealous :( Your Sue is everything I wanted mine to be, but she just wouldn't get Strength. I guess all my good RNG went to Wendy and Sophia instead (not that I'm complaining about THAT, mind you). I have to say, your Sue and Shin have really been the stars of this run.
  14. This looks like it'll be fun! I was a big fan of the handheld YuGiOh games, they were always fun to play and I didn't have to waste even more money on the real cards (although I still have crates of them back home). I am curious/interested to see how you're going to approach LP-ing a YuGiOh game, though. Looks like it'll be an interesting challenge!
  15. Yeah, I'm not sure what's with the random level 5 reinforcements, but at this point in the game they're extremely out of place, although they do make the right side of the map a little more manageable (I remember my 20/15 Miledy was getting literally 0 exp from them. I didn't even know it was possible to get 0 exp from a kill before that...) It seems like you have the first wave of reinforcements mostly under control, though. Looking forward to seeing how you handle Gale's group!
  16. Thanks! Yeah, Sophia really went above and beyond for tankiness, she's expected to have like 10 Def at 20/20 normally. Sucks that the midgame chapters wouldn't for you, though. Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Wow thanks, that's awesome to hear! It's reading things like this that really make doing LPs worth it. There are a lot more awesome LPs going on around here, you should go and spread the love :)
  17. Wait. You can actually, seriously hit her with Eclipse? That's unreal. Seriously, even compared to the other GBAFE final bosses, she just isn't close. 1-Range, horrible stats, and low speed just isn't a good combination. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Unbelievably, only 1 Dragonshield was used on Sophia. She just decided that she felt like getting 8 points of defense in her last 14 levels, off a 20% growth, because she's a badass like that. It's definitely the best Sophia I've ever seen, and made the endgame incredibly fun because she could just tear through anything and anyone in her way
  18. [spoiler=Epilogue/Story Time] Best ending get Guinivere becomes Queen. Dude, Roy, you're with Lilina, stop talking about another woman! I can feel the jealousy. Lilina clearly doesn't care about Guinivere. She's fine, dude. Drop the topic Roy, you're an utter and complete idiot. YES. Make your move, Roy. Now is the time! HOLY SHIT IS HE PROPOSING? <3 Except Roy's a callous, heartless idiot. Aww :( Best ending is well worth it. [spoiler=Turn Counts and Rank] Well, my turn counts were pretty bad because of my habit of farming all the reinforcements, and the opening chapters were a complete nightmare to clear efficiently. Also, I refused to warpskip any of the later chapters and I tried to get all secondary objectives. Overall, though, my rank ended up pretty well, especially considering the pool of characters I had to use, especially in the early game. [spoiler=Unit Records, Stats and Character Analysis] Here, I'm going to do a full analysis on all my characters. As before, I will factor in stat boosters in average stat comparisons. Roy. He's perhaps the most vital member of the team, simply since the entire early game would have been utterly impossible had he not turned out as well as he did, and he was an excellent meatshield/Jeigan-like character during the Western Isles. From after the Isles, all the way to C21x, however, he say no action simply due to his unpromoted stats and inability to gain exp, and just seized thrones. Once he promoted, he sort of picked up where he left off, and was an adequate but unspectacular combat unit at the very end. He participated in a huge number of battles with few wins due to the fact that he often had to dodge 8 hand axes a turn for dozens of turns in the early game due to my lack of usable combat units. I was very fortunate in that he got rather blessed in the important stats during the early game, which really enabled me to survive chapters 4, 5 and 7. Stats (+1 Dragonshield) Compared to Averages: -0.8HP/+1.6STR/+0SKL/+0.6SPD/-1.6LUK/-1.5DEF/+1.2RES. Never used, except as dead weight on Final. Ellen. She honestly turned out absolutely terrible. I've read that she's meant to be a glass cannon, but in this run, all she ended up as was glass. Low HP, terrible defense, adequate dodging and horrific offenses meant that she could never be anything more than a healer, and towards the endgame, I was forced into using Physic more and more because I was too scared to let her too close to the frontlines. I honestly should have used Niime over her in the final chapter, but I wasn't sure if I would need to use the Saint's Staff or not. I originally had dreams of letting her use Aureola, but given how terrible her offenses were when she promoted, I knew she'd never do it effectively and therefore saved myself the effort of grinding her Light Magic rank all the way from D to S. The only reason she even ended up as my primary healer was because Clarine's Magic was so low as to render her completely useless, while Ellen was only mostly useless. She ended up screwed in pretty much all the important stats. Stats Compared to Averages: +2.5HP/-5MAG/+4SKL/-2SPD/-5LUK/+0.5DEF/+3RES Wendy was a character I was dreading using, and I thought I'd force myself to use her simply to add to the challenge of the run, but boy was I wrong. She gained stats in phases. Towards the beginning, she gained defense like an utter madman, and would remain defense blessed throughout the entire game, while skimping on STR/SPD and was rapidly my most durable frontliner, ensuring that I could use her without too much babysitting in the Axe-filled Western Isles. There, she started to gain Strength and then Speed in adequate amounts, raising her level to a competent combat unit. After promotion, she was an unbelievably beastly tank with solid offenses and she could ORKO cavaliers and the like during most of the Etruria arc, making her my most reliable frontliner for the entire mid-game. I took the effort to grind her Axe rank all the way from E to S to enable her to use Armads, and she paid me off big-time by becoming one of my best dragonslayers, and she was definitely my most solid frontliner throughout the entire game, as well as the overall midgame MVP. Even though her offense died off a little endgame, as she wasn't able to ORKO Wyverns or promoted enemies, she'd still chip them for huge amounts of damage as well as tanking anything that the enemy dared to throw at her. Definitely worth the boots I gave her, and one of the main reasons I enjoyed the run as much as I did. Stats Compared to Averages (1 Angelic Robe, 1 Secret Book): 0HP/+0.8STR/-2.2SKL/0SPD/+0.9LUK/+2.6DEF/+1.2RES Note: It's hard to evaluate her HP since she capped it after using that robe. Her average at 20/20 is 55.3 My lovely Tate and my favorite character is back at her day job of being awesome. She and Miledy formed a flying task-force that I just threw at any difficult problem in the game that necessitated high movement, terrain immunity and great offenses, and they pulled through time and time again. Some highlights include the two of them essentially soloing the entire right side of C21. While Tate was theoretically slightly worse than Miledy, her higher Speed, Avoid and Res let her handle the Magic users Miledy struggled against, while her excellent physical parameters and defense blessing allowed her to be exceedingly tanky anyways. In fact, the fact that she was so amazingly good at dodging let me give the Delphi shield to Miledy, which definitely saved my skin overall several times throughout the run (especially chapters 16x, 19I, 20I and 23) Although Maltet went to Miledy by default, Tate got her C-swords and the Wyrmslayer and got to enjoy her fair share of dragonslaying at the endgame anyways. Overall, she was one of the characters who just did her job every single time I needed her to, and pretty much never let me down. Also, even though I use Tate almost every run, this is probably the best I've ever gotten. Compared to Average Stats: +1.55HP/0STR/0SKL/0SPD/+1.45LUK/+4.27DEF/+0.55RES Dorothy was a real enigma. She had amazing offenses when it mattered (Chapters 6-8, and endgame), and while she didn't feel like growing much in the midgame, she made up for it with an awesome endgame. There's also the matter of her historically bad Skill (7.4, I think, the very worst I've ever seen a unit screwed in 1 stat), but she was hitting all her 60 hitrates in the endgame anyways, so I'm definitely not complaining, and she made up for her skill deficit with huge speed and the ability to double pretty much anybody. She was also excellent at chipping when need be, and would regularly take out really important enemy targets for me on Player Phase in the end game, in particular the nasty Wyvern Lords in Chapter 21. Her solid avoid and defense blessing also let her survive quite a few dangerous Enemy Phases, and she definitely thrived in the mass of fliers that was Ilia and Bern. Compared to Average Stats: -3.2HP/0STR/-7.4SKL/+2.6SPD/-0.2LUK/+3.2DEF/+1.2RES Lilina, Roy's wife. I don't know how to characterize her. She was pretty much the only member of my team with real offensive power between Chapters 8 and 13, and hit important speed benchmarks early to allow her to double and ORKO many enemies in the Western Isles. In fact, the Western Isles in general, and Chapter 11 in particular, would definitely not have been possible without Lilina's superb early-game. However, once the late game hit, her growths, in particular Speed, completely dried up, and towards late game, her lack of speed and consequent inability to double things left her as an overqualified support unit, who would contribute big 35-40 damage fire chips (or 50+ Aircalibur against fliers) with high hirates, and 40 health heals, but would rarely kill things. Her paper-thin defenses were also a problem throughout the run, and even with an Angelic Robe, she would often have very perilous enemy phases. Her raw power with Bolting in the end-game was also definitely very useful in a few chapters (specifically 21, 23 and 24) but she needed to hit the 20 Speed benchmark to double C24 Manaketes with Bolting (they have 11AS, Lilina gets weighed down by 5 by bolting), and she didn't even come close. However she was the MVP of the Western Isles and a very solid unit throughout the entire playthrough, so overall I still feel quite positively about her contributions. Stats Compared to Averages (1 Angelic Robe): +1.9HP/0MAG/+2.4SKL/-3.3SPD/+1LUK/+0.2DEF/-1.3RES Fir. She had a great time during the Western Isles preying on the hordes of Pirate reinforcements, most of whom didn't have the slightest prayer of hitting her in retaliation, and promoted after C11 to become a capable frontliner. In the mid-game, she suffered a little due to her mediocre strength making her unable to ORKO reliably without criticals, unlike some of my other members, but when late-game came and few units could ORKO, she began to shine again with her ~50% chance to get at least 1 critical against every target she attacked. She was also an excellent end-game boss-slayer, tearing Arcardo and Murdock to shreds, between her solid Strength, ability to double any enemy, huge avoid and excellent hit and crit-rates. She was also overall my best character at dodging things and consequently became much more of a solid frontliner than I had expected her to be. With Durandal in hand, she could absolutely obliterate any Wyvern or Manakete in her way, and that was even if she didn't crit, while suffering relatively low hitrates in return. All in all, she was a powerful contributor starting from the very chapter she joined until the end of the game and definitely surpassed my expectations of her. Stats Compared to Averages (1 Energy Ring): +2.4HP/0STR/-3SKL/0SPD/+1.6LUK/+0.4DEF/+0.44RES STR hard to say since she capped, but on average, in HM at 20/18, Fir has 20.8 STR. Miledy is an absurdly overpowered character. IS decided to put some of the best bases in the game on a level 10 unit, gave her the ability to fly and bundled it with some of the best offensive growths in the game. She was the tankier, slower and harder-hitting member of the Miledy&Tate duo which I already covered in Tate's section, but she also performed a significant number of near-suicidal solo missions, due to her incredible durability, 8 move, and terrain immunity, as well as excellent offenses that remained near the best in my team for almost the entire game. After C16, I gave her the Delphi shield, and she responded by becoming BBBBBB, baiting every single ballista in Ilia and Bern and protecting my weaker characters, and she was just an unbelievably solid unit, and was my best unit from C14 to ~C20. She was definitely the main reason I could trivialize many of the threats in Ilia and get all the villages I needed to visit despite the dense mass of trees, and wielded Maltet admirably in the endgame, tanking and slaying Manaketes with great efficiency. The weirdest part of it all was that Miledy was ostensibly RNG-screwed, with several empty level ups and her refusal to max Speed until it was completely irrelevant despite her excellent speed growth, and the fact that she just didn't want to get Luck at all, but it just didn't matter because she's that good. Stats Compared to Averages (1 Talisman): 0HP/0STR/0SKL/0SPD/-4.75LUK/+0.7DEF/+0.55RES Sophia blew me away. She came in Chapter 14 as a frail little shaman who would die to a stray gust of wind, was fed every relevant stat booster in the game, and became an utter and complete untouchable killing machine in the end-game. She combined incredibly high might with the ability to double almost every enemy in the game while attacking Resistance, which meant that she could ORKO pretty much every major non-boss enemy in the entire game, most notably the C21 Wyvern Lords. She completely and utterly carried C21 on her back, slaughtering the bulk of Bern's army solo, and barely taking any damage in return. It was also highly amusing to watch her OHKO every manakete in her way in C24 with Apocalypse's absurd power. She combined favoritism with incredibly blessage in her stats, especially in Defense and Magic (she maxed Magic like 10 levels before she's expected to) and as a result became the strongest Sophia, I would think, that any of us have ever seen. She was everything Lilina aspired and failed to be, and she was the MVP of the late-game, for obvious reasons. Stats Compared to Averages (1 Angelic Robe, 1 Secret Book, 3 Speedwings, 2 Goddess Icons, 1 Dragonshield): +0.2HP/0MAG/+0.8SKL/-1.4SPD/-0.6LUK/+7.4DEF/0RES Niime came along as another healer in the late game, and essentially was a more competent Ellen, who could occasionally actually kill enemies while managing to heal non-pathetic amounts of HP with Physic. I had her prepare to use Rescue and Warp in case of emergency, but never felt the need to do so. Unfortunately, she never got S-Staves, or I would have brought her to final. Stats Compared to Averages: -0.5HP/+0.7MAG/-0.3SKL/-0.3SPD/+0.9LUK/+0.7DEF/+0.6RES Lalum did dancer things. She mostly gave Wendy extra mobility up until she got her boots, and other than that was generally useful for duplicating my more important units for a turn. While she had the durability of a wet paper towel, she was dodgy enough that she usually avoided death, and sometimes baited attacks quite capably for me, too. I let her get attacked way too much, but she usually bailed me out. Stats Compared to Averages: +0.1HP/+0.3STR/+0.15SKL/0SPD/-0.6LUK/+1.6DEF/-2.1RES Cecilia came at C14, when Clarine was starting to become totally and irrevocably unsalvageable, and took over her role as my incompetent mounted healer. While she was useful for 8-move Mend/Restore usage, and occasional chipping with Aircalibur, her pathetic durability and nonexistant speed meant that she would get murdered by anything that so much as glanced at her without even much hope for avoiding them. I hated using her, but I did what I had to because Clarine was even worse. She also didn't gain any relevant stats ever. Stats Compared to Averages: 0HP/+0.25MAG/-1.25SKL/-1.25SPD/-1.25LUK/-1DEF/-0.25RES Igrene, on the other hand, was quite competent, if also rarely used. I would have her chip from time to time from 2-range, or occasionally kill off a stray Wyvern or Pegasus. While she had passable parameters, I didn't really want to give her much exp and I had plenty of powerful 2-range teammates anyway, so she would often just tag along as an insurance option in case the others missed. Both of her levels sucked but her bases were all I needed from her anyways. Stats Compared to Averages: +0.6HP/-0.7STR/-0.5SKL/-0.7SPD/+0.6LUK/-0.2DEF/-0.1RES Echidna turned out phenomenally, pretty much just riding her great bases, especially in speed. Echipna was useful for setting up a whole bunch of kills for other characters, notably Wendy, Tate and Miledy, in mid-game, while having solid enough evade and HP to survive most of her encounters on the frontlines. Her weak growths obviously held her back towards the endgame, but even then, she was fast enough to not get doubled and ORKO'd and would find ways to occasionally contribute for single digit chips that were often just enough, or to meatshield for another character. Stats Compared to Averages: -0.25HP/-1.1STR/-0.75SKL/+0.9SPD/+0.6LUK/-0.05DEF/-0.05RES The disappointment, the second most crushing disappointment of the entire run. Clarine was a character I so desperately wanted to turn out well, because I love having her as a super-dodgy mounted healer who could help in rescue chains and have huge map coverage with Physic, but she refused to gain any Mag at all until it was much too late. Her stats don't really tell the full story here because she got a bunch of phenomenal level-ups long after she was benched in the few occasions she was fielded, but it was way late in the game by then and I wasn't going to promote her or really use her again. She ended up healing people for 15HP with terrible range on physic lategame, and mostly was just kept around for her restore utility and occasional role in rescue chains. Stats Compared to Averages: +1.6HP/-0.8MAG/+1.6SKL/-3SPD/+1.6LUK/-1.6DEF/-1.4RES The real disappointment shows her face. She was the first female combat unit I got, and remained in that role from chapters 2-6, so she got plenty of experience fed to her, and she repaid me by getting absolutely terrible levels over and over. At some points in her existence (as far as 20/5), she was below average in every single stat, and towards end-game, simply could not muster enough damage to be useful, getting something pathetic like 8 damage with a Silver Lance against C21 Wyvern Riders. That being said, I have to give her credit where credit is due. She was my first character to promote and fulfilled a very Jeigan-like role in the Western Isles, and in the early game, despite her low Strength, she was able to contribute many important kills using Marcus' Silver Lance. She ended up deployed from time-to-time late-game for flier utility, but was never the useful full-time third flier that I really wanted. Stats Compared to Averages: -1.8HP/-3.2STR/-2.2SKL/0SPD/-3.4LUK/-0.4DEF/-2RES Cath stole things, got me money, and died whenever anything looked at her. Her stats are terrible and at base. Juno is terrible in combat but contributed from time to time with flier utility. Her stats are at base. Sue was another disappointment, but one I was a little more ready for. While it would have been nice to have her as a mounted archer who did damage, especially in Ilia and Bern's flier-infested skies, I knew she would have to proc her strength growth often, but she simply did not get enough Strength early on to remain relevant. She was relegated to chipping in the Western Isles, and before long couldn't manage even that, getting around 2-4 damage per hit by the Etruria arc, and was permanently benched after C13. Stats Compared to Averages: -1.8HP/-1.8STR/+2.2SKL/+0.6SPD/0LUK/-0.6DEF/-1.4RES [spoiler=Final Thoughts] Overall, despite (or because of) the challenge of only using female units, I do believe that this was very much the most enjoyable playthrough of any Fire Emblem game for me. The early game was challenging but felt so rewarding when I successfully navigated past Chapter 7, and then Wendy and later Sophia becoming awesome really motivated me to want to continue on and on with the run. I didn't realize LP-ing would take so much time, but I also really enjoyed sharing my experience of this run, and showing off how awesome my best characters were (or how pitiful the bad ones were). Some interesting notes: Sophia, despite having the latest join Chapter of any of my regulars, ended up with the most kills. This isn't necessarily surprising given especially the utter slaughter she wrought in C21, but it's still impressive. Wendy entered the most battles of anyone who isn't Roy (Roy's stats are somewhat inflated from the ridiculousness of the early game) as sort of expected given she was my main frontline tank, but fell short of Sophia's Wins, which is also somewhat expected since she couldn't reliably ORKO at all points in the game, between her non-amazing offences and shoddy Axe hitrates. Sophia also had the highest Win:Battle ratio, as expected given that she could ORKO the majority of enemies she fought (and that most of her early kills were fed to her). Overall, though, my kills were very evenly distributed among my main combat characters, which speaks to the importance of all of them to the run Other things of interest: I ran some simulations on making my best (Sophia, Miledy, Tate, Wendy, Fir) characters fight 1v1, and on average, Fir is favored against every opponent. Something to do with her awesome evade/crit/speed, how good Durandal is, and the assortment of utility items she has access to (armorslayer, lancereaver). Miledy fared the worst of the 5 obviously due to her weakness to legendary weapons I hope you all enjoyed reading this nearly as much as I did playing it, and please leave feedback concerning what you liked, disliked, or otherwise had strong opinions on, and let me know how I can improve in the future! Until next time (or when I respond to comments), I bid you all adieu!
  19. [spoiler=Chapter 24: Millions of Manaketes, pt.2] Ellen is chronically incapable of getting good levels, but the charge never stops. Repair Maltet before it risks breaking. I do think it's fitting for Wendy to have dibs on this room. Here's Jahn, the boss. He's awfully weak for someone who's apparently been biding his time for a thousand years. Wendy murders Jahn's guards, and gets Armads repaired. Do you know fear yet, Jahn? Have your thousand years lent you the wisdom to know when your end is at hand? Yes. This is the most legendary of duels. A millennia-old dragon at the peak of his powers, against WENDY. Wendy wins convincingly, and picks up a nice last level to boot. I sorta feel bad, a pink-haired little girl in a suit of armor just crushed this master dragon... Now, I could seize here, but since the Manakete reinforcements stopped, I decide I'll farm a few more levels for curiosity's sake and kill off the remaining ones First up, Tate gets a solid last level. Even Roy manages to get himself a kill, as we clear out the Manaketes at a rapid rate. Just a few more... ...why wouldn't Lilina get a disappointing last level? Alright, we're done here. It's time for the final chapter, and yes, I'll be letting Roy finish her and getting the 'best' ending. [spoiler=Final] Story time. IMO, Idoun is the most beautiful girl in the FE franchise. Final chapter quotes. I'm willing to bet most of you haven't seen several of these before. Yessir! We move up. That Bolting crit makes the dragon heal instead of attacking, so none of my units are at risk of getting ORKO'd. I'll get a a last level or 2 here, but I won't overdo it... Tate breaks her wyrmslayer chipping... ...for the last level Fir will get. I'm not going to farm her to level 20, don't worry. Dorothy gets to 97 EXP here I think, and I'm done, no more grinding. Welcome to the worst final boss in Fire Emblem! Fin. Next up is the Epilogue, closing Character Analysis, and closing remarks.
  20. [spoiler=Chapter 24: Millions of Manaketes, pt.1] Background info For some stupid reason, Fae is a forced deployment, so I have to babysit her (she also gets ORKO'd by every enemy on the map). My team should be pretty self-evident, as they've been my main party for ages. Everyone's gotten fully geared up for this fight, with Fae ferrying some spare Bolting tomes for Lilina and Ellen bringing the Hammerne to repair worn down legends. There's a lot of story exposition this chapter, and I'll try to capture the highlights of it. Also, while every chapter in FE6 is a seize map, this one takes it to the next level: there are a whole bunch (seven, I think) thrones to seize, and each throne opens up the next area. Also, every single enemy in this entire map is a manakete, so everyone should be packed and ready with their dragonslaying weapons. Just showing off everyone's gear as we make our way forward. Tate gets to carry Fae for now. Lilina starts off the slaughter by killing this manakete over 2 turns... ...while Sophia scoffs at the idea that anyone would need more than 1 hit to completely obliterate a puny dragon Fir clears out the first boss for a good level, gets healed up, and we move onward Throne #1 seized. I fully intend on showing you my strength, my dragon friend. You will be experiencing it soon enough... Miledy and Wendy lead this charge. Also, I show off that, every time you seize a throne, it triggers 1 manakete a turn to spawn from the previous throne room (or in the case of the first throne, to spawn from the start location). This spawn is, as far as I know, infinite, and only stops after you kill the boss. Legendary weapons are pretty good. Sophia unfortunately hits 1/2, but fortunately OHKO's so it doesn't even matter. Ellen gets a crap healer level as we move forward Roy's straggling behind a little though. I realize I need to make better use of my mounted rescuers (read: Tate). I also realize much later that I could totally dump Fae off on Ellen since Ellen doesn't do any fighting anyways. In the meantime, though, I heal up and get ready to breach the next room once Roy opens it. Throne #2 seized. Jahn starts telling the story of the Demon Dragon, and how they destroyed her soul to make her obedient. We charge in the front door, and Wendy slays some dragons. Hits 1/2, 2/2. One half health dragon left in this room... ...and Lilina wipes him out from afar. These Boltings are actually being pretty handy Heal up and prepare to fight again We will, Jahn. None of your puny dragons can survive a round of combat and it's frankly quite embarrassing. Sophia gets the entry kill... ...while Lilina wounds one of the Manaketes in the next room Legendary weapons make this sort of lopsided. I sometimes wonder how hard this map would be if I were forced to use Silvers instead. Then again, Manaketes have awful resistance and no 2-range so my mages could probably slaughter them anyways We storm in, and Ellen's keeping everyone at full HP. Absolutely gorgeous Lilina starts blasting a Manakete who's getting a little uncomfortably close to our back This throne room's secured. Prepare to enter the next one! First, fully supported Lilina does barely enough damage to finish off the trailing dragon. Another throne seized (I lost count somewhere along the way). Jahn claims that the legends were pretty scummy, but hey, who am I to judge. I'm charging in here and mercilessly crushing them too Well, the guy had a 1% chance of killing Sophia. That's not too bad, right? I decide that Tate deserves to get some action too Of course, that's not easy when Sophia is murdering everything in her path. I have her do some chipping and healing instead this turn... ...so that Tate can enjoy her first dragon kill! Room is done, time to heal up again Dude, you're acting surprised that I'm blasting through your puny jokes of dragons en route to you. They don't have a freaking chance... ...see Exhibit A. Yeah. I'm even letting Ellen get a kill. I'm cool like that (now everyone of my party members, except Fae who doesn't count, and Roy, who'll get his, can say that they've slain a dragon!) Unfortunately Tate can't quite ORKO, so Lilina gets this dumpster-tier level. Speaking of Lilina, I let her take Forblaze out for a quick spin. Aren't fire dragons supposed to like, not burn that easily? Gogogo. Nothing will stop me! It's time to face Jahn. Roy's pretty indignant over what's happened to Idoun and fully intends to smite this poser down.
  21. [spoiler=Chapter 23: Brunya's Bolting Berns (ft. Berserk BBBBBB), pt.2] So yeah, Miledy's gone through 9 Maltet charges. Not the worst thing but it's still a little annoying. NOT AGAIN! It's fine this time, though, because Ellen is here. Also, Miledy/Ellen C-Support, which seems sorta amusing in this context. On the other side of the map, I let Fir get some exp since Sophia's maxed out. She obliges by tearing some lousy enemies to shreds *sigh*. While it's good that the Berserk is out, I have nobody near Fir to help restore her, so she's going to have to sit there for a bit I do the best I can, restoring Miledy and healing up Fir from afar Left side moves up and are about to commence the assault on Brunya's position You're terrible, you can't even hit a sleeping target. Ever. Annoying. I let Shanna sleep since she's useless anyways. We're getting awfully close! Most of Brunya's guards don't move even when we're in range. I love how units can dodge in their sleep. FE8's stone, which makes hitrate = 100 and critrate +30 honestly makes a lot more sense. More sleep staff absorbing from irrelevant units. We're here, Fir! Let's rumble Rumbling successful. Clearing out some of Brunya's guards Wendy is the greatest dragonslayer of them all. I believe this is the first time we get to see her use Armads, too. This is what I grinded her axe rank for half the game to do! Alright, we should be good on EP. HOLY HELL SHE HURTS. AND DOUBLES. ELLEN HAS 29 RESISTANCE, TOO. I would do well to not underestimate just how powerful this lady is. EP inconveniences. Igrene is irrelevant here, but that hit on Wendy hurts. Dorothy punishes the Druid en route to an alright level. Here's Brunya's stats, by the way. She's pretty scary (42Mt 18AS with bolting) and I wish Lilina was anywhere near this good, but since she has Bolting equipped, she's weighed down to 18AS and can't counter, which makes her a lot easier. Lilina vents her jealousy for a big chip with a ridiculous 47Mt bolting of her own (bolstered by supports). Tate hits 1/2 to chip her down to 10hp... ...and Roy finishes from 2-range with his Binding Blade for an amazing level. With Brunya dead, I can sedately murder the remnants of her guard. Last enemy taken care of, and Miledy gets a good final level. More irrelevant shopping! I buy a bunch of Aircaliburs and Nosferatu tomes. Quick but not easy. Let's get out of here
  22. [spoiler=Chapter 23: Brunya's Bolting Berns (ft. Berserk BBBBBB), pt.1] So, since I got all 8 legendary weapons and didn't break any of them, I get to progress to the true ending! Although Zephiel's dead, we still have to hunt down Idoun, and in the process fight what's left of Bern's army. This chapter has a few stealables (Red Gem, Blue Gem, and Brunya's Guiding Ring) but I'm seriously not bothered to bring Cath on a chapter filled with long range enemies, especially since I definitely don't need the money at all (I buy a bunch of weapons and gear this chapter and I never even use it, and I still have a bunch of money left over...) Backstory. At this point, though, I don't anticipate anything standing in my way Army positioning. I forget to capture the prep menu, but the second Falcoknight I bring is Shanna, for possible ferrying purposes. Everyone else is the standard team. I plan on having most of my army head left, Miledy/Tate are going to assault the middle ballista island, and Sophia/Fir will head up because they're untouchable killing machines. Also, note that village in the shot. That village has Karel, Fir's uncle, and he can only be gotten if you visit the village with either Fir or Bartre. Brunya, don't do this. We could be so happy together :( WHY. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME. (And yes, their chance of victory is most assuredly minuscule in the face of Sophia) Ballista island in the middle of the map is just one of many annoyances. There are a lot of long range threats concentrated around the throne area, and it's definitely not going to be a pleasant assault. Lalum is sent to the armories, although I really have no need for any of this since a) I'm pretty much fully geared out already, and b) It's just freakin' manaketes from now on and I'm like never going to use conventional weapons. Strategical picture at the end of T1. Miledy fails to crit and therefore doesn't ORKO either Wyvern. Wendy is pretty awesome, not gonna lie. The enemy WL crits, Miledy does not. This is pretty lame (and dangerous). This time, being BBBBBB is actually dangerous for her, although she cheats death again. EP is concluded. This is surprisingly difficult. Tate is actually the greatest ever. Takes out the biggest threat and frees up Miledy... ...who kills Ballistician 1/3 and gets healed up by Niime. Apocalypse is absolutely awesome. Fir makes sure she and Sophia are appropriately armed (no need to blow Apocalypse charges on those crappy Wyverns) Lalum continues her irrelevant shopping South team has no time for scrubby Wyverns, and Roy apparently has no time for decent levels. Tactical situation looking good! Random non-threatening EP things happen... ...AND THEN LILINA CAN'T DODGE TWO CONSECUTIVE 25% TRUE HITS. COME ON. Reposition. Some old things, some new things, on EP. Ballistae opt to go for BBBBBB this time instead, which I'm perfectly fine with. With this futile attempt at harming Tate, enemy phase ends. I promptly teach some fools a lesson in aerial superiority. So gorgeous <3. With that, left side is out of people to slay Karel get. He's this game's endgame crutch if needed (and honestly he's almost as good as my fully trained Fir), since he can obliterate Manaketes with Durandal. He also has hilariously outrageous growths (210/130/140/140/120/110/100) for his 1 level. Naturally, he's getting benched here. At least this vendor is slightly relevant, as Lalum pulls a few Recovers and Physics Sophia is ready to fight. And fight she does, amazingly maxing Defense as she hits level cap. She's been utterly and completely unbelievable this entire late-game, and stands alone as by far the best Sophia I've ever seen. Oh no. This is bad. She's on the center island with no way of getting a restore staff user to her (actually in hindsight I probably could have had Niime warp someone out middle, but what's done is done). Miledy can cover an awful lot of the map and has some very good weapons. Well, I'm going to heal Miledy up and hope she kills good enemies Alright, she kills off the ballistician, I'm fine with that And then she starts OHKO-ing wyverns. It's around now where I realize she's blowing through Maltet charges, and fast... Heal her up for a 20th level on Niime, and pray Miledy doesn't go too nuts Some mostly irrelevant things happen during the next EP Alright. I'm trying to bait Miledy over and have her attack Wendy using the Javelin, so I can restore her. Miledy is having no part of that plan, but luckily flies into Ellen's restore range anyways, thankfully.
  23. [spoiler="Chapter 22: Bern it Down, pt.4] More enemies get slaughtered She's taunting me. She has to be taunting me. There is no way this is anything but Clarine rubbing it in my face. On the bright side, we've finally run out of reinforcements, so my team moves up to get ready to fight Zephiel Well, this is annoying... While waiting out the status staves, I have Roy eat the Dragonshield. Why? I have no idea. This is Zephiel. He isn't much more threatening in HM than he is in NM, because of how HM bonuses work (he essentially doesn't get HM bonuses to anything but HP due to the King class's base growths). I have no clue why IS would put a freaking promotion item on the (sometimes) final boss, but whatever... ...I grab it for the hell of it. How do you think Zephiel feels, just watching my army array themselves in front of him? Just showing off what my best combat units are capable of when facing down the King. However, I think it's only fitting that Wendy has first dibs on Zephiel. Lilina and Sophia, too, get their shots in. Wendy gets to finish! I think that, in this run, using these three to kill of Zephiel was the only choice I could have honorably done. It's over...or is it? I actually finished the game last night, so I'm just going to put all the remaining chapters up now
  24. [spoiler=Chapter 22: Bern it Down, pt.3] As expected, the left switch hero has a very bad time Please cap Str, you're 1 off and it'd be awesome Donezo. You'd think Zephiel would at least put competent units on those switches, like the 40Mt Wyvern Lord from C21... Last 2 chests looted. Everyone is headed en masse to the throne room. I want us all ready to fight when that door opens, and I'm not leaving 3 of my best frontliners behind. Sophia takes the time to clear out some remaining enemies, while waiting for the others to get here Miledy, shows off and dodges the sleep. This lets her do this! ...and then another spawns immediately on EP. How fun. Kill them all! But even more spawn. I can't be bothered to deal with them, so I just position to breach the throne room. Roy will walk into that gap next to the door, resulting in... Zephiel's insanity. Reinforcements spawn at the starting locations and punish players who brought along random weaklings and decided to leave them at base Throne room enemies. They're all pretty tough and my troops are at a respectable CoD in the coming EP, I believe. Heroes are disposed of. Setup. Will I survive EP? A manakete + druid hit will KO most of my units, but hopefully my frontliners have it under control. Manaketes take their first shots. I'm less worried now, since the Druids can't hurt Sophia too much, so as long as I don't have any unit get hit by both Druids I should be good. In any case, this ends excellently. Start of Player Phase. I'm definitely not out of the woods yet. Aren't they just the sweetest couple? Roy gets decent stats out of it, and although he's clearly not one of my best units, he's a passable frontliner. Enemies getting erased (Fir is invisible mid-crit) Alright, we're looking good! I move my main force into the throne room, and end turn. And EP reinforcements burst out of the stairs and insta-kill Niime. Time to rewind Take two doesn't end well either. Take three has Echidna tank a painful Silver Sword hit (but due to her high speed she isn't doubled), and Niime pulls off a dodge (why do those Berserkers have hammers?). EP ends well. Let's GO Kill off the pesky reinforcement hero Also, a shot of the approaching reinforcements from the spawn areas. EP is ever so slightly dangerous, but we survive. On one hand he crits. On the other hand...I guess I really don't need him to be better in combat, just survive, so I'm fine with this level. I undo the Sniper's work, and also his life. Oh Sophia <3 On EP, more reinforcements spawn. I survive quite handily as long as that Berserker doesn't crit Wendy (and he doesn't even hit). Rest of the reinforcements get killed. I believe the stairway reinforcements spawn every 4 turns, 4 times, but I could be wrong Ellen heals Wendy up and gets an entirely irrelevant level This is my setup. This is because it's a turn where stairway reinforcements spawn again, and the flanking enemies are arriving. I have my army positioned such that all my weak units can't be hit by even 2-range enemies, while my frontliners should be able to bear the brunt of this assault just fine. This is still going to be an interesting EP Miledy still failing to double things with her 22 Speed :( Really, you dodge the 62 and get hit by the 20? Not like it really matters, as Sophia does what Sophia does. With this miss, EP is done, and it's time to take the offensive. Miledy fails to crit, leaving...Echidna? to get the kill. It's surreal how helpful some of these units are despite being way past their primes Nobody on the team seems to want to crit, so I have to kill all the enemies off the old fashioned way Wendy is in prime tanking position... Meanwhile, in the throne room proper, Sophia and Tate show off how ORKOs are done. EP going fine so far This hurts but as long as the Sniper doesn't get that 2% crit, Echidna is fine. Dodge, my lovely dodgetanks. Wendy Axes the Sniper a question, but he's too dead to respond. Pity. Miledy crits and...SPEED! SHE GOT SPEED. SHE ACTUALLY MAXED SPEED. I WAS GETTING SO WORRIED BECAUSE SHE WAS REFUSING TO GET IT, BUT SHE FINALLY MANAGED TO CAP SPEED. I don't think it's even at all relevant by this point, all she needed 23 speed for was to double the 19AS Heroes in this chapter, but I like seeing shiny green numbers. Dorothy has been so awesome for me this run, even with Shaky hitrates due to Skill screwage Fir crits her way to a decent level Sophia does what Sophia does, while Lilina lets her continue doing the Sophia. Wendy hits 1/2, but rounds out this update with a good level up
  25. [spoiler=Chapter 22: Bern it Down, pt.2] Cecilia tops Tate off and keeps her healthy since she's been on Druid-slaying duties End of turn for left team, with the standard shoddily-put-together shots. Dorothy hits 1/2... ...which lets Roy get the kill for his first level in 22 chapters. It's a pretty good one, too. So romance. Right team ends turn. Dorothy's in range of both the Brave Bow Sniper (who can hurt her heavily but not ORKO her), and the northern Druid, and faces a not insignificant CoD on EP. Turns out healing Miledy was a good choice. If that berserker crit and I didn't heal Miledy, it would have been a reset... Dorothy and the Brave Bow Sniper duel, leaving both of them seriously wounded. Will the druid hit Dorothy? Druid decides to heal up the sniper instead of trying to kill Dorothy. I'm perfectly fine with this. Tate is great. Roy gets his critical revenge on the BBSniper, and gets a meh level out of it Who needs recover staves when you have 30 Mag? Cath loots the last right side chest... ...Sophia hits 1/2 (oh come on) for THIS level. I'd be sad, but she's already overpowered enough. Fir picks up the same level critting the Hero out of existence. Luckily, she's already capped Str and Spd, so any level up is a luxury for her now. Wendy and Miledy continue at it. Alright, it's clear now. They can move up next turn and go to Tate's aid (not like she really needs it) Occurences on EP. Nothing majorly threatening, but it's nice to not have to heal up 1/2. Dorothy murders the Druid, and gets THIS level up out of it. I'd be sad, but Dorothy's too useful and really doesn't need that much more at this point (it's funny how stupidly skill screwed she is, though) Roy chips for Lilina this time, and he's at a not insignificant chance of death here (~15%) End the turn. I forgot to move the left side units this turn, which could have ended up poorly Luckily, Lalum's used to me being an idiot, and doesn't eat the ~4% CoD. What? I swear the status staffers were out? Yeah. Two Bishops spawn in these stairwells (and they'll respawn every few turns if you kill them, too). They have Divine tomes, the left one has a Silence staff and the right one has a Sleep staff. How annoying... Tate chips, and Miledy finishes (I apparently suck at screenshotting) Echidna is woken up but does nothing (I just want to let her keep baiting the sleep since she's pretty unimportant) This force looks impressive until you realize the Druid and Sniper are Niime and Igrene, and not Sophia/Dorothy. Nonetheless, I'm sending Roy to get some exp down south next to the throne room. He rewards me by getting a crap level. I hate status staves. Can we just remove them from the game? At least I have this going for me Restoration. Wendy hits 1/2, but dodges and gets a good level out of it. I let her finish off the Druid, as Lalum gets a dancer level Left team ends turn. On the right side, I get sick of this Bishop's shenanigans and let Dorothy kill him off. I let Echidna meatshield for her against the Hero. Heavy hitter heads south to join Roy and Lilina. Pretty painful but not risky EP (Echidna really can't do combat anymore at this point...) I don't really care if this hit or not Rare shot of Ellen chipping, and then Dorothy finishes the offending Hero. Sophia can't actually double this guy (Sophia has 22 speed, this hero has 19 AS), but that sets up a Roy kill just fine. Anti-throne team slowly moves down. I'd be terrified if I was the left-side switch guardian right now. That Miledy crit is important because she (at 22 speed) can't double this 19AS Hero, either. We're on our way! Nothing happens on EP On PP, Miledy vents some of my frustration Many units move. Right team is going to camp outside the throne room now. Lilina's in position to bait the Longbow sniper to move to a position where I can kill him from 2range. Things happen on EP, none of them relevant... ...except for YET ANOTHER empty level by Miledy. I'd be fine with empty levels if SHE WOULD ACTUALLY MAX SPEED FIRST. She's gotten 2 speed in 17 levels since promoting off a 45% growth and it annoys me greatly. Okay, so I didn't fully think out this EP. Luckily, Roy manages to stay awake through the long and suspenseful Fenrir animation and dodge. Lilina does her job. EP is over. Enemies are over. Right team can afford to take it slow because left team has a while to go yet. 1 turn. 2 turns. I finally remember to have Lilina kill off that sniper, for yet another crap level. At least she can still double Manaketes with Forblaze, but the bolting ORKO's will never happen, sadly :( Final chapter Manaketes have ~11AS, and Lilina gets weighed down by 5 with Bolting equipped, so she's only going to be able to chip with bolting. More status Bishops spawn! This Hero has gotta REALLY be sweating now. I get a staff I'll never use to finish off this update...
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