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  1. Thanks! I actually haven't beaten FE6 HM before without level rigging, so I was honestly pretty worried about my chances of finishing this, but I also wanted to make an interesting challenge run for my first LP. The early game was sort of a mess but also a really interesting tactical problem (Roy distracting like 15 brigands at a time with sub 20 hitrates was pretty funny) but it's been incredibly fun to play with Wendy, Sophia, and in general a bunch of units that are rarely used in normal runs. I'm definitely very fortunate that they gained necessary stats early on to be usable, though. I'm glad you're enjoying this LP! Now, to our regularly scheduled female fighting... [spoiler="Chapter 16x: Aureola Is NOT Worth The Effort, pt.1] Well, this pain of a chapter is what we kept Douglas alive for. This Gaiden's gimmick is that random "arrows of light" shoot down at the start of player phases, dealing 10 damage to every unit, friendly or otherwise, in the way. It's generally inconsequential, but it means I can't have as many low-hp units as I normally do. There are no secondary objectives here, since all my units are promoted and nobody really needs to be forcefed anymore. The team. Cecilia and Ellen are my only restore staff users (I refuse to bring Clarine over a good combat unit), so I have to make sure they don't both get status'd in the same turn. No. You're a joke and you're going to get destroyed. At least he has the decency to bring along useful weapons for the team. He can carry Ellen's spare lightning tome around the map for me. My formation. That highlighted Sage is a bolting jerk with 30+ Mt, so I'm going to want to take him out with Dorothy's longbow pretty soon. Unfortunately, some poor planning means he's going to get 2 Boltings off before that happens Luckily, Miledy is having none of it (which is good, because those boltings HURT) The boss, Windham is pretty unthreatening in combat, but he has a Berserk staff and huge staff-range to boot. The other long range jerks. The Silence Sage is under Windham, and the Purge Bishops are in the corners. The top of the first set of stairs is secured... ...I think Sophia is my highest resistance unit here. This works out excellently for me These knights are sick of Windham and decide that they'd rather suicide on my best units Annoying. Annoyances dealt with. Unfortunately, since Cecilia and Ellen are my only status healers, they have to stay here for a bit so that if one gets statused, the other can cure her Your combat sucks. Luckily, I don't use you for combat. You will never wield Aureola Cecilia is having a bad day (Lilina dodges that silence) Status jerks are done. Let's go! Tate, please don't turn into Shanna Wendy and Sophia for top tier. Who needs men anyways (this Sophia is turning out much better than any Ray I've ever had. Admittedly, Ray didn't require an investment of 7 stat boosters, but who's counting...) Lilina is jealous of all the attention I'm heaping onto Sophia. It's okay, Lili, I love you too! (Caps Magic at 20/10. Incredible. Admittedly, she'd be much better if she had 65%Mag/45%Spd like Lute, but Lilina's still awesome) Things are looking too good to be true... ...There we go. Luckily, I don't think Tate was actually in any real danger, unless both cavs hit AND a Light Arrow came down on her this turn Dorothy is so unbelievably speed blessed and it's awesome. She's definitely picking up for Sue's slack Team overpowered continuing to slaughter everything in their way Let's just pretend I lined these screenshots up properly and am not a scrub. I'm unstoppable! UNSTOPPABLE Fir's gotten hit by my only 2 Heavenly Arrows so far. Luckily, nothing else can hit her Erasing some poor enemies Jerks. Dorothy clears the way, and Tate fails to ORKO that Purge bishop. That makes me sad Stupid siege tomes going to town on me I forgot these 2 mages had bolting too. TRIFINNE SMASH! Definitely my favorite Miledy pose Let's undo the siege scum's work Let's undo the siege scum, too WHERE DID THAT SILENCE COME FROM? I thought I cleared out all the status staves earlier... ...Yeah. Silence staff EP reinforcement. At least it's not Berserk, but Cecilia's my right-side restore staffer, so let's hope no more EP staffers show up Annoying enemies wiped out
  2. Just wanted to say this has been a cool read so far. I really like your LP style, it's very informative without being overly wordy. Keep it up! :)
  3. [spoiler=Chapter 16: Dinky Doddering Douglas, pt.3] Dorothy and Lalum get good levels trying to kill the Dragon... ...but more importantly for my sanity's sake, Douglas just sits here the entire chapter trying to get at Dorothy (since she's the closest unit) but unable to bypass Lalum Dorothy kills the dragon, gets the tools and is ready to loot Loot montage. Selling loot. All secondary objectives complete! All that's left is to kill Narcian. More $ is good. Lilina/Wendy B get. Lilina is now maxed out on supports (A Roy, B Wendy). Also, I find this amusing, since Wendy is far superior to Bors now ...This is both a great and terrible idea But Miledy is a much better choice to fight Narcian with, even if she continues to get painful levels He's low enough now, and Lilina destroys him to the tune of a good level (SPEED!) 2 enemies are Douglas and that poor Bolting mage. I'm so glad this chapter is done with
  4. [spoiler=Chapter 16: Dinky Doddering Douglas, pt.2] Some units of mine are pretty low. It's honestly a testament to how much I overuse Miledy that she's getting close to death. I wipe those EP reinforcements off the map Tate gives Miledy her Javelin so that Miledy can attack that wall from 2-range rather than get constantly harassed by Zeiss. It also lets her counter that mage below her. Douglas is a pain, so I conspire to draw him back right with Fir and Dorothy, since there are a whole bunch of EP reinforcement fighters/mercenaries to the left and I don't need an armored idiot trying to hit things with his Silver Axe there. Enemy phase reinforcements may be one of the more agonizing parts of this game But at least Dorothy is dodging (for now) This mage enrages Milady. It doesn't end well for him (but she's on the verge of death...) EP Reinforcements! Sophia counterkills an EP Fighter and caps out. Just waiting for her ring now 3000 gold get. We can kill off that Manakete now But firstly, Wendy has to give Tate her javelin so that Tate can kill the Mage reinforcements spawning across the wall to the left, since if they manage to get to Miledy, they'll OHKO her. Soon... Igrene and Lilina deal with the Mercenary reinforcements to the left... ...Fir and Dorothy slay the ones to the right. Fir's invisible because she has to hide from me after getting that level They're drawing Douglas left and dealing with merc reinforcements simultaenously This guy also spawns at the bottom-right, but none of my units ever end up entering his range... Stupid mercenaries and their stupid decent hitrates At least SOME of my units can dodge Also Wendy decides to take on a Dragon 1v1 with a Iron Axe...and she's winning. What a beast. Tate keeps the Mage reinforcements off Miledy's back Wall is almost down! Cecilia comes on up to finish the wall next turn so that Miledy can just fly in and get Zeiss This goes on for a while (FIRVISIBLE) Useless conversation because I'm bored! Good things happen to good units... ...but Lilina's a failure. DAMNIT Alright, heal her up this time and we should be good Much better. Those reinforcements are slowly wearing me down though WENDY, DRAGONSLAYER! My plan comes to fruition! I have a couple of REALLY sketchy-looking encounters, including Douglas hitting a 8% SILVER AXE HIT WHAT (THAT'S 1.36% TRUE HIT DUDE), but we're perfectly safe (Fir hits Douglas back pretty hard) Lalum gets Fir the hell outta there, it's way too risky I did these in the wrong order, but RNG decides to give me a break after the Douglas Debacle. She's so beautiful~ Now that several my of my best combat units are freed up slightly, the situation stabilizes THANK YOU. Sophia starts taking out the two snipers guarding the left treasure room... ...and Dorothy decides that she wants to be a disappointment, like everyone on my team not named Miledy, Sophia or Wendy. Well, Cecilia isn't much of an upgrade from Clarine, to be honest... Sophia is the greatest, Sophia is the greatest Fir finally gets healed up... ...and Lalum does her best to get in Douglas' way Cecilia getting probably the only kill in her life Roadblock the right! Get me that loot. Dorothy can just shoot that Manakete all day without any issues... ...okay, with SOME issues. Slowly chipping down that dragon is difficult because she keeps missing shots. Loot get.
  5. Let's burn through some more of my backlog [spoiler=Chapter 16: Dinky Doddering Douglas, pt.1] Alright, this chapter overall actually has quite a few preliminary things to talk about. I have to say, the whole concept of Douglas in Chapter 16 is probably my most hated thing about this entire game. It just serves no purpose other than to annoy the player and make newer players miss the gaiden, and it pisses me off. Anyways, this is a long and complex and annoying chapter, and I have a bunch of objectives. There are 10 chests to open, 2 characters to recruit, 2 Red Gems, a Blue Gem and a Delphi Shield to steal, I need to buy Sophia her Guiding Ring from the secret shop, and THIS STUPID DINKY DODDERING PIECE OF METAL DOUGLAS RUNS AROUND TRYING TO SUICIDE ON MY ARMY BUT HE NEEDS TO LIVE FOR THE GAIDEN. Anyways, this chapter is pretty annoying for me, since there are a bunch of siege tome users who can 1shot Cath, Hugh (recruitable mage with the Member Card) can only be recruited by Roy on the far right side of the map (and Roy spawns on the left, so he needs to get rescued over), and then I need to get the Member Card over to Miledy, who then has to get to the far left side of the map and break a 100 hp wall (while her brother throws javelins at her with 25-26 Mt) and recruit him, and then he can access the secret shop tile in his corner and get Sophia her Guiding Ring. All this time, Douglas is chasing my units around like an idiot with a Silver Axe, and I have to make sure he doesn't do something stupid like attack Lilina and get ORKO'd in return, or murder Cath. ...I should really turn off the terrain tooltip when I'm trying to take panoramic screenshots, huh? A few important things to note: The mage in that closed-off room to the far right has a Bolting, and the mage in the middle-bottom of the map has a stealable Red Gem. Also, all the Manaketes on the map are stationary. Also note that Shanna, Sue and Clarine are benched. Despite their high mobility, their lackluster features make it hard for me to want to use them here (also, I have too many good units and I need to deploy Cath). Also, I try to distribute my good offensive units, but it's important to have Miledy on the right side, since there's a lot more mobile combat that has to happen there. Tate eventually heads right too. The left side is slower and has to wait a bit, so most of my 6-mov units are deployed there. Good riddance to bad trash Yes he is. He's going to be annoying, too As mentioned, I need to get Roy over to the right side, so Tate has to do that Dorothy gets danced up so that she can kill the Bolting mage from 3-range on T1 and get rid of that annoyance. Another Bolting mage eventually spawns from that room, but by then I'm far away and he just sits there and does nothing. Roy is currently riding with Cecilia, and the rest of my T1 deployment is pretty standard (except I accidentally forgot I meant to send Sophia to the left side, so she'll lag behind the rest of the units there for a bit) EP is pretty uneventful Zeiss is a decent, if slow Wyvern Rider, with the classes characteristic high Strength and Defense. Of course, he's getting benched once I get him. Right side team advances. Cecilia gives her staves to Lalum because Silence stave users don't target mages who don't have usable staves in their inventory and I feel clever... ...until I have Fir critblick the Silence staff user in the same player phase. Yeah, I'm an idiot. In fact, I end up wasting a turn trading those staves back later, too. On the left-side, my team slaughters some mooks and positions to bait the Red Gem mage. This is Hugh. I'm paying 5000 gold for his Elfire Tome, Member Card and Elixir (and honestly I could just steal the last two, but stupid rules say I have to recruit everybody). Fir has been visible in 3 screenshots so far this chapter. I'm pretty sure that's a record Red Gem mage baited. I feel skilled! (Passing Roy up front in preparation for getting Hugh) Left side now has to slow down a little... ...because this Purge Bishop can (and will) OHKO Cath Alright, lets bait Hugh in I have a great idea, says I. I can let Tate counter those mages/bishops through the wall, I'm a bleedin' genius! The mages have Aircalibur and murder Tate. Yeah, I didn't check their inventories before making that genius play. Well, I rewind and opt to not suicide Tate this time. Hugh baited in. I refuse to pay him more than the minimum amount of money. Sigh, I'm overpaying you so hard...Miledy is going to sell that Knight Crest to be able to afford Sophia's Ring, since after recruiting Hugh, I have like 3000 gold remaining. Let's AVOID the Aircalibur mages this time, fliers! DOROTHY SMASH ...and yeah, Purge Bishop OHKO's Cath. Rewind, and left group hangs back this time... Re-get Hugh, and Dorothy's new 5th level is awesome. Lalum, unlike Cath, can actually survive a Purge. This is intentional, I actually checked her Res stat beforehand to make sure that the Bishop couldn't ORKO her. GET DEAD Right-side murders everything in their way, and Fir reverts to invisibility. Miledy is so beautiful~ I clear out the last enemy nearby, and position for Douglas (I do not want him murdering himself on Miledy...) Left team is making progress too. I blaze past Douglas here, because I need to join up my split forces soon. Dorothy can take a hit and live, and Douglas has only ~30 hit on her While the left-forces are getting into position... ...of course this hits. Why wouldn't it -_- Un-awful (she has GHASTLY growths, 60/35/45/25/25/20/25, she's just useful because of her weapon ranks and horse)! Annoying enemies do annoying things, but my units fear nothing MOVE OUT TEAM! Team A helping Team B I should mention a somewhat lesser known fact here - I didn't leave Lalum in Douglas' range because I'm a tactical idiot (although I might be). Lalum is Douglas' adopted daughter, and Douglas will never attack Lalum (or Elphin). This is a useful property I'm going to abuse later Oh Roy, I wish you haven't been level capped for 11 chapters and 3 gaidens. Wendy can soak up a LOT of punishment Physic staves are so annoying I remove any hint of the staff's existence. Team is doing well! I should probably mention that, in killing the physic staffer, Miledy puts herself in a position where the Manakete can and will hurt her, but she gives as good as she gets. Also, this is the Red Gem Manakete, so I can't kill him yet. Douglas is a pest.
  6. [spoiler="Chapter 15: I Wish I Had A Perceval, pt.2] I'm sort of impressed, one of my units had a risk of dying :o. Sophia is really turning into Dark!Lilina here. Just gonna sit here and let my poorly positioned units dodge reinforcements... ...and then massacre them on player phase. Overconfidence or poor planning? You decide. It's pretty sickening how badly these cavaliers are getting slaughtered though. I'd complain about Ellen's level, but her Def growth is absolutely dumpster-tier and so this is actually not too bad. Seriously, I think I might just be bad at this game Who needs skill when you have overpowered units, though? You'd think, after Lalum's gotten attacked for the last three turns, that I'd protect her...nope. OH COME ON. YOU HAVEN'T EVEN CAPPED MAGIC YET Sophia hits A Dark and approaches 20 with this kill. I should probably stop feeding her Been there, done that. Kill off the last reinforcements (finally). Yeah. Wendy completely outclasses this joker. Let's take a look at his stats: He's godawful. He has NINE speed. His stats at this point in the game are abysmal. That Paladin reinforcement dude in chapter 11L had better stats, and Perceval blows him right out of the water. My units disappoint me sometimes...Miledy, you still have 6 more stats to cap, get on it Wendy getting Strength is decent. Lalum's level is...well, she's a strong dancer. Well that was a joke. Thanks for the free EXP!
  7. Well, this LP is now officially 4 chapters and a gaiden behind where my playthrough actually is, so I do believe it's time for an update [spoiler=Chapter 15: I Wish I Had A Perceval, pt.1] Setup. Lalum is going to go shopping, but also needs to sell some stuff to fund Hugh's 5k benching cost. Here's my new character, Igrene. She's a competent sniper, but worse than Dorothy in every stat other than her exceptionally screwed skill. That being said, she also has 8 more strength than Sue, so she instantly causes Sue to get benched (Sue's 14Mt with the Iron Bow can barely even chip things at this point). A village is visited, attacks are missed, and a rather bad mistake made (would you believe me if I said I calculated that Lalum could survive that attack and it wasn't just a tactical blunder?) Sophia is now a chipper due to the fact that she has all of C15 and most of C16 to go before she gets the Guiding Ring, and she's already L18. Token Invisible Fir Crit Screenshot And that's strength capped. Excellent work, Miledy. Advancing fast. Too fast (she gets hit and it HURTS) Well, I somehow lost the screenshot where I actually recruited Perceval, but here's a shot of his wonderful stats (his combat is better than everyone on my team, and he has A/A/C weapon ranks). I wish this beautiful man was female, but alas he'll have to take his spot on the bench. Fir is a ninja Team wings just winging it :) Goodbye, sweet brigand. Also, the guy on the right is Garret and he sucks. EP is EZ Carnage. We tear those puny unpromoted units to shreds, nothing can touch us! So naturally this happens. Rewind time Physic up Echidna, and the enemies change targets. All ends well To the grave with thee, foul critty mercenary F(reaking) I(nvisible) R(apscallion) Garret gets there...and stops moving. I guess that makes my next player phase easier Slay the bandit, recruit the Berzerker He loots the village anyways, then I relieve him of all his possessions and send him to the bench. I finally remember to use the C14 Talisman and get Miledy some much-needed resistance, since I use her really recklessly This is a really boring map. Perceval's troops leave, and there's absolutely nothing currently threatening me Slaughter. They're pretty disgustingly outclassed (also, of course Fir is invisible in both screenshots I take of her. Why wouldn't she be?) At this point, my forces are starting to feel like a real FE6 army (with a notable lack of Paladins, of course. Why are all 7 Cav/Paladins in this game male?) Nothing in this chapter is threatening other than my team's inability to hit people Sell stuff, buy tomes, especially Fluxes for Sophia. I believe I also pick up a few mends here... Okay, maybe I'm being SLIGHTLY excessively overconfident... ...nah, we're good. No threats in sight Just the causal chips with my 20 Def airtank taking 36 damage on the counter, no biggie. Wendy, I get that you're trying to make up for the fact that you're skill-screwed, but please get Str/Spd too! These three are killing machines. Sophia is doubling the Steel Lance cavaliers now with respectable hitrates, and the other two are awesome And we have the first screenshot this chapter where Fir is actually visible! I sweep aside all the chaff in my way and draw close to the boss Echidna is not amused by this cavalier. I'm not amused by this level (okay to be fair Echidna's growths are pretty ass and she's been pretty useful for me so far)
  8. [spoiler=Chapter 14x: Sophia Training Montage, pt.2] Sophia's gotten really good at dodging 40ish hit hand axes, thankfully. Gets another point in Defense, which is definitely always welcome. Her hitrates are also beginning to resemble something half decent. Baiting Bolting with Barrier! Ellen gets a good level patching Lilina up, too. Lilina reminds everyone who the original "let's max Magic and ignore all other stats" lady is. 1 Bolting down, 1 to go. But there are a whole bunch of people trying to kill her now. Luckily, Lilina dodges 1/3 attacks and makes it out alive Sophia is my new Bolting tank! She gets a Lilina level as the Sage runs out of boltings. Wendy knows all about chipping :P Bridges disappear, but Sophia just casually levitates on the water while ending this archer This guy needs to die. Nosferatu is super annoying and he's a real threat Speed is anathema to her, but I welcome her huge damage potential. She's also REALLY skill-blessed right now iirc. Wendy, reverting back to her Lilina-chipping days, has forgotten what Str and Spd are or how to get them Sophia's around as tanky as Lilina now, which is...pretty bad, but she can take a hit or two usually Of course, my promoted units have to go and show her up... Sophia misses the killing blow, resulting in the rare occurence of Sophia chipping for someone else As I realize that Sophia's level 17 and isn't getting her guiding ring for 2 more chapters, I let her join the chip crew... ...as Wendy takes the kill and hits B axes. Over halfway there! YES. I LIKE THIS. Sending Sophia to chip away at Oates, while gaining a little more exp A lot of chipping and 2 levels ensue. Oates is pretty tanky (and my characters keep missing attacks), as Sophia gets another Magic/Skill level, but this time with defenses! I'm happy about that. Milady gets sick of these incompetents missing him and just takes the kill... 45 turns of Sophia-feeding later, she's become a pretty good unit! Welcome to the team. Sue, say hi to your new permanent spot on the bench. Lilina is gonna have fun with this
  9. [spoiler=Chapter 14x: Sophia Training Montage, pt.1] Deployment. Pretty obvious, deploying my best units + Sophia. Need to feed the beast. Annoyances: 2 Bolting Sages. Oates in particular hits pretty hard, and could obliterate me if I don't pay attention. The other gimmick of this map is that there are a bunch of platforms that disappear/reappear in a fixed pattern. A big pain in the ass when I'm trying to feed kills to Sophia The total of stat boosters is now up to: 1 Angelic Robe, 2 Speedwings, 1 Dragonshield, 1 Secret Book, 1 Goddess Icon, 1 Body Ring Sophia encased in my tougher units Wendy gets a good counter in EP...but then STUPID PHYSICS Re-damage and Sophia-feed YES. YESSSSS. You know, now, when Ellen gets attacked, I can totally claim that it was intentional and for her to counter on EP. You know, at least myrmidon levels have speed :(. That being said, she DOES desperately need the hitrate Bad positioning leads to risky EP D'Awwww...A-Support and Roy ending! Miledy gets in on the chip, and Sophia is growing awesomely Good thing Hand axes are awful! A chip, a dip and an EP crit... ...lead to a good level Still cracks me up every time I see it Promoting Ellen has been great for my chipping And then this happens on EP. Damnit :( This is Sophia first death Good enough (I think she misses 2/3 counters) Have chip, will level. She's starting to become Lilina lite already. I get annoyed and go murder the stupid Physic staffers Meanwhile, my favorite ladies earn their keep So...I forgot Pirates could walk on water. Luckily, Sophia's already been instructed by the rest of my team to dodge everything because the stupid tactician keeps letting the squishies get hit. THAT is what I call a successful EP. (Def, Skill Mag and HP are all definitely stats she needs more of)
  10. Haha, I might have been inspired by the fact that the FE I played before this was FE7CM. Also, I'm writing C14x up right now, so that'll be here in a bit
  11. [spoiler=Chapter 14: Sand, Statboosters and Sophia, pt.2] Only Fir... Just showing that Sophia can still get ORKO'd by random unpromoted enemies. I don't go through with this attack... ...instead, I nuke him down from range. Despite her incredibly shaky hit-rates, I haven't actually rigged a single hit for Sophia this chapter, she's just been really lucky so far. I guess she appreciates the chance to actually be used in a HM run. Chip, dance, and more shaky hitrates... ...hitrates become less shaky. Sophia is rapidly becoming a usable unit! Meanwhile, my competent fliers clear out the rest of the dangerous enemies, keeping Sophia safe. Lalum gets a good level advancing my team forward, too. Meanwhile, down at the bottom, Maggie misses a whole bunch of attacks and gives Fir an excellent level up. His hit-rates on Echidna are actually pretty dangerous though, with a ~15% chance to ORKO her. Milady starts to fight the heavily outmatched boss. The bottom crew are cleaning house with the bandits, and Wendy hits C-axes. You're getting there, Wendy! Sophia, at this point, is around as good in combat as random mage #24601 Getting those Lilina levels... After that, I set up to fight the manakete (luckily, I have Lilina, DragonSlayer extraordinaire). This 'epic' duel continues, with Miledy getting an awesome level out of it. *Bandit massacre intensifies* And the Manakete gets destroyed from 2-range. What a scrub. Tate has taken over her sister's job as primary chipper, and she does a damn good job of it Randy finally goes down. She gains a terrible, HP only level, though :( Shanna, with the Silver Card, gets a few steel weapons to replenish my stock... ..Although we've killed the boss and Roy is in seize range, I still have 11 more turns available (and 21 enemies), and I fully intend on letting Sophia get as much exp as possible Here's the other boss. He's terrible and should feel bad. Wendy is outclassing him pretty hard and doubling, even though he does have a chance to crit-kill as a berzerker. Wendy also decides to go back to her THWOMP roots. SPEED! Operation Feed Sophia is going great. Her combat parameters are almost as good as Cecilia's now. I have Tate and Lilina just sit here and tank while Sophia kills the brigands... Meanwhile, South Team finishes off Rose and starts cleaning up the remaining brigands Shanna picks up a whole bunch of Aircaliburs, Fluxes, Nosferatus, and a few LIghtnings, spending a very significant chunk of my bank 2nd last desert item acquired Echidna has honestly been a very pleasant surprise I realize the bandits both have Hand axes, but Sophia dodges like a champ (and hits both counters iirc) She's becoming a real unit! Remaining desert items get. Ellen takes this Guiding Ring, as I'm planning on buying Sophia's in the C16 secret shop. Skill is always appreciated when you're being tactician axe-locked Remaining brigands get cleaned up, Fir continues to be awesome Sophia crushes that scrub 1v1. T21, I'm not bothered to find the last enemy, so I get out of here Excellent. Lilina will appreciate Forblaze A teaser for the future:
  12. [spoiler=Chapter 14: Sand, Statboosters and Sophia, pt.1] I have several important objectives here. Firstly, I want to pump Sophia full of every single statbooster I have, and feed her as many kills as possible. Secondly, I want to get every hidden Desert Item (despite that fact that I'll likely never use half of them), but especially the stat boosters, Silver Card and Guiding Ring. Finally, I have to finish this chapter in 25 or less turns to unlock Chapter 14x and get Forblaze My setup. Wendy has an inventory slot free for the boots she's about to consume, while Lalum and Roy bring...supplies for Sophia T1 finding items (yes I'm using the reset trick). Wendy immediately calls dibs on the boots (Shanna trades it over) and the Talisman will eventually go to Miledy, since Res is a stat Sophia has plenty of. Speaking of Sophia. Aren't those base stats just utterly gorgeous? I clearly think so, immediately chugging a Speedwing and Body Ring to get her up to 6AS so she doesn't always get doubled by everything (Yes, I'm using Lalum to speed up consumption of stat boosters). Here's Cecilia, my other new character and Clarine's replacement. She's obviously not great, but she saves me a Guiding ring, has superior durability, and comes with A Anima/C Staves, making her useful for Aircaliburing pesky wyverns/pegs and restoring status'd teammates. Getting desert items and slaying the mage that Tate reveals Excellent. Sophia can soon vaguely survive things with 22HP/3DEF/8RES/6AS. Those are, unfortunately, pretty similar defensive parameters to what Ellen has... In the meantime, my other units are generally killing things (I'm sort of caught by surprise by some wyverns from the NW, but Lilina only gets hit by 1) Other annoying things happen on EP Dorothy and Wendy swat some annoying enemies aside Sophia doesn't have time for pesky things like sleep, she needs to chug stat boosters! Lilina needs to survive EP with a few wyverns in the area, so I have Ellen heal her up Fliers gonna fly (that's a great pose from Shanna) I end a healer, and end turn. A lot of pain ensues on EP, but luckily Dorothy dodges the kill-shot. More importantly, it sets up SOPHIA'S FIRST KILL! Excellent job, team. Most of the NW threats are now neutralized and I can get the Silver Card next turn A view of my end-turn deployment formation. Echidna's off on her own mission collecting stat boosters. Excellent. I don't have to waste Ellen's next player phase. Tate does some chipping And Sophia manages to hit an awful hitrate Flux after popping a Secret Book. It's honestly pretty tragic what her hit-rates are like early game, with 2 base Skill and Flux's 70 hit. An excellent start. I think she can legitimately not get ORKO'd by some enemies on the map now, while being able to hit SLIGHTLY better when fed kills Other things that happen on player phase. Sophia's position is perfectly safe here. Sophia makes me incredibly happy on next Player Phase. I didn't even have to rig the hit, and she gets an incredible level. Tate is bulky enough to not be threatened by this Hero on EP. Great level chipping You know it's sad when you have to chip with a Silver Lance, but Miledy gets a good first promoted level out of it. She can pretty much ORKO any unpromoted enemy at this point, except for maybe a few Wyverns. At this point, most enemies are gone, so not much happens on enemy phases. We play the chipping game, and Sophia gets...*sigh*. I guess the last 2 levels were too good to sustain We've made good progress, then these scrubs show up However, Echidna isn't taking any shit from anyone and murders the puny bandit who dared attack her That A Anima coming in handy to chip down a Wyvern At this point, Fir, Wendy and Cecilia get sent south to join up with Echidna and fight against the bandit reinforcements, Fir getting speedier in the process I'm pretty sure this would have OHKO'd Clarine Invisible Critting Fir, as usual Bottom team should be good to go! I try to chip with Tate, but she just crits this guy down... So Lilina does the chipping instead ABORT ABORT ABORT But then this happens. Rewind This time, I keep both Lilina and Sophia back so that they won't die Tate is beastly, even if she hasn't gotten Strength since promoting Bottom team having a bad day, but they'll be alright Bandit Reinforcement Boss #1. He hits decently hard, but luckily I don't have any horses for him to massacre (LOL 57 MT VS HORSES). With 99 hit, he'll have real difficulty landing a hit on either Echidna or Fir with a sword equipped. E-Chip-Na has been really awesome for me this run. I've actually never used her before this, so I'm really pleased with how good she is.
  13. [spoiler=Chapter 13: Milady Miledy, pt.3] Miledy gets a good level finishing off the last Paladin. Last cavs die on the counter And Tate and Lalum get a good levels reducing the remnants of that force to dust Roy and Lalum's shopping trip. I buy a whole bunch of killers and a few flux tomes for Sophia. C-Support for a unit who's about to get benched forever Lots and lots of misses happen here, but Miledy gets an amazing level. Lilina will be Lilina, getting even more Mag healing Miledy up I doubt it, but thanks for the exp! I need you to gain strength (and really to be not awful) Yes. DUDE JUST GAIN STATS. IT'S NOT HARD. LOOK AT YOUR SISTER, SHE'S COOL Great level, but a little too late. You're still getting benched Absolutely gorgeous. She's 1 Def lower than Wendy, with +2 Str, +4 Speed, +11 Skill, 8 move and the ability to fly. Absolutely unreal how good she is... Seize t42 Don't worry, Cecilia, you're still better than Clarine! HELLO SOPHIA. WELCOME TO THE TEAM, MY STAR UNIT [spoiler=Unit Review] Hit level 20 during Chapter 5. Carried the hell out of the early game, but is mostly just used for chipping now. That being said, he honestly still has decent combat stats, I just don't like wasting exp. He's definitely an above-average Roy, though. Compared to averages: +0.8/+1.4/-1.5/+2.4/+0.6/-0.75/+1.3 My trustiest front-liner, who's pretty dodgy on top of her excellent defenses, and is overall exceedingly durable while doing good damage and ORKO-ing most non-promoted enemies. Suffers from poor hit-rates and the fact that I'm forcing her to use almost exclusively axes. Her defense is less insane than it was before, but still WAY above average, and her Strength growth has really caught up. Compared to averages: +0.3/+2.2/-3.8/+0.2/+1.1/+3.4/+0.8 Just look at this side-by-side. Literally the only thing Shanna has going for her is 3 Luck, and it's just not cutting it. The saddest part is this is a pretty average Tate, Shanna is just abysmal. I don't think I've ever had a character be screwed in every single stat. Compared to averages: T: +0.75/-0.75/+2.1/-0.1/+0.25/+2.82/-1.05 S: -0.9/-2.6/-1.1/-0.8/-3.2/-0.2/-2.5 Amazing. Just absolutely unreal, a complete offensive juggernaut...and this is a pretty average Miledy. Just an insane character overall Compared to averages: -2.5/0/-0.5/+0.5/-3/+0.5/-0.5 Two screwed healers, but Ellen is slightly less screwed. Clarine is just painfully bad, even after getting Mag for her last 2 levels, she's STILL seriously below average. Compared to averages: E: +1.9/-2/+2.6/-1.6/-3.6/+0.1/+1.2 C: +1.4/-2.2/+0.4/-3/+1.55/-1.4/-1.6 Dorothy is useful, Sue has no Strength. That's pretty much the difference between these two, which is pity because Sue has a horse and is useful in rescue chains and stuff. Also, Dorothy is much much more durable, especially against magic. Compared to averages: D: -1.15/-0.5/-3.55/+2.45/-0.65/+0.15/+2.15 S: -1.8/-1.8/+2.2/+0.6/0/-0.6/-1.4 Fir is critty as all hell, with decent durability to offset her rather low luck for a Swordmaster. Decent strength, too Compared to averages: +2.4/-0.8/-0.5/+0.45/-2.4/+0.8/-0.36 Echidna is a pretty good frontliner, getting by mostly on her bases since her growths are sorta meh. I'll use her as long as she can survive decently on the front lines, but her durability is starting to get shaky. Compared to averages: -0.25/+0.1/+0.25/+0.1/+0.4/+0.55/-0.45 Lilina, Lilina. You have so much Magic and Res, yet you pretty much refuse to get other stats. You're so incredibly useful for your 30+ damage spells, but you can't double. You're also the best heal-staffer around. I guess you're pretty good Compared to averages: -0.8/+1/+2.2/-1.4/-1/+0.6/+1.6 You're at base and you steal things. Also, you die to anything that glances near you. Great. I'm using Lalum honestly a lot more than I thought I would. I've never been very good at using dancers, but I guess when you only have a few really good combat units, you learn to adapt. She's obviously awesome, especially at extending the range of Wendy or helping feed 2 kills per turn to whoever I'm levelling Compared to averages: +1.1/+0.3/-0.35/+0.1/-0.6/-0.4/-1.1
  14. [spoiler="Chapter 13: Milady Miledy, pt.2] Lilina overkilling things aside, I visit the village and pick up an interesting sword. This'll probably go to Shanna for the time being, since she could use a better chipping sword. Preparing to receive the reinforcements from the north. Perfect. There are a LOT of horses coming across the bridge from the west, so I have to clear out the upper guys pretty fast Fir obliges by critting this guy to death Everything is going exactly according to plan Planned. I swear every time Fir crits, I get the screenshot where she's invisible Dorothy rubbing Sue's benching in her face Officially better offences than Wendy I ACTUALLY CAUGHT HER CRITTING Top cleared out, time to plug the bridge Meanwhile, even more horses spawn in the top left Tate is my third tankiest character. Will the horses ever stop coming? Slaughter. I actually don't mind the defense level, she's going to end up cap ramming the entire left column anyway, and she could stand to proc her 20% defense growth some. Crowd thinning ever so slightly. Wendy is utterly untouchable by these scrubs, and is getting a huge amount of Axe experience Way to crit! Of course, there are still PLENTY more where they came from Two levels in a row! Damn she looks good here Soon... Echipna has been really awesome thus far for me 10/10 screenshot. She could definitely use the defenses since I'm throwing her on the frontlines all the time *Cavalier-slaying montage intensifies* (Miledy plz, that's not a real level.) Shanna being useful, since she can't really fight effectively anymore I have never in my life been so happy to see a Skill level-up Last wave arrives, and then the 15% crit ruins Echidna's day Everything seems to be okay now The end is in sight! (I'm actually trying to not get Lalum killed for once, too) I think I've gotten more screenshots with Fir invisible than visible Next up: Finishing the cavaliers and character review
  15. [spoiler=Chapter 13: Milady Miledy, pt.1] No real objectives this chapter other than get 1 village (that never gets raided by bandits afaik) and kill a bunch of dudes. Also, the best character in FE6 joins us this chapter, and we are going to abuse her Roy and Lalum, since they have free inventory space, load up on things to vendor, since there are some VERY good shops in this chapter Sneak peek of Clarine's replacement. She comes with A anima (so she can Aircalibur those pesky wyverns) and C staves and is better than Clarine. That's pretty much all you need to know. We're 'rescuing' Cecilia, guys! (Zephiel crits and wipes her off the map, obviously) Echidna and the Falcoknights head north to grab the village, while the rest of my army gets ready to cross the bridge (led by Wendy of course). Lalum gets a meh level boosting Wendy forward I love her so much <3 Player phase of northern team. That paladin has a silver lance, but as long as Tate and Echidna dodge some 30 hitrates, they'll be just fine. Shanna's hanging back a little because she's terrible and I want people who actually do damage to get attacked/counter on EP Glorious. The rest of my units follow up Wendy and aspire to be as awesome as she is YES. YES SHE IS. COME TO ME MILEDY. See? Just dodge those 40 hitrates, everything will be fine (Honestly this EP was pretty dangerous, I didn't realize that first cav had a Axereaver) I'm so skilled its unreal TRUST ME, THE PLEASURE IS ALL MINE This is Miledy. She's pretty much instantly my best non-Wendy frontliner at base...AND SHE FLIES. Roy trades along the lances he brought for her. She got decent rolls on her HM bonuses (17str, 13spd) which lets her ORKO some things here at base with the Iron Lance. It would have been nice to get 16 Def, but nobody's perfect Except Wendy. Wendy is perfect. The solo ORKO the turn she joins. Yeah, she's a pretty cool unit. Sue at this point is barely even usable for chipping. What a tragedy. At least Dorothy is competent Give her ALL THE EXP (yeah she ORKO'd that guy too.) Shanna does her one job this chapter, which is chip the paladin with the Horseslayer she brought along just for him. With this, the top threats are down, mission accomplished for them. EP is pretty uneventful. See that girl on the left? That's Sophia, the star of this playthrough. We are going to see her in all her glory next chapter Good job, girls! Have I mentioned how much I love Miledy yet? She's already the second hardest hitting physical unit on the team, after Wendy Wyvern baiting gone mostly right. Wendy's the greatest FEED HER. SHE IS GOING TO OBSOLETE ALL OF YOU Top team finishes up. That body ring is obviously going to Sophia so she doesn't get weighed down by Flux tomes Just waiting on those wyverns Nobody can hit anything Until they do. 19/15/14 offences at level 12, pretty decent. (Also she has amazing growths. She's actually the greatest) The rest of my units are pretty good too Cya in 2.5 chapters! Reinforcements spawn in the top-left, as team-top moves along the upper bridge Bottom team has made it across, too Look at that beautiful screenshot compositoin. Anyways, top-team is surrounded... And I decide that discretion is the better part of valor and fly down to rejoin the bulk of my forces. This has the added effect of being able to feed Miledy many more kills Yup :) Clarine, nice try gaining magic after 13 levels, but you're already benched. There's no way you're ever getting deployed after I get Cecilia. Bottom team is on full-time Miledy-feeding duty. Except Lilina doesn't know what chip means and blasts the hero off the map with a crit Parts 2 and 3 coming...some time soonish. I'll have a unit review after this chapter, too
  16. [spoiler=Chapter 12x: Tate's Training] Chapter 12x/Tate's training montage go! The only 2 chests I care about on this map are the White and Red gems. You should be scared. I have real characters now. My unpromoted units work together to feed Tate kills Lilina heads north to intercept/murder that thief For once, my healer getting attacked was planned! Myrmidon level! My favored promoted units get kills too Dorothy gets boosted to try to kill off the thief, but she can't double Nothing of importance happens on EP And a very productive player phase (first screenshot is Tate killing the thief) with good levels. Also, Sue, Lalum's gained as much strength in 2 levels as you did in your first 15, and she has a 10% growth. You should be ashamed of yourself. Tate dreams of being a myrmidon, but I forgive her since she's already gotten like 5 points of strength and could use the speed Tate dines on brigands Wendy axes a fool, Tate gets healed up and Ellen gets THAT 4-stat level. Roy relieves Lalum of the Chest Keys, since she's very busy this map getting Tate as many kills as possible Well, THAT sucks. But it turns out okay No, I don't know how she got there either, but at least I'm not letting her die this time A pretty sad result :( LOL. I fucking love Eclipse Wendy does what I want and hits 1/2, so Tate gets yet another kill So this guy OHKO's Sue on EP. Rewind and barrier her up And then he goes for Roy instead. He's much dodgier, and ruins the druid's day, feeding him to Tate (who else?) That was worth a try? Dorothy chips instead, and Tate gets a defensive level. No complaints here, she could use the tankiness Some things happen that culminate in Tate getting even more kills Loot that matters. Preparing Tate to fight Seriously. You're so benched its unbelievable My favorite ladies team up for another kill Cleaning up the last enemies on the map for a mediocre but not awful level. Only the boss remaining... This guy. He really isn't much of a threat, unless he silver axe criticals, with terrible hit and poor 2-range LETS GO TATE. Don't die please She doesn't die en route to a defensive 19th level. Lilina gets the Lilina level while chipping Tate finishes for a poor 20th level and promotes A good relaxed training stage :) Let's just compare stats between the sisters here...Tate, 3 levels lower, is absolutely CRUSHING Shanna in every stat that matters, except for a minor Speed deficit, but they can both pretty much double all the same units, except Tate is hitting for 10 more damage, taking 3 less, and has a larger HP buffer. Comparing against averages: Shanna: -0.9/-2.6/-1.1/-0.8/-3.2/-0.2/-2.5. That's right, Shanna is officially SCREWED IN EVERY SINGLE STAT. Tate: +1.95/-.095/+2/0/+0.05/+1.12/-0.65. Tate's pretty much at average, but she's just so much better than Shanna here...
  17. [spoiler="Chapter 12: Large Empty Spaces, pt.2] Lilina is not impressed by the dragon, and I'm not impressed by this crap level :( This isn't even awful on Echidna. Strength is always good and her growths are horrible anyways. The superior sister. Fighters get massacred. I...did Shanna just get an EMPTY LEVEL? (I double checked, it wasn't completely empty, she got +1HP...great) As I said, the superior sister. When she promotes, she's going to blow Shanna right out of the air Competent tactician warning. Getting some last enemy kills, since we're on turn 20. That pose from Echidna is fabulous, btw. Alright, enough farming, let's get outta here 12x Get.
  18. Yeah, the worst is definitely over with compared to the mess that was chapters 4-8, where I was just scrambling to keep any semblance of a frontline intact and my tankiest character was 34HP/9DEF Roy, who would get like 3HKO'd by soldiers. Also, update your bows only run pretty please? <3 Yeah. She's honestly turned out pretty much as well as she possibly could have...let's hope Sophia ends up the same way (I definitely wouldn't complain if Sophia proc'd that Def/Speed growth a few times better than average). Let's get into: Chapter 12. [spoiler="Chapter 12: Large Empty Spaces, pt.1] My objectives for this chapter are to complete it under 20 turns to unlock 12x, which isn't too hard, and also to get all 6 treasure chests, recruit Cath and recruit (and bench) Ray. My setup. Lovely Wendy is now going to be spamming those axes as much as possible in preparation to wield Armads. I have Chad deployed on the right side, since I need him to unlock 2 doors/4 chests there before Cath shows up, and then he'll have to swing left to recruit Ray. I split up my competent attackers, with Fir and Lilina going right and Wendy and Echidna left, in hopes of sweeping through and getting to the throne room in time. We start with Dorothy taking out the sleep staff priest from 3range, and Fir finally getting her much-needed promotion. 45HP/16STR/10DEF makes her a pretty solid frontliner at this point, although her durability will fall off some as we get to late-game. She will wield Durandal. WENDY CAN ORKO FIGHTERS. Shanna continues chipping, as I try to give Sue one last chance to prove herself before she gets benched for Igrene. Let's roll. In EP, a dragon shows up, and the enemies are a bunch of failure. Eclipse is literally only good for money and wall-breaking in this game. I show the enemies how it's done on PP, including a rare Lilina!Chip for Tate. 1/2 crits leaves this armor alive, as he hits a 29 hitrate Wendy's hitrate with hand-axes is pretty poor, but Lalum is here to give her hope. Hits 2/4 attacks to KO the archer. Yeah, that armor that Fir didn't finish earlier hits another 33 hitrate, and makes me sad. Shanna does no damage anymore, and Fir crits this fighter off the map Wendy, the dodgy THWOMP, hits 1/2 on EP and finishes on PP. FORWARD Cool. Fir'll appreciate that in Ilia, I think. Dorothy is the superior sniper, as she crits the Silver Bow sniper off the map STOP THE PRESSES. SUE GOT STRENGTH FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIKE 12 LEVELS. Also, Wendy and Echidna hit some and miss some hand axe hits Bad things happen to unprepared tacticians (Shanna tanked that hit and survived, but Lilina is my only healer on the right and she has no vulneraries, so she's just going to have to dodge things) Wendy's hitting a decent number of those 50 hit hand axes. I've never found myself wanting skill that badly Progress on the right side gives me a minimalist good Tate level. 12 Strength gives me great hope for her post-promotion. I grab Miledy's whip and some money too. The teams begin to converge... ...hello there. You'll be joining me this chapter! Everybody teams up to clear out enemies, as Wendy decides she's tanky enough and just needs to kill things...I can't believe I'm disappointed she didn't get skill, though (she has the same skill and speed growths and base!) We're doing good! Last enemy cleared out. Good, good, good. Everything's coming together and it's only like turn 10. Blah. Let's talk about a mistake I made this chapter. I gave Lalum some chest keys so she could get the treasure on the right, giving me some time flexibility as I wouldn't have to loop a thief around there. EXCEPT, I forgot to get her a door key too, so that did absolutely nothing -_- Cath get. She's more dodgy than Chad at this point, but she's also made of wet tissue and can't promote, so she'll only be used for thieving duties...I'd honestly rather have Asthor P U C K F R I E S T S Clarine: 12, Magic: 0. Cecilia can't arrive soon enough Since I still need to get the left chests, Fir and Wendy go down to escort Cath, while Chad heads to recruit Ray Reinforcements arrive. Hello, my free Nosferatu tome! Sophia appreciates your donation to the cause Fir and Wendy clear their way down (that second screenshot is a Fir critting the hero off the map), as Fir gets an excellent durability level. Maybe she heard my comments about being squishy late-game Left side now clear for Cath to loot in peace. The swordmaster critical animation looks gorgeous. Lilina doubles and absolutely obliterates the dragon. She can ORKO with Elfire, but I'd rather use 3 fire attacks right now, since I don't have access to Elfire tomes yet and hers is low Echidna plugs the hole in the wall excellently... While EP reinforcements from within the throne room give me a mini heart attack (Hah! You thought there was a chapter without my healers dodging potentially fatal attacks? Not a chance.) Sophia and Lilina call dibs. Tate feeds on the fighters... ...and Lilina finishes the Manakete.
  19. [spoiler="Chapter 11L: Hell is Green Units, pt.3] Nothing else happens that EP Lilina's offense is desperately needed down south Clearing out some cavaliers... PLEASE WORK PLEASE WORK PLEASE WORK YES. BOSS DOWN (This guy is much harder than the actual chapter boss, by the way) I'm so happy that nightmare is over, I'm not even going to complain about this. Northern cavs starting to come down after chasing Tate's unit across the map. This buys me time to finish dealing with the southern group first. ROY'S OUR BOY. Showing the rest of these scrubs how it's done Exterminate 2/4 cavs You're the greatest. I just wish you could promote before endgame Wendy and Tate get fed You know, all shitty levels aside, 40 HP as a level 19 Myrmidon is pretty good. 15/18 HP levels, with a 75% growth. LOL. Clarine is actually a joke. 0 Mag in 11 levels, 3.3 below average. In fact, she's heavily below average in every single stat pretty much (except luck I think). At least I have ONE good healer (actually 2. Lilina's an awesome healer when she's not OHKO-ing things) North cavs get here. I'm waiting This is seriously the best Wendy I've ever seen, by a wide margin. I'd like to point out that the second highest Def on my team is STILL 10. The Good, Bad and Ugly That 27 damage chip to gain EVEN MORE DAMAGE. Lilina really wants to cap-ram that Mag Just casually getting exp... Just kidding, Fir can't dodge I heal her up, then airlift Ellen out so she doesn't get murdered by javelins (what? I can occasionally make my healers not get hit by things) So, Lilina's murdering cavs and I need the exp... ...so I airlift her out instead of Ellen. So much for that "let's not get our healers hit by things" plan. I don't think there was any real risk of death, but people get awfully low As I clear out the cavs, Dorothy gets a hugely disappointing 20th level. Pretty much ever since I made her into a chipper, she stopped gaining good stats. I'm sorry Dorothy :( Chipping the remaining cavaliers to feed Wendy, as she's almost 20 Airlift her down to get 1 last kill Chip and finish... ...for a good 20th level and promotion. I think, at this point, Wendy's legitimately the best all-around combat character in my team, and definitely the best front-liner with her decent offences and excellent durability. She now has 11 more Def than my second most defensive character. Her only real weakness is that her accuracy is terrible, with only 3 skill gained in 19 levels (that fraudulent 40% growth). I'm 100% sure by now I want her to be my Armads user, so she's going to be missing a lot of things with axes in the coming chapters... This'll be useful for Tate. Could have used this earlier against all the axe-wielders, though. Lalum gets an excellent level dancing. You know, even with the bad last 8 levels, Dorothy's still pretty decent. Bows are pretty good in this game against wyvern hell, and long-range chipping is always welcome Klein goes on a big shopping trip, buying up Fires, Lightnings (for whenever I promote Ellen), and Iron/Hand axes for Wendy and Echidna. I move Fir (and my promoted units) up to grind some exp on the boss. Well, at least you're 20 now. Shanna chips to let her sister get the boss-kill... ...and a great level ensues. I love Tate so much <3 Goodbye and good riddance. For Fir, Miledy, and the Vendor (or Sue if she actually becomes decent in her last few levels).
  20. [spoiler="Chapter 11L: Hell is Green Units, pt.2] YES! Things die painfully. Echidna is a pretty good Hero, who starts with a great Axe Rank (B) but suffers from low-ish con leaving her weighed down with even a Iron Axe. I'm not sure if I'll bring her to late-game, and I intend on giving Wendy Armads, but she'll definitely be useful in the coming chapters. Lilina never really gets a break here. She has to just keep killing things for my team to stay alive, and I have to pray she dodges all the ~35 acc fighters, since they 2HKO her Bate the Tate. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO PLEASE NO Klein does what he needs to. Tate is awesome, probably my favorite character in the GBAFEs, up there with Miledy, Fiora and Vanessa. Yes, I like my dutiful fliers ;) Also, just look at those bases. At base, she has 1 less strength than Shanna currently has, while also possessing good bases in HP, defenses, and speed. She also has pretty solid growths (40% str!), so I'm really hoping to bring her to endgame. She'll probably be my best character to not get a Legendary Weapon (she's my backup Maltet user in the case Miledy gets absolutely screwed, but I really really hope that doesn't happen). Lilina clears out the last red unit, and I release Klein's archers, as they'll hopefully be able to escape now... This can join the Sophia stat-booster pile... REINFORCEMENTS. They're all cavaliers, this doesn't seem so bad...(little do I know) Lalum gets dodgier dancing Lilina to some much needed healing Getting Klein out of there before the cavs arrive OH NO (the Steel lance Peg gets doubled, but luckily dodged one). THIS IS BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD, I NEED THAT ELYSIAN WHIP One turn survived, but we're not out of the woods yet... Teamwork to get Tate her first kill! Echidna fighting a brigand reinforcement up north, while my levelling group prepares to meet the cavaliers BAD THINGS HAPPEN ON EP (stupid EP reinforcements), but Echidna survives I hate this stupid game (this is after the shaman hit btw, the Archer survives THIS turn) EP turns out quite well CAN THESE PEGS PLEASE GET OUT. Both of them are low, and the cav and shaman both threaten to kill one. Sisterly feeding, as Tate ties Shanna's Str stat on her first level... Lilina sent up north so that she and Echidna can take out the Shaman, leaving 1 less threat against the cavs This leaves Lalum exposed though, and I have nobody to rescue her out Alright, I'm ready for this EP, right? WHAT. WHAT JUST HAPPENED? I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS. I THOUGHT THE NORTH CAVALIERS WERE THE REINFORCEMENTS YOU TALKED ABOUT. New formation. Hopefully the Silver Lance paladin doesn't ruin my day... Day ruined. More preparation! Holy mother of God... This EP is the worst thing that's happened to me all playthrough COME ON PLEASE NO. I HATE THIS STUPID GAME I'M ALIVE. BARELY. (I left out like 8 more times that Lilina/Wendy/Lalum/GreenPeg died because I would otherwise be over 300 screenshots, and you've pretty much seen every way they can get destroyed) At least Lilina knows how to make a man happy after that hellish EP Silver Lance Pally. This guy is a monster. Alright, lets think about how we're going to do this. First, get Clarine out of there (that cav to the left has a javelin and Clarine's on 2HP) Heal up and form a solid frontline Roy fails. LOL. Alright, are we safe?
  21. I'd just like to preface that I hate everything about this chapter and what it stands for. [spoiler=Chapter 11L: Hell is Green Units, pt.1] So my plan this chapter is to get Dorothy, Wendy and Fir to promotion. I also need to save every village to get Fir's Hero Crest, and I want to keep all of Klein and Tate's units alive too (Tate needs that Elysian whip since the C12 one goes to Milady, and that extra Orion Bolt can pay for Hugh's recruitment...or promote Sue if she suddenly decides that strength is a stat she wants). Also, I realize here that Ellen can get the C14 Guiding Ring, and I'll buy Sophia one from the C16 secret shop. Ten brave units enter Hell. I hate everything about this chapter, and you'll soon see why... Miledy, I can't wait til C13 when you come and make Shanna look like a total scrub My new unit makes herself useful immediately Wendy is really the greatest bait (dude, that Steel Axe fighter is doing 11 damage after WTA through 18 defense. WTF) Advance forward, while feeding the correct units Wendy's back at it EP is highly ineffectual I think we're all used to this strategy by now, after seeing it in play for the last 10 chapters. Good things happen to people who don't leave healers available for attack on EP Lalum is making herself so useful to Wendy, who gains important stats not called speed Spot the mistake... ...oh. One day, I'll stop leaving people in range of enemies who can ORKO them. I fix the problem. At least Shanna's good at chipping. Lalum&Wendy OTP. Poor Lilina's getting replaced as Wendy's best friend Sophia has dibs on this. Bandit reinforcements are coming soon...and I'm not that close to them My new characters! Lalum is the greatest. Silver Bow and White Gem! You're the most useful member of my bench yet, although I wish you were your mom (and that your sister wasn't a complete bloody scrub. How did Lord Pent, almighty Mage General of Etruria, solo-er of FE7C23 and Athos' only apprentice father such a magically inept daughter?). Shanna has finally found her true calling in life! I'll just pretend she's a flying Marcus. Alright, pass on the Silver, and lets get ready to recruit Tate... Oh. Oh no. I don't have anyone who can stop the brigand from sacking that village. REWIND A TURN. Alright, this is a much better plan (Lalum can now dance Shanna in range to divert the brigand to the north, while Fir distracts the south one) I do love it when a plan comes together (Shanna has her Iron Sword equipped, so hopefully she dodges things on EP) I have to save Klein's stupid suicidal scrubs, and unequip him while I'm at it... HELLO TATE. COME TO DADDY EP's looking good so far... ...and then this happens. Game punishes my rewind with a worse level for Shanna Lilina eats a Hand Axe counter. This is getting pretty scary. No, Tate. Don't head that way, please come south to Klein... This screenshot was taken at the wrong time, but it's meant to show that Shanna and Wendy picked up Klein's stupid suicidal Green Scrubs. I HATE THIS CHAPTER SO MUCH ... The return of Levitating!Roy, as he chips for Wendy I DID ask for speed. Crit is good. Level is abysmal. She's really slowed down after her blazing start, she had 12STR/12SPD at level 12... Saving villages is good, but... ...Lilina's in a predicament. This EP is going to be grim Especially after 3 fighters pop out YES YES YES YES YES YES NO. Ellen gets the Physic from Merlinus, and heals up Lilina But the RN's changed somewhere along the line and Lalum gets destroyed COULD THIS BE A SURVIVAL?
  22. [spoiler="Chapter 10: Free EXP Party, pt.2] Gonzales recruited and sent to raid the village. I'm sure there's a joke to be made here somewhere The 2 disappointments doing what they do. Sue's gotten 2 Str on a 30% growth in 14 levels. We move south, while Fir continues to eat pirates for dinner Disarmed. Now go raid the bench Nothing's happening... Then enemy phase reinforcements happen. Just feeding kills to Wendy as usual. Gonzales courier service At this point, I realize that Lilina's level 17 and I have a guiding ring, so I...move her ahead of Wendy? Turns out she has no defense worth a damn. I find her death quote hilarious, by the way. Lilina gets Magic. What a fippin' surprise. I let Wendy get a kill, and she gets EVEN MORE THWOMPY. I don't even understand how this is possible. She averages 18 defense at 20/3, and that's with a +3Def promotion bonus. Lilina farming, I really want to promote her this chapter. Meanwhile, up north, Fir finishes the last pirate and gets A swords. 16 levels in 2 chapters just feasting off pirate reinforcements is pretty cool. I really regret selling her Hero Crest in Ch.7 (idk how I forgot she needed one), but at least I get one after next chapter (assuming I can save all the villages) Them attacking Wendy is good... You're a failure. This time, I move Roy in support range to give Lilina +defense. Ends pretty well We're out of Fighter reinforcements, and Lilina is 18.93. Let's feed the Nosferatu shaman to Lilina... ...WE HAVE A NEW BEST LEVEL The boss. He's honestly not that threatening, considering that Lilina is going to tear him a new one I'm all set up and ready to roll Alrighty... ...defense is good. Well, she's going to murder everything in sight. That +3 speed is really welcome as it lets her double some things Cool stuff. 24 turns is my fastest chapter yet, as my units are starting to be good at killing things
  23. [spoiler=Chapter 10: Free EXP Party, pt.1] The set-up Are you freakin kidding me? This guy looks so shady (actually he looks identical to Wagner. You know, that other evil Shaman) My set-up. Lots of axe users mean Fir is going to have a field day here, while Shanna is sent off to hunt the ballistician Shanna does not approve of your oversized bow. Just doing the feeding kills thing as usual This is a pretty nasty EP though Start of PP. Wendy is clinging onto life despite being insanely tanky... 23 damage...wow All should be good...except for the part where Fir has to dodge a LOT of things on EP Fir is my favorite myrmidon ever (just ignore the fact that FE6HM Rutger exists please) Shanna REALLY does not like Ballistae...(she's actually perfectly safe here) The front is looking pretty good! (Please ignore the bow-lock standing in melee range of 2 fighters) See? Exactly as planned. Make sure he doesn't manage to hit anything before Roy gets to him That 1 point of speed was actually worth the double-chip, sadly enough I like Magic as much as the next guy, but please consider gaining the ability to double things. All is good. Pirate reinforcements start spawning... ...and we all know who loves her pirate reinforcements Shanna finally returns from her Ballista-slaying duties (she's so useful for a characters who's stat screwed. I guess this is why fliers are OP) Acquired and benched. Wendy/Echidna will use that sometime...maybe. This is so adorable~ The other character that has to do things Yeah. She's cool. Good, good, let the chip flow through you. End turn. Spot the flaw... ...oh. oh no. Please don't take 3 or 4 damage... As wonderful as this is... It's not sticking. Damnit, Clarine. I hate you so so much (okay so this was technically my fault, but still) New formation has no issues Speed on a chipping level? I approve very much Gonzales loves raiding and braiding. That's why Lilina can recruit him. You're everything I ever wanted in an armor (LOL at her getting a myrmidon level) <3 At this point I'm pretty much unstoppable Well, 2/5 stats isn't bad She might not be QUITE as thwompy as I thought. Luckily, she dodges that fighter's double and all is good Okay. This might be a problem, since Lilina is nowhere near him But I need Lilina to finish off the Berzerker first Meh. Still better than Clarine. After cleaning up the enemies, I airlift Lilina closer to Gonzales Gonzales get.
  24. [spoiler="Chapter 9: Fir breaks Iron Swords, pt.3] The Def streak breaks. Those are good stats, but she needs speed pretty desperately by this point Good enough, but 2 capped stats (in her highest growths) mean her coming level ups are likely to be grim Some slow chipping... And then Lilina, after burning Scott to a crisp, decides what she needs to do is hit EVEN HARDER. Benched so hard it hurts. I can't wait to get Cecilia... So uh...where did all my funds go? (Heal staves, I believe)
  25. [spoiler="Chapter 9: Fir breaks Iron Swords, pt.2] The earlier chipping bears fruit Fir retreats and vulneraries up. She's going to be sitting here for a while... I'm in love. Sacaens are dodgy at least... ...well, sometimes. Let's hope that poison damage doesn't roll a 4. Something about healer positioning YES. Dorothy finds chips tasty Lilina gives Fir a hand Alright, Fir, let's dodge some attacks now, ok? Excellent. (Please ignore the standard 'healer getting attacked by enemy' screenshot) And then Fir becomes Sue (but that point of speed helps her to double those Pirates, so it's all good) Absolutely awesome. Lilina really needed that speed The Fir montage begins. She uses 3 Iron sword charges per Pirate, and there are quite a few pirates here...Also, Defense and speed is always a good level Excellent. You're going to be doing that for quite a while Wendy heads east for the villages... No, don't become Sue, please. At least you're still dodging and killing things You too! I get to feel like a competent tactician when you dodge things! That's doing a surprisingly high amount of damage I mean, this is a pretty good level by my Shanna's standards... Let's just take a quick pause here to study this Wendy. She has 40% Str, Skill and Speed growths, and only 30% Defense. So far, in 11 levels, she's hit Strength 5 times (pretty average), Skill ONCE (WHAT?), Speed twice, and Defense NINE TIMES. That's right, she's +0.6STR, -3.4 Skill, -2.4 Speed, and +5.7 Defense. IN ELEVEN LEVELS. WHAT. I have never ever had a single character skew THIS hard. I guess she traded in all her Skill/Speed to Sue, and instead got ALL the defense? For reference, my next highest defense on a character is SHANNA's 10... Fir continues her lifelong dream of slaying all the pirates, and gains my eternal love (and more strength too, I guess). By the end of this chapter, she'll have used over 70 Iron sword charges... I love how dodgy my entire team is Shanna does her job pretty well, I'm not gonna lie Standard pirate-slaying montage, and a level. OW. Archer in the fog gets what's coming Pirates. Going Lalum's route (was there any doubt? Echidna and Lalum are female, Bartre and Elphin are male...) Lilina joins in on Fir's pirate-slaying, and gets the level this chapter yet (possibly the best level this entire LP?) Many many turns later... Let's restock on Iron swords, since Fir seems to like breaking them Clearing out boss's mooks, when Fir gets EVEN MORE STRENGTH. I'm so happy~ B Support get! I knew there was a reason I picked you over Clarine Fir cannot be hit by you mortals Buying Fires for Lilina, heals for the healers Great Scott! He's not that hard a boss, annoying critical chance aside This detachment heads south to clean up the stragglers...
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