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  1. I am trying to change the class palettes seen in FEeditor to a different palette set. The colors are literally the same between the two palettes but in different order. Does anyone know the best way to do this? Is this with FE Recolor tool? What exactly needs to be changed in FE Recolor to only affect the palette and keep the rest of the colors the same?
  2. I am trying to change the class palettes seen in FEeditor to a different palette set. The colors are literally the same between the two palettes but in different order. Does anyone know the best way to do this? Is this with FE Recolor tool? What exactly needs to be changed in FE Recolor to only affect the palette and keep the rest of the colors the same?
  3. I am adding new characters to Fire Emblem 7 (Eliwood and Hector modes only), and had a question about the Epilogue. The Ending Editor in Nightmare only allows me to change the text for solo endings and paired endings of any given character. I do not see a place to change the character name and ending title (see example below) or know how the game knows to insert these. Eliwood - Knight of Lycia Marcus - Knight of Pherae Lowen - Swift Knight Rebecca - A Wildflower Does anyone know how to get these to display during the epilogue for characters that should never show in the epilogue to begin with?
  4. I am playing around with extra damage from weapons depending on the unit's class in Nightmare. I have two questions: How do I make it so a class counts as an armored unit, mounted unit, flying unit, or foot unit in Nightmare editor? I see in the abilities that you can define a class as flying or mounted, but I am not certain how to define a class as armored. Furthermore, I changed a mounted unit class into a foot soldier, but it is still receiving extra damage from the Wolf Beil. I do not have this class listed as a mounted unit, so I do not know where the super effective hit is coming from. I would like to make Fire magic and Elfire magic do extra damage for units stationed in forest terrain. Does anyone know if this is possible or how this can be done?
  5. I applied the walkingSoundHack.ups to a clean ROM of Fire Emblem 7. I noticed that only change in the file was from D70000 through D702A3 and from 6CB08 through 6CB73. I then updated the ROM that I am working on currently with the walking sound fix. Now my Pegasus knight is playing the walking sound effect (foot soldier) as opposed to the cavalier trotting noise. I still have not managed to achieve the flying sound effect. Please advise if you can.
  6. I created a male pegasus knight class for a FE7 mod and changed the Mercenary (F) class into a "duplicate" Pegasus Knight class in every way. My problem is that the sound effect that the pegasus knight plays while moving on the map is that of the Cavalier sound effect (sounds likes trotting), when instead I would like it to play the pegasus knight sound effect (flying/wings). Does anyone know how to change this? I saw there was a nightmare module folder for "Walking Sound," but could not find anything in that folder. Does one exist? Any recommendation on how to fix this?
  7. I am new to inserting new spell animations into Fire Emblem and was wondering what the best tutorial is out there for this. Let's say I want to insert a new animation for "Wind" into Fire Emblem 7. I see that the spell animation for Set's Litany ends at 0x3D. Does this mean that I can insert the Wind animation at input value 3E in FEeditor using the Load From Script command? Assuming that inserts the animation into the game, how do I use the Custom Item Animation List to create the spell animation? Does this table need to be repointed? Also, I assume the Spell Association Editor needs to be used as well. The problem is that I find this impossible to read. There is no way to change the Weapon dropdown, and the weapon labeled in the dropdown down not make sense. In the image below, the weapon states "value for entry 0x7D," which is Nini's Grace, but the animation used reads Excalibur. There seems to be a mismatch here.
  8. I am trying to use the Custom Battle Animation editor in Nightmare to insert a new battle sprite that uses swords and axes, and of course throwing axes. Firstly, I am using the 0xFFF830 pointer and assume this is free space. How do I set this up the Custom Battle Animation UI given that I need to setup animations for Sword, Axe, Hand Axe, Tomahawk, and Disarm animations (5 slots); however, the UI only provide 4 slots (see image below)? Do I need to use both FFF830 and FFF840 for this to work? If so, how does the class pointer know which animations to play?
  9. I cannot for the life of me figure out why the class animation creator is not working for me in FEditor. I am trying to insert a script of an animation that I made; however, every time I get the following error. I exported all the Pegasus knight frames (script included) and made some changes. Every sprite in the animation has the 16 color requirement, so I still get the error. I also get the same error when I try to insert the original and unchanged pegasus knight script in the class animation creator. Does anyone have any thoughts? Is there a prerequisite I am missing here?
  10. I have 45 frames of a Pegasus Knight animation that I have been working on. The problem is each of the frames now thinks it has 32 colors instead of 16; however, the colors are exactly the same. Basically I have two "white" colors representing two areas of the sprite. Even though they are the same color, Usenti thinks they are different. Does anyone know if there is a way to merge color swatches in Usenti or any other art tool? I am thinking it will be very timely to go through every sprite and combine the colors pixel by pixel.
  11. Thank you for your help. You helped me figure this out.
  12. Thank you for the tips. What is the render edition of FEditor? When I dump the file I get a frame data.dmp and a sheet png, but I do not know what to do with these. Sorry, this is newer for me. Just to clarify, in FEditor, if I increase the portrait editor default index from E4 to E9, the new character portraits are added to free space and will not mess up the ROM. Similarly, if I increase the max index of the class animation editor from A2 to say B2, the new animations will be added to free space and not mess up the ROM.
  13. Question 1: Creating custom battle animation: I am going to create my own battle animation using the brigand sprite as a base. In fact, the animation is entirely the same except for a custom look (i.e. the brigand has hair and beard). I was wondering if there is a template used to get this working in FEditor format. Even if someone has the base structure of the original brigand that would be super helpful as I would know where to position each frame. As a whole, I was a little confused by the makeup of what is described in the tutorial with how all the sprites are compiled and with sound effects. Question 2: Pointers for additional characters and portraits: I would like to add more characters, portraits, and battle animations to Fire Emblem 7 for a mod. For adding additional characters, I assume I need to repoint the character block to free space. However, for adding additional portraits and battle animations, is it safe to increase the maximum portraits/animation in FEditor to a higher value? I would assume that this could cause issues. Do these need to be repointed to free space as well?
  14. That matches exactly with the setup I have currently in Nightmare. The way I inserted the map was using Tiled Map Inserter. The map was also designed using Tiled. The map is replacing Crazed Beast, so I naturally used the following for pointers. Map Pointer: C9CBF4 Map Changes Pointer: C9CBF8 Everything works fine: events, tile changes, etc with the exception of water animation.
  15. Hello, I am having trouble figuring out how to use water tileset animations when inserting my map. The tile animation index in Nightmare does not seem to be working. I am using tileset 10 00 11 12 respectively. Does anyone know how I should set the Tile Animation? Is there a guide where all this information lives? Thank you!
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