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  1. I think the characterization and support convos in Sacred Stones is the best in the series.
  2. I was thinking about this. And for clarification, let's assume you're not using the method with warping a unit over to Riev to one hit KO him and end the chapter. I mean, I guess if you use that method it is definitely easier than Phantom Ship which has no such easy way out, but I think most people fall prey to bottle necking the bottom entrance and fending off the hero/warrior/sniper squadrons coming in from the north, Or maybe that's just me 'cuz I suck at this game. Also, ppl who iron man, (are there such heroes I wonder), have you been able to beat these doozies without losing units? Just curious. I won't proffer my opinion yet because honestly I am not sure.
  3. Eirika and Seth, their support convos are some of the best written and most in-character of any fire emblem I've played, ditto with Lute and Artur, just adorable. Re/ the first, I thought I was warming to Eirika x Innes on my most recent Eirika route playthrough, but my conscience just can't abide separating them for some reason. I never know how to pair Ephraim, I can't abide his Tana or L'Arachel supports and he's so badass, I'm not about to just pair him perfunctorily,; ... Gerik and Tethys is pretty awesome, only support convo I can think of that includes PDA on the battlefield, Lyon x tragedy, Tana x Cormag, (I think Natasha x Cormag would be pretty damn adorable but their ending isn't romantic, or they might not even have one I forget;) so Natasha and Josh, yeah they're pretty sweet, and ehh? Neimi and Colm go without saying.
  4. I find (I mostly play the GBA titles) that leaving them on sets a better pace for me and encourages me not to play recklessly if that makes sense, just slowing down the pace a bit keeps me from attacking, also if I'm on emulator I won't be tempted to just save state abuse
  5. I would say the best moments in fire emblem is where the storyline combines a very palpable sense of imminent doom (that is, adequate foreshadowing) with the moment of doom itself (SPOILERS AHEAD: Elbert's/Ninian's/Uther's death, Lyon's not being able to be redeemed, the whole 1st gen in FE4 being wiped out)END OF SPOILERS holding a sense of incredulousness. --at least, it was that way for me as a kid, I didn't expect *actual sad things* to happen that couldn't be righted again. I mean, that's essentially what Fire Emblem is for me and why I love it. I won't include ((((dear Hector's death in FE6 ))))because I don't think, pacing-wise and the fact that you haven't gotten to know him by that point in the game, that it is as tragic as the ones I've listed above. Tl;dr: Eliwood's sad face sprite still haunts me in my sleep
  6. Real talk though, the GBA enemy soldier javelin animation (similar to Ephraim javelin also) is my favorite animation to date
  7. I haven' read the whole thread so I'm unsure what people have most frequently said, but Hector. I think the character development between eliwood and hector mode is probably the best example of character development I've seen in the series. The fact that they didn't leave him unapologetically a boor and made him someone that you more than just tolerated was really rewarding for me.
  8. I had a golden age of godly mages in my early Fire Emblem days, and now I fear I've been deceived by the class as a whole, or maybe it's just I've been playing less magic friendly games in the series. I got the idea from Pent and a really speed blessed Lute and Ewan one time (he was doubling ppl with Gespenst) that mages were always awesome. But I am so mad at the lack of speed in FE6 mages right now. Lugh barely cuts it. I have no patience for Lilina or Sophia to gain speed. And I DIDN'T FUCKING PAIR LEWYN WITH FURY like the basic turd that I am so I lost Forseti in Gen II of Judgral. Maybe this isn't unpopular, but I've started to appreciate Valkyrie / Troubadours as a class a heck of a lot more than I used to. I find their high luck, although technically a useless stat can make up for only modestly impressive speed.
  9. I've generally played with generous amounts of resetting, but I tried ironman fe6 up to that damn level where you have to keep Douglas alive and forsook my policy after losing a thief, I'm nitpicky about getting all the treasure. Up to that point, though, it was kind of exhilarating knowing you were committing to only playing through each level once, and it forced you to actually try to make the right decisions, lol.
  10. Oh my god, bless. I'll say, I am religious about supports, like to an unhealthy extent I make sure everyone possible has a pairing, even if it's like a mounted unit curtailing their movement by 4 every time to support with a mage or something I would have been a puddle of guts by the end of FE4 if I hadn't violently abused save states I thought Midir / Midayle from FE4 was female until I looked him up on fire emblem wiki, after finishing the game. I was applauding the game for showing such early support for the LGBT community by enabling the pair-up of Midir and Aideen and I thought it was a glitch that said that they were the parents of Lester and Lana, later. (like I thought they were an earlier lesbo version of Raven/Lucius.) Lbr, I suck at fire emblem, that's my main confession, I use no strategy and have never done any LTC runs
  11. careful there, i know some ppl who are not at all ironic about it (not myself incidentally) why is it ironic though?
  12. for FE6, although the supports are so much sparser than FE7, I'd have to say Roy x Lilina (bc I feel like it's only in their interactions that Roy has a semblance of a personal agenda instead of embodying what a good leader should be, if that makes sense; ) Elphin x Perceval (dont freak out guys, even a villager in chapter 13 says they're sweet together) not to be negative and not that it matters, but I have to say I was pretty disappointed with all of Clarine's supports, and thus can't reconcile myself to Clarine x Rutger. Noah x Fir, this shits canon, Ellen x Zeiss was pretty sweet as well. for FE7, Eliwood x Ninian, Hector x Lyn, damn I love the Pirate Ship cutscene, Raven x Lucius, canonest gays ever, Nino x Jaffar, shit shit SHIT I have such feels from remembering my first ever playthrough and how sad Nino's story was, Wholeheartedly wishing that Sain would be level-headed enough to settle down with someone 2k16 I find Kent x Lyn really sweet as well I have thought much too much about all of this.
  13. I actually like the prototype more as well, I feel like had they stuck with it there would have been more of a challenge to formulate a non-vanilla character for him. Roy is basically all Eliwood's charisma and goodheartedness with none of the drawbacks such a character implies, which are drawn out in FE7 mostly by Hector and others who note Eliwood's spinelessness and (what could be interpreted as) weakness. There's no where Roy has to compromise in the entire game ...there's nothing like Eliwood's dad's death in FE7 to make you feel like things were really in danger of tanking.
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