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  1. If you don't find it fun... Then why are you playing it again?
  2. Hey guys, Bluid here! I'm proud to announce the release of Team SALVAGED's cavalier. I'll let the video speak for itself: Err.. we missed FEE3... Oops... Well anyway, this is an open-source animation we started waaay back in 2013, but it only really started to progress in late-2016 when we restarted the project. The animation can be downloaded here. (Fix added to Lance Critical 6/11/17) EDIT: Additional assets (class cards and map sprites) here. We are open to all feedback and suggestions, and have the female equivalent more or less in the works. We'll try to make more animations as we go. The animation is free to use, free to modify, but if you're willing to credit it, credits as Team SALVAGED (yes, all capitals).
  3. Glad to see this come all this way, little buddy. Here's to finishing actually finishing it. whazzat supposed to mean, i made a whole animation for you, jerk
  4. Time for my rusty, rushed, last minute entry. Join the right cause!
  5. Wow, i love the detail to the sprite on the right, especially the angle of the axes. You pulled it off really well :o I'd be down for helping you script these animations for inserting them in-game in case you need any help.
  6. ♪~A seasoned witch could call you from the depths of your disgrace And rearrange your liver to a solid mental grace~♪
  7. Were you too classy to go with: "My Boey from Echoes"?
  8. Also you forgot to mention that stealing said original characters is strictly prohibited.
  9. Well in that case you can find the sheets online but a another way is download feditor adv and opening a rom, then dumping the frames. Edit: Whoops err... sorry for the late reply
  10. I thought the shaman's sheet already came with FERecolor?
  11. I like the angles of the shield :0 You mean to say how people get around to inserting them? Because otherwise they just reskin every individual frame.
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