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  1. The next patch will be the final one. The contents that will be added are as follows: 1. Possibly swapping around some skills and making new ones available 2. Making some scrolls available earlier in the game, such as the Odo scroll to help boost skill growth (thanks @SaintSassy for your feedback in giving me this idea) 3. Add in any other balance recommendations 4. Anima magic triangle will be added in 5. Movement stars ala FE5 may be added in, I might make a poll on this 6. Supports will be completed (NOTE: No supports will have three conversations. They will only have one or two) 7. Either Six or Seven additional chapters. It depends on how I feel the pacing of the story is going and how long it takes for me to make each chapter. I don't expect to release this next patch until December at the earliest.
  2. It's just how I balanced/designed them. Charles learns three skills that boost his accuracy and Artemis learns two of them in addition to being able to use high accuracy wind magic. I'll double check on that and maybe make them buyable in the chapter 17 shop. Glad you enjoyed it! The next patch will be the last one, so it'll be awhile.
  3. I can't view your images. If you're visiting one house and that's causing a completely different one to close, that is a bug. I'll take a look at it later, but that isn't something I've ever experienced before. Characters learn new skills at the following levels (NOTE Not all characters get 6 skills in total): Level 5 or 8 Level 10 Tier 1: Level 15 and 20 Tier 2: Level 20 and 25 Tier 3 (Physical units only): Level 25 and 30 The tier level skills are always the same based on the unit's class just learned at a later level the higher the tier they are in ala Pokemon. Shamans now promote to Druids once again. The Mage Fighter class was removed. What chapter were you up to when you made this comment? I believe you only are able to get 5 or 6 guiding rings in the entire patch. Thanks! I hope you're enjoying the new update!
  4. Version 4 patch is ready. Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u594nizr0c57315/v4.zip?dl=0 This is version 4 of this hack. It is 19 chapters long (prologue - chapter 18) and there are no gaiden chapters. Outside of bug fixes, the next major patch will be the last one, finishing up the hack and adding in supports. I don't expect to release this patch until around December at the earliest as I don't want to release the final patch during "Three Houses Season" so to say. Please make sure to read the README and the credits. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Not sure what else to add, but any constructive feed back is welcome.
  5. Happy 4th of July everyone. All the chapters for the next patch are now finished. I just need to do one last debug run, clean up some things here and there, and it should be good to go. If by chance I finish before the 7th, I will release the next patch early, however I make no promises. Outside of one unforseen bug (which I don't see happening but I'm going to test again to make sure I killed it) I should still hit the projected release date.
  6. I'm going to give a small update since I originally said I wanted this to be ready by the end of June. At this time, with the upcoming vacation, I'm hoping to release the next patch on July 7th. I only need to debug the last chapter that would be included in the patch and fix up some other issues here and there before release. I've done my best to beta test what's there and balance it as best I can, but this will ultimately be a demo where I will really appreciate any kind of balance feedback such as X being too strong/weak (same as the enemies) along with any noticed typos, bugs, etc. In terms of story telling, I'm a bit worried that chapters 17 and 18 (the last two) aren't very coherent and I likely have a lot of work to do on fixing things up before a final release of this whole thing. So while I make no promises, my goal is to finish this last chapter, do one more playthrough to make sure there are no major bugs and balance isn't that awful, and release the next demo on the 7th.
  7. Thanks! 19 chapters including the prologue. There are no gaiden chapters.
  8. Been making some good progress. Decided to add in another quick chapter for the purpose of spacing and slightly better developing certain things in the story. So far I think it's a bit of an annoying chapter, but we'll see. Made some other minor tile palette updates to make Merv maps more similar. Either next weekend or the weekend after is when the next patch should come out at my current pace, but I make no guarantees on that.
  9. I'm currently on the rework of chapter 10 for fixing unit palettes, making sure only the proper classes are being used, reworking item availability over the course of the game, etc. I spent almost all day yesterday fixing issues with all the new spell animations, but they're all working now. The next patch will either be out this month or next, but definitely before three houses unless something goes horribly wrong or I just become too busy with other things. Only 7 chapters to fix and 1 to completely rework before the next patch.
  10. The hack is made in mind without the need to max out any stats, so I wouldn't worry about this.
  11. 1. I don't know when it'll be complete. 2. That's a feature, not a bug. Level cap is 30. Promoting doesn't reset your level.
  12. Progress on new updates is going well. Still think I can have the next patch up to chapter 17 done by the end of the month.
  13. I thought she got spears on Promotion. If she can get tomes, then Sakura's still just as useful. Orochi can get Horse Spirit, a speed tonic, and a Hayato pair up for more speed, with Rally speed or a speed wing boosting it further. Malig Knight Scarlet with a bolt axe is just a few points away from ORKOing most enemies in the whole game with the right pair up or a spirit dust at base. Nyx's accuracy is shaky, but her bulk isn't an issue with the right pair up for when Nosferatu is useful. She can also take advantage of the less exp she needs to become a dark knight for early pre-promotion and just staying as a pair up bot for Leo or Odin if you want to go that route as well. And I'm not sure what your standard for "Doubling armors" is. The last map (chapter 23 since everything after is boss kill) where Orochi will need to double has enemies with 13 or 14 base speed, and Orochi even from base can clear that hurdle with the right pair up, a tonic, and rally speed.
  14. I don't know enough about revelations, but in BR and Conquest, the only characters that really benefit from reclassing are Corrin (Wyvern, Ninja, or Cavalier in either), Ryoma (Paladin, Weapon Master), Jakob (paladin in CQ, paladin or strategist in BR), Felicia (strategist in BR, Bow Knight in CQ), Mozu (Archer in CQ), Laslow (Ninja), Scarlet (Malig Knight), Selena (Pegasus Knight), and Gunter (Wyvern Lord or Malig Knight). I don't think any other characters really benefit from or wants to reclass, though Falco Knight!Reina, Outlaw!Nyx, and Cavalier!Arther have some nice utility too. Of these characters, the only ones who make "big moves" from reclassing are Corrin, Jakob and Felicia, Laslow, Selena, and Gunter, and any list would probably be the same. If I were to take a quick shot at either just for the sake of discussion: Birthright: The only things that really matter in Birthright are 1-2 range, movement, flight, shove, swap, dancing, and Rescue. There are so many stat boosters, broken weapons, and weak enemies, that typically anyone can kill anything without much effort. If you don't do any of the above, the unit isn't worth investing in or using. S tier Kaze (Strong 1-2 range and 7+ move. Good pair up) Saizo (Strong 1-2 range and 7+ move. Good pair up) Azura (Dance) Hinoka (Strong 1-2 range with bolt naginata and 8 move. 8 move rescue and flight) Kagero (Strong 1-2 range and 7+ move. Good pair up) A tier Ryoma (Strong 1-2 range, great boss killer, 6+ move) Subaki (Strong 1-2 range with bolt naginata and 8 move. 8 move rescue and flight) Silas (Shelter. 8 mov) Reina (Strong unit with great bases. Flight) Jakob 1 (Strong 1-2 range, 6+ move, needed in early game. No longer has access to 8 move) Felicia 1 (Strong 1-2 range, 6+ move, needed in early game No longer has access to 8 move) Rinkah (Strong 1-2 range, 6+ move, good pair up, and shove) B tier Oboro (Strong 1-2 range, 6+ move, good pair up, and swap) Orochi (Strong 1-2 range, 6+ move) Scarlet (8 mov, flight, really good bases) Corrin (No longer has solid 1-2 range with no tomes or levin sword/bolt axe) Takumi (Solid bases and weapons. Can pretty much always kill something. Has flight on promotion) C tier Sakura (Needed in early game, rescue and bolt naginata) Gunter (Needed in early game) Hayato (Not as good as Orochi, but can do well) Felicia 2 (Joins late, but still has easy 6 mov rescue and 1-2 range) Jakob 2 (Joins late, but still has easy 6 mov rescue and 1-2 range) Setsuna (Worse Takumi) Kaden (Solid 1 range combat.) Izana (High staff hit and rank in late game) D tier Hinata (No 1-2 range, but has uses in early game at times) Hana (No 1-2 range, but has uses in early game at times) Yukimura (Late join. Isn't useful in the boss kill maps besides the hit bonus) Shura (Late join Isn't useful in the boss kill maps) Azama (5 move healer. Takes a while for C lances if you want to use bolt naginata) E tier Mozu (Too much effort for poor 1-2 range combat when compared to rest of class) Conquest: Flight and good combat are the only things that really matter. 1-2 range is nice, but isn't always necessary depending on the situation. S tier: Camilla (Duh) Azura (Duh) Niles (Assuming capture. Fast, 9 mov, good pair up, 2 range lock isn't as big an issue in Conquest because of certain enemy formations) Corrin (Lacks flight and higher move, but still has levin sword and great personal skill. Destroys early game before Camilla) A tier: Xander (1-2 range high move, good bulk, and good combat) Leo (1-2 range high move, good bulk, and good combat. Heart Seeker) Niles (No Capture) Silas (Only shelter user before Peri. Good in early game) Beruka (Only other flier besides Camilla if you don't get Shigure or Percy) Kaze (1-2 range. Kills any beast or mage) Effie (Tons of OHKO set ups through the game. movement really never hurts her.) B tier: Jakob 1 (Useful in early game and for pairup for Corrin. No longer has Paladin) Felicia 1 (Useful in early game and for pairup for Corrin. No longer has Bow Knight) Odin (Nosferatu for early and midgame. 1-2 range. Heart Seeker. Ophelia paralogue gives insane rewards) Nyx (Nosferatu for early and midgame. 1-2 range. Heart Seeker) Selena (Solid combat and good pair up. No more Flying Rescue) Arthur (Useful pairup in early game. Good paralogue that lets you get Percy) Gunter (Useful in early game and chapter 16. Good skill for Corrin. Shelter. Can't fly anymore.) Peri (Shelter) C tier: Keaton (Useful pair up) Charlotte (Useful pair up) Flora (Good staff bot. Can use hunting knife and flame shuriken) Shura (Useful pair up, but boots are better) D Tier: Laslow (Worse than Selena because of lower speed. Rally skill is nice. Loses out on Ninja for 1-2 range) Izana (Worse stat utility than Flora. Joins late) Benny (Nice with beast killer, but that's about it) E tier: Mozu (Duh)
  15. The link to the patch is in the first post, along with instructions on how to patch (or at least in the download). Also, minor update: I decided to remove reclassing and replace it with third tiers instead (Magic classes only have two tiers however). I didn't feel reclassing was very well balanced, especially when I tried to introduce third tiers into that system, and I wanted to consolidate the available classes. Below is what classes will be available as playable classes: Generic Classes: Deserter (Lance) -> Ronin(Sword, Lance, Bow, Axe) -> Watchmen(Sword, Lance, Bow, Axe) - Male only. The armored class line, gives full access to physical weapon triangle and high defense at the cost of some move. Knight (Only one of Sword/Lance/Axe) -> Paladin(Sword, Lance, Axe) -> Great Knight/Master Knight (Sword, Lance, Axe) - Male only. The mounted horse class line, promoting from Paladin gives the option of the high defense Great Knight Class or the boosted mobility Master Knight class. Wyvern Rider(Lance, Axe) -> Wyvern Knight (Lance, Axe) -> Wyvern Master(Sword, Lance, Axe) - Male Only. The flying wyvern class, boasts defense over resistance. Pegasus Knight(Lance, Sword) -> Falco Knight(Lance, Sword) -> Seraph Knight (Lance, Sword, Staff) - Female only. The flying pegasus class, boasts resistance over defense. Mercenary (Sword) -> Hero (Sword, Axe) -> Brave (Sword, Axe) - Male and Female. A bulky infantry class. Slightly faster than their soldier line counter part, but with less bulk. Soldier(Lance) -> Halberdier(Lance) -> Spartan/Valkyrie (Lance, Sword) - Male and Female. A bulky infantry class. Slightly more bulky than their mercenary line counter part, but slower. Fighter(Axe) -> Warrior (Axe, Bow) -> Tribesman (Axe, Bow) - Male and Female. A class with high power that eventually gains a mount. Low defense, but high con and HP. Bandit (Axe) -> Berserker (Axe) -> Warlord (Sword, Axe) - Male and Female. A class with high power and speed that forgoes skill and resistance. Archer (Bow) -> Sniper (Bow) -> Marksman (Bow) - Male and Female. Masters of the bow, this class has high power, accuracy, and speed. Myrmidon (Sword) -> Swordmaster (Sword) -> Trueblade (Sword) - Male and Female. Masters of the sword, this class has high speed and avoid. Mage (Magic) -> Mage Knight (Magic, Staff - C) - Male and female. A magic class that gains a mount on promotion. Bishop (Light Magic, Staff - B) -> Saint (Light Magic, Staff - S) - Male and female. A magic class that is the master of the staff weapon type. Can only use light magic. Shaman (Dark Magic) -> Mage Fighter (Sword, Magic) - Male and female. A magic class that boasts high power but low defenses. Druid (Dark Magic, Staff - B) -> Necromancer (Magic, Staff - A) - Male and female. A magic class that boasts high power, but low speed. Arcanist (Magic, Staff - E) -> Geomancer (Magic, Staff - B) Male and female. A magic class that boasts high defense. Cleric (Anima Magic, Staff - D) -> Warpriest/Cleric (Anima and Light Magic, Axe, Staff - B) Cleric is female only. Warpriest is male and female. A magic class that boasts high defense. Any character that joins in a class not listed above is the only character of that class line you get. I'm currently back to work on the project, so hopefully I'll have a release of some kind next month. However something else I want to note is that I decided to shorten the length of the hack by two chapters. This would mean I only have to create three more for the hack to be finished. I am doing this because I think if I don't, this may never get done.
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