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  1. It's two weeks late, but V1.65 is finally ready and available at the usual link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck6l6c5ri3fwhon/SGW_Complete.zip?dl=0 The changelog ended up being much smaller than I originally thought: > V1.65: > > - Added in new divine and mage dragon animations > - Fixed various typos > - Added torch staff to chapter 20 pre map shop > - Added in a support conversation for Janet and Alice Thank you again for all the warm wishes and support for SGW over the past year! There will likely only be one more update to SGW (unless some serious bug is found) before I can say it's finally as complete as it will get. Until next time, to those looking to play the game again or are playing it for the first time, enjoy!
  2. Today marks a momentous occasion. It is the 1st year anniversary of the first release of SGW! Originally, I wanted to have a new update ready for today, but I ended up being super busy this weekend due to family issues. As such, I will try to release the anniversary update next weekend. A lot has happened with SGW this past year. More people have played the hack than I ever thought would. There were many Let's Plays, something I honestly didn't expect to see as I would have been happy if even one was made. I saw old friends I hadn't seen in years come back to congratulate and play the hack now that it was finished. I got to interact with many new friends through YouTube and the Discord. It's been a humbling experience and makes me proud to know how nice everyone in the Fire Emblem community can really be, and I cherish the feedback they gave me as it helped SGW reach the state it's in now. Even though SGW was 1st released a year ago, there have still been quite a lot of updates to the game, even a year later. The state that the game is in now, story aside, is in a pretty good place if you ask me. I'm almost ready to say it's finally as complete as it can get. After working on this hack for so many years, it'll be both nice and sad to see my work on it come to an end, but I hope everyone has been able to enjoy the hack all the same! Thank you again to everyone who took the time to play and contribute to the improvement of SGW this past year! I hope it at least managed to bring you some joy when you played it!
  3. Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it! Everyone is usable, so feel free to use who you want and enjoy!
  4. Yes, your .sav should be compatible. That support you are referring too is just fluff. There are no conversations for it.
  5. Hope you are all doing well! SGW V1.64 is here. It adds in some minor updates and fixes two noticeable bugs. As always, the link to the download can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck6l6c5ri3fwhon/SGW_Complete.zip?dl=0 As mentioned previously, I am hoping this is the real final release of this hack. If it wasn't for the fact that I was fixing the two noticeable bugs, I probably wouldn't have made this update. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you find any bugs. Change log can be found below: > V1.64: > > - Fixed bug where if you beat chapter 14 before turn 3, you still recruit Iris in the chapter 15 prep screen > - Replaced all instances of Liberation from FE3 with Truth, Despair and Hope from FE8 > - Fixed description and stat boost bug with Naglfar tome > - Fixed cutscene mapsprite issue in chapters 15 and 17 > - Fixed various typos > - Fixed various typos in the dictionary/guide > - Fixed class skill of enemy in final chapter > - Fixed bug where female bosses could be slept/silenced/stoned > - Updated some character descriptions > - Axefaith and armsthrift now ignore nihil > - Lila no longer starts with a restore staff in chapter 19 > - Fixed Lila and Artemis's support levels > - A certain recruitable character learns a personal skill 1 level earlier (27 vs 28)
  6. What I'm hoping is the final update for real this time is now ready: SGW 1.63 is here. You can download the update at the same link as always: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck6l6c5ri3fwhon/SGW_Complete.zip?dl=0 > V1.63: > - lowered level the ninja line learns life taker by 5 > - Added class mastery skill to class dictionary > - Updated various text descriptions > - Fixed various typos > - Secret Character L can now use the regal lance > - Fixed bug where certain class wasn't weak to sword slayer > - Changed weapon of enemy in final map to resolve certain animation issues > - Bishops now have A staves > - Boosted Baron speed cap and promotion into class by 1
  7. So right after I released the previous patch, someone on YouTube (I do my best to read feedback everywhere, so please never hesitate to contact me with bug questions!) was kind enough to point out a game breaking bug that's existed since V1.6 soooooooo.... V1.62 is now out at the usual link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck6l6c5ri3fwhon/SGW_Complete.zip?dl=0 My apologies that my incompetence lead to back to back updates like this. Changelog: > V1.62: > > - Fixes gamebreaking bugs related to a certain chapter 17 boss's weapon
  8. SGW v1.61 is now out. It fixes some critical bugs that were discovered in the past week and adds in some changes that I wanted to make but forgot to in the previous update. Now, this time I mean it when I am going on a hacking break... As always, it can be downloaded at the same link as always: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck6l6c5ri3fwhon/SGW_Complete.zip?dl=0 Changelog: > V1.61: > > - Removed the enemy only liquid ooze skill from the hack > - Fixed bug where blademaster in chapter 7 had double lion > - In chapter 24, fixed issue where event that causes a certain boss to move happens sooner than supposed to > - Fixed bug where enemy cavalier had a steel lance they were not able to use > - Ninja, Dread fighter, and executioner magic cap was raised by 5 > - Fixed issue where Yang had sword rank > - Fixed minor issue where a boss had bow rank for a weapon they did not use > - Added a heavy spear to the chapter 25 prep shop > - Fixed some tile issues with chapter 9 > - Fixed minor bug with chapter 17 starting cutscene > - Updated HP stealing weapon text > - Updated Gamble menu text > - Fixed various typos > - Made it near impossible to kill Henry in chapter 10 (he is supposed to die in a cutscene on turn 2) > - Made it harder to kill Dario in chapter 10 only
  9. 1. Yes, it's for people who want more of a challenge. 2. There is no such guide. Killing or leaving optional bosses alive can have different affects on events in the game.
  10. Yes, there should be a link to the discord in the OP or you could mention them here.
  11. SGW V1.6 is finally here at last! But, with a bit of added and important news. SGW V1.6 is likely going to be the last update for the main SGW game. I don't have any further balance changes or additions in mind that aren't going to be lunatic mode exclusive and I think the difficulty is as good as it'll get. The only other updates that may come after this one are game breaking bug fixes. Either way, thank you to everyone for your support in helping SGW get this far. Lunatic mode is a long while away, but I hope you can play it one day! In the mean time, I'm going on a hacking vacation for sure this time... As always, the patch can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck6l6c5ri3fwhon/SGW_Complete.zip?dl=0 Change log below:
  12. Thank you for this feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the hack! Reducing the costs of staves is something that people have mentioned to me before and I don't want to do as I would rather make the player actually try and capture them more often than buy them. This hack gives the player so many weapons that capturing them isn't super necessary, but staves and to an extent bows are a bit of an exception to that, and I don't want to change that.
  13. Where one ends, another begins! If you're interested in seeing more SGW content, Bionis is doing an LP, inspired by Cornchip's, of normal mode: I look forward to how he does and I hope you do too!
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