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  1. SGW V1.3 is now out at the usual link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck6l6c5ri3fwhon/SGW_Complete.zip?dl=0 The changelog is below: > V1.3: > > - Fixed enemy only Champion class description > - Moloch's are now weak to monster slaying weapons > - Tribesman now have mounted aid > - Fixed bug where Dark Aura wasn't working > - Galeforce no longer negated by nihil > - Fixed various typos > - Fixed some tile issues with chapter 20 > - Fixed Yewfelle stat boosts > - Added in some new classes/animations. Most are enemy only > - Chapter 5 boss changed to one of the new classes and is no longer capturable > - Added a commander to chapter 13. Reduced a different boss's leadership by 1 to make up for that > - Buffed the def and healing ability of ruin gate tiles for a certain knight NPC > - Fuuma now promotes to the executioner class. It has the same stats as dread fighter, just different animations, and can use dark magic. > - Pitfighters can now use bows and have a new animation > - Arcanists have a new animation > - Katherin no longer learns Swift stance at level 10, instead learning Lancecrusher, a new skill > - Kenton was changed to no longer have death blow, have 3 PCC and 2 less base res, and -10% res growth to gain +10% luk and galeforce > - Nicole was given +4 base HP and +3 base def along with her growth rates being slightly changed: -5% skl and luk +10 def > - Chrysler was given +1 base speed, +2 base def, +4 base con, -10% con growth, +5% speed and def growth, lost Tri-adept as a skill, learns Wrath at level 12, and starts with Thunderstorm instead. Some preview images can be seen below. Enjoy, and as always, please let me know if you find any bugs or typos! This will likely be the last update of this kind as I've run out of space in the ROM for new graphics...
  2. The FEE3 video is now here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHhEim9NGLc Pandan is not the only one to find himself humbled by this video. I cannot properly express my gratitude at the kindness and generous words that Pandan offers in this video. I'm at a loss for words and truly thankful for this opportunity, grateful for Pandan's input, for playing this hack again at FEE3, and I just wish I could better describe how happy this video makes me. I'm so happy that people have been able to enjoy SGW and have fun doing so. I'm grateful that my final FEE3 gets to have a video this fantastic and that this hack is finally finished and people can play it. And I'm glad that Arch has done his best to continue to organize and spread awareness about the FE hacking community through this event. He and Mageknight404 were my bridge into the world of hacking, and I couldn't be happier having gone down this 10 year path. I am forever grateful at all the support and love I've gotten from the hacking community over the years, even if I haven't deserved it at times, and I will never forget it. I really do love you all. I hope everyone has enjoyed FEE3 and is looking forward to playing all the projects just as much as I am! Additionally, V1.2 is now live: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck6l6c5ri3fwhon/SGW_Complete.zip?dl=0 The changes for V1.2 are as follows: - Removed NPC Sniper in chapter 12 - Added in support room by default (contains spoilers, so beware) - Updated the female true blade animation - Updated poison text - Fixed issue with Jormungand description - Fixed issue with NPC sage talking sprite in chapter 6 - Made adjustments to enemies in chapter 10 so certain NPCs don't die as fast - Adjusted timing of Bella/Fuuma support - Hopefully fixed the cavalier weapon issue in chapter 10 - Fixed various typos - Fixed issue with chapter 6 merc not giving the long sword - Fixed move sound for certain enemy only class - Fixed bug where enemies would activate mercy - Fixed issue with Scribe's map sprite in chapter 22 - Fixed female maleduin miss animation - Evil Eye spell was removed and replaced with dark spikes. Dark spikes is effective vs mounted foes but doesn't poison - You can now capture some of the generic enemies in chapter 2 If you want more SGW content, don't forget to checkout Cornchip's LP found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_treUaRxk0 I'm always happy to plug in any LP's people are doing of SGW!
  3. Glad you're enjoying the hack! There isn't such a list. Whether or not you kill Dartanion has minor impact on some side events of the story.
  4. The growth patch is a 0% growth patch. It lets you play the game with 0% growth rates. Scrolls do not boost growth in that mode.
  5. You missed recruiting the female sage by killing them and the dragon by not talking to them. Refer to the recruitment guide to figure out how to recruit everyone.
  6. Glad you like it! I really like the music I selected too, of course! In other news, V1.10 and V1.04 are finally ready. I'm sorry they both took so long to be officially released, but here they are. If you tried out V1.10/V1.11 beta, this V1.10 adds in some unit balance changes to units like Gerome and Mirielle and is compatible with old .savs. V1.04 is for people who were already playing on V1.03 or lower. This is the last update for those versions, so please finish your current runs and then play V1.10 for an future play throughs you may do. I will not be updating V1.04 again. Outside of balance changes and any bugs people find not listed in the readme, this will probably be the final major update. The only planned future releases/updates that will be included in future releases are balance updates, lunatic mode (don't expect this anytime soon), and possibly reverse mode. As always, the current link for public releases can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck6l6c5ri3fwhon/SGW_Complete.zip?dl=0 Enjoy, and please report any bugs or balance feedback you have!
  7. Wait no further! To the best of my knowledge, SGW has our first LP by Cornchip. He seems to be a newer YouTuber on the scene, so he could use the support. I look forward to how he does and I hope you all do too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_treUaRxk0&list=PLlA6bN4Mby0Tht6-Xo8mDTnwgZSVhZW1_
  8. I have currently released a new updated beta patch on the SGW discord. Because it's not an official release, there is no update to the title/main link of the hack. If you want to play a more current version where the only main thing keeping the hack from a more public release is the issue of unit balancing, you can find this public beta on the discord.
  9. Thank you, I really appreciate all the support you've given over the years and I'm glad you've enjoyed the hacks I've made!
  10. I have another update for this patch I'm hoping to release this weekend, but otherwise I consider myself to be retired from the hacking community and have no plans to make any new hacks. This one already took enough time as is and I have other things in life I'd like to spend time on. Not to say the adventure wasn't fun, but it's time for me to rest.
  11. I thought I fixed the lance knight with the sword... I will look at it again. I don't want to nerf Lex, but removing canto+ from him doesn't sound like it would be too bad. Relina is a very powerful support unit with okay combat. How much HP did she have? Per your story spoiler, only the power up is temporary. There's a difficulty spike in chapter 2 when the enemies stop being nerfed, but some people have said chapter 3 is where things start to get much harder as opposed to chapter 2.
  12. Evan isn't a character who will see major nerfs. It's really only some of the flying units. The growth rates are just being lowered to better account for scrolls. That's what the overall nerfing will be. By snipers, you mean Bow Knights or in Nicole's case? I don't think I will change that or the two dancers. The nerfs are mostly going to be to growth rates to account for scrolls. There are some characters that were also regarded as having too good of base stats/skill sets, notably Jenna. It shouldn't make anyone that much worse, just help prevent steam rolling through the game.
  13. Gotcha. The next patch tries to address some of the potential difficulty issues by nerfing some overpowered units. There being too much money isn't one that I've fully explored, but I'll keep an eye out on feedback on this issue. The dragonvein bug is hopefully fixed. If you run into it, please let me know. I'm glad you've enjoyed this hack. It means a lot to me to see the people who have been following it for so long to be enjoying it now that it is released!
  14. That's what they are there for! So once you made use of capture and mercy, you felt the hack became too easy overall when compared to your first play through? Or was it just easy in general now? That is indeed a bug, thank you for informing me! You should be able to update your saves without issue. Levels do not reset on promotion in this hack. That is a bug and I will look into it. Magic swords can only be used by characters in classes with the magic trait and can use swords. Do you mean the class card or the animation? There will be no 2-10 range Ballistas. The master axe is in this hack. The latona stopped working for some reason and was removed. I'll see if there is more feedback in regards to this.
  15. SGW has now been updated to version 1.03. The change log can be found below: V1.03: -Fixed bug where gameover condition doesn't activate in chapter 14. -Fixed bug where dragonveins freeze on rare occaions -Fixed occasional bug where game would freeze due to arcthunder missing -Made improvements to Fire Dragon Animation -Fixed various palettes for enemy only classes and NPCs per recomendations -Fixed various typos -Added in various dialogue suggestions, including how class caps work the same as in FE4 -Made some fixes to certain cutscenes based on community feedback -Made preliminary and naive fix to issue with condition R text -Buffed all main dark magic tome hit rates by +10 -Fixed Wyvern Rider promotion to add +2 con -Buffed a recruitable Swordmaster's base speed by +4 (they join very late) -Correct Cerberus name -Fixed issues with enemy equipment in chapter 10 -Fixed magic growth rates of enemy classes -Fixed issue with 0% growths where scrolls still boosted growth rates -Fixed bug where vantage prevented the unit from getting a critical hit -Fixed bug in chapter 6 where you could still get a reward if the corresponding NPC died -Fixed bug where Stone worked on bosses -Fixed bug where chapter 7 wall had death quote There release is a bit premature as I wished to add in some extra balance changes, but due to the bugs I wanted to get this out ASAP. The next patch will have some balance changes for units currently considered to be too strong and some changes to help make the game mechanics more balanced. As always, any feedback on this subject is welcome and encouraged. As always, you can find the download link at the same URL it's always at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck6l6c5ri3fwhon/SGW_Complete.zip?dl=0
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