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  1. My favorites are Hana Hinata Oboro
  2. I'm planning on marrying Rinkah for my first play-through of Birthright. I've concluded that Fighter->Berserker is probably the best class path for her considering it helps her HP problem and slightly helps her HP and Str growths. It lowers her Def growth by 20% which kind of sucks but I think HP+Str > Def. My question is, When should I reclass her and should I keep her in Berserker or get the good skills and go to Oni Chieftain?
  3. He is boosted by 8 levels with and only joins one chapter later then he does in Hoshido. Basically he goes from terrible to amazing.
  4. Takumi > Ryoma > Leo > Sakura > Hinoka = Xander = Elise > Camilla I like Takumi, Ryoma, Leo and Sakura; I don't care about Hinoka, Xander, and Elise. I don't like Camilla at all.
  5. I really like the english VOs, and i can't help but giggle whenever I hear Kaden's laugh
  6. For this playthrough I really don't care about kids too much, I just want a team that can make it past Lunatic with my favorite characters. As for TakumixOboro I largely did that just for story purposes.
  7. OK how is this Pairings Hana x Luck(MaMu) Oboro x Takumi Rinkah x Ryouma Hinata x Kagerou Orochi x Saizou Nishiki x Azura Sakura x yomi Hinoka x Silas
  8. Just a little bit of background, I want to use these units for my first playthough of Birthright but I don't know how I should pair them. I want to use around 16 units, I don't care who I use besides these units. Also I'm planning on playing on hard or lunatic. Pairings (I want to use these pairings no matter what) Luck (+Str -Luck MaMU Holy Lancer ((Class and Asset/Flaw is changeable if necesarry)) ) x Hana Takumi x Oboro Units (these are units I want to use but don't have pairings for) Rinkah Ryouma Kagerou Nishiki Hinata Orochi
  9. My team is Hana Class: Trueblade Skills: Vantage Swordfaire Astra Flamboyant Miracle Corrin Class: Puppet master Skills Copycat puppet Hoshido Flamboyant Draconic Shield Dragon Fang Oboro Class: Holy Lancer Skills Lancefaire Copycat Puppet Breaking sky Ogre Strike Counter Takumi Class:Holy Bowman Skills Bowfaire Vantage Astra Flamboyant Speed Seal And some sort of staffbot can someone let me know how viable this team is?
  10. Here's one from reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/3sftp0/fatespreliminary_hoshido_tier_list/
  11. IMO druids were the most memorable class in the GBA games
  12. I personally can't stand the sorcerer designs, GBA druids are my favorite class based on their aesthetic alone and the new flashy skin showing dark mages bother me. Sorcerers/Druids should be mysterious and a little creepy in my opinion.
  13. My personal skill would be introvert, when there are no allies within 3 spaces of me all my stats are increased by 5
  14. To me the puppet seems magically animated in some way as we can't see strings.
  15. I'm guessing it will just be these 3 because they, along with Lucina were the most popular 2nd generation units based on a survey done in Japan.
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