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  1. ninjagorillaman

  2. Ashera tactically didn't petrify Meg and Fiona knowing that petrification gives +10 defence. They might actually live a round of combat. Not turning them to stone keeps them as easy kills for her disciples.
  3. I think it's more a system of proven warriors. A random trainee would not be allowed to challenge the king but his aide or a general would. So if Kyza keeps on proving themself then sure eventually they could challenge Skrimir to the title.
  4. Chapter 20 has arrived and with it one of the toughest bosses in the game Camus! He has a legendary 1-2 range lance and really high stats to boot. Sadly he cannot be recruited. Instead I have Midia have a rematch with him which leaves him at low enough health that Bantu can do his job! Blaaaargh! Then I just have to have Shiida perform her last two jobs in the game. Recruiting Lorenz and... reducing the number of characters in my army to 15. Sorry. 20x is the last of the side chapters I'll visit. No Nagi for me. But all the more Ymir.... So my plan for this chapter is to abuse the boss since he's a high level and has high defence. Easy exp. Except... He has no throne to stand on. He won't regenerate health. He also has no ranged weapon and doesn't move. Shadow Dragon. Why! Ugh... I guess I'll farm in chapter 21 instead! 21 has all it's difficulty in the reinforcements. They come 6 at a time in three waves and can overwhelm you if you are trying to push forwards. So I just don't do that. Wait them out and then advance to the boss. Slooooowly break his weapons and use the starsphere to get my army towards max level by boss abuse. Lorenz and Bantu level up easy enough. And would you look at that JUICY Bantu statline at capped level. Hnnnng~! Such single digits. But then when training Arran something weird happens. He gets this one in a million levelup. His growths mind you are NOT GOOD. This is a super exeption. You'll never see the likes of this on him ever again... Or maybe you will when he gets this one in a trillion levelup. And i'm using european numbers too! It's like he wants to be usefull. But then you look at his stats and he's just... unsalvageble. It's never going to actually make him good! Of course I don't forget to spend some of my amazing money pile on pretty much every stat booster in the sekrit shop. We need those stats because now we'll be facing.... 20 speed Dracoknights! And with the Brave weapons which become super common around this time too! I waste no time getting the starlight spell from Gotoh. I need that to get my Falchion later on! It seems however I underestimated Michalis. The Iote shield doesn't just block arrows but all effective weapons including Midia's forged Drag Knife. Sniper Minerva comes in to finish him off before too much swarm mage spawns can followup. Chapter 23 arrives and once again it requires patience. The enemies will come forth and need to be baited. Most units can barely live one round of combat. The inclusion of longbows on Minerva and Arran helps a ton in this situation. After a while it's time to move in. Some people have to stay behind because they are in the can't live a swarm tome assault state. Poor Lorenz is amongst them. Even though he has really good stats at capped his 4 lck means he faces crit still. Sorry buddy! Feeling uncomfortable in Etzel's stats I take some time to snort a ton of spirit dust with him before fighting Gharnef. Who ends up dead in two shots. Falchion is obtained and I don't actually visit the secret shop here. Master Seals have been sold all game long already and I don't want to waste money on buying new ones now. I really didn't want to waste much time on chapter 24. Reinforcements will keep coming until turn 53 or something rediculous. And the Dragons are super powered too. Instead I basically 2 turn it so I can get a few things done on the way. Basically getting the aum staff, the secret shop and killing the boss so Marth can seize. It's the final stretch so I'm pumped for the fight against Medeus! This is the final squad! It's kind of silly to compare some of the people here. Lorenz, Midia, Astram and Minerva are all powerful while Jagn, Arran and Jeorge are pretty weak in comparison. They're still useful of course just by no means stellar. I use most of my money to forge this stupid strong silver axe and call it the hoolaboola. It's not used. And yes I could've made a stupid strong silver bow instead and have Minerva oneshot the boss. But where is the fun in that? I do have to use warp however. Jagen and Jeorge duo up on the Ballistea just north of Marth's spawn. Minerva gets warped to Medeuses room and shoots the manakete protecting Medeus. Gotoh followsup with the swarm tome and kills the manakete. I use one more warp use to get Midia over as well. She kills the clerics. On the enemy phase Wendel dodges the western ballistea who would oneshot him and on player phase it's time to end it. Minerva can shoot Medeus without dieing but he hits back hard. Midia cannot finish him off and it looks like I miscalculated. Except that I have.... ULTRA INSTINCT BANTU! Get shrekt. And lol it's not a human that defeated you! Just don't look at that, okay?
  5. I know we're supposed to be wowed at his speed but the real star is Dorcases Defence which is a few points higher then his average. That juicy +3 on promotion is going to be great! Now he won't have to rely just on his HP to tank damage.
  6. 10x is a joke. But Horace joins afterwards and he's not too bad. Yay I guess. Let's move on to chapter 11. We visit Anna and of course head into the arena. Since Minerva is quite good in there. Sadly she still has to pull out quite often so no capped Minerva and infinite gold yet. I got a plan for a later arena though! Sadly I cannot sell the Aura tome. So I might have to make Minerva a Bishop/Sage to use it (and the Aum staff) later on! Yeah how about I don't do that. Archer Shiida recruits Jake and somewhere in the mix I made a screenshot of Ricard getting a kill. It's rare footage you won't see very often on HM5. Changing Minerva to a sniper so she can get past the Dracoknight's shitty speed cap and starts to train her bow rank. It also gets the warp staff on turn one, Yay. I was going to make a nazi reference but the name is not correct. It's good to see Jagen is still solid though. The one Manakete however is the real boss. You can completely bypass him if you want. He's a menace and a good indicator of things to come. Late game Manakete's are insane! After the deaths of Machellean, Dolph and Tomas Midia and Boah get their gear from Marth and put them to use. They got to squeeze out a little bit of exp before the wooden cavalry. Not that I'm going to spend much time about the damn chapter. It's a boring chapter with bullshit in all directions. I used some of the death fodder to draw in fire while rusing ahead and killing the center and northern lane enemies. Astram is of course recruited. He has the second highest potential of the crew I can use after Minerva. At this point I decide to suicide the ballisticians since I need to cut down on party members even more if I want to get more of the bonus chapters. Jiol is up for some boss abuse. But I do want that killer bow so I do all the abuse point blanc. It makes him and eventual easy snack for Bantu. I was lazy with the screenshots on chapter 15. This is the only one showing off Midia with the Pure water after scoffing at Gharnef's attempts to kill her. Jeorge was a Dracoknight so he could move around better and hopefully get some weapon ranks in non-bow weapons along the way. Next up the important chapter 16. This chapter can get pretty easy. I blocked the northern forts and waited out the southern reinforcements. Including a new pickup, Arran! Is he the correct choice? Normally yes. This playthrough no. His stats are horrible. Pretty much unsalvageble. But I bet I can squeeze some use out of him with some forged weapons. But that requires money. A lot of money. Where is the Arena! Minerva as a sniper faces just Sorcerers, Bishops, Sages, Snipers and Horsemen. And only Horsemen are dangerous since they can spawn with 30 speed and double her. It's basically free real estate money! Luckily Mekkkah uploaded enough videos for me to watch on the side as I grinded money for three hours. 235K gold should be enough to last me the rest of the game. Obviously Wendell ended up level capped from all the healing. At this point the road to endgame is pretty much clear and nothing special is in my way untill chapter 20 so let's go through it quickly. 17 and 17 x are easy peasy with my strong army and bountiful money. Ricard gets another kill along the way! Xane is probably a really good unit for this run but i decided to sacrifice him anyways. Also this stupid boss. This late in the game and STILL no ranged weapons! And now. Time For a cursed image. Avert your eyes if you cannot handle this.
  7. And we´re back with Chapter 7! First fodder joins as well as Mother Trucker Bantu. The hero we never knew we needed! This chapter is kind of hard though. With the many reinforcements holding horse slaying weapons Jagen will need to turtle on top of a fort and wait out the storm and survive untill we can make a push towards the.... oh. Yeah. I´m not going to make a habit out of warpskipping everything but really stopping reinforcements is a noble goal. Bantu himself is actually a pretty servicable unit. His dragonstone gives him a heap of attack power. Fodder is going to be fodder. Also. BEGONE THOT! If only I could ditch her. But she´s needed to recruit more later on. Bantu claims his first victim. I´m sure he´ll be MVP. I finished him in the same turn I crossed the reinforcement lines so none would spawn. Plus 3 might on a handaxe makes Jagen´s combat more reliable. He´s needed to save the center chests while Marth and Wendel go recruit Jeorge. I pretty much need everyone to chip in on killing enemies including the thieves who face OHKO from all enemies around. The reinforcements are becoming a total pain to deal with. But I manage to scrape by just barely with the help of Jeorge and Jagen who flies in to save the day. After all that the boss is a bit of a letdown. With 3 reliable ranged options he soon falls. He´s no Bantu. Only Bantu is Bantu. Mind you I couldn´t save the wyrmslayer. The thief ran off with it. And now the thing I feared from the start chapter 10. First off the real danger. The cavaliers to the left approach in an annoying manner so I forge +3 mt on the ridersbane so Jagen as a Paladin can one shot them. I name the weapon F*CK MLP! I warp in Jagen and have him kill the cavalier with the javelin first. This allows him to kill the other three with one hitpoint to spare. Calculating paid off. Afterwards it's time to rush into the castle towards Maria. As the top right reinforcements will try to swarm down and kill us from behind. Luckily there is the secret weapon. One that will hold the choke point. And it's not even Doga. Ida the hero! He will be the line that defends us from the uncoming horde and... Yeah. We're going to need another line of defence. Presenting the clogged toilet defence. Above Jagen is Wendell healing him back up. Silver weapons only have twenty uses so it's not the longest wait for them to run out. At which point Maria can make herself usefull and take Jagen's spot to clog the toilet. And Jeorge can slowly start sniping the troublesome enemies over the wall. Minerva is likely going to be one of the strongest units in the army. All that's left is to break the boss. It takes a long time to break all his weapons but it's worth it. Afterwards the slow abuse can start! Bantu finishing off a weakened enemy is not very heroic but it still counts. The non Jagen units are all significantly stronger now. I should be fine untill Jiol and I can take a breather. See you next time for chapter 10x - 16!
  8. Oh gods. What am I even doing. The rules are as follows. -All rules only start at the start of chapter 6. -Units that are needed to recruit others are free in the chapter they are needed to recruit, -Characters that can promote are banned. -Wolf and Sedgar are banned too. -Fuck it let's make it even harder by banning Ballistea. -Units can be deployed to fodder off for the bonus chapters. (In short let's make a list of units I can actually use. Marth, Jagen, Julian, Wendel, Ricard, Bantu, Jeorge, Minerva, Midia, Boah, Horace, Astram, Arran, Samson, Ymir, Etzel, Lorenz) Other then that I'm going to boss abuse the hell out of this game since their normal exp gain will not be enough. One thing I intend to do is include only a limited amount of pictures and not weave a big story. It's going to hopefully be fairly short. Aaaaanyways. Let's get cracking with chapter 1. Of course it starts by buying a load of javelins and iron swords. I don't think it's important to tell you how to play this. Only the boss is of importance. I could grind him with the javelins over and over but the hitrate sucks and it's expensive. So let's try something else... and equally time consuming. Marth doesn't face crit so he can take a hit safely! And then retreat to the fortress to heal back up, breaking the bosses weapon. After the boss breaks it Jagen can move in with his own iron sword and just chip away for some easy exp. Untill> Oh gods. 400 turns in he's finally far enough. At this point his strength it high enough that he can oneshot the boss with a crit but luckily he barely hit that 11 speed benchmark he needed to beat Hyman later on. Granted with the real challenge only starting on chapter 6 I could've just made it easier on myself. Chapter 2 and 3 are not as interesting. With Jagen's incredibly THICC 14 defence he makes easy work of both these chapters so I can move on to chapter 4 which is important because it has.... An arena! Granted on HM5 arena's are deathtraps. I did two fights with Marth and then Noped out. I'll need to get my money later on instead. The boss is highlighted here because he's an idiot with no 2-range weapons. I didn't farm him though. Just killed him and moved on to chapter 5. It's the second character. And It's a good one too. Wendel is amazing with his high speed. The reason I let the true challenge start at chapter 6 is because of this guy. You also get some other guys but I fodder them off. Including Wolf and Sedgar. Not making this challenge easier by keeping them around. I do abuse some of the fodder for some quick staff rank exp. And then I brace myself for the painful chapter 6. It starts with dumping a lot of money into a forged Javelin. Luckily you get a lot of money in this game. The +7 is needed for Paladin Jagen to ORKO the archers near the start of the chapter. As a side effect it also oneshots the thieves. And yes. I did get all the treasure! There is a sneaky spot you can lure the mage towards and kill off some of your fodder. There is a bonus chapter after this so it's important to kill off some. As an added bonus the mage will be easier to bait later on. And it's another boss with no ranged attacks. Bit of an anti-climax for the first chapter I was worried about. Imma just quickly skip through 6x. The gaiden chapters are piss easy on hm5 and only two things of importance happen. Jagen gets C in axes so he can hammer in chapter 7. Wendel gets C in staves so he can warp in chapter 7. Is that a hint of things to come?
  9. @DefyingFates Too bad she still didn't move up... 1.0+0.9+0.8+0.7+0.6+0.5+0.4=4.9 @kirauza343 You get to cash in on that Vika bias. 1.3+1.4+1.3+1.3+1.3+1.2+1.4=9.2
  10. @indigoasis Sorry buddy. But that's still going to be just a 7. 1.3+1.2+1.1+1+0.9+0.8+0.7=7.0
  11. @Yukiko I don't like Neasala... I love everyone else in Tellius tho. 1.2+1.2+1.3+1.3+1.2+1.3+1.3=8.8
  12. @NSSKG151 I'm just going to count all Anna's the same sorry. 1.1+1.0+0.9+0.8+0.7+0.6+0.5=5.6 @Fire Emblem Fan I can't complain. Brom is a nice Chap. 1.3+1.2+1.1+1.0+0.9+0.8+0.7=7.0 @Icelerate Robin, Forde and Bernie. Especially Forde. 1.0+0.9+0.8+0.7+0.6+1.2+1.1=6.3 @Bernice Oliver has enough x chromosomes in his entire body to be a woman too. 1.0+0.9+0.8+0.7+0.6+0.5+1.3=5.8 @SatsumaFSoysoy And YOU being happy is the most important thing. My scores are worthless. 0.9+1.0+1.1+1.1+1.1+1.0+1.2=7.4
  13. Oh gods. Oliver with Mordecai's hair. Cursed fusion. @Etheus Seems like you got the anti-Mekkkah squad ready there. 1.2+0.9+1.3+1.3+1.3+1.3+1.2=8.5 And now I'll sleep.
  14. @Mampfoid Oliver with Celica's hair. Can he get more beautiful? 1.0+0.9+0.8+0.7+0.6+0.5=4.5 @Supernova125 One of these is not like the others. One of these just does not belong. 1.2+1.1+1.3+1+0.9+0.8+0.7=7.0
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