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  1. Oh gods. What am I even doing. The rules are as follows. -All rules only start at the start of chapter 6. -Units that are needed to recruit others are free in the chapter they are needed to recruit, -Characters that can promote are banned. -Wolf and Sedgar are banned too. -Fuck it let's make it even harder by banning Ballistea. -Units can be deployed to fodder off for the bonus chapters. (In short let's make a list of units I can actually use. Marth, Jagen, Julian, Wendel, Ricard, Bantu, Jeorge, Minerva, Midia, Boah, Horace, Astram, Arran, Samson, Ymir, Etzel, Lorenz) Other then that I'm going to boss abuse the hell out of this game since their normal exp gain will not be enough. One thing I intend to do is include only a limited amount of pictures and not weave a big story. It's going to hopefully be fairly short. Aaaaanyways. Let's get cracking with chapter 1. Of course it starts by buying a load of javelins and iron swords. I don't think it's important to tell you how to play this. Only the boss is of importance. I could grind him with the javelins over and over but the hitrate sucks and it's expensive. So let's try something else... and equally time consuming. Marth doesn't face crit so he can take a hit safely! And then retreat to the fortress to heal back up, breaking the bosses weapon. After the boss breaks it Jagen can move in with his own iron sword and just chip away for some easy exp. Untill> Oh gods. 400 turns in he's finally far enough. At this point his strength it high enough that he can oneshot the boss with a crit but luckily he barely hit that 11 speed benchmark he needed to beat Hyman later on. Granted with the real challenge only starting on chapter 6 I could've just made it easier on myself. Chapter 2 and 3 are not as interesting. With Jagen's incredibly THICC 14 defence he makes easy work of both these chapters so I can move on to chapter 4 which is important because it has.... An arena! Granted on HM5 arena's are deathtraps. I did two fights with Marth and then Noped out. I'll need to get my money later on instead. The boss is highlighted here because he's an idiot with no 2-range weapons. I didn't farm him though. Just killed him and moved on to chapter 5. It's the second character. And It's a good one too. Wendel is amazing with his high speed. The reason I let the true challenge start at chapter 6 is because of this guy. You also get some other guys but I fodder them off. Including Wolf and Sedgar. Not making this challenge easier by keeping them around. I do abuse some of the fodder for some quick staff rank exp. And then I brace myself for the painful chapter 6. It starts with dumping a lot of money into a forged Javelin. Luckily you get a lot of money in this game. The +7 is needed for Paladin Jagen to ORKO the archers near the start of the chapter. As a side effect it also oneshots the thieves. And yes. I did get all the treasure! There is a sneaky spot you can lure the mage towards and kill off some of your fodder. There is a bonus chapter after this so it's important to kill off some. As an added bonus the mage will be easier to bait later on. And it's another boss with no ranged attacks. Bit of an anti-climax for the first chapter I was worried about. Imma just quickly skip through 6x. The gaiden chapters are piss easy on hm5 and only two things of importance happen. Jagen gets C in axes so he can hammer in chapter 7. Wendel gets C in staves so he can warp in chapter 7. Is that a hint of things to come?
  2. @DefyingFates Too bad she still didn't move up... 1.0+0.9+0.8+0.7+0.6+0.5+0.4=4.9 @kirauza343 You get to cash in on that Vika bias. 1.3+1.4+1.3+1.3+1.3+1.2+1.4=9.2
  3. @indigoasis Sorry buddy. But that's still going to be just a 7. 1.3+1.2+1.1+1+0.9+0.8+0.7=7.0
  4. @Yukiko I don't like Neasala... I love everyone else in Tellius tho. 1.2+1.2+1.3+1.3+1.2+1.3+1.3=8.8
  5. @NSSKG151 I'm just going to count all Anna's the same sorry. 1.1+1.0+0.9+0.8+0.7+0.6+0.5=5.6 @Fire Emblem Fan I can't complain. Brom is a nice Chap. 1.3+1.2+1.1+1.0+0.9+0.8+0.7=7.0 @Icelerate Robin, Forde and Bernie. Especially Forde. 1.0+0.9+0.8+0.7+0.6+1.2+1.1=6.3 @Bernice Oliver has enough x chromosomes in his entire body to be a woman too. 1.0+0.9+0.8+0.7+0.6+0.5+1.3=5.8 @SatsumaFSoysoy And YOU being happy is the most important thing. My scores are worthless. 0.9+1.0+1.1+1.1+1.1+1.0+1.2=7.4
  6. Oh gods. Oliver with Mordecai's hair. Cursed fusion. @Etheus Seems like you got the anti-Mekkkah squad ready there. 1.2+0.9+1.3+1.3+1.3+1.3+1.2=8.5 And now I'll sleep.
  7. @Mampfoid Oliver with Celica's hair. Can he get more beautiful? 1.0+0.9+0.8+0.7+0.6+0.5=4.5 @Supernova125 One of these is not like the others. One of these just does not belong. 1.2+1.1+1.3+1+0.9+0.8+0.7=7.0
  8. I'm awake. I'm awake. Yaaaawn. @SoulWeaver Two accounts? I guess you'll get two scores. (Only 5 units each it seems.) 1.3+1.3+1.3+1.3+1.1=6.3 and 1.1+1.1+1.3+1.1+1.3=5.9
  9. @Deathcon it can happen to the best of us. And it's not like these points actually do anything. Just something I've been doing every year. And you voted for best boy Dedue so it's all cool. 1.3+1.3+1.3+1.2+1.3+1.2=7.6
  10. @Seafarer ironically I got a team called Old 'n Bold which is my +10 Gunther, Jagen, Wrys and a +3 Bantu. If I didn't have a set way to give points I would've loved to give you a topscore. 1.3+1.3+1.3+1.4+1.3+1.4+1.4=9.4
  11. @Gordin I see you voted for both Kieran's. 5th platoon something something later gets a promotion and such. 1.3+1.2+1.1+1+0.9+0.8+0.7=7.0
  12. @Thane The dragon king shall not move. I still wonder how they are going to tackle Tellius Dragons. 1.1+0.8+1+0.9+1.3+1.1+1.3=7.5 @Eltosian Kadath That's one hell of a name to spell. And once again I don't know the cast of Tokyo Sessions. And before calculating that seems like the first ballot that will outscore my own. 1.3+1.4+1.4+1.4+1.4+1.4+1.3=9.6
  13. @Zeo Edward the man that catches axes with his face. It's a bit odd you voted for him if you wanted to support the best FE10 Swordie which is clearly Makalov... hurr. 1.3+1.2+1.1+1+0.9+0.8+0.7=7.0 @Mercakete Elena is good. She could hold the medalion without going mad. Ike got his blue hair from her. 1.3+1.2+1.1+1+0.9+0.8+0.7=7.0
  14. @Tybrosion It's too bad we cannot vote Ike or Micaiah anymore. Though I guess on the flipside we cannot see Camilla votes anymore either. +0.8+1.1+0.7+1+1.3+1.2+1.1=7.2
  15. @Emerson I would normally not allow it but whatever. Who's going to check on me bending the rules slightly? Not me! 1.0+0.9+0.8+1.3+1.3+1.4+1.3=8.0 @Brave Lance sadly the picture doesn't work for me. @Silverly. You already knoooow. I have to penalize for repeat votes based on my own very flawed point system. 1.1+1+0.9+0.8+0.7+0.6+0.5=5.6 @Michelaar Aren't Ricardo memes gone yet. Also I never heard of Teru but I like his design. 1.2+1.4+1.1+1.4+1.3+1.3+0.9=8.6
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