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  1. i kinda expect DQ 1-3 HD-2D to be shown, and potentially the Bravely-related project thad Team Asano teased (Bravely Third please) as for hopes, i have too many: Xenogears remastered, Xenosaga Trilogy remastered, Genealogy remake and too many others to list
  2. yeah, considering the Lost Canvas saints is a good idea, and also I'm glad you liked my suggestions, so grazie a te! in this case you could also take the Next Dimension and Omega saints, but that actually wouldn't change things that much, except for a few characters as for what skill sets, I honestly can't remember any of them, so I can't be of any help with them
  3. Saint Seiya mentioned in an english forum? count me in i really like your character-emblem pairings overall, so I want to focus more on the character who best fit their Saint Seiya counterpart: Aries Mu is generally a neutral character, he rarely takes action unless danger is (literally) knocking at his door sadly, none of the Engage aries units are quite similar to Mu, who focuses on energy-based attacks (which I imagine can be translated as magic in FE terms), so my pick would be Sage Diamant Taurus Aldebaran is a gentle giant, someone who tests the main characters only to see how far their resolve could potentially take them THE gentle giant in Engage is Boucheron, there's no debating this. Aldebaran is a tank who is capable of blocking and landing hits at the speed of light depending on his stance: while this is of course hard to translate as a FE class, I'd say Berserker is more than fine, or even Hero if you feel like Gemini Saga and Kanon are absolute monsters in terms of destructive power, they are by far the most powerful Gold Saints in combat, but they also posses mind-control techniques and "status" abilities such as the Another Dimension, the Golden Triangle and the ability to remove all 5 senses: Hortensia would fill this role very well. problem is, she doesn't really match Saga nor Kanon in terms of personality, actually none of the Engage gemini characters do, so Hortensia it is Cancer Deathmask is a vile, cruel, sadistic individual who loves to fill his chambers with the "masks" of all the innocent people he killed, to the point even his Cloth refuses to be attached to his body: of course neither Goldmary nor Lindon are anyway similar to this, but i'd say your suggestion can work Leo Aiolia is brash and impulsive, but also very just and faifhful to the ones close to him and he mainly fights physically, so I'd say Alfred is the most fitting pick Virgo Shaka is... complex: he believes he's right until proven plainly wrong, he's pitiless and has a distinctly spiritual personality, being the human who's the closes to the gods. none of the 4 characters are similar, so I guess any is fine? Libra Dohko is a physical tank similarly to Taurus, except he's on steroids due to his Cloth. he's the wisest of all Gold Saints being 261 years old. none of the 3 libras in Engage fit, so my pick would be Berserker Etie (Boucheron would be a Hero to avoid class repetition) Scorpion Milo is quite similar to Aiolia in terms of personality, but he fights very differently, as he doesn't prioritize damage, but rather directly killing his enemies with his Scarlet Needle attacks. Citrinne and Panette would be both fine picks, and I like the idea of a crit build. Sagittarius Aiolos is probably the most faithful, just and heroic Gold Saint, but we also never actually see him fighting for... obvious reasons Vander is the most fitting imho, not much room for debate. Capricorn Shura is very faithful, but when his trust is broke he has no mercy, although he still has a kind heart and he's able to understand and atone for his mistakes, as we see with Shiryu. he fights with his lightning-speed sword arm (limbs actually) Excalibur: Swordmaster Kagetsu is the one. Aquarius Camus is calm and collected until he faces personal matters, in which cases he becomes very passionate despite his stern and distant attitude. the two aquarius dudes are the complete opposite, but I like the idea of Martial Master + Corrin. Pisces Aphrodite is someone who identifies strength with justice, similarly to Deathmask. I always imagined him as a thief/assassin, but Framme and Clanne definitely aren't anything like Aphrodite. I haven't played the DLC yet so I only have to hope Nel is even slightly more similar to Aphrodite than the twins. Let me know if you liked my ideas.
  4. honestly never heard of the guy, but I do am a fan of Saint Seiya, and although I never watched the original anime in japanese (yet), it's really sad when these things happen i believe that, within certain boundaries, if people do bad things it doesn't necessarily mean they're bad people at the core, but this is pretty cruel honestly my thoughts go to the victim first and foremost, of course
  5. yes, the same as you do in PoR and RD can't remember if it's also true for armor knights, but i'd love to see it
  6. PoR is my ideal FE gameplay, so i'd say rescue, shove, growth rates scrolls/rings, trinity of magic, and yes even elevation from RD biorhythm would be out but i'd add skill gauges, and i'd add combat arts as well except they'd work like skills, as in scrolls that cost skill points and that can be assigned to a character as long as they're compatible also, sword/lance/axe/bow knights would return and of course they'd get access to a new weapon class of choice upon promotion
  7. i honestly wouldn't complain at all if Senri Kita was the only character illustrator for the rest of FE's lifespan, i love her artstyle that much i must say that i find the GBA's artstyle the most iconic one for FE, but i voted for the Gamecube/Wii era because i think it's a direct evolution of the GBA's
  8. in general, my favorites tend to be among: Gallade (and Mega Gallade, he looks like he came out of Saint Seiya), Gardevoir, Altaria, Chimecho, Scizor, Rhydon, Ninetales (both OG and Alola), Suicune, Lugia, Frosmoth, Feraligatr, Espeon, Kingdra, Xatu, Dragonair and Arcanine
  9. it's the first thing i read this morning when i woke up, it's really crazy; while i've not been much of a Dragonball fan as of recent years, i used to always watch it on tv as a kid, and i still have DB cards (and lamincards, although i think it's pretty much an italy-only thing) and pencil cases, excercise books and binders that i used in first grade, and i also started drawing by tracing DB illustrations of all the tweets i read today, the one who surprised me the most was one which showed a comment made by Toriyama in '82 about Kurumada (author of Saint Seiya/Knights of the Zodiac), where he essentially said he loves Kurumada's manly mangas but there's also a comment made in 2002 by Kurumada where he says Toriyama is a genius, and also says "if he's a golden egg, then i'm an iron egg, that needs to be constantly polished or it'd start to rust, and that only through effort and dedication he can shine as much as Toriyama" considering Kurumada is considered by many the single manga author who defined the standards for modern shōnen manga, that's pretty crazy also, Akihiro Hino, president of Level 5 (Layton series, Inazuma Eleven series etc.) said that when his studio was chosen to develop Dragon Quest VIII, Toriyama himself showed up at Hino's house to discuss about the game besides this, it simply amazes me how many creative minds, not just manga authors, this single person touched and inspired
  10. well i was mainly speaking about the graphics and aesthetics in general, i'm not really fond of how FE games with 3D graphics look but yeah, i've seen some trailers and while i somewhat get some FE feelings from Unicorn Overlord, it's clear it's not a carbon copy of FE games also, owl lady
  11. i still haven't played the demo, and i don't think i will, but i'm really looking forward to this it's pretty close to what i'd like modern FE games to look like, so that's a bonus too
  12. i don't have huge demands (imho), i'd just like to see a few newcomers from series i really like these would be any non-Sekiro Fromsoftware main character (Chosen Undead, Cursed One, Good Hunter, Champion of Ash or Tarnished, i'm fine with any of these ones) and any Trails main character (either Estelle, (Kevin) Lloyd, Rean or Van (haven't played Kuro yet) whether it's with a whole new game or a re-release with new contents, i don't really care
  13. I just hope Inazuma Eleven Victory Road is shown, even shortly would be fine
  14. i think i'd like it if they picked a certain historical period and location with its culture and made it "fire emblem-ized" what i mean by this incredibly imprecise and generic line is, i'd love it if they, for instance, decided the new game would be set in a FE version of 16th century europe, and actually stayed coherent with the armor, weapon and outfit design of 16th century europe, same goes if they decided to pick east-asian or middle-east countries if some elements are not coherent, they should be given a proper reason why, like armors and weapons created with old designs as inspirations this would definitely require a certain amount of research, something i'm not confident they'd make
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