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  1. EDIT: I added a picture from their DLC to this post but it's not showing up for some reason?
  2. Don't care since I have no interest in playing as the male avatar. If I had to choose than it will come down to Hisame or Shara.
  3. I have to admit that M!Kamui and Azura is giving me strong Chrom and F!Robin vibes, a pairing I hate. But no, nothing really comes close to M!Kamui and Azura. I wouldn't say it's canon though. There has to be reason why you start off with Felicia if you're male.
  4. I know you're joking about Sakura and all but... How? The color she passes down isn't even remotely close to Mitama's pink.
  5. I just read the Inivisble Kingdom summary and nothing implied that her father was a dragon.
  6. So since Kamui is half-dragon... Is Aqua half-dragon too?
  7. I hear Kamui also passes down her weaknesses from dragon slaying weapons to the kids. Is this true?
  8. Please tell me that this is fake. If not, what an incredible man Nintendo has lost. This made me teary eyed. RIP Iwata, you were a great president.
  9. Is it possible for the localization to make the Nohr story a little better or make some sense? I mean like they did fix that stupid reason the Black Knight gave to Ike of why he lost to him.
  10. Like Robin, Is Kamui the best parent for the kids?
  11. That's strange. Why is the Hoshido and Invisible Kingdom stories so good compared to the lackluster Nohr? I guess I should change my name to Kamui of Touma
  12. I'm sure it still is but the guy who is claiming this stuff seems to be truthful. He did leak the the pictures of the siblings in the swim suit dlc. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.
  13. I'm pretty sure they do have a unique ending. The dialogue changes in the coronation scene if you guys are marred.She becomes your queen while in other variations, she becomes your "advisor".... Hmmm...
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