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  1. Hello, I am curious about the extended script in chapter 3-6. I read the translation of the script and want to know what exactly this means. 

    Micaiah: I shall do my best to defeat the Laguz Alliance quickly. When this
        battle is over, please persuade the king to negotiate a peace treaty as
        soon as possible. Would you do this for me? Would you please talk to the
        king and help to stop this pointless war?

    This is the English script and seems like Micaiah wants to persuade Pelleas to negotiate with the Laguz Alliance.

    However, in the Japanese machine translation, this is how it goes.

    General Tauronio ...!
    you tell Pereas from the general ? 
    I will
    do my
    utmost to defeat the Allied Rag's Army . 
    Because I will defeat them and take away the fighting spirit
    ... Please reconcile at that time ... ▼ I would like you to
    stand with Begnion and
    end the war early ▼
    I would like to ask you again ...
    Yes ... ▼
    Looks like Micaiah wanted to break the Laguz Alliance's Will so they submit as opposed to a peace treaty. 
  2. If it helps you start anew, I don't know who you are or what grievances you have, but I'm happy to hear you'll stick around and continue to learn more about Fire Emblem ^^ I come here now and then too just to check on how things are going.
  3. Welcome, enjoy your stay! Sacred Stones is a lot of fun!
  4. Sorry for making it unclear! The second is a summary of highlights of a separate interview that has some crossover info, but that may also offer some other small tidbits, so I encourage you to read both. : )
  5. Yes, I wish they dived a little deeper into what they meant by it and what differentiates it from what we got. I feel like originally they meant it'd just be one story with no variation beyond the change of main lord you follow? Where as Lyn's story is separate/a tutorial, with Hector's having some additional content (which can be chalked up to the surprises they mentioned for those who replay the game). Likewise, there probably would not have been a selection for Normal/Hard selection for the various stories, either, I guess? That's just speculation though!
  6. I translated some developer interview stuff on FE7 from 2003! It's rare to see developer interviews on these older games, so I'm excited to share these (as I'm not sure if these have been translated before either...) Interview from Nintendo's Online Magazine (Full) Interview Highlights from Nintendo Dream (May 2003) There are fun little tidbits, such as how the Tactician was only supposed to be there until the end of chapter 10 among other things. There is one more online interview I want to translate from FE7, but I am not sure if it has any substantial information that we do not already know from these two... Sources/original JP are listed on the posts. Enjoy!
  7. I finally got time to translate some developer interview stuff on FE9 from 2005! It's rare to see developer interviews on this game, so I'm excited to share them: Interview from Nintendo's Online Magazine (Full) Interview Highlights from Nintendo Dream (May 2005) There are fun little tidbits for Tellius fans to enjoy, so please give it a read. Sources/original JP are listed on the posts. Enjoy!
  8. Thanks for translating, @VincentASM! Someone brought it to my attention when the image popped up but can't work on it while at...well, work. xD I did order the book itself though! So I'll let you know if anything else fun pops up.
  9. I can see how that mistake may have happened, the word Dedue used in JP was 兄弟 which can be singular or plural for sibling. That one is odd, since that change is completely different than the JP xD Might be something to look into. EDIT: Looked into it. This one is pretty weird to me. xD
  10. I think what I was trying to say is "accurate" would be in the purely literal sense to the idea being conveyed. I regret using this word without conveying the full idea of what I was trying to say. I feel the accuracy is still to the intent, that the father is cruel and a.) Tied her to a chair (with implied punishments/disciplining) and b.) all to make her a good wife (main idea to conversation). But I do agree with the fact that the "all day and night" makes this a matter of "toned down" severity. In terms of "censorship," I do not know if toning down severity to this degree would really qualify, as that harsh idea (that it's still a terrible thing dad does in broad strokes and just not as in-your-face terrible) would qualify? If it does then I apologize, but I felt it didn't when it comes to what I think of in "censorship" for JP and ENG. Instead of getting one localizer's interpretation (i.e. the "challenging" part), the reader is now left to imagine what the "things like" may have been for Bernie. If we account for subtleties being lost and that severity, it may indeed come off differently, but the overall idea being conveyed is not hindered in that sense. Looking at it this way, it may be inconsequential. The article I wrote goes into a bit more detail of the thought behind it, and indeed, her emotion is key that the localization likely picked up on and "spelled out" in English to the player. This new one kind of (awkwardly) leaves it to the imagination. Uh did any of that makes sense? xD (I liked the original localization a lot more!) Yeah... it's kept me busy all day. I kind of regret getting involved... I think I'm poor at expressing things, and has me at an anxiety higher than Bernie's entire existence. xD I was happy that the ones on reddit were pretty cool about it though. ^^ Ah they're probably apologizing since there were some misunderstandings about who said what and such I think. I'm happy to see that though!
  11. Oh no worries! I just wanted to ensure people were aware that I do not really have much say in this beyond what I provided. : ) I try my best, considering past issues and messes that have come about! That I wouldn't know, as I have no way to access any pre-release scripts... xD But... I don't think 8-4 worked on this game at all? To my knowledge it was NOA's internal Treehouse? I don't see it on 8-4's gameography. I know Valentia was, but the first line there is a little vague?
  12. I don't disagree with that! I'm used to "censorship" referring to changing the original JP text, so at the very least I don't think it's that type, that's all! I don't have the credentials or knowledge to know if it is any other sort. xD It's a bit of a silly mystery... one we may never have the answer to. That's what I'm here for! I happened upon this thread (as it was on the sidebar on serenes) when looking for something completely different, so I thought I should quickly contribute what I could to help quell any misunderstandings! It's nice to see you are around too! I'm still doing comparisons so this may be an interesting thing to write on tonight in case others potentially think it is a translation change... (And still working on wanting to look into more Tellius stuff too!)
  13. Right? I wasn't expecting that xD I think that's unprecedented... That's the mystery, but it's possible it's a reversion to a script more accurate to the JP script? I could see this as a possibility. : )
  14. Hehe, believe me, I know all about localization having fun with text...especially in Fates... xD but that's the feeling I got they were going for here. As for why they may have reset it though, that I'm not sure about~ Yeah I put a super literal translation there so is a little awkward to read, but I wanted to give people the idea. I think the discipline part is what ENG picked up on to expand on more, such as that challenge and stuff. Submissive probably from the idea of the previous line of her simply being a "tool for marriage." (The word can also mean "training" which the new ENG also references)
  15. I agree, I think they were trying to more clearly express the feeling she was giving in words, as the Japanese is more subtle so perhaps they felt the need to spell it out. Does anyone have the wider ENG support? I checked the lines before and after the screenshot too but wanted to see how those were in ENG... I think it may be just restoring it to more like the original JP based on what I saw above...
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