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  1. How about Dragon Quest 8 music? A lot of DQ8 music is orchestrated.
  2. Yar ho Sunwoo Id be mistaken for a bear if I came to ye pad should a beard be grown lol.
  3. I myself if I wanted to can grow a lumberjack beard I just hate beards.
  4. How big is Revelation in Blocks? I'm just curious.
  5. Thanks for the info Sunwoo:http://nintendoeverything.com/pre-order-fire-emblem-fates-at-gamestop-get-three-character-keychains/ This now includes the Special Edition as well.
  6. I remember my little niece who is 4 years old ask me "Who put this poop in my pants?" Let's just say I was like this -_- the rest of the day.
  7. Happy birthday! You're old! :P

    1. Zodok the Priest

      Zodok the Priest

      I'm an old man yet still younger in my mind :)

  8. Welcome, welcome to serenes forest where all your nightmares can come true we hope you have a terrible time and recommend us to everyone you know so they too can experience the hellish nightmare.
  9. You and me both mate that was the fight against Seymour Flux (Shiver) just thinking about that fight gives me the chills.
  10. That's the one thing that made me think to myself oh s*** what have I gotten myself into I should have continued on with the game lol. But I'll be honest with you I don't hate the game I just hate that boss fight I should honestly go back to the game it has been about 5 years since I've played it so who knows maybe I've gotten better I have to played several RPG's since then. But that theme kicks so much ass even in the remastered versison sounds even better.
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