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  1. You know what they could do about Gen 2 characters but not making them feeling "clone-y"? The substitutes. Bring out the good ol' subs. I love the holy kids, but I would unleash my orb stash on Laylea, Dimna, Tristan, and Linda without hesitation. Hell, I would even pull for Daisy.
  2. The Trails of series has a few Chinese inspired locations such as Longlai, but I can't remember the others. I know there's Trails fans on this forum that might know more locations.
  3. There's definitely ups and downs to both sides. Sometimes one MC is much better developed or not as developed as the other main character(s). For example, Lyn is a main character in FE7, but she loses relevance after the introductory arc. From a gameplay standpoint, she is unique like Eliwood and Hector and is a different unit entirely to them, focusing more on SPD. If there is multiple MCs, I do prefer them to be different unit types and fulfill different roles in battle. I like how Alm is a physical unit and Celica is a magical unit. Same goes for Ike and Micaiah, but the difference is even more drastic because Ike is pure offense and is quite tanky as well meanwhile Micaiah is more of a supporting unit. Meanwhile not a fan when the two lords are two similar, like Chrom and Lucina. It makes sense why they're similar, but Chrom loses a lot of value once Lucina steps into the picture.
  4. Gatekeeper has one of the best artwork in the game. It's amazing. And the buffs he gives and what he can do sound OP if in the right hands. I'm glad to see Marianne as a dancer because she's a good one in the Three Houses meta but they forgot the feather that's supposed to be in her hair. I want the feather. It was cute. Still hoping she was a cavalry unit as well, that way her special Requiem Dance isn't too overpowered... but we'll see how strong it is in practice. It's definitely nice to have though, being able to attack and "dance" at the same time. Marth and Eirika both had predictable unit types imo. They look good though.
  5. He wouldn't look as cool and intimidating if he dismounted tbh. The horse completes the ensemble.
  6. Since Gaius is her father, I would've had him pass down Lethality instead but Counter is a good skill for archers. Is Counter at its best in this game? Not really. I think it was a little bit better in Fates tbh. The main reason people like pairing Gaius with Tharja is that it gives Noire the option to reclass her into a Dark Flier, which means she can get Galeforce. However, this is on Normal difficulty and you may not want to grind that much, which I totally get because I don't like doing that either. If you want to make her into a Bow Knight, her stats and current skill set would be more than enough to make her a good unit. She may not be your MVP, but she'll most likely get the job done and Bow Knight is an underrated class imo. If her stats lean more magical, then I would suggest class changing her to something else, like Sorcerer or Dark Flier.
  7. Duos: Naesala and Leanne (works for Valentines or Christmas) Ogma and Navarre Eyvel and Mareeta Harmonics: Lysithea and Sophia (similar design and color palettes, plus affinity for dark magic) Cynthia and Nina (both are pig tailed heroic girls) Volke and Saizo (I'm sure they'll talk a lot)
  8. Commoners come with a stat booster when you recruit them IIRC and nobles come with a bullion. Although I'm always hurting for money since I don't use the online features when I play (or forget to turn them on), stat boosters are more helpful in the long run imo.
  9. lol no worries! I don't think you'll need to change it since it's a part of your name and not many users here know Korean lol
  10. There's no time limit to get them either. After Chapter 23 you can take as much time as you need to get them. So don't worry about "missing" anyone. Also OP, your username means something inappropriate in Korean lol
  11. I think this is the most excited I've been for a Fates banner. Charlotte finally made it out of Seasonal Hell after 5 years! 5 freaking years. And her art is great. Her neutral art's expression is a little off. They should have given her "bedroom eyes" and made her lips more noticeable but I absolutely love the contrast between her neutral and damaged art versus her special art. I also love the difference of tone between her quotes. Also lol at Iago, your tome got taken. I wonder what Arete's art will look like.
  12. I picked Bow Knight as my favorite master class because the armor looks awesome, horses are awesome, and horseback archery is awesome. In real life, horseback archery combat dates back to ancient times and is present in multiple cultures. It's cool in theory imo. Plus, having a ton of mobility and bow range +2 is nice and great. Sure there's no Hunter's Volley, but Hunter's volley is more of a necessity in Maddening and is just overkill in Hard/Normal from my experience.
  13. Looks like a mixture of Siamese and something else.
  14. To be fair, magic in general is not great in this game. It's one of the only FEs where enemies actually have decent res stats. On top of that, recruitment and availability is awkward for nearly everyone, even though Ilyana technically has the best availability. None of the mages are exactly high tier characters- Soren is probably the best but that's not saying much. I do agree she comes in overleveled and you're better off not using her too much in Part 1 because the GM need the experience more because Ilyana will leave them. The GM will already have a hard time in Part 3, and you're shooting yourself in the foot if you neglect them in Part 1. While she is a mediocre unit, she at least has her uses/niche. I know you mentioned the dragon chapter in endgame, but she is one of the best characters to use for that level. Giving her a blessed Rexbolt and Bolting can make your life a lot easier than not using her that level. It's definitely possible to beat it without her (I have done it) but it sure is nice to have her there. And she has staff utility as well. How so? Meg comes in a chapter where she dies easily. This is normal for FE, but when you realize Meg's class type is an armor knight, where her HP and DEF should be better than the rest of your party's, she underperforms. Again, I know she can become good, but what niche does she really have? Tauroneo is a better armor knight/general and Edward/Zihark are better sword users. You're better off using one of them (and Zihark can probably take more hits than her too). At least Ilyana has the distinction of being the only thunder concentrated mage and has access to Rexbolt.
  15. So we're predicting a Green Water Hero? I think Micaiah is likely. However, a legendary Ninian or Deirdre is in the realm of possibility. Male Korrin is also a good guess imo.
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