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  1. implying this game will still run long enough for Seliph to win CYL I would love that though, he could also be a Lance Cav-- oh wait, that's been done. Maybe they could give him light magic since his mama can use it.
  2. I usually do that. But she's only competing against the footlocked Serra, so that's the only unit she's "competing" against for EXP.
  3. Outside of Marcus, I think Priscilla is a good candidate for that title. Good availability, has utility throughout the whole game, and Elibean Valkyries are pretty good.
  4. Me too. I coulda swore I saw this before. I thought OP edited the post but then I noticed all the timestamps were from yesterday.
  5. Oh it's definitely not a bad thing. The only problem I can see arising is creative differences and vision for the franchise, which is why I assume Kaga left. @Harvey I wasn't trying to make Nintendo seem like the bad guy. I was only highlighting the fact they have immense power.
  6. I was trying to say that having Nintendo as your publisher can be both a good thing and a bad thing. I was using Brigandine as an example of a game from the same genre that doesn't have Nintendo as a publisher, but still coming out on the Switch. I was trying to compare the level of marketing and "air time" on Directs, but didn't really elaborate on it too much. I'm sorry I didn't articulate my point clearly. I'm sorry if it still doesn't make too much sense. I do agree that the comparison is a bit weird and weak.
  7. Ok thanks! I'll switch up my strategy and hope there's a better outcome for me.
  8. Looked up the ebay listings as well- Nintendo is credited as the "Brand" of the product, meaning they're not only the publisher, but an essential part of Fire Emblem's identity. IS is a second party developer in name alone it seems like, since Nintendo literally has a nail in all of their operational activities. Seeing as how Three Houses' engine was made mostly by Koei's team (IIRC Three Houses was mainly made by Koei in terms of tech, with IS and Nintendo probably stating what needed to be done. I think that shows that Fire Emblem doesn't necessarily need to be made by IS, and that the series itself can go on if Nintendo were to take it over and outsources some of the labor to a different gaming company). Of course, this isn't a bad deal for IS. They have stability and their products will be pushed heavily by Nintendo (in comparison to other franchises. Look at the upcoming Brigandine game, another tactical RPG, and how little Nintendo is pushing it because HappyNet is under Nintendo's thumb). However, Nintendo will most likely win in a legal battle against IS. They already won against Kaga.
  9. This was not the banner I was expecting. I thought it was going to be a Blazing Summer, but it looks like it'll be Sacred instead. Selena is a good edition, although I expected her normal version to come first on a banner with her, Duessel, Natasha, and Knoll. Joshua has a good design and interesting unit type (red bow) It's nice that a female character is the 4 Star Demote The Duo Hero is out of left field. Although you can say that it's a reference to Mia's TT dialogue with Masked Marth, that TT was so long ago it's almost forgotten. Plus, the whole point of Masked Marth is to conceal Lucina's identity (including her sex), and the swimsuit here is definitely not doing that. Also, her Cipher swimsuit was better.' The swimsuits here are kind of bland tbh. They're not as stylish as Frederick, Ursula, Linde, Laegjarn, and Lyn's swimsuits imo. They're inoffensive, but also kind of forgettable. I'm happy Rhys is finally here. I really like Sacred Stones characters but I'm not sure why I'm not excited for this. lol @ me
  10. Nintendo probably has funded IS in the past (specifically for FE), so they can definitely take some financial stability away. I do know that IS has played a role in the development of the Switch's software (not sure how much), which IS has probably been paid well for. They could definitely take them out of software development next cycle as a way to "punish" them if they were able to retain the FE IP name and publish FE on the PSVita or something lol. They also make the Paper Mario games IIRC, and it would be much easier for Nintendo to take that IP away in a legal battle from them since Mario is such an iconic Nintendo (and gaming) name. EDIT: TL;DR- IS may be considered a second party but Nintendo has dug their claws so much into their inner workings they might as well own IS, imo.
  11. Sounds like co-ownership to me as well. If Nintendo and IS have a messy breakup, the right to Fire Emblem will depend on how skilled the lawyers they've hired are. I can see arguments for both, really. Nintendo could argue that Fire Emblem's reputation and fanbase stems from its position as Nintendo's top tactical rpg franchise and that fans see it as a Nintendo game. Meanwhile Intelligent Systems can argue that while Nintendo is just the publisher who has had some input on the final product of the game, they are the ones most emotionally tied to the series and that they're larger stakeholders in Fire Emblem's success. There's more arguments to be made than just these, but those are some examples.
  12. guess go left to right: guess 1: Selena and Beruka guess 2: Serra and Priscilla guess 3: Kagero and Sakura guess 4: Hilda and Bernadetta guess 5: Silvia? and Thea? Things 2 note~ don't pay too much attention to the weapons. Summer units may not always adhere to weapons they would normally use (see: Summer Tana, Linde) Right girl seems to be wearing scarf or a cape. I really hope it's a cape because a scarf in the summer sounds so uncomfortable. I can see L'arachel wear a cape or that transparent fabric she wears in her normal design on her swimsuit. Left girl may not be holding a sword. It could be a dagger as well. Some dagger characters carry longer knives than you'd think (see Larum, Tethys) The reason I can see it being Selena and Beruka is because we just got 2 Hoshidan units last seasonal banner and they were also the silhouettes for that banner. Seems plausible that this could be a mini-trend the dev team is doing. Although the two characters are really skinny, their posing is at an awkward angle. Left girl looks like she's twisting her body and the girl on the right is on her side. I believe the artist of the Left Girl may have taken some "artistic liberties" to change her proportions a bit to fit their tastes.
  13. Other than Boudicca, I've no problems with the chapter. I also got pretty unlucky with Vin missing and Bertus was killing the shaman off to the side. I think I'll try to have Bertus closer next time. I also healed one of the green units (i think the one that triggered Boudicca), so I won't heal him next time. Hopefully they're all K.O.ed before they can reach her next time. I don't think I'm screwed, but I do have to rely on some luck. The green unit dodging a lot and my units missing their hits on Boudicca despite having 70%+ chance was definitely unlucky for me. I don't think it's a greatly difficult chapter, I was mainly screwed over by RNG each attempt.
  14. Oh hey, you're not too far from me. And I'm having the same problem. I do have insomnia already, and the fireworks aren't helping. Plus, it freaks my pets out and I just feel bad for them. It didn't help that earlier this week one of my neighbors was working all night on some project and I heard the sound of a drill for half an hour. Some people just don't have common courtesy, but what's new.
  15. I'm enjoying the hack so far except for Ch 5, as I feel like there's been a huge difficulty spike. Boudicca has been troubling for me to take down, mainly due to her weapon being powerful and our axe unit (Marcela) can get one rounded by her. And she has great avoid too. She always manages to kill one of my units. I'm going to keep attempting this chapter because I will get it eventually, but my main issue is that the green units keep mobilizing Boudicca much earlier than Turn 10 while I'm still trying to visit the last houses. I'll report back when I finally beat the chapter (or not)
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