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  1. Considering the last few titles gave us the choice of being male/female, I don't think it's farfetched to think that the protagonist might have predetermined look, you just choose the gender. Like Byleth or Shez. Emily saying "his" doesn't necessarily contradict the screenshot. It just means there's potentially a gender choice and Emily just used "his" for her leak.
  2. That is quite similar to the stuff mentioned. I think I've even see Wii FE thrown around somewhere too. If it is based off of Kusakihara's first FE idea, I would say this game has a lot of potential. It has had time to marinate, and there may be a big deal of passion involved with this particular title. Also seeing those images again makes me realize how weird a Stefan-Rhys(?)-Ilyana trio would be.
  3. thanks for linking this! Hopefully someone is collecting all of the information the "leakers" are saying and compiling it all into one big megathread.
  4. It wouldn't be unusual for IS to wait to announce a title. With Three Hopes and SoV, for example, they were announced relatively short before they came out. They were announced and promoted just a few months before release date. It wouldn't be unusual for them to do the same for this game. Hopefully, a shorter release date frame means it'll get a lot of promotion. I could see them announcing it this month or after Three Hopes release and slot it in for the Fall or Holiday 2022. Especially since Breath of the Wild 2 was delayed until next year I believe. Also, going back to the Reddit, someone else (u/Tzekel_Khan) posted this: The front side of our hero. The character model does not look FE to me, but the dragon statues in the back scream FE to me. Even though the art style they decided to go with doesn't look like Fire Emblem's brand, it does look like something Gust would do, which is one of the rumored teams working on this project. If you're not familiar with Gust, they're mainly known for the Atelier series, which has a more moe/cute design direction. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the art style is "cuter" and more colorful this time around. Fire Emblem's art style tends to follow current anime/gaming trends, and right now the trendsetters would be games from miHoYo (Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, Zenless Zone Zero). So while this style isn't reminiscent of FE, it is following a trend with a company. If this is the art style for this game, I don't see myself liking it at first and thinking it's too "anime-y". However, I'm sure I'll get use to it. All we can do for a more "mature-looking" FE is to pray that's what the trend will be when they develop the next game. Also the original leaker of the other thread stated that there will be more open exploration of towns and dungeons, similar to SoV. Most [playable?] characters hail from two cities, one of which is aquatic themed. (Like Derdriu?) They also said there will be a female character people will be excited about, but that isn't saying much in my opinion. It could be another Camilla-esque character (yet again, Dorothea was considered to be like Camilla in the Three Houses leaks and is highly loved within the fandom). But people like different types of female characters, so this is one claim I'm kinda ignoring.
  5. There's a few potential reasons why this project has been waiting in Nintendo's basement: Nintendo itself doesn't want to publish it yet. Out of all of the major gaming companies, Nintendo has the biggest sense of branding and probably the biggest sense of control when it comes to the releases of their first party games. There quite a few first party games (as well as some major third party releases) released last year, like Miitopia, Warioware, No More Heroes III, SMT V, Bravely Default II, Pokemon Snap, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, NEO: The World Ends With You, Mario Party Superstars, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Golf: Super Rush, and Metroid Dread. These are a lot of titles they're already trying to push. They may want to save some other heavy hitters for the following year or two. They can afford to shelve Fire Emblem for future use. They might have wanted to wrap up Fodlan's story first. There was a lot of cut content from Three Houses, and it's possible they wanted to share what was cut before moving on to the next game. The practice of putting a game on the waitlist is quite common in the industry. It gives higher ups time to decide whether or not it meets the quality and branding that the particular series is known for and if it strengthens the IP. "Completed" is rather vague to me. The screenshots that match up with Emily's claim were WIP pictures. It's possible the story and art may have been completed, but not the UI and gameplay mechanics. As for what else Intelligent Systems may work on, they have a few choices. Int Sys is also known for Advance Wars and Paper Mario, so they may develop a new title for that. I think I also read somewhere that Intelligent Systems also has a department that works on creating software (and maybe hardware) for Nintendo products. With Switch 2 rumors, it's possible they're making the next gen console. It wouldn't jeopardize it, but it may kill a lot of interest for Three Hopes. Three Hopes is already a spinoff, so it's already not going to sell well as a mainline game. If there was a trailer for a brand new Fire Emblem, most people would express interest in that game and any information they can get from that, distracting people from Three Hopes. What their plan may be is to have a Nintendo Direct the day Three Hopes releases (June 24) that way they can say "It releases today!" And then they can drop the announcement trailer for the new Fire Emblem. But right now, it's best to hype up Three Hopes until release.
  6. The person that posted that album on Reddit clarified these images are very old, so it's possible the final product might look a lot different. At least, I hope it does. Because the backgrounds and UI are quite plain and lacking, even for FE standards. Actually it probably is a WIP image because one of the characters is named "WWWWWWW" and I doubt they'll keep that. The male character models we see actually look pretty good. Not the most imaginative designs, but not every character design needs to be out of the box and try hard to be unique. Characters with a more "simple" design, like Frederick, can still be very entertaining and memorable. I am worried about the female designs though. Apart from the two at the bottom, it looks like we may have a case of same-face syndrome. I really hope their features stand out more in a higher resolution image. I do like the sprites though. They seem cool. It is interesting that the language this is in is Traditional Chinese. Could be a localization thing (as it seems like FE will get international releases from here on out hopefully), but I would also be interested if it was Chinese developer instead. In recent years, Chinese Gaming companies have been making strides in the mobile market (namely Genshin Impact and other HoYoverse products, but even smaller titles like Langrisser M and Identity V have been going steady internationally). It will be an interesting development to see more entertainment products come out of China, as that may have a huge impact on gaming industry. EDIT: Also, I think this thread would probably fit better in "General Fire Emblem" rather than the Three Houses topic. Usually speculation topics like these go in General unless the admins have already decided to add a "Fire Emblem Switch" or "Fire Emblem 2022" topic until an official name is announced.
  7. I'll probably go with what I did for Three Houses. Deer -> Lions -> Eagles As for the MCs... Male Shez and Female Byleth make the most sense to me. And I'll probably do the opposite for a different path. Maybe go both Female Shez and Female Byleth in Azure Gleam because there's already a lot of male characters in that route.
  8. I think those two NPC models were put in there by mistake. The female NPC was probably meant to be Aimee. For the male NPCs, who knows? Maybe Danved/Devdan since that's where Crimea's knights are standing and he's not in this scene
  9. I think this is the only house where I kinda like all of the designs? Tbh, I pretty much like the majority of designs, but this one feels the most even across the board. It's probably because the Golden Deer have the highest amount of individuality. I think Marianne has the best new design out of all students we've seen though. Least favorite was hard for me to pick. I voted Rafael, bc I usually don't care for his clothing designs all too much. Leonie could've also been low, but I must admit it's a clean and safe design. Lorenz didn't change all that much,but the coolest thing about him is his rose petal effect. I like Hilda's outfit, but I don't think this hairstyle suits her.
  10. Finally my house! I went with Golden Deer in my first 3H run so I'll be going with them again. I adore the other houses but Golden Deer always has a special place in my heart. Marianne has the best new look I fear. The dark circles are still there, but less severe than her academy design. I like how they're showing her steady growth, as mental health is a long war. It's also nice to see her with her hair down! It just feels like a nice, fresh design. I also like her musou has her summoning Dorte to ram into the enemies. Also, I don't see many people commenting on Lorenz and Ignatz's moves! Lorenz has a rose effect when he stabs and Ignatz has a paint splatter where his attacks land. It's pretty cool.
  11. 8 is my least favorite, and 1 is my most favorite. 8. Caspar - there's a scar we've never heard of and it's on his hair???????????? And they barely changed his armor. 7. Edelgard - I'm not a fan of this redesign. It looks too magical girl-ish and doesn't look like it's her style. 6. Bernadetta - I don't have a strong opinion on this one. 5. Hubert - Like Bernie, but I like it more. 4. Linhardt - looks really good! I like his lil ponytail. 3. Ferdinand - I'm glad he still looks handsome. 2. Petra - This is awesome. The headpiece, the fabrics... it's cool. 1. Dorothea - I'm biased and she looks fantastic. I wish she had a hat though. A cute lil red beret would've been great.
  12. 8 is my least favorite, 1 is my most favorite. 8. Ingrid - It just doesn't look good to me. Plus her armor was barely changed. 7. Sylvain - his hair looks worse, but at least his armor is more colorful. 6. Ashe - I feel neutral on this. It just isn't the most memorable redesign imo. 5. Annette - It's cute, but she looks like a baker. 4. Dedue - He actually looks older than his post timeskip design. I wish it was switched but it's pretty cool. 3. Dimitri - what a handsome, twisted boi 2. Mercedes - I wish her dress was a different, more vibrant color. 1. Felix - He looks awesome. His hair looks awesome, his cape is awesome, his armor is awesome. Awesome.
  13. Koei Tecmo has been doing one faction/storyline centered games for a while. Even their latest entry in their own original IP (Samurai Warriors) was focused on one faction. It's not surprising this one is based on the timeskip period of war during Three Houses. As for your Ashen Wolves question... they would probably be DLC again. And I do agree with your OCs comment. Would be interesting to see Holst finally.
  14. If they don't add every character, I can see them adding 4 important or popular characters from each house. From Black Eagles Edelgard (obvs) Hubert (obvs) Either Dorothea, Bernie, or Ferdinand for the last 2 positions. From Blue Lions Dimitri (obvs) Felix (dual wielder like Lyn and Navarre?) Ingrid (flyer) Either Sylvain, Mercedes, or Dedue From Golden Deer Claude (obvs) Hilda Lysithea Marianne I don't see any of the GD boys or Leonie beating out the 4 above the gap between their popularities is the most apparent. Church? Seteth Flayn Maybe Catherine or Shamir?
  15. If you want to try her as a dancer I don't see why not. It's fairly easy for her to win the White Heron cup so it's doable. Sure, she'd be more effective as a combatant than a supporter, but she'll make a good dancer too.
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