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  1. Wait which FE game is this? WIthout too much knowledge on it, it would be hard for any member to give advice if they don't know which fan made game/hack you're talking about. We also don't know the stat caps of this game, so it's hard to say which characters really need to in order to reach their caps. They're also all promoted, which means they won't get it as much use out of it as someone unpromoted will. Regardless, I'm tempted to give it to Wyvern Lord, based off the information provided. Granted, my play style might be completely different from yours and other people on the board.
  2. I know someone already told you what the "plot" of this TT is, but I do think the characters are somewhat fitting. I think all the characters in this banner, except Tharja, talk about family in some way. However, I think a sense of belonging is used for the definition of "family" in this context. Katarina was orphaned at a young age, but was raised by Eremiya in the assassins' guild with the other children. Some slight FE12 spoilers, but Kris helps Katarina... and they're a popular ship. Can't say much on his personality. Lene is just trying to find her place in the world, and laments the fact that she has no family to help guide her. In the few moments in FE4 where she has dialogue, Lene expresses her desire to feel wanted (both platonically and romantically). Her parentage (or lack of) greatly shapes who she is, even more so than most Gen 2 characters. Dorothea is an orphan who's goal is to marry rich. However, she has also stated she wants this arrangement to be happy and maybe have a few kids. She truly wants a sense of belonging and stability, something she doesn't have at the present. So family is also important to her. Raphael is a family man and is very protective of his sister. Tharja is the only one who doesn't have a good relationship with the concept of family. In fact, she's an abusive mother. So maybe she's on here as some kind of twisted joke. Ironically, Katarina, Dorothea, and Lene are the best people to recruit for a cult because they don't have families, so it's easier to isolate them and give them a sense of family. It's screwed up, but it's who dark ritualists would want.
  3. I actually had no problem with any FB with Eir in it. Her character is just passive enough to highlight the other character. I prefer FBs that highlight the new character in question's personality more. I'll look up Lysithea's, Tibarn's, Midori's, and Lena's FB when I have the time then. Thanks for the recommendation. Oh I did like one that featured Fjorm, which was Fiora's. Not because of what Fjorm said or did, but because of how the writers played with Fiora's to-the-book personality.
  4. If you want her to be a Shrine Maiden, Adventurer, Hoshidan Noble, or Maid, make sure to have Corrin have that as a secondary class option. Azura would make the best hybrid Kana for that kind of class. For Onmyoji or Strategist Kana, either Sakura or Rhajat will work. Do note that Rhajat is a second gen kid, so Kana will be a third gen kid and have higher stat caps. If you want Kana to come soon as possible, marry Sakura instead because it may take a long time to pair up Hayato up with someone then have Corrin marry Rhajat.
  5. Watch how Dorothea's forging bonds will just be her answering Fjorm's questions or something boring with Fjorm. The real question on my mind is "isn't she supposed to have died two years ago?" Sometimes I get hope for Forging Bonds because you do get an entertaining one (Phina's comes to mind), but as soon as I see the Askr Trio and/or Fjorm it's a snoozefest. I really hope they bring in Lene just to tie it back, and also develop Lene as well since Forging Bonds wasn't a thing when she came out. It's definitely weird timing for them. If you were to tell me they would be harmonized heroes together, I'd assume it would be late 2021 or even next year. I don't think CYL is the most accurate representation of a character's popularity. Lene was relatively obscure, even for Genealogy standards prior to her OG Heroes release. She didn't have a big fanbase before and I think everyone knows Lene will most likely never win CYL anyways. Since she's in, there isn't much of a push to vote for her. However, if you look at the banner trailer she's in, it has a really high number of views, one of the highest out of all banner trailers. Rn I'm trying to find sales figures of 2018 banners because Lene may have been a part of a high grossing banner. If her banner did earn a lot more money than most banners, IS has reason to think that Ares, Ishtar, and Lene may be marketable characters. Or someone on the Heroes dev team just really likes Lene. It's only a matter of time before Ares gets an alt anyways. If he's a harmonic hero, it would be a waste not to pair him with the Black Knight, since that's also a title Ares has.
  6. I don't think Dorlene is an out of nowhere pairing as you may think. Certainly not as much out of nowhere as Lucina + Mia and Tiki + Ninian. Three Houses devs have stated that FE4 was a huge inspiration for Genealogy, so the games are connected. Looking at Lene's backstory, she's an orphan who grew up on the streets and was able to turn herself into the most popular entertainer in town due to her talent and sheer determination to survive. She feels insecure about her lack of parentage and desperately seeks the concept of family. Lene also has had bad experiences with nobility and the upper class due to her parentage potentially being noble as well as being objectified by the upper class during her job as an entertainer. Lene has spunky and flirty disposition, but underneath the surface is a troubled and pragmatic individual. If that doesn't sound like Dorothea to you, I don't know what to tell you. I find them very similar personality-wise, so I really hope the writers dig deeper than "I like to dance!" "Me too!" Are Fallen Banners not considered seasonal? Nevermind I checked and it doesn't seem to be seasonal. So this means Lene is the first FE4G2 character with a seasonal alt. Not who I expected at all tbh, since she was one of the most forgotten Genealogy characters before her first inclusion in FEH. Someone on the team must like her, because they could've used Phina or Olivia for this banner as well. Granted, Lene is the most like Dorothea but I wonder what other kind of banner they could've been on instead. It kind of makes me uncomfortable how FEH is treating Lene as the "sexy girl" of Genealogy, given her lore. A little disappointed this didn't delve deeper into what these characters are REALLY about, but it was still a sweet conversation nevertheless. Hoping their level 40 convo is much more nuanced.
  7. Catria is a good wielder of that sword too. Sometimes Phina for combat dancer memes.
  8. Thanks for the clarification! Looks like wiki is wrong about Cecil's MAG growth rate. Shouldn't be surprised that it's wrong since the people at IGN who covered Fire Emblem: Three Heroes said they edited it lol. Quite an interesting build for ol' Cecil then. I only pegged her as the Lady Sword user.
  9. I'm a little confused on mage!Cecil. Her growth rate is 10% (I assume class changing alters that) and her base magic is 0. So how does she become a great magic unit when her initial base and growths (as a cavalier, mind you) say otherwise?
  10. Recently playing FE4 too so it's on my mind. Let me see what I can come up with your pairings. The canon couples don't need much, however... Sigurd x Deidre - Sigurd should pass down his trusty dusty Silver Sword. I also like having the Paragon Band and the Leg Ring on him. I always like promoting Seliph ASAP so he gets his mount. The sooner he does that, the sooner we can give the Paragon Band to Leif and/or Tine and the Leg Ring to Lene. Quan x Ethlyn - I like having Ethlyn pass down the Light Sword and Cutter to Leif. There aren't too many armored enemies before in Chapters 4 and 5, and I always found the cutter useful right away for Leif. Ayra x Lex - This combo always breeds badass kids so you don't really need to give them any rings. Just have Ayra pass down her Brave Sword and maybe the Thunder/Wind Sword. Defense Sword would also be useful if you let Silvia sell it. You may want Lex to defeat the bosses that drop swords like Jacobi (Thunder Sword) or Chagall (Silver Blade). You may want Lex to pass down the Pursuit Ring. Aideen x Midir - Aideen should pass down her staves. I like giving her Mend, Libro (Physic) , and maybe something like Sleep/Restore/Silence. I prefer Silence because there's quite a bit of magic enemies in Chapters 7 and 8. For Lester, Midir will pass down his bows to him. Don't forget his final lovers conversation with Aideen so you can get the Brave Bow. Since Jamke won't be a father, you could sell his Killer Bow and have Midir buy it late in the final chapter. Raquesis x Beowulf - Both of them have no issues passing down weapons and staves for their kids to use. I would sell Ethlyn's Return Staff and let Raquesis buy it. Erin x Lewyn - Ced gets Holsety and automatically has Lightning, he's golden. Maybe give him a staff while you're at it? Mend, Recover, Heal, etc. For Fee, I like making sure she has the Brave Lance. Have Finn sell it at the end of Chapter 3 and have Erin purchase it. Also make sure she has her hand on a sword or 2. Azel x Tailte - Any magic you got, send it their way. Wind magic is the best, but they both want to use Thunder and Fire magic due to their blood. Tine can't use Thoron right away but IIRC she still inherits it because she'll be able to use it when she promotes. Keep it. You may want Azel to pass down the Magic Ring. If Serlis doesn't have the Paragon Band, then make sure Tailte is the one that has it. Tine comes early enough in Part 2 to warrant her inheriting it. Brigid x Holyn - Any swords Holyn has will go straight to Patty. She inherits the Sleep sword no matter what anyways. You may want to pass on the Thunder Sword or the Wind Sword to her to make stealing easier. All Febail needs is Yewfelle. No other bows needed. Silvia x Claud - I don't find the Defense Sword too useful for dancers because they won't be seeing too much of combat in the first place. Just let Lene inherit a Slim Sword or something. Nothing fancy. If you want Lene to have a fancy weapon, buy her the Flame Sword and let her attack from range. Her magic will be decent enough for this with Claud as her father. However, it may be worth it to give Lene the Bargain Ring (gotten by saving the northernmost village in Chapter 2). With that ring, Lene will be able to easily afford the Leg Ring once Seliph is done using it. You may also want to pass down the Knight Ring to Lene. As for Coirpre, make sure he gets Fortify, Recover, and other high-EXP staffs. He needs something to spam to catch up with everyone and promote by endgame. If Racquesis didn't buy Return, Claud DEFINITELY should. This ended up being longer than I thought it was going to be. Oops.
  11. Sad Lara isn't here, but happy with the character selection overall. But every time I see Miranda, I can't help but notice how similar she is to FE4's Linda.
  12. Claud/Azel!Lana from FE4. She comes right out of the gate with potentially some of the best staves, including warp, rescue, fortify, etc. She is very useful. Lena is also very staffbot-ty. Comes with Warp, access to Hammerne, she's a staff queen. Clarine is a good staffbot. You want her healing more than attacking, so she's almost always on heal duty. Saul can be good at offense, hence why I don't think he's a strict staffbot. Mist is definitely a great staffbot. Having access to a mount helps. Rhys is also great, but light magic < horse when it comes to pure staffbotting. Like Saul, Elincia is too good of a combatant for me to write her off as a strict staffbot. Maribelle is another good staffbot on a horse. If Mercedes actually wielded staves (I guess wands don't count) she would be a fantastic staffbot. Access to Physic and Fortify that renews every level is so valuable for people who do nothing but heal.
  13. why do that when we can make Lyn a red tome user and Lucina a mounted axe user /s
  14. This still confuses me lol. If Julia is able to get one than anything is possible. But the important characters that IS seems to forget are: Nyna Fin Nanna Greil Leo
  15. Yes, or they could just utilize more unit types. Why is there 4 infantry bows but not a single Calvary bow? In my opinion, the there should be 1 unit type of each thing, and very rarily do units have the same unit type. I think they wanted to limit the roster for important characters of recent titles and Lyn, but I think having fan favorite non-lord characters make up the roster could be successful too. However, I do like your suggestions, and do think that they will help differentiate characters. The only one I voted no is Suggestion 1. Because there will be characters weaker than others, and that can make harder difficulties a slog to play through. Many boss enemies in Musou games encourage you to target their weakspots, which requires some level of skill to do. If the weaker characters have to do this multiple times, then it just gets old and time consuming. However, I can see this working if it operates similarly to Dragon Quest Warriors. The only one I was undecided on was the last one. I can see this working and Hyrule Warriors has done it. But I wonder if this will affect the roster count.
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