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  1. The remaining refreshers are all getting my CYL votes, unless Nils is added in Farfetched before it. As for the dragons, I'd love the Dragon Laguz to join, especially Rajaion and Almedha (although Almedha is a special case) Now the real voting gauntlet of Heroes can begin.... all of Roy's brides and a Wolt alt are in. Sounds like a voting gauntlet to me.
  2. From the dialogue, only one character has monastery dialogue with a black Eagles student. The info we know is definitely weird.
  3. That could be true. Although the monk on the second story seemed pretty annoyed with them. Then again, he could just be prejudiced against them personally and not a representative of the whole church. That is also true, there doesn't seem to be an age limit to enroll in the monastery. That being said, 26 does seem a little out of place though. But it's definitely not out of the realm of possibility. But I do think one of these 4 units has to be aligned with the Church somehow. Famitsu said we're only getting 4 DLC characters, so I'm inclined to believe no free characters are going to be added. It would seem weird to add 2 students to a particular house while the other houses get one. I hope we can get some more info on these characters soon! If I'm remembering correctly, Wave 1 came out at launch, Wave 2 came out in mid-September, and Wave 3 came out in mid-November. The earliest we can expect Wave 4 is mid-January if they keep up their 2 month pace. But Wave 4 does have more stuff in it...
  4. A terribly sad story. There could be a "golden" path, but perhaps each timeline's war has gradually made Byleth insane, resulting in them turning into a dragon and attacking the monastery with all of the students in it, leading them all to unite and take down Byleth. And then peace was assured in Fodlan.
  5. Whoops, my mistake. I got it switched up. I'm surprised it's not a feature. It seems like a relatively easy thing to do.
  6. Not sure if you already found out, but it looks like they placed a couple of monks in the monastery that talk about them. Sounds like the Church knows, but doesn't really care? I find this odd; you would think after the battle at the Holy Mausoleum they would want to make sure no one can get through by an underground tunnel or something. To be fair, it's not very likely someone is going to go Cavalier -> Trickster. Those classes have very different niches and it wouldn't be too beneficial for a character to drastically switch their proficiency focus in the middle of the game like that, so I don't think it's redundant in this case. As for Dark Flier vs Gremory, Seal Magic will be a lot easier to get now through Dark Flier. Plus, Master Classes in general are hard to achieve mastery for in the first place. So Gremory is the one that's been made redundant. I totally agree about Mage vs Mage Mage Knight. The logical progression for a mage now will be Mage -> Mage Knight, so they'll probably already know this ability. The only person that benefits from this set up is Hubert (or anyone who went Dark Mage instead of Mage) because he would've most likely learned Poison Strike instead. I'm so excited about these new classes though. Abilities aside, I can't wait to employ them in my no students run. (SS, Byleth will be War Monk, Flayn will be Dark Flier, Hanneman will be a Mage Knight, and Manuela will be available a Trickster.) Also, I highly doubt Abyss Mode/Silver Wolf will be a new route. I'm calling it, Abyss Mode will be like the Tower of Valni and it'll just be a set of floors and we'll want to keep going down. I'm also looking at the leaked ages of the new characters and I gotta say But we'll just have to wait and see.
  7. Wait, I thought you could already wear battle costumes in the monastery? Unless I'm mistaken, you can select it in the Unit Appearance menu.
  8. It would've been cool in a NG+ that instead of having the same intro, it's Byleth undoing all the work they've done in the completed playthrough in order to find another way to avoid war.
  9. I'm getting really excited for the new characters. Here's a list of all the links regarding them:Initial Datamine: Some Backstory and Theories regarding the mystery crests: Spell Lists: In summary (this is a theory):
  10. It sounds interesting in theory, but it may be a little too edgy for my tastes. Depends on the execution of it though. I'm happy that FE16 turned out to be 3H. I did like the idea of the Fire Emblem being a sundial, that is an interesting thing for it to be. The day/night cycle could also be an interesting mechanic.
  11. I nominate Hilda and Leonie. (Hilda would be a Hufflepuff while Leonie would be a Gryffindor.) Hilda gets access to Bolting at A rank Reason and she looks great in the Dark Knight Armor. Leonie has a decent Faith Spell list (she has Physic) and would turn into a decent Holy Knight. Hilda is weak in Faith, but you're not missing out on too much in her Faith Spell list. Leonie has no weaknesses in either category. Are Strong in one thing but weak another also out? If so, Edelgard, Hubert, Manuela, and Hanneman are out I believe.
  12. I wouldn't mind a futuristic FE spinoff in space, but it was certainly really weird for a level in Fire Emblem game.
  13. I'm so happy for Gerik and Tethys! Been waiting on them for a LONG time. I do wish Tethys' kit was better though. She's bring Dagger Exp 3, which is admittedly, not a great skill. But what she does bring is being a colorless dagger dancer, with her only competition being Olivia and Xander, who are locked to seasonal banners. So she'll be the only year rounder and the one that will be much easier to build up. I do think her usefullness as a character will have to depend on her stats a bit though. I was hoping for this too. I knew they would make her a dagger unit but hoping they would make her a dark magic user instead, like a red tome dancer or even a colorless tome dancer.
  14. This chapter took me 2 tries, mainly because I didn't want to kill my precious Golden Deer even though it really doesn't affect the game afterwards. I went after the Black Eagles first, and I had my main group charge the center while I had Dimitri (High Lord) and Ashe (Bow Knight) go to the right and take out the units over there. I went on the hill and killed the sniper, but I got off on it as quickly as I could. Edelgard doesn't set it on fire unless Bernie (or generic sniper) and Petra (or generic assassin) are taken out, so I waited until all my units were off of it to take out Petra (which I used a battalion and then my gauntlet wielding Sylvain to knock her out). Edelgard then sets in on fire and no one is on it. After defeating the first beast, I have Dimitri rush to Edelgard to threaten and attack her. Meanwhile the GD army is charging from behind, but the enemy AI is dumb af and climb the burning hill. Since so many of them are trying to get on at the same time, the nasty ones (Leonie and Hilda) are slowed down by the generics to actually move forward. Since Claude can fly, he was the first one to reach me. Raphael also got through somehow, but he isn't scary as an enemy as Ignatz, Leonie, and Hilda are. I then had Dimitri take him out using his exclusive combat art and he managed to crit. This battle was so dumb when the "great strategist Claude" lead his army to get trapped on a burning hill and having to fight an army all by himself.
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