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  1. IIRC someone on Reddit said Dancers go in "Unique/Special" Classes alongside Noble/Commoner. I guess it makes sense but my big question is when is this class unlocked? Maybe a sidequest or paralogue of some sort? It's nice that we sort of get to choose who becomes our dancer though, even if it's seemingly female-only. That's an interesting idea, although it hasn't been done before IIRC. For Hilda, Wyvern Lord would be a good fit since it fits her specialties- Lances and Axes. Personally, I think I'll go with dancer for her on my first playthrough and then get creative for following playthroughs. But as of now, if you want to play to their strengths: Hubert: Dark Knight or Mortal Savant. Dark Knight would be better since he has a hidden talent in lances. Dedue: Great Knight would be optimal, since he has strengths in Armor, Axes, and Lances. Hilda: Wyvern Lord would probably be the best. If you plan on making Claude a Wyvern Lord and you want class diversity, she will do well as a Falcon Knight. I really like the idea of Mortal Savant, but it seems so out of place given the European-inspired setting. Swordmaster pushes it, but that one is easier to excuse than Mortal Savant. I'm not sure why they couldn't just make it a Mage Fighter or design the armor a bit differently. I'll still use the class though.
  2. I really like Flayn and Seteth, but it seems like they only support each other? I hope they have more characters to support with!
  3. I love Dimitri's voice, whoever it is. Sounds like the perfect mix of nerdy and endearing. I think it's fitting. Can't wait for Golden Deer's video. Probably next week.
  4. Darn, but that makes sense. It would be too convenient otherwise. So we'll have to plan out what we need. In my first Black Eagles run (2nd run overall), I was planning on making Bernie an armor knight (lol) but she may just be a cavalier instead since Ferdinand is learning how to ride with an axe in hand to live my Kieran fantasy.
  5. Can we assign more than one group task at a time? I'm not sure if that's been confirmed or not. I hope we can.
  6. I knew they were around the same age, but I thought they were a bit older than their students. My mistake I guess. Well, I guess I like Hilda, Felix, and Dorothea. Not sure who to go for in my other playthroughs, since I like mixing it up each time.
  7. I'm not tooooo interested in romancing the students. I'm more interested in romancing the other teachers, like Shamir and Yeritza. They seem cool, and the majority of people I've dated have been older than me anyways. (Shamir and Yeritza are older than Byleth I believe.)
  8. A part of me wants to hear all about the leaks while another wants me to stay blind. I guess I'll be in the middle and just desire after the soundtrack and MAYBE some post-timeskip designs.
  9. I like how they tried to balance off mounted units. But if a character that's naturally fast becomes a cavalier, what's going to stop them? Although I wish Magic classes had more more MOV. 4 across all 3 tiers is ridiculous. I know their robes look heavy, but not a single movement increase? Not even 5? Physic will need to be learned ASAP and they're gonna need some boots and that grappler rally. I hope we have a Mage Knight, Valkyrie, Dark Knight, and/or Strategist Class. I would prefer Mage Knight and Valkyrie though. I miss the Mage Knight class tbh.
  10. For my first playthrough, it's been a real struggle deciding who should do what exactly. Byleth's weapon type will be whatever I feel like is my weakest area I think. Other than that, I try to have all 7 weapon types covered by the side characters. I'm not planning on recruiting different house members in my first playthrough as well. Black Eagles, a.k.a. the house giving me the most grief. I keep changing my mind. Blue Lions- probably the easiest house to sort for the first play-through Golden Deer, probably the first house I'll do. I'm also having a hard time deciding who goes where so please tell me if I should switch some s**t around. I have a tendency to overthink these things.
  11. I'm confused by your expectations? I think the reason we'll stay at the Monastery the whole game is because it's in a good location for a war. There will probably be battles in Faerghus, the Empire, and the Alliance, we'll just most likely return to the Monastery after the battle. I doubt we'll only battle near the school. In fact, doesn't the Raphael + Ignatz paralogue take place within a part of the Alliance? I do hope the main castle of each faction can become the base or a pseudo-monastery though. It would be interesting to see how each force decorates.
  12. He became a meme. Now that we got an idea of what his post time skip appearance looks like, he may start getting "be careful of who you call ugly in high school" memes.
  13. For Black Eagles, I'll recruit Mercedes because she's originally from the Empire and maybe Annette? So they at least have a support since I'm unsure if they'll have any if they get recruited to another house. For Blue Lions, I'll recruit Lorenz because he allegedly knows Mercedes? I hope they would have a support. I may recruit Leonie as well to ensure a support with Lorenz (getting Virion and Sully vibes) and I feel like she'll fit in with the whole knighthood aspect. For Golden Deer, I'm not sure yet. I'll get 2 Black Eagle students, so maybe Petra and Dorothea? I do like Caspar a lot and I can see it being in-character for him since he's trying to earn a name for himself. But it only works if he finds that the Empire is no longer upholding his idea of justice. Petra and Dorothea have the loosest ties with the Empire; I can see Briggid revolt against the Empire. Dorothea is a commoner and I doubt she'll have much story importance, so she's an easy switch. But I'm not too sure if I'll do this for my first playthrough. If anything, I'll probably end up recruiting someone by accident.
  14. I'm kind of confused by what some people mean by "time traveling mechanics". The only thing regarding that concept that has been concerned has been Sothis' Turnwheel, which is an in-battle mechanic. Unless we're switching between the school and the 5 year time skip, but that doesn't make much sense to me in regards to class progression and it would be hard to write the story like that as well.
  15. I mean, he has the Crest of FLAMES. FLAMES. Watch how Byleth is really related to the Flame Emperor instead of Jeralt or something. Or maybe the Flame Emperor is really a.... woman and Byleth's mother! DUN DUN DUN.
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