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  1. 1. Since you're doing Golden Deer now, I'd recommend going with Crimson Flower (Edelgard) next. 2. I'm not exactly sure how difficult they are compared to each other, but (minor spoilers, nothing about the plot, characters, or maps) 3. Putting this in spoilers just in case. (I'm not taking any chances)
  2. Thanks for reminding me! Lachesis' story after the events of Part 1 have always confused me. Her being split up with Diarmuid was also weird, imo.
  3. I really love Arc System's games. So excited for GFV and GG coming out next year. I would love to see what they come up with if they could get their hands on Fire Emblem. The Nintendo Switch doesn't have too many fighting games either.
  4. Although there's technically different routes, it's not a set of completely individual games like Fates was. Three Houses wasn't the first one to have this kind of route split. Binding Blade had 2 route splits that had different characters but I don't think you would say its a six/seven chapter game. It's just how the game is.
  5. I'd be delighted with a new game or a remake (voted remake for Genealogy), HOWEVER, I wouldn't mind if they took their time with it and gave us some sort of spin off in its stead. Although Fire Emblem Warriors 2 is the most likely, I'd really love to see Fire Emblem's take on a fighting game (which has more of an emphasis on fan favorites rather than Lords) that has a style similar to Granblue Fantasy Versus or Guilty Gear (I love GG's new visuals.) I'd also find it interesting if Fire Emblem did a crossover with Civilization. Or if they wanted to go all in with the dating sim aspects and make a Harvest Moon-esque game with some battle features and town building mechanics (similar to the Rune Factory series).
  6. Gosh my memory is OFF. Yeah they should probably stick the training thing. Maybe Lachesis can make an appearance? Although I always wondered how Lachesis ends up with Finn if he's not her husband.
  7. He went to Belhalla too? Sweet. I should really look into Claud's dialogue more. Tbh I sorta forgot about FE5. The only one I can think of is Eyvel and Finn training Leif and Mareeta. That one works for EXP sake. What I really would love to see instead is Finn rescuing Leif from an invaded Leonster castle after receiving news that Quan and Ethlyn have fallen in battle. Maybe he can get assistance from a freshly amnesiac Brigid during the escape. Maybe Lachesis will also make an appearance with Nanna.
  8. Get in losers, we're going to go stop those with unreasonable ideals of justice censorship.
  9. Sigurd, Eldigan, Quan, Ethlyn, Edain, Arvis, Azel, Tailtiu, and Lex's lives at the Academy of Belhalla would be a nice intro to the game. (They all studied there IIRC, but Azel, Tailtiu, Lex, and Ethlyn were probably in a different grade since they're younger.) Bonus points if the prologue contains the iconic brotherhood scene with Siggy, Eldi, and Quannie. For FE6, maybe Cecilia teaching Roy and Lilina with Eliwood and Hector watching over? FE7's prologue is long enough. FE8 could be Ephraim and Lyon sparring lol Anything after FE8 already has a sufficient prologue imo.
  10. Seteth. I know he has a lot of memes but he has so much unironic popularity as well. I'm glad he is popular though, since he is a good character and a Wyvern Lord.
  11. I hope it's not another house/route. This game just needed two in my opinion (Crimson Flower and Azure Moon). As much as I love the Golden Deer, Verdant Wind doesn't feel connected to the central plot or core themes of the game. It's good by itself, but doesn't give me the drama the other two houses have. That being said, Silver Snow also felt a bit weird, an elements of that route could've went into CF and AM imo. As much as I would love to see a house full of people from other countries (Albinea, Almyra, Sreng, and Morfis), it would be incredibly difficult to tie them into the story. I would love an expansion on CF, because I felt like it was a bit rushed and could've used more chapters to explain things.
  12. Probably FE Warriors 2 tbh. If it's not a new game and it's indeed a remake, I would say FE4. They took a lot of inspiration from FE4 this time around. Sounds like they may have been researching it a little bit. Interesting.
  13. Hubert is that goth kid in high school that writes complicated poetry with really long names.
  14. You can recruit in the last month pre-timeskip (I recruited 4 people in the last month before). Some people can only be recruited in the last month depending on the route. However, it's much harder to do that because you don't have too many opportunities to raise support or weapon levels.
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