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  1. They're an odd trio - I can't imagine why they would pick those 3 together... unless they were placeholders. I could see Stefan being the placeholder for the "Lord", Ilyana as the original girl, and Rhys as our starter healer, which would've been a guy. Regardless, the world they started to make had potential. I hope they come back to this idea. I know they sorta did with SoV, Awakening, and Three Houses, but they now have the tech, money, and resouces to make this title fully realized (probably axed for budget reasons).
  2. Adrestia: Ferdinand obviously. People already stated why. Faerghus: Sylvain. Felix is the most popular choice atm, but I don't think he would want to undergo the burden that is the crown. He isn't even a fan of taking over his own duchy and in some endings he decides to not rule over it. I'm not sure why he's the most popular choice. Is he capable? Yes. Is he willing? Depends on his mood that day. I picked Sylvain because he has consistently shown interest in preserving his house line and having good relations with foreign powers, like Sreng. The only other people the religious country would support are Ingrid and Annette (Mercedes has holy blood but is foreign), but neither of them are natural born leaders. They're both better in a supportive role; Ingrid would rather be a knight to protect the new ruler while Annette's nerves would get the best of her. Leicester: I voted Hilda, but I truly mean Holst. He's the most popular among Leicester nobles, and House Gloucester always rubbed the other houses the wrong way. The nobles like fighting each other, and I'm sure Lorenz fighting for the Empire in this timeline would be enough reason to stall them from gaining more power, if not, completely strip them of power. Granted, the Leicester alliance gets hit the hardest in this timeline, so many of them aren't alive anyways. But Holst should be alive, and it's implied Hilda elopes(?) with Claude after they leave Fodlan. Plus, the nobles wanted Holst to be the leader of the Alliance prior to Claude's appearance.
  3. I will riot if we have a cooking banner and Annette, Hinoka, Setsuna, and Larum are not on it. And maybe Oscar so we have at least 1 good cook in the kitchen.
  4. Reddit has more of an active audience if that's what you're looking for. FEH isn't my favorite mobile game, but I do like Fire Emblem and I do enjoy collecting my favorite characters and occasionally fighting some maps. I find TT to be boring slog but other modes are fun.
  5. Palla has this yandere look to her which is both unexpected but oddly fitting as well. It's an interesting take on her art. Minerva looks second best because she looks so smug.
  6. It's probably going to be some Heroes OCs (the fairies) and maybe Hoshido? Although Hoshido does have Takumi already. I doubt it would be Jugdral, but I really wish it was since that continent is lacking in seasonals. They only got the last dance banner and Lene as the cheerleader for the desert rituals banner.
  7. For future reference, if you're not ready to give your whatsapp, instagram, phone number, etc. etc., you could say something like this: "Do you mind if we talk on here for a little longer? I want to get to know you just a little more." That way, you're not outright rejecting her nor are you moving on to a step if you're not ready. However, if you're not interested, then honesty is great. However, just be careful with how you say things so you don't come off as too rude when you're rejecting someone. Plus, it's Tindr. Rejection goes hand in hand with online dating. You're probably not the first guy that rejected nor would it be the last. Online dating is a crapshoot anyways, so it's low impact on the emotional side. So don't worry about breaking her heart or anything. Also, it's ok to feel insecure and indecisive. But if you don't want to show it, fake it until you make it.
  8. Of course. Even if I don't even use the characters (probably would use Titania, Mist, and Boyd at least once though ngl)
  9. Just +10 Ares not too long ago and I absolutely adore him as a character and a unit. I definitely recommend him on a team. For your green slot, Ced or Lewyn make a good option. Erinys or Altenna for your blue option. For your last slot, have Lene or Nanna, depending on whether your favor dancing or healing. Or you could interchange them depending on the level. There's definitely levels where it's much more efficient to use a dancer and other levels where the healing is much needed.
  10. I'm partial to Rin and Taiga. If we're talking about the Fate IP as a whole: Circe for this reason:
  11. Off the top of my head: FE4: Lewyn FE5: Shannam and Homer FE6: Saul FE7: Sain FE9/10: Gatrie FE13: Virion and Inigo FE14: Laslow, Soleil, and Hinata(?). Special shoutout to Kaze, where all the ladies flirt with him while he doesn't. FE2/15: Jesse FE16: Sylvain, Lorenz, and Dorothea. EDIT: Would Joshua (FE8) count?
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