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  1. I feel like he shouldn't have a higher rating than Edel, mainly because of the 4 chapters where you can't tutor him can be detrimental if you're aiming for Wyvern Lord. I'm probably overestimating this, but it's a problem not many other characters have. He also can't raise support, which isn't a big issue in the long run but still an issue. I also like that Edel has access to Aymr, which is one of the best weapons in the game. Is he strong? Yes. Does he have a lot of great things going for him? Yes. Is he a low maintenance unit? Yes. Does he have one of the best battalions in the game? Also yes. But I simply can't rank him higher than Edel, so 8.5.
  2. Depends on your definition of "nobility". Do you go by blood? Influential status? Or Both? Since you're limiting yourself to noble characters, I'll make a list containing both noble by blood and status. See: For your questions in the top post: I didn't list Titania before because it's unclear if she was a noble. If anything Greil trying to "fit in" as a commoner would encourage him to have a commoner as his second-in-command. Her background info states she was an elite officer for Crimea, but Crimea wasn't as strict with nobles leading the army. (anyone, please correct me if I'm wrong. Commoners leading could have been a much more recent development in the game's lore). She could be, but I would need to replay PoR when she talks about how she met Greil. I consider Mist a noble because it's in her bloodline. Yes, she never lived like a lady of the court, but she still has the lineage. Funnily enough, her promoted class, Valkyrie, is often the class of noblewomen (i.e. Nanna, Cecilia, Clarine, Priscilla, L'arachel). IIRC Izuka said he found some poor orphan boy and dressed him up as a prince and that's how we got Pelleas. He's not noble by blood, but recognized as noble. Recognition is enough for me to call him noble, since he does hold the title. Yes, the Beast Tribe gives positions of influence to whoever is the strongest. However, I would still call them noble because they have a high status in their society. Also, certain bloodlines in the Laguz tribe may be predisposed to being physically strong, so it's perfectly possible that the same families stay in power. For example, Skrimir is the nephew of Caineghis and is the next in line to the throne. It's probably common for high ranking beast laguz families to wed among each other, in order to keep their bloodline strong. Plus, Giffca is also a lion-type beast and was raised alongside Caineghis, so it's possible they both came from high ranking families themselves. As for the other Laguz tribes, status and strength may not be as interchangeable, but still important. Stefan is more like a Chief/Mayor of Branded Town. He is a leader of a community, which means he does hold some form of status. However, I didn't put his name in the list before because he's only in charge of a small settlement, and not a whole country like the other characters are/were/can. It's your choice to consider him noble. Yes, he's a leader, but his power will not be recognized outside of his village. Calill is introduced as a talented mercenary with brains and beauty. Although she does bare some resemblance to Bastion and has magical aptitude like him, there isn't any dialogue to indicate she's from a noble family. At most, she was a small town girl with big city dreams and a knack for magic. If we're going to call Ike and Mist nobility because they have lineage, then we'll do the same for Soren. Soren is actually more noble than Ike and Mist, as he has not one, but 2 bloodlines connected to kings. To get into the Holy Guard, only the most physically elite of Begnion noblewomen are allowed to join. This would mean that Marcia, and by extension, Makalov, are of noble birth. Makalov is a screw up, but who says noblemen can't be screw ups too?
  3. Benching them because they have been RNG blessed just sounds like you're punishing yourself. The whole point of "low tier/poor performance" unit playthroughs is the satisfaction of taking all the crappy units and making strong warriors out of them. Benching them once they become good will only leave you the lord and maybe 2-3 other units to tackle endgame. Personally, I wouldn't bench them because it would make all my effort into training them and setting up kills a waste. Also, don't worry about breaking rules too much. Nobody will know (unless you post your LP). Seeing a low tier playthrough could be pretty fun though.
  4. Caspar is a rather mediocre unit in a game where most units can be OP with the right builds. He won't ever be OP and he does have a rough start, but he's still usable. His weapon preferences will have him lean towards War Master or Wyvern Lord as his endgame class, which are very good, but any unit can do that with favoritism. However, Caspar will have an easier time to do that. His recruitment isn't too hard (C Brawling and 10 Strength), with only Brawling being your main concern. As an adjutant, he works well as a defensive adjutant, which is a plus for me. (yes, I know anyone can be a guard adjutant, but 2/3 of your main adjutants will be deployed as units in endgame, and you don't want to make a character a guard adjutant when they're better off training in something else.) If this wasn't Three Houses, Caspar wouldn't look too bad or too unusual. BUT since this is Three Houses, a game where a sizable portion of the cast has crests, OP weapons, and/or good personal skill, Caspar falls short. He's a 5/10 for me. Middling.
  5. Yes and no. FE7 is definitely one of the easier FEs and FE8 is the easiest imo. The games before FE7 (1-6) are difficult, but that's due to either the graphical limitations at the time or the experimental nature of the games. And I wouldn't say they're "difficult" either; a "challenge" for sure, but I don't think of them as difficult. FE10 is also a harder FE. But tbh, some of the newer games can be challenging in their own way. Conquest is good for providing a challenge.
  6. For their Reason Spell list, I'd maybe add Meteor and that's it. A lot of Byleth's themes includes Fire, so I think it's apt. Plus, they're also called the Fell Star, which Meteor would resemble lol. Meteor would either be put in or replace Ragnarok. Or I'd get rid of Thunder and move Ragnarok to be B with Meteor at A. As for Faith, I'd overhaul it completely and make it entirely offense-focused so their hidden talent of Faith Avo +10 is actually useful. They'd have Heal, Nosferatu, Seraphim, Silence, and Aura.
  7. For someone who's a character-driven person, I would recommend Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Sacred Stones (strongest GBA cast imo) Path of Radiance Awakening Fates Genealogy also has a very good story, but that's not a game for beginners imo. Not that it's hard to understand, but you really gotta love FE.
  8. Fire Emblem lol. I played Melee and was interested in the FE Trio. Then I got Radiant Dawn and the rest is history.
  9. Erk was Pent's apprentice and adopted son, and was likely endorsed by Pent to receive the position. I know you're saying why can't any other magic user become Mage General instead, but who else would want/qualify that position? Let's look at the other magic users. Serra isn't Etrurian nor has expressed an extreme desire to work/live in Etruria. Lucius is Etrurian, but I don't think he would want that position. He would rather do clergy work and that's exactly what he did. Plus, he no noble lineage either. Priscilla has the lineage and connections, but I don't think she would be interested in the position. She's not particularly ambitious, and is more of a supporter than a leader. Canas has the power, but I don't think he's Etrurian (Ilian?). He can become friends with Pent though. Canas is more of a scholar than a fighter though. I think he would be better in a different role, but he could make a decent Mage General. Nino has no known lineage, no connections, and can't even read. Renault is not a noble, but is considered powerful by the Church. But he's not ambitious, and seems to only want to seek atonement. If he were to take the position of Mage General, I'm not sure how healthy his mental health would be. I could see him stepping down from the position out of guilt.
  10. NOTE: ooops forgot about SoV characters. Fixed it sorta.
  11. Supporting my man Claude. This has a weird theme to it. This year's CYL with some Fallen Heroes? Ok. It's not like we have CYL heroes from previous years or anything... or their regular forms...
  12. I found him too! He seems like he has great potential, so I'm definitely watching! Also, I'm really digging the music as well.
  13. I feel like if it was him, they would've made that detail a little bit more obvious. Also this. The game made it sound like Jeralt was around 100 years ago IIRC and that battle took place well before that.
  14. Use one of your favorite classes and add an adjective. Sorrow fits rn though lmaooo
  15. Just try to connect your previous job experiences to your new one. Employers are looking for transferable skills and experiences, so don't lie about what you've done. Just be creative on how you did stuff. I'm in the same boat as you, so I definitely feel your worry.
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