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  1. Why axes? Other than better stats, the function is the same as Cleric and War Cleric. War Nurse should use a different weapon. The skills are different, but usually each class has two. Why not list 2 more? (Good job on getting the icons btw)
  2. pay attention to characters' status screens. It'll give you a hint on types of events that can happen. I won't go into too much detail about these though.
  3. Pros: If you're like me and you don't like repeating builds for characters if you can help it and have already done Bishop Lin, then go for it. Very rarely does he gain the charisma naturally to do this. (normally you'd have to spam perfect tea times) Gives more utility to Linhardt He doesn't like fighting, so he probably doesn't mind being a non-combat unit You could train him in swords to take advantage of Sword Avoid and then slap a levin sword on him. If you have the DLC, dancers mesh well with the Trickster class, and you just switch back and forth depending on the map objectives and layout. Doesn't have any good endgame class beside Bishop and Warlock, and you're feeling experimental. Thinking on it, he'd probably make a decent Trickster and War Monk. Cons: sounds like you may lose out on your main healer. Do you have another one you'll be using instead? miss out on utilizing his crest ability (raises mt when healing an ally) lose out on an additional warp use No riding boon will make it hard for him to gain an additional movement (unless you already started training him in riding) I would have to disagree. Very rarely do I find my dancers having a hard time to keep up, especially if you know what resources to give them. Dancers are prime candidates for the March Ring you get early and if they're planned, should be taught Riding and get to A+ to gain an additional movement. A dancer's lesson plan should always be Riding and your choice of Sword, Reason, Faith, or Authority. However, I'm also a firm believer in that dancers thrive more on harder difficulties. Normal and Hard mode aren't challenging enough to make dancing really effective, as your moves rarely rely on dancing in order to pull off risky strategies or survive certain turns. Hard mode has a couple of those moments, but not too many to really make the dancer class feel impactful on your strategies.
  4. Almyra 776 when? I'm not sure if I want a game focused on Khalid per se, but maybe his mother? From what we hear of her, she's quite the character. Not saying I'm opposed to Claude though, because he's a great character with much more potential. I'm just wondering how he will work gameplay and story-wise. By that time, he's already strong and matured. I would still welcome an Almyra side story wholeheartedly (more Claude is a bonus bc I love Joe Zieja). It would be interesting to get a FE game with more of an Eastern European and Middle Eastern flair to it than the standard English/German themes that we usually get.
  5. Those are all really popular pairings, from what I've seen.
  6. I like how the red mage and the green axe knight rep Hubert and Dedue respectively despite Hubert already being in the game but whatever. Why isn't Dedue in yet when the other retainers are.
  7. I would like to see a full map of the world Fodlan takes place in.
  8. Not my favorite seasonal because I find the outfits/costumes just simply atrocious in my opinion. However, I really like Idunn's costume. It's cute and not too ridiculous. I'm probably skipping on this banner because it just simply doesn't appeal to me (because there's many better spring themes imo- what about a flower banner or something? Or something like Las Fallas or the Thai water festival? Just a few ideas). I am glad that Fir is a flying axe user (despite her weapon looking more like a sword). I feel like we haven't gotten flying axe user in a while. Also, the Whitewings can now be the white hares. I do wish Est was a green unit though just because Catria was blue and Palla was red already.
  9. I see them becoming friends instead and getting something to eat together. They seem like kindred spirits to me.
  10. This banner is usually my least favorite of the alts so I'm not too thrilled about it in the first place. That being said, I'll still be mad if Est isn't on this since Catria was on it the first time around, then Palla, and now it's Est's turn.
  11. I don't think the caps hurt the mounted units too badly. I forgot about the seraph knights and Marcia is also a good lance user. Sentinels do have their perks though and it doesn't hurt to bring along one. I forgot enemies actually have resistance in this game, even armor knights. That being said, Ilyana can still do more damage than Vika and has a better chance of getting a critical hit (if she can manage to hit). Vika will always struggle to do damage, and she can rescue only when she's transformed. Hence, I think Ilyana should be placed higher than Vika on your Part 1 tier list without transfer bonuses. Ilyana can contribute more than Vika can. A minor advantage is just enough to edge her over Aran if they were neck-and-neck.
  12. Has anyone else played the new Langrisser? I palyed the demo and I'm enjoying it! I do wish they got different sprites when they promote into different classes though.
  13. I pretty much agree with this list. I would put Ilyana over Vika in the without transfer list because Ilyana has better availability and can do effective damage against armor units. Vika's most useful thing to do is save civilians in a swamp. Tbh it's really difficult to gauge who's the best Sentinel in the game because Nephenee's fanbase is much larger than her contemporaries. It's hard for me to say since my personal experience isn't necessarily reflective of the RD meta. However, I am tempted to say Nephenee as well since Aran's availability takes a hit after Part 1 and is difficult for him to catch up if he's not properly leveled. Nephenee's availability is better. Danved has the worst availability imo. Aran can reach great heights though if he's used properly. But to be brutally honest, the Sentinel is only an ok class. The lance wielders that would be strongest in end-game would probably be Geoffrey, Jill, or some other mounted unit (Oscar?). That's just my personal experience though.
  14. S: Camilla and Elise - the royals are all overpowered except Hinoka A: Effie - great availability and is great at what she does B: Beruka, Selena, and Peri - Beruka is in a great class and Selena is a versatile unit you can dip in Hero to gain some strength and then reclass into Bow Knight for utility and style. Under normal circumstances, Peri wouldn't be high on a tier list due to the amount of cavs in Conquest but for a girls-only run, she'll be here bc she's actually a good unit. C:. Nyx, Charlote, and Flora - Nyx is a glass canon. She's not a bad unit (she's not Odin!), but once you promote Elise it's hard to justify Nyx's niche. Charlotte would be a great unit if her availability was better or her starting level was higher. I usually give her the paragon scroll and she turns out great, but my personal experience should not be considered for a list like this. Flora is also a great unit, just with bad availability.
  15. I'll say this first one loud enough for the people in the back: LITTLE KING'S STORY: omg I just love this game. From the story to the soundtrack of remade classical pieces to the characters and to the wacky, crazy world they live in. The gameplay is a lot like Pikmin, except you're controlling your loyal subjects in your campaign to be King of the Continent. There's a lot to do and I always find myself coming back to it. Radiata Stories: A game ahead of its time. Periodt. The entire Rune Factory Series: yes, the entire series is a gem. The first few games are rough around the edges, but this is a series where you see noticeable improvement every title. They just released a special edition of Rune Factory 4 for the switch and I'm planning to get it once I get my birthday money. Lastly, I don't like saying games from big name IPs, but Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: I don't know why, this game just gets me every time. The best FF OST feel free to @ me I won't back down.
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