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  1. Commoners come with a stat booster when you recruit them IIRC and nobles come with a bullion. Although I'm always hurting for money since I don't use the online features when I play (or forget to turn them on), stat boosters are more helpful in the long run imo.
  2. lol no worries! I don't think you'll need to change it since it's a part of your name and not many users here know Korean lol
  3. There's no time limit to get them either. After Chapter 23 you can take as much time as you need to get them. So don't worry about "missing" anyone. Also OP, your username means something inappropriate in Korean lol
  4. I think this is the most excited I've been for a Fates banner. Charlotte finally made it out of Seasonal Hell after 5 years! 5 freaking years. And her art is great. Her neutral art's expression is a little off. They should have given her "bedroom eyes" and made her lips more noticeable but I absolutely love the contrast between her neutral and damaged art versus her special art. I also love the difference of tone between her quotes. Also lol at Iago, your tome got taken. I wonder what Arete's art will look like.
  5. I picked Bow Knight as my favorite master class because the armor looks awesome, horses are awesome, and horseback archery is awesome. In real life, horseback archery combat dates back to ancient times and is present in multiple cultures. It's cool in theory imo. Plus, having a ton of mobility and bow range +2 is nice and great. Sure there's no Hunter's Volley, but Hunter's volley is more of a necessity in Maddening and is just overkill in Hard/Normal from my experience.
  6. Looks like a mixture of Siamese and something else.
  7. To be fair, magic in general is not great in this game. It's one of the only FEs where enemies actually have decent res stats. On top of that, recruitment and availability is awkward for nearly everyone, even though Ilyana technically has the best availability. None of the mages are exactly high tier characters- Soren is probably the best but that's not saying much. I do agree she comes in overleveled and you're better off not using her too much in Part 1 because the GM need the experience more because Ilyana will leave them. The GM will already have a hard time in Part 3, and you're shooting yourself in the foot if you neglect them in Part 1. While she is a mediocre unit, she at least has her uses/niche. I know you mentioned the dragon chapter in endgame, but she is one of the best characters to use for that level. Giving her a blessed Rexbolt and Bolting can make your life a lot easier than not using her that level. It's definitely possible to beat it without her (I have done it) but it sure is nice to have her there. And she has staff utility as well. How so? Meg comes in a chapter where she dies easily. This is normal for FE, but when you realize Meg's class type is an armor knight, where her HP and DEF should be better than the rest of your party's, she underperforms. Again, I know she can become good, but what niche does she really have? Tauroneo is a better armor knight/general and Edward/Zihark are better sword users. You're better off using one of them (and Zihark can probably take more hits than her too). At least Ilyana has the distinction of being the only thunder concentrated mage and has access to Rexbolt.
  8. So we're predicting a Green Water Hero? I think Micaiah is likely. However, a legendary Ninian or Deirdre is in the realm of possibility. Male Korrin is also a good guess imo.
  9. Marth: SD's text is flavorless and boring. It's hard to get a feel for his character but it does exist. He's ok and better in New Mystery. Alm: Gary Stu-ish but I find him charming, sue me. Celica: One of the prettiest designs in the series. Sigurd: I love this man. Seliph: I love him too. Underrated lord. Leif: Actually one of the most complex and reflective lords. Roy: He's our boy. It's in our contract to like red haired Marth. Lyn: She's ok? She's least lordy out of all the lords in the sense she loses all relevance after Arc 1. Eliwood: Another red haired Marth... Although he's actually the most interesting between Marth, Roy, and him. Hector: Charming and fun to use in-game. Eirika: Sacred Stones has a great cast, so when you compare her to other characters, hell, other royals (L'arachel, Joshua, Innes), she's a bit dull and naive. Ephraim: Like Alm, but I like his supports more on an entertainment value. He's really dense. Ike: Up there with Leif as one of the best imo. Elincia: Definitely interesting and I consider her a lord. Micaiah: She has a special place in my heart because she was my first lord. Chrom: Charming Robin: The best self-insert imo Lucina: Never quite wow'ed me like she did with the majority of the fanbase. She's ok. Corrin: My least favorite. Azura: Her design is too busy for my taste, but she's prettier when drawn by other artists. Sorry Kozaki. Edelgard: I have complicated feelings about this character. Dimitri: His timeskip characterization is something else. Iconic, but is it believable? The VA did a fantastic job though. Claude: The most charismatic out of any lord. Suave, sophisticated, and bold. Byleth: depends on the week whether I like them or not. I don't like Bylass' haircut though. It's messed up.
  10. I loved this series. It was a very enjoyable watch, but I do have some gripes about it. First of all, loved the first 2 seasons. They were paced well enough imo, had shocking moments, great battles, and was very entertaining.
  11. I could see them adding Artemis with weird *ss kit. Or being in a duo hero with Anri. Anri will definitely get in at some point as long as the game is running, but I could see them adding Artemis if they greatly desired a female mythic (they would probably have an OC for that though). As for the Crusaders, I can definitely see them adding Noba, Ullr, and Fala in before their male counterparts except Forseti. It's funny how one of the only crusaders named after a female norse figure, Thrud, is made into a man. There is also this picture of her here along with Caldas. If they wanted to "update" her design, she could be a brunette version of Nyna. There isn't much going for her characterization-wise, but that's ok in my opinion. She's an open template for designers to figure out, like Altina. The only thing we know for sure is that she loves Anri, and that's all they really need. Altina and Bramimond didn't have a lot, but they got some characterization. As for your Thor wearing a dress comment, we do have this character:
  12. I'm blaming the OCs, which are overwhelmingly female. We also have the ancient heroes of each game, like Anri, Artemis, 12 Crusaders, etc. They have plenty more female hereoes where that came from.
  13. I definitely agree with Felix and Petra. They're annoying to deal with because they hit hard and move fast. If they dodge, it's bad news for you. I found Felix harder than Petra, but both are the hardest to deal with. I would also say Catherine can sometimes prove to be a headache. Hilda should be on this list imo- she hits like a truck, she's not slow, and she has plenty of HP. Freikugel is a nasty weapon as well. Sylvain is also difficult for similar reasons to Hilda. Ingrid is fast and troublesome with Luin, BUT having a competent archer in your ranks makes short work of her if they hit her. I found Seteth a harder flier to take care of, because at the points of the games you encounter them, you should have more tools at your disposal to deal with Ingrid. Lysithea hits hard, but she's quite frail. An easy counter is just using a weapon art or a brave weapon. She's usually not fast enough to double either. Marianne
  14. I read sometimes, not as often as I liked. I just finished Circe by Madeline Miller and will gladly take recommendations of similar stuff. Looking into seeing where I can get Miller's other work Song of Achilles that isn't Amazon because I don't believe in them. I'm also interested in The Wolf Den by Elodie Harper but I just want to sample it before I buy it. I prefer physical. I stare at screens a lot, so it's a nice change of pace for me.
  15. It's nice to see everyone's stories! Especially the familiar faces that have been on this site for a couple of years. I got into this series around 2008-2010. I know two years is a big gap of time but I really don't remember when I got into this series. I was around 10-12 years old. I first played Radiant Dawn after renting it from Blockbuster. It caught my eye because I thought this is the series that Ike from Smash represents. And boy, was I ever confused at all of the Ike name dropping, absence of Marth, and other things. And I loved it. Blockbuster eventually goes out of business, so they start to sell their inventory. I bought Radiant Dawn right away, as I have been renting for some time then. Went back and played other titles a couple years later once I had a better grasp of the mechanics.
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