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  1. Tycho replied to Aliza's comments with a chuckle. She was pretty nice, it was good he could so quickly befriend someone still. Guess some habits die hard, "Hmm..." He thought for a bit, "Um... honestly, I don't know what you have on the Riese. Honestly, whatever you can grab, it'd be perfect," and he dropped an okay sign. "I'm not super picky, especially right now." I could use a book, but... I can grab my tablet from the cockpit later. "Thank you Aliza, I appreciate it."
  2. Marina was taken aback when the cerberus first appeared, but she was quick to drop her guard a bit once Jade started acting buddy-buddy with it. Marina's approach as Jade explained was slow and careful. Marina knew family friends with dogs, but she never had any pets. But she seemed to have this knack for animals if Ukogi taught her anything. Despite the initial feelings, she also thought the cerberus was... cute. Hearing the names, it was funny hearing Jade be concerned on how she'd name the dog...s. However, Marina had an idea to add on. "Actually," she started, "you could have a name for each head, then a name for them collectively. Right?" The girl beamed a smile, thinking her idea was pretty solid, "How about... mmm... Tres? In my world, it's another term for 'three'. But it sounds kinda cool, maybe?" Soon she did reach a contactable distance with the dogs. She reached out to pet one, but... she didn't know what the animal's initial reaction would be. Instead, palm facing the ground, she reached out to let the heads sniff her out before she went for touching. "Tres? You like that?" Hopefully...
  3. As Jade spoke and instructed Marina, she was mesmerized in the words. Even if some of the things Jade was teaching her were things she already knew, Marina's gaze and ears never left the attention she was giving. And within time, the zombie offered Marina the weapon again, after a clear, straight shot onto her target. Marina nodded, taking the gun. "I'll give it a shot, sure. Hehe... shot," A small giggle. Taking a knee, she did the procedures she thought necessary, making sure it was safe to fire and was loaded. Even if it really wasn't something she fired before, most of the normal things she would do worked just fine. Then, a gaze out in the wild, looking for a squirrel like Jade had been using for a target. This wasn't a paper target or a clay pigeon. Animals were a lot less predictable to pin down. She caught one in her sight. It was already moving, but Marina had enough confidence. Still fixed on it's movements, she took an educated guess on where it was heading, and saw a branch it could hop onto. Shutting one eye, she locked sights in that spot, and the squirrel moved as predicted... BANG! Unfortunately, the shot didn't hit it's mark and the animal got away, fleeing into the woods. A sigh, "Missed," Following procedures again, she ejected the shot and readied it to give back to Jade. The casing flew, bouncing off of her shirt, and Marina was quickly gladdened by the fact she had this turtleneck. She handed the rifle back to Jade, "When I was younger my dad taught me to always wear something with a collar. Then I could pop it up so the casings wouldn't fall in my shirt. That didn't always keep me safe though, cause I'm lefthanded. The casings would pop out the right side and land in my pocket instead." And Marina followed with another small laugh.
  4. Gently, Marina took hold of the weapon and examined it. "So, we did have things like these for a long time, but they're out of date by... I'd say, almost a century at this point. Maybe more... I'm not entirely certain." Eyeing where the bullets went into, "We have things called clips, or magazines. It would be essentially a long, metal pack of bullets that you would stick into the bottom, or the side, and they would feed through the gun when you fired. You don't need to do anything like loading a single shot, or pulling pack a hammer, they would just, fire continuously, and the casings would feed out the side," She took a hand off the weapon, a bit weighty in her hand, motioning around the weapon as she spoke. "We still use revolvers from time to time, but they're a lot more of a novelty. Something something 'it's not about shootin', it's about reloadin'," she quoted in a weird tone. "But yeah, we have rifles, handguns, a lot of stuff." She shook her head, "There's not a lot super different, it's just... several decades apart, I guess." Then, she handed the rifle back.
  5. "Yes! Exactly you have understanding!" Taiyute exclaimed, happy that the dragon understood how she was. Then she started to get enraptured in listening to Xalrei speak; it was quite nice, soothing almost. The first impression she had of the dragonewt had not been the best due to most of the time she saw her she was either quiet, or angry. This development only continued to leave the genasi in awe. Then, she laughed, apologizing for also talking fast. Taiyute clapped in response, "Nono, it was a nice listen, yes," She had reassured, "I am not well at the talking, but speaking about your favorites to someone is quite great, yes." A nod, "If I say... Xarlei, yes?" She wasn't actually sure if she had heard the name properly, or it was faulty memory, but she would probably be corrected in a moment, "Your smile, it's nice." Another thing, she doesn't entirely recall if she's seen very often. Not that she blamed her, or really anyone in the group if they couldn't do so at a time like this. Marina nodded as she listened to Jade, she noticed that the clothes had been moved at some point during their trip. Something about the way she spoke, it had almost trapped Marina's attention, she enjoyed listening, watching her adjust herself. Marina's smile warmed, going from the shy, small smile to a bigger grin as she took Jade's hand and shook it. Then, maybe Jade would appreciate some kind of follow up, wondering if she'd appreciate Marina trying to crack a joke of her own, "Pleasure doing business with you," and a small laugh followed with her. Then back to the conversation of joining her, a question about if she had fired a gun before. A continuation of the question showing Jade's consideration for Marina's skillset. A small nod, "Um, back home actually... I used to go to a firing range with my dad a lot. It'd be a rough day, or a rough week, on Saturday my dad would take me out, we'd put in a couple hundred dollars... er, the money from my world, for a bunch of rounds, and we'd just shoot at targets for a couple of hours." A good few memories, starting to sour from how much she was missing home right now. She shook it away, that wasn't the right now. "Even then too, in my world we had... very different guns, than what we have here. So I would need some help coming back to it."
  6. Taking a look around, Marina noticed the squirrel fleeing after Jade seemed to miss? Practice shooting? Hunting? Either way, it seemed like a good past time for Jade. Not everyone can be an expert marksman instantly. Her attention returned to the zombie, and Marina thought for a bit, "Honestly... yeah. Really," She made a few small nods. For the first time since... When she was in Coteon, she slept soundly with Nessraya's help. The days after without her were okay, at best. "The past week without any fights has made it, smoother, I think." Another nod. "I was just coming to check on you, cause I didn't before. I'm sorry, I wasn't... haven't been well." Her hands clasped together after her apology. "A-And I did want to let you know, even if you already knew... your clothes are cleaned and stacked back in the wagon. I wanted to... I guess, personally return them to you, but we've been sidetracked. Thank you again." Maybe Jade didn't really want all the rambling, or she'd rather Marina kinda just went off and did her own thing. Marina did want to talk to or spend time someone, at least a little bit. "And I guess, would it be alright if I joined you, in whatever you're doing?" A Subject of Concern
  7. Tycho kept himself awake and sobered just from listening to the doctor and the captain and XO all talk. All the 'above his paygrade' mumbo jumbo was just enough non-understandable for him that it kept his brain rolling. An unfortunate rolling, due to his condition. Aliza turned back to him after addressing the captain, asking if he was fine. "I'm... functioning. Alright, I suppose?" He gave a shrug. "Honestly though, I know I've been complaining a lot about needing something and I apologize for that, but like, I'm actually super thirsty." A small chuckle. "Would you be willing to do me a solid so I don't agitate my currently pained friend?" Motioning to his arm.
  8. What was this disturbance in Taiyute's range? The breeze got unnaturally rough as she turned to react against whatever seemed to be flying into her direction. Her instant move into attacking mode quickly dissipated as it was the dragonewt who flew towards her, asking her a simple question. Something easy, thankfully. And a chance to get another reaction of someone messing up her name. "Taiyute." She made a nod, "It is very fine, my name is bizarre, yes." The genasi assured, a pat on the shoulder. "I am walking much because... many things." Her speech suddenly got faster, "No things very bad though. Air genasi like I, we... like travel. Staying places, not moving, it gets... uncomfortable, for lacking of good words. Yes? And fire is not a good for us. Not one bit. No rest either, we mostly refresh with the magic healing. Is best way to recover lost energies." Then, a shake of her head, "Apologies for the ramblings, and fast talkings... I hope my words had understanding." She clapped her hands together apologetically. "You like the flying and moving around as well it seems, yes?"
  9. The past week without fighting, surprisingly, helped Marina feel a bit more at ease. After the talk with Taliyah, and even some later assistance from Nessraya, she was still feeling the weight of everything, but... it was a bit easier. Easier to relax. For once, if even for a bit, she got her chance to sit back and not have much issue. She even had time and patched up her jacket and shirt with the needle and thread she was given for her old outfit. It wasn't the best, but the color at least matched the coat. She had kept herself in the wagon. It was a nice to stay out of the way, and she was working on her notepad again. Writing whatever came out her head first, and going along with it. If she was needed, someone would call for her. Then, a yawn, followed by a groan. She needed to get up, walk around. Do something a bit. With that thought in mind, she returned her notepad to her pouch. Finally stepping out for the first time, that day. She didn't have any ideas in particular. Taliyah, no; it seemed her and the new individual, Aithlin, were conversing, she didn't feel the need. She saw Bladen and Asami, whom she'd still rather be dropped in a hole and left there rather than converse with either of them. It seemed Lavinia was going to talk to that Bridgit girl, whom Marina didn't want to hear anything from, so she just turned the other direction, and decided to take a quick walk. As she walked, she heard a loud crack? A gun? Oh, Jade! Marina hadn't really checked on Jade after everything from the previous fight, or really said anything about the clothes. Maybe she wouldn't mind some company. Following the sound of the gun, she saw Jade, after she finished shooting at something, at least it seemed. A small cough, a start to getting Jade's attention to make sure she didn't scare her. "G-Good evening Jade." Taiyute kept a distance from the fireplace. It was an unfortunate fear, the fear of fire that came with all wind genasi. It didn't really matter, the weather didn't effect her that much. What she was doing was a lot of pacing. A lot of walking around, checking every nook and cranny of the vicinity of the campsite. Another curse of the genasi life. She couldn't sit still, couldn't sleep. Her mind was always active. She had seen around the area more than 10 times within the past couple hours since they've stopped.
  10. Marina embraced the half-lizard in her arms. It was her turn to give someone some form of comfort. If anything, this small moment with Taliyah made her think... maybe she really isn't the animal she believed herself to be. Slowly, softly petting her hair, Marina was still teary-eyed, everything still hurt, but Taliyah became her priority. With Agni's words, she gave a small nod. He assured her, once again, he was loyal to her. Being careful, letting Taliyah bawl her poor little eyes out, Marina lifted her off the ground, "I mean every word, Taliyah." And Marina wasn't going to let her go, not until she was calmed down enough to stop crying.
  11. Marina's shaking started to slow down. As much as she felt so angry, so scared of that anger, Taliyah's words, even if Marina had heard similar points earlier that day, were just so kind and so genuine. Her cries slowed down, and soon, she was just laying her head against the lizardgirl's shoulder, only sniffling. Taliyah was right, people did believe in her. Agni, Lavinia, Nessraya, Ren, and even Marina could confirm Taliyah did too. They'd help her, as much as Marina's brain refused, she was going to fight for it. As much as it hurt now, Marina had to believe it could get better. Speaking of people who believed about her, Agni came and tracked her down, despite her attempts to escape from everyone. More of the same things that have been brought up, but it felt like a mental jab to her. How much did he hear? "I'm sorry, Agni... I'm sorry I couldn't tell you what was going on. I-I was... afraid of disappointing you. Disappointing everyone else. You keep telling me how strong I am, but I keep getting pushed down..." Marina raised her head a bit, starting to slowly remove herself from the hug she made with Taliyah. With Agni there, it would at least be another person bearing witness to a promise she'd make. "Taliyah. I want you to understand something." Despite the exhaustion in her voice, the redness in her eyes, her focus into Taliyah's eyes was unstoppable. "You're one of the kindest people I have ever met. I don't care if you're a half-breed, that shouldn't matter. You're amazing, and I'm glad you're my friend." And she went back in, a bit more of a genuine hug, "If the world says it's a mistake to be born a half-breed, then that'll be something I change in the world I'll help make. I'm still not super certain of what I'll have to do to make change, but I promise no matter how many times I'm brought down, I'll come back up... I won't stop getting back up. I promise..." Despite how she felt, there was a clear feeling of conviction in her voice. Marina wasn't sure how she'd make change, but she was chosen for a reason. She would hurt, she'd cry, she'd fall. Other times, she'll smile and she'll laugh. Cause people like Agni and Taliyah won't let her wallow in her guilt. There'd be no doubt she'd fall again, but people would pick her up, and she was fine with that.
  12. Tycho relaxed himself in the bed just a bit more. The Captain was okay, it seemed. Might be an issue with the robot circuitry thing, but hopefully, things would work out and the captain would be back to as normal as possible. Well, normal wasn't really a good word anymore since this captain was anything but normal, but, semantics. Then the doctor asked a question, and Tycho shook his head, "Not to my knowledge, no ma'am."
  13. Poor Taliyah, Marina had been reminded of who her father was, someone they were going to fight soon. It sucked, thinking about it, Taliyah said this whole thing about they were friends, it was hard. She didn't want to spill so much, still feeling like she's just being sorry for herself cause she wasn't strong enough before, but... "Ever since I got here, all I've been taught was how to train, how to fight, so I'd be strong enough to strike down the Demon King... Resiliency, swordplay, combat tactics, drills... All these things that just ran through my head because it was practically beaten into me, for three months. In truth, all I wanted was to kill the Demon King, and that's all, even then, maybe... find a way to get both sides to peacefully end this, without all the fighting, I felt like I had a strong will and I could figure something out..." Tears started to run down Marina's face, as she ran into some nearby trees, still holding Taliyah, not wanting to be seen by anyone. After the running, she fell to her knees, unfortunately dragging the poor lizard girl down with her. "I couldn't stop them... That whole month we ran through Vaia, no matter what I tried, or what I did, I couldn't stop the men under me from slaughtering people... At first I was told it was treason, not wanting to fight, then eventually, I was just told if I didn't have the guts to do it, sit back and let the soldiers rally off my n-n-n-name..." The shaking got worse, her words getting mixed into the crying that began, "I can't stop thinking about it... People screaming in terror, screaming for help, begging for their lives, and I couldn't do anything... For a month, we ran through, destroyed everything we came across. I can't sleep without pushing myself into exhaustion, because the silence just makes the screaming in my head l-louder... I wasn't as strong as I thought I was... I-I'm less than a human, less than a monster... I'm a wild animal, cause e-even after a-a-all of it..." She started coughing now too, choking on her cries and words, "I'm still fighting, still killing people... I hate it, it hurts..." Marina gripped Taliyah's shirt tight, "I don't, want to fight anymore. But I know I have to... Cause, I wanna fix what I've done, but... It's so much to bear, and I... can't just say it. I've hurt most of you i-in some way..." Marina couldn't even words anymore after that. Panting for breath, barely getting anything out of the crying that had just poured out.
  14. The unfortunate thing was that in truth, maybe Taiyute didn't need to smack Bladen like she did. Of course, it's all an experience thing. Much like how he yelled at the Hero, you have to learn what makes other people understand by doing it. Of course, unlike her slap, Marina didn't need to be yelled at like she was. It was clear, she had fallen in battle, and taken a very bad hit in the process. She clearly wasn't in the right mindset, especially once she was already yelled at once by the wood fairy. Taiyute wasn't sorry for hitting Bladen, more sorry for not saying anything worth anything in response after doing so. Lavinia's yell and follow-up were clear and concise. She herself, wasn't tired, she didn't really feel that sorta thing until much later, but the point was clear. There was simply a bow to Lavinia, "Forgiveness for making things even less good, Miss Lavinia..." Someone was following and bothering Marina, something she didn't need right now. As she turned around, her face still seething with anger, quickly died out as she saw Taliyah fall over. She couldn't be mad at her, she didn't deserve that. She followed up with the lizard, hands on her shoulders, checking around to check for injuries. "T-Taliyah, are you okay?" And she came to try and cheer her up. Marina's stomach churned. She knew Taliyah really couldn't help with what she's feeling, "I-I don't know how you could... I don't want to pile my problems on you, you don't deserve that... To hear me complain, because I don't like where I am, or what I did. I deserve where I am..." Without a second after those words, she wrapped her arms into a hug around the lizard. The shaking from her frustrations was clearly still there, it was clear she was still fuming. "S-Sorry, I shouldn't have said anything, I'm just, so tired."
  15. Suddenly the wraith jumped at Jade. Marina wasn't fast enough to stop what had happened, but... she seemed to enter and leave. Just like that. Whatever occur-- And then just as suddenly, more yelling, this time, something actually insulting. From Bladen. She was right there, she could hear. Why could he not address it directly to her as opposed to the actual dismissive comment he just made? It wouldn't have angered her so bad if not for how he decided to express it. And more yelling, but a bit more of Ren standing up for her. Then followed Bridgit, who also stood up for her (sorta), but a comment in particular that just infuriated her more: No use in making her feel even more useless. Useless? Who the hell even are you?! Marina oh so desperately wanted to call her out, her fist balled, her body temperature spiking just from pure rage. But she couldn't. Not because it was the better thing to not do, but because Lavinia would probably chastise her for not being herself. Gabriela then also called out Bladen, which Marina did at least appreciate a tiny bit, but the yelling only made her headache that much worse. And with all this random crap that's gone on, nothing seemed to be wrong with Jade. All of this was literally for nothing. No, it wasn't just nothing. It'll be another talking to. Oh Marina. We want you to be you, but you can't do this. You can't do that, and Marina wasn't in the mood for a lecture like this today. Not while she felt like she was ready to strike out at someone. A look at Lavinia, one unfortunately showing how drained and angry she looked, "I'm going back to the wagon. If there's anything important that I need to be informed of, just let me know." She spoke, a clear bitterness to it. Not towards Lavinia directly, it was unfortunate she was the first one who had to witness Marina fighting all the negative emotions going through her head. As she walked, she happened to be in the direction of Bladen. This time, there was at least one person she wasn't gonna let walk away. She looked at him, directly, and spoke soft enough between the two. "It must be really nice. Standing where you are, not having any responsibilities, looking down on me, who has to be held responsible for everything I helped do and more." There was no emotion in her voice, she was drained by today. "Do me a favor, next time you have an issue regarding my actions, say it to my face. Or just go back to silently judging every move I make, cause that seems to be what you're best at. Don't think I don't notice it. If it bothers you that I want to be better, to show a bit of mercy to my enemies if I can, then deal with it." And that was all she needed. She walked away without another word. She had better things to do. She had to check on her jacket and shirt. She had a sewing kit in her pack, she'll take some time to-- suddenly, a near trip on the ground. It only annoyed her more. A helmet, probably left over from one of the skeletons. An angry roar, and she punted it, clean into the wall several feet from her. Then she started moving faster, not noticing how she had kicked it so hard it lodged itself into said wall. While she was not going to respond to the oni's retort on Bladen's actions, it was what the siren had spoken that caught her mind, "Miss Siren, Bladen's non-action was my intrusion. I had stopped him. It was not his move to make." But of course, he still wanted to mouth off in regards to it. It was quite clear he shouldn't have. It didn't seem like anything was wrong with this Jade, even she didn't feel anything of notice. The Hero approached Bladen, and once she started speaking, Taiyute backed away, not wanting to intrude on what Marina had to say. However, it was clear it was nothing good. And she couldn't help but wince at Marina's display as her frustrations skyrocketed, luckily not on anyone, but a helment and a wall. And now, the only one next to Bladen, there wasn't anything Taiyute needed to say in regards to what he had done. However, she did serve a firm open palm into the back of his head. {Bloody damned fool.} Was all that flew from her lips in response. She felt no need to translate herself, there was no need.
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