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  1. I think retribution is a strange one since it is such a good gambit, and statistically it provides great boosts, but it is totally redundant to equip it on more than one unit since the effect is so long lasting and has two charges. highly doubtful youre going to be making use of more than 1 charge so in a way i do understand why it's not viewed in the same light as stride.
  2. Fantastic write up and information. I can't believe this isn't getting enough attention. I would like to make a video on battalion mechanics and would love to cite/credit you and your work. DM me if that's ok!
  3. 16. They don't exist. They're things that sell pamphlets. 17. tag me when that gets up 18. "How big are your feet?" HUGE 19. That sounds like bad juju i only like american made video games and drawings like Fire Emblem. 20. wut? I've beaten Mega Man 1-6 im not sure if that answers your question.
  4. 11. 3 and 3.5. I think it was the introduction of 4 that drew me away from table top, although in hindsight , 4th edition had some pretty cool ideas. 12. No I have not, however i feel like what i do with my Rival Bromains series is about as close as you can get to DM'ing a Fire Emblem game. 13.Probably when i made a campaign loosely based around the world of FF9 and my friend who was a dumb warrior with super heavy armor kept failing his balance check in the ice cave. A fellow team member who was an Orc Druid took off their chainmail socks and put them over his shoes akin to chaining up one's tires for bad road conditions. 14. I like experimental music, pop and country. and my favorite from each genre would be Wire, Scott Walker, and Dwight Yoakam. 15. I don't watch anime i think it's a cancer on society and it needs to be stopped. However in my younger days i was a big fan of the toonami lineup of Sailor Moon, Gundam + Gundam Wing and Dragonball + DBZ.
  5. 1. I'm sorry i lied. the pancake was actually a Nintendo 64, and i got electrocuted as a result. 2. my real name is Chaz, and I'm brown i guess? My friend and i used to work at a hip-hop studio as producers/writers and the talent would yell it on the track to shout us out. i think it's just a fun word to say. 3. Very little. Cory Matthews on the other hand... 4. San Fransisco or Greenlake, Seattle. maybe in the Catskills, NY 5.I like em personally! .
  6. 6. no 7. Most of my favorite places are in Manhattan honestly, In Brooklyn I do like to eat at a place called Taqueria Cokoyok its pretty seedy, deep in Bushwhick though not really good for a family and you need to speak spanish (although I'm pretty sure you do). I also go to quite often to Ichiran Brooklyn for the Best Ramen broth ever. seriously, this place spoiled every other ramen place for me. When it comes to traveling in New York we literally have everything and we do everything the best hahaha so you can pick whatever youre into look it up and expect the best! Katz Deli is a good place to go to for a historic and authentic experience id say! 8. no but i love shooters. I've played all the Gradius, Parodius, Twinbee games along with the Neo-Geo shooters. 9. Yes, but ive always DM'd I've never actually played. I know i'd be really good at it probably. 10. My cousin and i used to play this awesome hexagonal segmented board game called Heroscape!
  7. 1. Go for it. Something's gotta change around here. 2. My friends irl call me "Choop" short for Chupacabra. Choosi is a name i made for myself which i got from a bodega in Queens called "Choose Your Choice Deli" The name amuses me. I just put the two names together on my first video (IQFEH1) and it's stuck ever since. 3. "Did I do that?" limited. 4. Eat it all in one sitting next time that sounds delicious 5. I'm not picky when it comes to food, i have a problem where ill eat anything that's put in front of me even if im not hungry, however there are 2 foods that i find absolutely repulsive and that's matcha and pancake syrup.
  8. 1.No. I'm Straight. *kidding* I'm Iranian. 2. other way around. Chaz Aria LLC becomes Chad Aria LTC at level 20 (promotion only at level 20 gang rise up) 3. Yes, although she doesn't know i have a youtube channel. 4. I am a professional sound designer by trade yes. I've done sound design/engineering work for many theatrical productions at The Seattle Musical Theatre along with currently managing a few off Broadway productions in NYC. When i was moving across the country i worked for a children's audio book company making interactive sound scapes that would cue as you read books aloud to an amazon alexa. It was my passion/experience in sound design that gave me the idea to combine it with my addiction to FEH at the time and produce the IQFEH series. I don't have a single steady job no, but i make a lot of my livable income off of corporate webcasting gigs (why I travel a lot) and the stock market. 5. Pancakes because I've already stuck my penis in a few hot flapjacks, and I imagine- in human form, it could only feel better.
  9. 1. You're a fine young chap. You really pissed me off when you told me to bring Lara into the Dandelion's Hideout even though you were SUPPOSED to be my spoiler police! i kid. asking for a spoiler free stream of a 20 year old game is an absurd request in the first place. Your enthusiasm is great and you've taught me a lot about the game and uhh- love in general? 2. Super Mario Brothers 1 3. Probably chapter 5 when we started just killing everyone for going against God's will. Arvis must've been pretty embarrassed when nobody showed up to his BBQ. I get into those laughing fits that just makes me light headed and yeah that was one of them for sure. oh and literally every time Dew gained a point in Magic. (was he at 9 magic by endgame?) 4. It wasn't a real sponsorship i just thought that the stoufer's commercial when the coach says "My Name is Coach Cringles. I Eat Stouffer's Lasagna and I hunger to turn boys into men." was the funniest thing at the time. so i just spoofed it. 5. as many as you want!
  10. i find much irony in this statement within the context of this thread. anyways here's the complete script for you. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11RDKF9qXAikyIMigw2O_SzwiRmO8x7zax-m4cZHYEH8/edit?usp=sharing
  11. what the hell? ^hahaha this guy. It's a video talking about 5 reasons people think they shouldn't play this game. Hence It's titled 5 Reasons You Should not play FE4. Perhaps "FE4 is Good in General" would be a more acceptable title for the pedant mindset of this community. It's a compelling video and I think it deserves a compelling title. Just watch the video. you'd probably enjoy it based on the tangents here.
  12. I have watched the video. If we're gonna be keeping score, then by default I have contributed more to this thread than you.
  13. The sentiment that SIgurd can "Solo" the game is incredibly misleading though. To get through the encounter with Eldigan and then all mages from chapter 4 onwards + not get hit with the sleep staff requires an incredible amount of either RNG manipulation or luck.
  14. Glad to hear you're in good spirits about it. I have a feeling Zerk is gonna be not as happy with me throwing his FE4 remake vid under the bus. I use dark reader for dark mode!
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