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  1. I don't know how to answer this question. They simply are possible. You have lots of tools that work even if your stats don't go up, and in some of the later games, you have ways to increase your stats without leveling up. In a 0% growths run you don't "worry" about training your units (kind of; there are still plenty of reasons to train units) or sticking with a fixed team. You use someone if it helps you and bench someone if it doesn't.
  2. i.e., the "real christians" from their perspective regardless of what you think, they have the greater numbers and louder voices, and each of them believes that they have the lord's blessing, probably to a greater extent than you do. you might as well be pissing in an ocean. good on you for having a well-calibrated moral compass (from this atheist's point of view), but this sort of selective interpretation between competing camps shows how fraudulent the whole affair is.
  3. any idea on an estimate for the final version of this patch? i'd like to start recording a playthrough soon but if the patch isn't finished by then, then i'll have to use the old version.
  4. you really shouldn't have to use shin; sue is not that bad. the challenge diminishes after chapter 7 because chapter 7 simply has one of the most difficult chapter designs in the game.
  5. that's true for FE1/3/5. that's not true for SoV. if all you have to do 98% of the time is to beat every enemy on the map, then of course the game can be summarized as i just did. i'm not going to waste my time addressing every error in that abomination of a post. i never once claimed that stat benchmarks were unreasonable, but you seem to agree with me that the barebones strategy in SoV primarily involves hitting stat benchmarks with specific weaponry. you can't cherrypick specific examples of bad side objectives and generalize all side objectives as being bad. the mental gymnastics required to defend any supposed merit of SoV as a strategy game are boggling. you're looking into a kiddie pool thinking that it's 20 feet deep. when gwimpage (a pretty good player) finishes maps with the kill distribution skewed heavily to 3-4 units at best, that means it's just the same damn thing over and over again.
  6. wait where was that localized EDIT: also, for what it's worth, the again spell was localized as "anew" in FE15
  7. alm's route: gray, clair, mathilda favoritism feat. silque and faye grinding (later tatiana) celica's route: saber, palla, catria favoritism feat. genny grinding; maybe add a second dread fighter (later conrad) there's specific benchmarks that i remember such as mathilda ORKOing rudolf or palla/catria ORKOing mogalls, but the overall point is that the game becomes substantially easier if you hit those stat benchmarks. the difference between ORKOing and not ORKOing is massive. your combat becomes at least twice as efficient, you can progress through the map more quickly, plus if you fail to ORKO, stragglers have to be picked off due to ridiculously unnecessary retreat AI. most of the gameplay issues that players have with this game can be resolved by having units who can ORKO everything. chokepoints that take forever to plow through are no longer a big deal. unending waves of terrors don't matter if they all die in one round. enemies can't retreat to a healing point if they're already dead. but if you have units who can ORKO everything, then it's obvious that there is no substance to this game. yeah, it's a bad map. let's call a spade a spade. SoV's mechanics don't prevent good map design from existing.
  8. after watching gwimpage stream most of this game, i can't see how any map in SoV has defensible quality. this game encourages snowballing and lowmanning more than almost every other entry in the series. the player is punished for failing to hit stat benchmarks, and that's really all of the substance that there is to this game. most maps lack side objectives or even multiple simple goals.
  9. https://serenesforest.net/light-and-shadow/miscellaneous/calculations/ at the bottom of the page, "note 3" is not formatted correctly. also, i would add a "note 4: units with Weapon Rank A cannot gain WEx towards that weapon type, even if that weapon type would not be Rank A in a different class."
  10. perceval can't solo the game lol. he's good but still mortal.
  11. not to mention that thrones give +5 res look, man, lilina is bad. bad at fighting (no bulk and problems doubling), bad at healing (will basically never get above heal), not exceptional at moving. when playing on hard mode you want to use units that actually make the game easier, not harder
  12. i check this forum and grandjackal is bullshitting his way through a tier list did i go back in time to 2009
  13. run's canceled. see https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/5mwaiv/fe12_h2_0_growths_is_on_indefinite_hiatus/ tl;dr version: home got robbed, lost PC, lost the route
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