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  1. Cool, they posted. Although I kind of forgot they might cover the Emblems!
  2. They must've got tired of fans easily predicting the character posts, ahaha. It'd be cool if they squeezed in another character on Friday or maybe even the weekend. I'm hoping to see Alfred, Céline and Chloé...
  3. Nice discovery! Mm, it didn't really sink in that Binding Blade is 20 years ago. It would've been much easier if we tried to locate the carts earlier, but at this point, I'm not holding out much hope. Only way I can think of seeing those maps if somebody leaks them (extremely, extremely low) or there's a Binding Blade remake that brings them back (not impossible, since New Mystery brought back the BSFE episodes, but I doubt it). Or somebody already dumped the ROMs/saves way back.
  4. I don't really believe everything that miasmadelta said. But if you look at the screenshots...
  5. But she joins near the very beginning of the game xD In mainline FEs, we rarely have healers who can attack right off the bat, especially early on.
  6. Assuming it's the same one, it's supposedly a flared swimsuit in the Japanese version. So hopefully it's cute and frilly, ahaha. My only worry is that the outfits may not apply in battle, because they didn't show off any of them in battle. However, the trailer was pretty short so perhaps they simply didn't have enough time. Plus we had outfits/accessories in battle in Fates, which this game looks like an evolution of.
  7. The reason it was done historically, but not any more is probably because games have gotten more complicated. It's easy if it's a one-man job. But this is a large scale project with thousands of people and many thousands of files. It might sound simple adding, say, a debug mode/script but you never know how it'll interact with everything else. Now I don't claim to have any actual game dev knowledge, but even while ROM hacking, I can't count the number of times I've broken the game just by modifying something small ^^;;; Therefore, it's probably best to keep things as simple as possible. So if there's a risk that a debug mode/script could mess things up, I'd rather leave it out, ahaha.
  8. I think they're safe. Looks like the same re-movement skill to me. Now it's possible it has a completely different effect though, but that would be pretty weird IMO.
  9. Céline looks cute, although her crown kinda bothers me a little. Feels like the inner bit with the flowers is too close to her hair colour, so it makes her head look really tall xD If it was just the gold part (or crownless, like when she's Engaged), it'd be perfect.
  10. It's definitely Inventory, but good catch. I think there's an easy explanation though. The map with Alear is probably the very first one and would be the tutorial. Therefore, it wouldn't be surprising if some options were disabled. The map with Vander seems to be the next map, since they've joined forces with the twins (before, the twins were NPCs).
  11. Yeah, I'm a bit confused with regular classes. Especially Pegasus Knight. It feels like they're going the Three Houses route, yet we only ever see one weapon icon in the available status screens. As others have mentioned, staff is an exception, because it's counted like an accessory. I imagine Emblems will spice things up, yeah. Like there's one time Framme's brother(?) has Sigurd equipped, but he's currently wielding tomes. This should let him wield Sigurd's lances should he Engage. Similar to how Celine gets access to Celica's tome and staff while Engaged.
  12. When I caught a glimpse of the new FEH Channel and they were teasing a new weapon type, I half expected it to be Gauntlets, not Rearmed Heroes. At this point, I feel like they missed the boat. But it's not impossible I guess. It did take a while for Beasts to be added.
  13. It's a corruption of Volcano(n). The B and V are interchangeable, but there's clearly a G in the middle and a N at the end. Another example is Ragnarok, which is Rainarok in Japanese. There is no way to get a G from I. So the person who named it probably did it on purpose. It'd be like me naming a sword Excalipur for kicks. Like it's not exactly Excalibur, but it's inspired by it.
  14. Vander is from the 32nd generation of Dragon Guardians. I'm assuming the twins are in the same generation, but lore-wise, I dunno how they'd group them. EDIT: It makes sense since Alear's been asleep for 1000 years, which is enough time for 32 generations of people (if the generations are separated by ~30 years).
  15. I'm glad they finally changed Canto. Myrmidon, I think is fine. It's just a fantasy class name like Paladin and General. It's not like every General in FE is an actual general (eg. Amelia if you promote her). Bolganone for me walks a thin line between looking weird and being just goofy enough to look good. If they had to change it, I'd prefer something closer to Volcanon, because "Volcano" by itself is kinda boring IMO.
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