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  1. Holy shit, you exist

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sunwoo


      Oh man, you said it. We're all old now, or something.

    3. Raven


      You got that right. It's gone 1am and I need to wake up in less than 6 hours for work, I'm gonna feel like shit if I don't quit now so I'll reply to you when I get on here again in like 3 years' time

    4. Sunwoo


      Lol, jeez, sounds hectic. Make sure you take care of yourself!

  2. It probably doesn't need saying at this point, but I have no intention of updating the original post after all this time. But it's nice to see people still use the topic to show off their units. I don't think I have anything new worth showing off; most of my resources go into making my old favourites stronger, or putting a few merges into my (many) 5* exclusive favourites and never managing to +10 any of them.
  3. I go to check the top players of the recent pvp event and I spot a random @Florete sitting comfy in the literal top 50 players. Teach me your methods please.
  4. That Imgur link has nothing in it. Feel free to reupload. This one hurt. I wasn't sure if you wanted to update each one but I did anyway. Just say in the post next time if you do or don't. Updated up to (including) page 46. Getting there slowly.
  5. You've all been busy during lockdown, I see. Due to me not being at work thus not being on a computer much at all, updates have been nonexistent. But I'm back at work so I can probably start using my free time to update from next week. Someone @ me here on Monday or something.
  6. Raven

    Site Updates

    Considering the nature of Heroes, we do not have anyone with the time or resources to dedicate themselves to the upkeep of data that's being constantly added to the game that other sites (such as Gamepress, Gamepedia, etc.) have. So if you do need up-to-date Heroes info, you can visit one of the many other places such as the two I mentioned. But you probably knew that already. I will talk with Vincent about removing certain data that requires constant editing/updating and perhaps just turning the page into a more general overview type of thing, unless he is willing to find people he knows and trusts who will keep the pages relevant and up to date. As for the Three Houses information, I haven't heard anything from Vincent regarding it yet but then again it's only been a day. It ultimately depends on his schedule since I'm sure he is more than capable of doing this stuff himself, and/or whether or not he is willing to give more people access to the main site. I would say "next week," as @Captain Karnage stated, is a bit ambitious; I don't want us making promises only to leave people hanging. But for sure, knowing Vincent, the gears will start moving sooner than later if he has time to spare. All I can really say is thanks for being patient and I hope you don't mind waiting a bit longer.
  7. Updated to, including, page 43. These images above have been lost somehow, so if @NSSKG151 and @Rosalina care to reupload sometime, that'd be cool. I have a bunch of +10s finished myself, but I won't post them until I've caught up with the most recent submissions.
  8. i don't post here much but this is a bumb.
  9. He may be referring to the main site and the 3H information it provides.
  10. If people hit a roadblock, you can go back to earlier stages for experience and skill unlocks.
  11. Updated up to and including page 40. The rest will come as I find time in my days to do them since I'm only ever really on a computer at work.
  12. Hey! So like, what's going on these days with you?

    I haven't had the chance to talk with anyone from the old days for a long time.

    1. Emeraldfox


      Oh shit what up Raven. Sorry for the late replay.

  13. Hey, what's up? I see you've been offline from Heroes for 3+ weeks but you're still posting around the Heroes subforum. Mind-boggling stuff!

    1. Florete


      I quit Heroes but I’m still keeping up with what’s going on and occasionally commenting on it.

    2. Raven


      Thought as much. I hope you're enjoying your newfound time lol.

  14. Alright, for now I've edited the first post with submissions up to and including page 37. I'll continue later this week when I manage to grab myself some free time. Posting my +10 Rebecca here ready for when I eventually catch up to this point. She is in desperate need for a prf and refine. I'm satisfied with her speed, but that attack stat... Needless to say, the Brazen Atk/Spd 3 seal is a godsend for her. The latest refines with Boey and the crew give me hope that future refines will be just as great, and Rebecca will one day get to shine.
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