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  1. "Get off me you fuck! Worthless, the lot of you-- can't stop one girl, your liege's own daughter!" Lati to 10,28, killer recurve into fighter #10 "Come and face me, then. We carve to the center of this mess." Talulah to 14,24, hold "Giovanna! I'm right here with you! Kill them all!" Sylm to 13,23
  2. "Get moving little lady! Just stay ahead of me and you'll be fine!" Lati to 10,29 "New allies, then? Alright. You're spared." Talulah 12,25
  3. "Whoa, hey, Lani-- T-Tasha!? What the heck is...!?" Alvira was very unceremoniously moved, though at least Tasha had warned her of that much in advance... "Hah, geez... Thanks for getting me closer, b-but... Mhnn..." She lifted me so easily... I should ask her for that in private. Goodness... With that pleasant thought in mind, it was time for a change in temperature... Alvira 15,10, Blizzard Soldier #5 Cass 16,13, Swordreaver Archer #2 M 16,10, .38 Soldier #6
  4. "For you, anything." Sylmaria almost felt herself smile, biting the side of her cheek. She couldn't let go of her anger, her frustration, her focus. There would be time for tears. Time for vulnerability and sadness, time to speak with Giovanna when this was over. For now-- "if those of you that ride at Sylmaria's side will fight with her, then turn to those beside you and strike! Cut the down the same as Kazran will be! He falls today!" Sylmaria to 12,27, blast the Bow knight "Ohhhh, goodness, what a bunch of wounds... Here, shiny! Keep fighting~!" Krystal to 10,9, Physic Miria "Mrrrrhhhh..." Amera was feeling rather listless. Seila's magic had proven itself extremely useful, time and again, and here she was, milling about and just keeping up with the group. "Gotta do something... Even if it's something dangerous." With the forces ahead of them, something dangerous was definitely the plan... Amera to 15,11, swing on pirate #5
  5. "Ah~! H-Hey..." He felt himself blush, also letting out something of a yelp that he hadn't been prepared for, smirking and reaching a hand over to pet her hair. "Maybe I'm into that. I just think it's nice to take a breather when we have the chance... This isn't going to be easy, so we should relax and loosen up while we can~" And I don't mind getting that fire lit for later... "And we're alone, anyway. No need to get so embarrassed, Aly... Cute yelp, by the way."
  6. Versaris looked around and shrugged, stepping past Alriana and nabbing the key with one hand, while he gave her rear a quick spank with the other. "Considering we've been given a momentary reprieve from their forces, and I'm too injured to fight without you worrying... I'd say now is the perfect time to rile you up some. You don't like it?" Versaris to 10,40, trade the chest key, rile up Aly, pop open that box "Now who is... Is..." Sylmaria stared at the incoming forces, and at the head of them... "G... G-Gio, Giovanna, GiovaNNA!" It was her! She was safe! She was okay... "I-I, I came back! I came back to kill him, and to save you, and... And... you're okay...!" Sylmaria's vision was a bit blurry, the tears forming, her eyes glancing towards the nomad riding next to her only friend, wearing armor of similar color and pattern... "Are... Are they... If you, change sides, will they...?" Sylmaria didn't want to kill anyone that respected Giovanna. Anyone that was willing to fight at her side of their own wishes, not Kazran's... But if she had to...
  7. "Hahhhh... I guess I should keep throwing my weight around-- just not literally this time. Heyyyyy! I'm gonna make this hurt, a lot, but if you stay down after it hits you, you should survive. Okay? Stay down, now!" Krystal to 8,8, arcfire cav 11
  8. "HhhH!" M hissed, hoisted and moved, but struggling the whole time. "Do not TOUCH ME!" Cass 13,11 take M, drop on 13,10 "Enough barking," Cass said, picking the moth out of Miria's arms and dropping her, M recoiling away from the both of them. "She just saved you from certain death, moth." "Hhhhsssshhhhhhnngn... Fine... But never again...!" "Mrow... You sure are an odd one, miss Moth." Amera to 15,7
  9. Versaris sheathed his sword and huffed, holding his right arm. "What, you think I won't?" At least Aly couldn't hide her frustrations about this... It was rather cute, all things considered. "I'll make sure she sees to it right away when we leave the area. Promise... As much fun as it is to have you doting over me like that. You're adorable, you know?" He couldn't help smirking, knowing it would likely frustrate her, but that only made her look cuter... M was really feeling herself. She hated to admit it, but this group was much more competent than her own men. "I should've waited. I should've waited and I'm fucking pissed off for not waiting! Which means you get the brunt of it!" M to 15,11 .38 Pirate #4 "Everyone, behind me!" Lati pulled her short bow out and glanced both in front and behind her. Reinforcements on both ends, and no easy way to combat them. "I'll take you all on!" I can at least hold this side off...! Lati to 6,30, shortbow on "Khhh... Fine. Don't let yourself die, archer!" Sylmaria groaned, heading closer to the other reinforcements... Too many knights, too much armor. "And me without my spell... Damned magic, work more, when I want you to." She tried to form the spell in her palm, but she was truly spent, the magic fizzling. "Ghh... I'm too damn tired. This fight needs to end, and soon." Sylm to 8,26 "Got it, Lati. Stay alive." Talulah to 10,28
  10. "Tch!" Whoever was operating that ballista was getting better with his aim, Versaris wincing heavily at the sudden wound as rhe bolt grazed along his right arm. "Well... Haven't been hurt since Luthier. Kudos. But." As Aly turned the mages into mince, Versaris drew the beautifully intricate silver sword he'd purchased, letting his left hand do the talking this time. "If you're going to take me out, it had better be all at ONCE!" Sari to 11,39, silver sword Ballistician #1 "More reinforcements, eh!?" Alvira whipped around and cracked her tail against the tiles, rushing up to square off with one of the horsemen. "I don't think you shitbirds get it. It doesn't matter how many of you there are! As long as we're still standing, you all meet your makers!" Alvira to 9,7, Light Cavalier #12
  11. "Alright... Get that wyvern. I've got my eyes set on someone else..." A sneak thief has rolled in behind the current forced, Lati knowing that he was likely fast enough to cause significant problems to those around her. "He won't get through my armor, but everyone else..." She rushed up alongside the wolf man who had just toppled the horseman, yanking his chakrams off his back and holding them out for him. "You, hold these instead. And you!" Then, the greatbow, almost as tall as her, slid off of her back and got one of its ends rammed into the floor, the spike on the end of the arc holding it firm in place. "You die!" Lati to 6,32, trade equip Ullr's Chakram, steel greatbow into Thief #1
  12. Versaris managed to dodge a bolt that seemed to arch out of one of the nearby rooms, cursing under his breath. "Suppose I can't complain about warmachines when we have our own... Aly, let's clean this room out. We can't have that firing on anyone else that gets close." Versaris to 10,35, equip levin sword, open door "There are likely more than these... I cannot aid you with the wyvern, but I shall position myself to handle the rest." Talulah to 6,29 "Right behind you Tasha!" Alvira didn't hesitate to whip out her tome and follow after their leader, raining down magic on the axe wielder in their way! Alvira to 11,5, Light Fighter #8 "Mrow? We're trying to get her closer?" Amera noticed was Miria was up to, running up next to Roxanne and giving her a shoulder tackle of a push. "Go get 'em, laser girl!" Amera to 12,9, shove Roxanne Cass coughed up blood, her own, for once, but shook her head to stave off the sudden blurriness that followed. "Not that easy to take down... Laser girl, come on." Cassandra walked up to Roxanne and slipped a hand around her waist, smiling at her as she pulled her close-- not the prettiest visage with all the red. "Go make these flies regret coming in here, yeah?" She let her go with a push, shouldering her axe and taking a deep breath. "It's gonna take a lot more than that to kill me! Who's next!?" Cass to 13,9, shove Roxanne "Brutes." Krystal rolled her eyes and wandered up behind the armored woman with the giant sword, not even bothering to flirt. "Here. Gonna hedge my bets that all you women are tuna eaters and plenty involved, already. Just go kill something or whatever with your big funny sword." Krystal to 11,7, heal Laniva M fiddled with her revolver some as the dark mage ran up and blasted the priest with one of her spells. "No, no, that's not enough, not for these magic types. Like this--" BANG! M to 14, 10, commit a war crime
  13. Sylmaria was feeling that taste in her throat again. Iron, from moving too hard, too fast. Her lungs were on fire; she'd fought harder alongside these freaks and demons more than she ever had for Kazran's sake... "Just goes to show how much I despise you, Kazran... And of course, it's always, more, FUCKING WYVERNS!" Sylmaria to 7,28, Shatter on 6,29! "DIE YOU PATHETIC FLIES!!"
  14. "This seems to be going a bit too easily, mrrrrr... Hopefully it stays this way." Amera to 9,7
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