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  1. Hey y'all! The Conquest PMU was really fun so I decided to make another easier one. Rules: -10 1st gen, 5 second gen (+Corrin) -Corrin can be chosen, either genders For that harem though. Try to keep her unpaired however. -Corrin's class must be able to wield Yato. -1 pick per person, may bump it to two. -Lunatic no grind (Except for supports) -All DLC classes/path bonuses are allowed.
  2. Yeah, I'm sure they would be pretty expensive to ship as well.. How did you get 7+? Did you have to buy the hardcopies?
  3. Thanks guys! Do you think it's ok to use emulators for games that aren't for sale anymore/ were only released overseas?
  4. I am pretty new to this series as I have only played awakening. I have heard that the GBA games are good as well as FE4. So how should I play the older games? Especially the ones that were only released in Japan. Do i need to use an emulator?
  5. Hmmm, the thing is ,I kind of have utter garbage pairs in my main file (I paired up charcters because i liked the supports+ it was my first ever fire emblem playthrough). So, should I make a file with really good/descent pairs who can pass down descent skills to children characters? Aka make a new planned pair and skill run?
  6. I think offensive would be best, I'm not a fan of rallybots. Would armsthrift be a good filler?
  7. What are the best skills for her in that class? I really just want one of my kids to be grandmaster, it's so cool ^_^
  8. So I was really looking forward to this game considering how good awakening was, and then boom. I accidentaly come across a major spoiler which sucks. Its a spoiler for pretty much the end of the very end of the story which makes it worse... Only look at if you have finished game- Have i ruined the entire experience and story for this game?
  9. I am going to start my second save file on FE Awakening, and I am undecided on whether I want to go female or male.. For my first file, I went male, and I don't know what to do for this one.. To be male again, and try different options, or try out female??
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