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    I build and paint plastic models.

    Favorite genres:Dark, Psychological (Horror or Thriller), Slice of life, Sad, Sci-Fi, Mecha, Fantasy.

    (Not in any order.)
    Favorite musicians:NayutalieN, T. Stebbins/Odyssey/Ken Blast, A-One, ZUN, Nanawo Akari, Myth & Roid, Eve, Reol, Kenshi Yonezu/Hachi, HimeHina (Vtubers, but cover some Vocaloid songs, and have some original songs.)

    Favorite flavor:Sweet.

    Favorite candies:Mike and ike, Skittles, butterscotch, fruity stuff.

    (Not in any order.)
    Favorite foods: Lemon chicken, pizza, oranges, apples, chicken tenders, steak, pudding, jello.

    Favorite drinks:Orange soda, Dr. Pepper, cream soda, strawberry milk, chocolate milk, strawberry Kool-Aid, apple juice, grape juice, and milk tea. (All very healthy, I know.)

    Top 5 videogames:
    From the Depths, Daemon X Machina, Dwarf Fortress, FE Echoes:Shadows of Valentia, and War of the Human Tanks.

    (Not in any order.)
    Favorite TV shows:
    Phineas and Ferb, Steins;Gate, Madoka Magica, Youjo Senki, Psycho-Pass, Goblin Slayer, Inital D, Star Wars:The Clone Wars, Lucky Star.
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    Moriya Shrine

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    Shadows of Valentia

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  1. Well, I get jealous easily, and I may be a little clingy, and I’ve never been known to be the one to initiate conversation. But I feel like I’m easy to get along with once others get to know me, and I’m loyal, I also like helping people. To be honest I feel like an idiot because I don’t really like describing myself because I feel like describing oneself is always either self-centered or self-deprecating, some cases maybe not, but most. Before Covid hit, was there anywhere you enjoyed going? (The library, a park, a cafe, etc.)
  2. Hmmm... I have a couple favorites, but I think my absolute favorite would be Steins;Gate. I love the characters and how they interact, especially Okabe and Faris, the story and narrative are nice too. But as someone who hasn’t played the VN yet, I can’t compare the two. But lately I’ve been on a Youjo Senki kick again. What’s your favorite beverage?
  3. While a lot of video game OSTs stand out to me, I think my favorite would have to be Bastion, lots of OSTs have at least a couple songs I don’t particularly enjoy, but when I listen to Bastion’s I don’t skip any songs. What’s your ideal weather like?
  4. Out of the very few FE games I’ve played, SoV has my favorite OST. In video games, for me the soundtrack is a big part of the play experience, I also really enjoyed the story and characters. What’s your favorite time period?
  5. Do you prefer over-the-ear headphones, on-the-ear headphones, or earbuds?
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