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  1. I signed, because why not. I don't feel like complete parity is needed, but only having one token MLM option when there are 5 FLF options and dozens of straight options is such a huge disparity that it really drags down the game as a whole. It shows a huge amount of thoughtlessness, at best. I expect better from wide release games in 2019. And its a shame, since it's easily my biggest issue with an otherwise really good game. Given the supports are generally gender neutral, and a large number of the CG's are as well, it would have been trivial to add more options. In some cases, locking the S rank to a particular Byleth was actually more effort than leaving it open.
  2. If they were to add any options in a patch, Caspar would be my first pick. His supports are already gender-neutral and his paired ending with Linhardt has strong romantic subtext, so it's not like it would be coming out of nowhere. That being said, I think the chances of that happening are near 0, and I have mixed feelings about character romances being opened up to different sexes post-release. The only real chance in my eyes is if they add new DLC characters in the future, or in the next main-series FE game, of course. But my hopes aren't particularly high for either of those at the moment either.
  3. I'd like to see: New classes New characters (I can see that a lot of the UI is designed with the possibility of more students being added to each house, and that would be cool) New maps that expand on the existing story
  4. Alois is a good character, but he's not in any way LGBT so I don't understand why he is still being brought up in talks about LGBT representation in the game? He is a straight, married man with a daughter who can take Byleth under his wing as a father figure. Nothing more, nothing less.
  5. I think it's fine that they were light on the calling out. The quality and quantity of the female options is decent, and Linhardt is better written than Niles. So focusing the criticism on how progress is being made but it's very, very slow is the fairest approach for them IMO.
  6. I disagree that the world building is the only thing the game does better than Awakening and Fates. The character writing is so much better it's almost on a different level. To the point where I'd argue if the difference in writing quality is even subjective. Compare Sothis or Flayn to Nowi, Dorothea to Camilla or Edelgarde to Xander. The improvement in the characterization and character interactions is massive.
  7. I don't expect it either, but they have said that they plan on adding more characters via DLC, so another bi male is a possibility. Not one I expect, but It's important to get our voices heard that it's something we want to see. As for the lack of attention, to be honest I don't think the platonic S support thing is that bad. Once its clear the S rank isn't romantic in the slightest you can just revert your save, after all. And I support more diverse S supports, I think that having every S support with every character end in marriage was a poor choice (though I'd rather platonic S supports were simply called A+). The real issue is that there is only a single token MLM relationship, and I've seen a fair amount of people expressing disappointment about that.
  8. I played a great Skyrim mod "Interesting NPC's", that adds a bunch of Marriage options with more involved dialogue. What it did was make ~80% of the new marriage options bisexual, with the remaining 20% being split evenly between gay, lesbian and straight characters. It's by far the best way of doing things IMO The "realism" argument is stupid from the get-go, because how is it realistic that literally every playable female character in the game wants to get in M!Byleths pants? People don't seem to care about "realism" when the unrealistic features are pandering to them. It's only when games are trying to appeal to a demographic they aren't a part of that it's suddenly a big issue.
  9. I think it's actually 1M/4F or 1M/5F. Sothis' S support seems overtly romantic to me, and Rhea's seems pretty darn romantic too from what I've read. It gets even worse when you consider romantic pairings between other characters, as there are several explicitly romantic WLW endings, but no explicitly romantic MLM endings outside of Byleth. Obviously the options in Three houses aren't objectively worse than those in Fates. Even ignoring the number difference, the characters are just better written. But the WLW situation is so much better that it makes the MLM look even worse by comparison. It's that inequality that's made people angry. As is understandable. Take this analogy: you and your friend both buy a bag of sweets, you get 5 inside and they get 5. It's not much, but you both get the same for what you paid. Now imagine that you both buy a bag for the same price and you get 6, but they get 100. Objectively you have a better deal than last time, because you have more, but you feel worse than in the first case because now it also feels unfair.
  10. It's difficult to say how many LGBT people work there. It's quite possible that many do, but they simply don't have the go-ahead, ability or desire to expand upon the M/M supports. I'm quite fortunate in the company I work in, since there's a large LGBT group there including some of the quest writers (one of whom happens to be my line manager!). I've mentioned that I'd like to write some LGBT characters in the future and they seem really cool with that, so I like to think that I'd be contributing in my own small way ☺️
  11. Well, I sent a tweet to Nintendo Europe as the Reddit Thread suggested. It's not much, but it is nice feeling like I've at least tried to get my feedback out there.
  12. A few thoughts, now that I'm several hours into the game: Overall I am enjoying it, but the lack of MLM content remains, by far, my biggest gripe with the game. I am all for varying S supports (some romantic, some ambiguous, some platonic), but the unambiguously platonic S supports should really be marked differently because it is honestly confusing. Overall Im very happy with the writing so far. All of the LGBT characters feel like fully fleshed out characters, not relying on stereotypes. The female options also don't feel like their sexuality is just for fanservice. But that also extends to the excellent writing and more subdued fanservice in the game as a whole. I like Linhardt more than I expected to as a character, though I still have no interest in him as an S support option for Byleth (I'm recruiting Ingrid and pairing my M!Byleth with her, because she's grown of me as a character and I love love love her voice). I'm glad that theres a lot of explicitly romantic WLW endings, including several outside of Byleth, but the fact that despite this there is only one explicitly romantic MLM ending in the entire game is very, very poor. While Fates also only had one option i was expecting some form of progress, and the huge disparity between it and the many WLW options only make it look even worse by comparison. It really drags down an otherwise very good game. If anyone has any ideas on how to express these shared frustrations in a way that might enact change, please let me know, because I want to make it clear that MLM content is something I want to see more of in future, and would be willing to pay for were it included in future DLC (depending on quality, of course).
  13. Well, Alois and Gilbert being platonic S supports makes a lot more sense. And I actually like the idea of platonic S supports. But having no indication they are platonic on the UI, and having more platonic M/M S supports than romantic ones? And only having one actual MLM relationship again? That is really, really bad. Also, I'm not a fan of all the "gay coding". We had same sex marriages in Fates, we should have moved past ambiguous coding by now.
  14. Oh, I'm more than familiar with the Bara genre. I tend to prefer it to Yaoi myself, since it is more often aimed at gay and bisexual men men. And if that was the intention then I do at least appreciate that the developers tried to appeal to more than stereotypical Yaoi stuff. But Bara is about having more muscular, bulky, hairy and generally more masculine characters. From what I know of the genre it isn't about massive age differences or men who have been married to women and have children. It is often characters in their 20's or 30's. Of the other characters in the game I'd say Raphael, Setheh and even Caspar all generally fit the Bara trope as well to some degree, and having at least one of them would have been much better than two middle age men with children.
  15. I've had time to mull it over and while I have somewhat accepted the state of affairs I'm still pretty bitter about it. Even though I find Alois cute design wise, the age gap between him and Byleth is just too much for it to be an option I'd consider going for. More than anything, I'm just confused. How we went from Niles (who, for all his flaws, was a pretty great and popular) character to this is beyond me. I just don't get it. They want to sell merchandise, characters on Fire Emblem Heroes and alts on Fire Emblem Heroes, right? So why choose three of the least appealing male characters to the audience at large to be bisexual? If it was because of discrimination they wouldn't go through the effort to make three relatively non-stereotypical and well developed bisexual male characters in the first place. And I find it hard to believe that it was just a case of them misjudging the fanbase because between Niles and the artist for the game being a woman who has drawn stereotypical hot BL before, they clearly know what appeals to that crowd. If Gilbert was gay and it was a part of his character story and why he left Annette and Her mother, that would actually make sense and be pretty cool. But he's bi so... Why? Why why why why why?
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