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  1. oh true true, that and that premonition at the start of the game, that's creepy AF... no spoilers but I'm still concerned about that. well...that makes some since.
  2. hey, thanks peeps, this helped me clear my head on this. she's just a good character and this confused me so much I just wanted to see what other people think. thanks again.
  3. true, and she fires back by insulting his position, like all the other nobles, so I count that point even. also, Gunvolt banner is awesome, that is such a cool game
  4. yes! it's the mood whiplash, it's probably the worst I've seen in a long time...
  5. ok good. It just is really a dumb way to start the dual protag thing, that and the whole map being blocked off by a rockslide, agh, how contrived.
  6. ...OK, yeah, that's upsetting, she's really cool, and seems quite smart and level headed, but her overreaction was super upsetting. She's a good character and the whole "I won't fight unless I have too" thing was done okay with Erika, her general irritation with Alm is pretty dumb. meh, They can be written well, the character who dislikes killing can suffer with the mental weight, and don't have to be angsty/whiny, it just seems kinda off from what I've seen yeah, also I wanted a catchy forum title XD, but honestly the overreaction was crazy, but there's a reason behind it, I mean she was in tears at seeing him earlier.
  7. ...hmm... so she thought that Mila would magically fix everything if she went, and that Alm should just stay home and make her a sandwich (joking) and not go off to war... I get that. I guess it's just odd how she's so upset at him being in command of the deliverance and doing what he's done so far. I guess it's just being Naive?
  8. Yep! Talking things out in D&D works, but this is a Square based war tactics game, so like that would work
  9. I think that her wanting to have an accord is fine, but her criticism of alm is... unfounded to say the least, she literally did the same thing as Alm in her opening chapter as she did, and they both actually tried to talk down the bandits, but nooooo.... she didn't do anything wrong. but alm! no he shouldn't be fighting at all. Meanwhile she's murdering the pirate king while he just took back the castle from Desaix
  10. Okay, Okay, so I just started act 3, and I've never played Gaiden before, BUT i've played all the other games released in America. I'm just shocked. Celica goes from overjoyed to see Alm, to anger that he's here in the first place, then really angry that he's leading the war. Then when he tries to defend himself, she insults him, gets more upset and storms off. I know something like this was needed so we had the Dual Protagonist system employed in Gaiden/Echoes, but it seems so contrived and forced. Like, when was she a pacifist? like she wants to stop the war without bloodshed, wait what? Celica, what about the 100-odd pirated you MURDERED to get here!? you led a small army and RAIDED A PIRATE BASE, so you wanted to be helpful and secure a small part to help the people who raised you and liberate them from their oppressors. sounds like a microcosm of what Alm's doing on his side. and this is fire emblem! you're not gonna just stroll on over to Milla's temple without a fight and magically fix everything. No, she's gotta fight her way there, The map tells me so. otherwise the game would be boring. so what the heck? She just comes off as a judgemental bigot. that scene just comes off like: "why are you here Alm! you're not supposed to be fighting and leading the war and fighting and killing people!" She says while holding her pirate-blood soaked golden knife in her hand and two cities praising her for murdering the pirates. While Alm is holding his own bloodied sword and has a country praising him for doing the same, but with the rigelians. and she thinks what she's doing is right. I'm just confused by this. so anyone who shares my views on this, or doesn't, please comment below. If you've played gaiden before I'd love to hear how it went out in that game. but yeah, I literally just started Act 3 and that scene made me so upset that it felt like it ruined Celica for me, who was really growing on me and becoming one of my favorite lords ever.
  11. Okay, So i'm playing through fates on my birthright route, and I marry one of the female units that can marry other units beside just me.... then I notice Azama doesn't have a wife.... so... so if I marry a female unit that can marry other characters I steal a spot from another male unit so I will be unable to recruit one of the kids? In the end it is an uneven number of children if I count Mitama, so is that right? Does that mean if I want every single kid I should have married Scarlet? (and I get one extra unpaired kid?) or in conquest I should marry Flora? so I can get ALL the kids? that carries to revelations. does that mean I can have all the kids there and have every single main line unit paired up? Help would be really appreciated. I just don't get it...
  12. Well there is that scene in the "Choose Your Path" Trailer if I'm correct that it shows a burning Hosidan-style room with Ryonuma beat up and leaning on his sword. There also is a scene there where Marx swings at you talking about "justice" and it's in some Nohrian room. So that probably means somewhere in the story you invade the other side's castle and fight them, I imagine that some of the Nohrian units you have with you will have some qualms about attacking their home, Imagine if Cyrus had to fight and possibly kill his family, and he did it out of loyalty for you.... or if some units have unique conversations with units of their original side before the fight begins. This game could pack quite a punch in the feels. Yuuske Kozaki has a lot of possibilities, and with this game being focused on choice and what if scenarios, this could have a lot of feels no matter who you fight.
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