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  1. Ok so not a lot of activity concerning Cipher lately, no real updates besides some of the images of the packs for September and whatnot. It's been pretty quiet in Japan as well, I'm afraid it's losing a bit of steam. Nint was really pushing before release and now the twitter updates are mostly of cards we have seen months ago now. Anyway some ORIGINAL CONTENT (sort of) for you all, (iPhone quality) photos of the Tourney Promo cards, and the new Marth V Jump Promo that came out today. Marth V Jump Tiki Wrys Minerva Jaegan Cordelia Tharja Aaand a special bonus pic of "Marth Madness" in my deck. What other cards need images? Is anyone playing online?
  2. Right. In terms of value SR+ Lucina > Marth > Caeda > Navarl > R+ Robin F > Lissa. Still, SR+ Lucina has dropped from like 20000 to 5000 yen. SR+ Lucina, Marth, or Caeda is Jackpot status. Don't have a scanner, I should get one though. I'll take pictures with my iPhone soon. As far as I know I have every promotional card available ATM.
  3. It acts as a Marth and Lucina at the same time -- you can promote Masked Lucina to Marth or another Lucina. Once it is no longer masked Lucina, it loses the function to act as Marth, meaning you can have SR Lucina and SR Marth out at the same time. In other news, card prices are dropping rapidly (most Rare cards are 39, 50, 100, 200 yen) except for a few cards (SR Chiki, Caeda, Cordelia). Also, after 5 tournaments.. My Marth/Lucina spam deck is holding up pretty well, winning more than half of the time now and always ending up very close (no orbs on both sides.) Thinking to revise it a bit though but I'm not sure with what..
  4. There will be a ! over the Lilith building. It should be there every time you come back from a battle or some phases pass.
  5. There's 4 phases, so maybe 6 hours? If I put my game to sleep and open the DS when I wake up, it will refresh the My Castle and have moved phases. Also, doing battles and stuff will make the phase move. I would have liked the my castle to match IRL phases but :( Yes, if they have a level 2 (Silver) item shop. It won't detract from your inventory or shop. It will make a "copy" of that shop only usable the character visiting. I have an accessory question, I guess spoilers so:
  6. Again I think the target audience is another economic decision. 20+ women are more likely to have disposable income, be more familiar with Fire Emblem (based on age alone, maybe their husband or something plays), and can go out later. To be honest though, it's not like finding 20 adult women who know about Fire Emblem in a metro area with 35 million people is a daunting task or anything. I also think that Nintendo already has a very strong sales with the under-20 female audience (especially children: Wagamama Girls Collection, Animal Crossing, etc.) and 20-34 is probably one of their weaker areas and they are trying to show they are engaged in it. Especially recently Nint is being extremely aggressive with their marketing and FE is no exception. If the event is a (PR) success, they will probably have all ages events as well. Anyway it's just about the most ordinary thing for a bunch of girls to get together and talk, but when you put it under a sociological marketing lens, it starts to seem stranger and stranger. Everything you said about transgender/fluid is spot on. Just from a marketing standpoint they aren't a big enough part of Japanese society to be explicit about. It's not a 50/50 dichotomy, it's definitely blown out of proportion by a few but still alarming cases. It's a combination of many socially awkward people influenced by traditional gender roles that cause little experience with the opposite sex outside of family, and semi-frequent sexual harassment. There are still many all-boys, all-girls schools (from pre-k to graduate school) in Japan and many of those students grow up in closed environments with little chance or desire to get out of their comfort zone. Imagine you are a 22 year old who has never talked to any guys besides your father and younger brother. The only other experience you have is getting rubbed up against on the train a few times in high school and being asked by some drunk guy your father's age "how much" on the street at night. I'm not saying this is a common case all for one person but it's possible enough to happen (I know people who fit the description). That kind of environment makes a kind of omnipresent fear, and one person feeling that way or one perpetrator is enough to make it a big deal or societal issue. There's also a difference in what Japanese think is "dangerous" and what Americans do. Japanese think a group of foreigners or homeless walking around is "scary" "suspicious" "up to no good" etc. I've heard it plenty of times. The truth is, you are probably not going to raped or killed by them. ..Anyway hopefully something good will come of this Joshikai :D
  7. Stretch out the promos for now? All the other cards in the zip I put are 865 x 1205
  8. Not sure if this is needed but these are rips of all the Cipher cards. Promotional cards are samples and not great, everything else should be fine and easy to navigate. https://mega.co.nz/#!4ZoXnLDY!__VL0J8ybUAvMKLHQsRqT4wC-n1iCOydw3kka5aFP0w Card back and blue Lord card (needs a bit of editing, not amazing quality at the size but usabale) HD Card Sleeves! EDIT: Not sure if this is implementable, but the playsheet as PDF http://fecipher.jp/howto/howtoplay/FEcipher_playseat_all.pdf
  9. Interesting in trying some games on Skype. How exactly would this take place? Have camera like birds-eye over table with cards?
  10. It's just a marketing thing, so Nint can take pics of the event, stick them in a powerpoint with a bunch of colored graphs and at their next shareholder meeting say, "hey look how popular our new TCG is with women" and how they are "breaking new demographic ground" "stocks will rally" etc. Trans/genderfluid would only be welcome if they can fit the marketing image of a woman that Nint is hoping for. There are several places in Japan that are women only, or guys can only go if they are together with a woman. Clubs are usually cheaper or free for women and more expensive for men. Almost all TV shows only let 20-30ish women in the audience. An open restaurant I really like has a nice upper floor, and they wouldn't let me go up alone because they had issues in the past where guys were persistently trying to pick up the girls there. In Japan a lot of girls feel safer around girls, and they are less likely to get their legs grabbed or taken upskirt photos of. As for why that bar specifically, probably the owner is friends with someone at IS or something :p
  11. For Elise, you should be able to use her affect without having any colored face up bonds out. I think the "no same name character" rule is applicable to the entire game, but the necessity for a same colored bond is just a rule for the deployment phase. Although the terminology is the same, I think the point of the effect (and many others) is to be able to do something ordinarily forbidden by the rules. There's nothing on the FAQ about what happens if you have 0 cards in your retreat and deck. It would mean you would need to have at least 45 cards (no orbs) in bonds/deployed. It wouldn't happen unless your opponent was trying to help you do it by never attacking. I think IS just hasn't anticipated this situation ever happening for people who are playing the game regularly. I will send an e-mail to IS about these questions. They are very prompt with responses.
  12. Does anyone know how time phase passes in My Castle? Is it anytime you do something on the "overworld" map? Is there anything related to IRL time? Been enjoying My Castle more than I thought, I will post my code later.
  13. Looks like this, not holographic, however it is only available by participating in trial events in Japan. Post your cards when you get them and good luck!
  14. So here's what I have currently that I am looking to trade. Only listing what I am willing to trade, I have more cards. SR and R ONLY. Updated July 7 Willing to Trade Looking For
  15. Not sure if I should put this here but I was on Amazon and noticed they listed an official guide for Cipher coming out 7/31. It hasn't been announced officially yet but it's on the kizuna blog as well. Pretty standard book (show of all cards, deck strategies, FE background) but will come with 2x Enigmatic Tactician, Robin (Male) promotional card. The card will only be available from this book. Link and info
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