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  1. Thanks for sending me those tracks, I can't stop listening to them now haha ^_^ Also, I did manage to convert and insert Katrina's theme into Fire Emblem 7. Here is what it sounds like:
  2. Zalor


    Really, well thats good. Granted, I feel like he is a character that is under appreciated more than anything. But the few times I did see his name come up with FE fans, I felt like they don't like him as much as I do.
  3. Zalor


    Welcome! I love your Narshen avatar. Despite how hated he seems to be by most FE fans, he is one of my favorite Fire Emblem villains. Hes like a less crazy but way more egotistical Valter.
  4. Yo Naglfar94! Fancy running into you here. Your FE4 hack looks really fun. In fact, I think you might have even mentioned it to me the last time we crossed paths on Youtube. Incidentally, I'm currently working on trying to insert Katrina's theme from Romancing Saga 3 into Fire Emblem 7. If When I succeed, I'll let you know. Furthermore, I just have to mention how cool it is to see a FE4 hack. Aside from Japanese hackers, I feel like FE4 gets little attention from the hacking community.
  5. *When posting this topic something glitched and it double posted.
  6. So I originally posted this on FEU, and I received some help there. However, I figure I would have an easier time figuring this out if I ask here as well. So I am working on inserting a song into Fire Emblem 7. However, when I insert the song, the quality is noticeably compromised. To give you reference, here is What my insertion songs like (yuck). Please compare that to the original. I am really new to music hacking, so please do not assume any knowledge of me. Also, I assume the problem lies with the voices or something. I already put the Native Instrument Map into my rom, which did help a bit. But as you can tell, my version is still pretty compromised. My next assumption would be that I would have to edit the song on Anvil Studio. However, I've never used music programs before. So I don't really know what specifically in Anvil Studio I should do. Anybody who could help me figure out how to get a good conversion of this song into my rom, I would deeply appreciate your advice and suggestions.
  7. I checked there at first, but I guess I didn't check hard enough. You were totally right, it was in the Chapter Data editor! Thanks for all your advice!
  8. Yeah, the thing about starting the chapter on Fade out and adjusting the screen during the darkness has done the trick. The really really weird part though, is that I know that the MOVE code is correct. I have not idea why it didn't work. However, for whatever reason when I changed the place in the ROM where I had my events written too, and when I did the move data with coordinates instead of character names, it worked. One weird problem that I didn't notice the first time because I was play testing with the emulator muted, is that at the very start of the chapter, the track Ships And Homes plays. Even though nowhere in the event file do I have that track scripted to play. Even if I put a MUEN code at the top of the Opening event, the track still plays briefly. How do I get rid of it?
  9. So there are two glitches in my opening event that are causing me problems, and I even suspect that one is effecting the other. One of the first things I tell the game to do on the opening event is to put the camera at the coordinates [1,18]. This is because I want the chapter's events to start here. However, the game always starts at the top-left of the map and then moves the Camera down to the bottom left of the map (where the coordinate 1,18 are). I don't want the camera to move down, I want it to start in that location from the absolute start. I fiddled with this for a while, but nothing worked. Here is my code: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Good: UNIT Raven 0x0A 0x36 Level(4,Ally,False) [1,18] [1,20] [0x05,0x0E] [0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00] UNIT Good2: UNIT 0x36 0x3C 0x00 Level(5,Ally,False) [1,18] [1,13] [SteelSword,0x6A,Vulnerary] [0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00] UNIT 0x0D 0x18 0x36 Level(4,Ally,False) [1,18] [1,12] [0x2C,0x33,Vulnerary] [0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00] UNIT 0x04 0x0A 0x36 Level(4,Ally,False) [1,18] [2,12] [0x05,0x0E] [0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00] UNIT Erk 0x20 0x36 Level(4,Ally,False) [1,18] [0,12] [Fire, Vulnerary] [0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00] UNIT BAD1: UNIT 0x75 Cavalier 0x00 Level(3,Enemy,False) [6,24] [6,23] [0x14,0x1C] [0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00] UNIT BAD2: UNIT Harken Hero 0x00 Level(1,Enemy,False) [6,24] [6,21] [0x05] [0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00] UNIT 0x75 Myrmidon 0x00 Level(3,Enemy,False) [6,24] [7,22] [0x14,0x1C] [0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00] UNIT 0x75 Myrmidon 0x00 Level(3,Enemy,False) [6,24] [5,22] [0x14,0x1C] [0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00] UNIT 0x75 Cavalier 0x00 Level(3,Enemy,False) [6,24] [6,22] [0x14,0x1C] [0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00] UNIT BAD3: UNIT 0x75 Cavalier 0x00 Level(3,Enemy,False) [6,24] [6,22] [0x14,0x1C] [0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00] UNIT 0x75 Cavalier 0x00 Level(3,Enemy,False) [6,24] [7,22] [0x14,0x1C] [0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00] UNIT 0x75 Cavalier 0x00 Level(3,Enemy,False) [18,24] [17,21] [0x14,0x1C] [0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00] UNIT 0x75 Cavalier 0x00 Level(3,Enemy,False) [18,24] [18,21] [0x14,0x1C] [0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00] UNIT Turn_events: OpeningTurnEvent(Opening_event) END_MAIN Character_events: END_MAIN Location_events: END_MAIN Misc_events: CauseGameOverIfLordDies END_MAIN Opening_event: CAM1 [1,18] SHOWMAP CURF [1,18] STAL 16 MUSC 0x41 LOU1 Good ENUN STAL 16 CMON LOU1 BAD1 ENUN STAL 16 CMOF CUMO [1,20] STAL 32 CURE TEX1 0xA02 REMA STAL 16 MOVE [1,20] [1,18] ENUN DISA Raven FADI 16 HIDEMAP BACG 0x2A TEX1 0xA00 REMA SHOWMAP MUSC 0x41 CMON LOU1 Good2 ENUN TEX1 0xA00 REMA LOU1 BAD2 ENUN STAL 8 FADI 16 HIDEMAP BACG 0x2A TEX1 0xA03 REMA SHOWMAP MOVE Harken [1,19] MOVE [6,22] [1,20] MOVE [5,22] [0,20] MOVE [7,22] [2,20] ENUN TEX1 0xA02 REMA MOVE Legault [5,9] MOVE Raven [6,8] MOVE [1,12] [5,8] // tutorial Wil MOVE Erk [5,7] ENUN STAL 12 CMOF TEX1 0xA00 REMA CAM1 [11,22] LOU1 BAD3 ENUN STAL 8 CAM1 Legault TEX1 0xA00 REMA ENDA _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ My other huge problem, is that the game crashes right when it is supposed to execute this part of the code: MOVE Legault [5,9] MOVE Raven [6,8] MOVE [1,12] [5,8] // tutorial Wil MOVE Erk [5,7] What happens, is once the text event that happens prior to this finishes. The camera (without my permission!) goes to the top-left of the map and then freezes. I don't know why the Camera moves to the top-left and freezes, and I don't know why the game won't move the characters I told it to move.
  10. I understand! I didn't know that "REMA" stood for "return to map", although now that you told me it makes a lot of sense. Thanks so much for the suggestion, I will try this soon.
  11. So for a hack I am working on, I am currently stuck on something in the Ending Events. What I want to do, is to go from one conversation that uses a background, to another conversation that uses a background. And I would like the chapter map to stay completely hidden. However, no matter what I have done so far, when it transitions from one conversation to the next, it briefly load the chapter map before fading out into the next CG. Here is my code: Ending_event: CAM1 [1,0] MUSC 0x38 TEX1 0x9FD REMA HIDEMAP MUEN 4 STAL 16 FADI 4 BACG 0x19 HIDEMAP MUSC 0x02 FADU 4 SHOWMAP TEX1 0x9FE HIDEMAP REMA MUEN 4 STAL 16 FADI 4 HIDEMAP //FADI 4 BACG 0x1B FADU 4 MUSC 0x43 TEX1 0x9FF REMA MoveToChapter(0x01) ENDA Everything up until the second REMA worked perfectly fine. After that, I can't get my desired affect. By the way, for TEX1 0x9FD, I want the speech bubble to happen over the chapter map. The issue is that TEX1 0x9FE won't transition to TEX1 0x9FF without showing a bit of the chapter map inbetween that transition. Which doesn't make sense since I already used the command HIDEMAP. Please could somebody help me out?
  12. Thanks for the link! Wow, that's a totally different method from what I am used to. But it doesn't seem too bad, it will require learning a new method of hacking though. I'm pretty comfortable with the Event assembler, but using it for everything will definitely take some getting used to.
  13. Yeah, I included the "[X]". The title I want is "The Heist!". What I wrote was "The Heist![X]". Oddly enough, when I changed the text to "Custom Title" I had no problem. But I have no idea why "Custom Title" works but not "The Heist!". By the way, is there an alternative to Feditor these days? Last time I dabbled in hacking was two years ago, and while I downloaded up to date copies of the programs I used then, perhaps my methods are outdated? EDIT: Okay, I figured out the problem. The issue was with the exclamation point, once I got rid of it and left it as "The Heist" everything worked fine. Thanks everyone for helping me out, especially for pointing out that I didn't need to fiddle with the graphics to change chapter titles. I am curious why the exclamation point caused so many problems, but the issue has been resolved.
  14. What kind of user error? For example, I specifically modified the text in Feditor that is located at 0x058C, which is "Prologue: A Girl from the Plains[X]". I even did this on a clean rom and the game still crashed. And what exactly do you mean by "FEditor being itself", is FEditor often buggy?
  15. Really? That's a bit weird because when I changed it in Feditor, the game crashes the moment I start the chapter. That's what lead me to believe it was a graphics issue. The picture I attached is what happens when I alter the title. It's like, the moment the game has to render my new text it doesn't know what to do.
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