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  1. Thanks a bunch for these!
  2. Hey, thanks for the reply. I believe that MK404's hack might be the first complete hack, but as the archived thread I linked to in my OP shows, Iggy's Nino's Adventure hack was being worked on in 2004. Several years before MK404's hack, which I believed came out in 2007. Also, I'm very much aware that looking for old mods is difficult, which is why I made a public thread hoping somebody might be able to help me out. But perhaps FEU would be a better place for a thread like this.
  3. I'm on a quest to learn about the early history of Fire Emblem rom hacking. As part of my research, I want to learn about (and preferably play) the earliest rom hacks I can find. And by rom hack, I should specify I am referring to hacks that attempt to create some kind of original experience. The earliest hack I can find that attempted to do this was Iggy's hack called FE7 Hack: Nino's Adventure, which you can read more about here: (https://fessforum.proboards.com/thread/863/fe7-hack-ninos-adventure?page=7). I don't know if the Nino's Adventure ever reached the point of coming out with a patch, but if it did and if anyone has a copy of it gathering dust, if you could share it I would be very curious to get a look at it. Even if a patch was never released, if any screenshots of it still exist, that would also satisfy my curiosity to an extent. And lastly, even if there aren't any screenshots of it left anymore, if anyone here still remembers anything about that hack, even the most mundane information about it would be of interest to me. Other hacks I am looking for is a download for Nintenlord Saga, as well as Blazer's Prince of Durand. There is also a couple hacks mentioned in this thread which I am interested in, but that don't have downloads: In that thread, I am specifically interested in the hack by Pukachi that @Lamia mentions. Described as "3 very hastily done chapters". Unfortunately the download link provided seems to be broken now. I am also interested in a download and some information about PZ Ribbon mentioned by Lord Glenn in that thread. If there are other rom hacks people would recommend I check out please tell me. However, I am specifically looking for hacks that were made in 2008 at latest, and preferably before. And just in general, I would be happy to foster any kind of discussion about the very early days of Fire Emblem ROM hacking. Be it discussion about important figures who helped pave the way for this hobby to develop (Iggy, Icy Toast, Pukachi, etc). Or just discussion about what people remember about the "dark ages" of Fire Emblem hacking.
  4. It sounded like the guy was specifically targeting him, and I think that's what is frowned down upon in the community. Again, in the message he sent OP, he literally says "I'll relent my assault." So he was clearly targeting/bullying him.
  5. Translation: "I'll relent my assault. But, if you're the same demo player, please never anger me again." I guess you pissed him off somehow. He sounds like a NEET who no life plays Super Mario Maker 2, so you're not exactly dealing with society's most valuable asset. I have no idea what you did, but if I were you I'd just try to avoid ever interacting with him.
  6. The concept of the challenge is that the main lord is a complete sociopath who only sees their troops as canon fodder and a means to win. Leaving them alone (or completely alienated from any surviving allies) when the time comes to face the last major challenge. If you've played Yggdra Union it's kind of like Gulcasa's special where he sacrifices all of his own units. But again, that's just the concept that motivated this idea. In practice I do agree it's unnecessary and I think I'll get rid of it or make it optional. I really like the idea of of having every unit on a list and their death getting determined randomly. One of my concerns is that a lot of Fire Emblem games offer an abundance of units, and you could easily store a reserve of useless unit that you use as sacrifices. Of course after a while this reserve might run dry, but it does make it easy to avoid killing good units. By determining who to sacrifice randomly it adds a higher level of challenge and risk/reward.
  7. Admittedly I did mostly have the GBA Fire Emblem's in mind when I came up with this. But I think it could work with most if not all FE games. Maybe we would have to tweak the rules a bit for more idiosyncratic titles, but I think it should still be doable. I'm concerned that it might still be too easy for some games. On the one hand the player is frequently given new character in many Fire Emblem games, but there is also the added challenge that a player might have to sacrifice characters that prevent them from recruiting others. Resulting in them not necessarily having as much of a surplus as they normally would. As you mentioned in Awakening this will happen if you sacrifice a parent, and likewise it will have a similar result in FE4.
  8. I have a new (at least I think it's a new) idea for a challenge run. As the title implies it is a Genocide Run. It's inspired by that Invader Zim Episode called Hobo 13 where Zim is forced into a team competition and manages to win, but only because with every obstacle he came across he sacrificed a team member until finally he was the only one left standing. Likewise for this challenge run, you would be required to kill off a character each chapter. These are the tentative rules I came up with: 1) A playable character must be sacrificed in each chapter. By the term 'playable character' what I mean specifically is that only units you directly control count as a sacrifice. So for instance if you refuse to recruit an enemy/npc character that could join your party and kill them instead, they do not count as a sacrifice. But if you recruit them first, and then sacrifice them, then they do count. 2) In the case that the first chapter only has 1 playable unit, it is not required to sacrifice that unit in that chapter. In the case where the first chapter has 2 playable units (such as FE8 or FE7 Hector mode), it is optional to sacrifice a unit in that chapter. 3) [OPTIONAL RULE] The final boss can only be fought with and defeated by the main lord. Main lord is defined as the lord who can seize thrones. 4) Permadeath is required (in games where casual mode is an option), but aside from that any game mode is allowed. In the case of FE7 that also means you can start your run with either Eliwood or Hector mode (it is not required to do Lyn mode). These are the rules I have come up with for now, but I imagine some additional caveats and exceptions may be necessary. It's been a while since I played some FE games, and with the exception of Conquests, I've only played Fire Emblems 1 - 8 (with the additional exception of 5 which I have yet to play). So my knowledge of the later FE games, and especially Three Houses (which seems to have a lot of new mechanics) is lacking. So if any one has any suggestions on how this challenge run could work better in the later Fire Emblem games which I am unfamiliar with, please share them. And just in general, if you have any suggestions please voice them.
  9. This is probably going to seem like a weird request, but there is an old Fire Emblem Playthrough Youtuber whose content I really want to see again. His Youtube username was Hisagi134, and from what I remember he was most active between 2008 - 2010, although he may also have been active in 2007. These were the days before Lets Playing were quite so popular, so instead he would record footage of a fire emblem playthrough and have music he liked playing in the background. In particular I remember he often used songs from Asian Kung-Fu Generation (his videos introduced me to the band). I found the style of gameplay and good music in the background really relaxing to watch as a kid. Recently I have been bitten by a nostalgia bug and want to rewatch some of those videos, but I can't find them anywhere. His Youtube account has been terminated, and I can't find reuploads anywhere. If anyone downloaded any of his videos or even remembers who I'm talking about please comment. I've attached pictures of his channel and his Youtube profile that I dug up from the wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20090809225507/https://www.youtube.com/user/hisagi134 I know he was friends with some other Fire Emblem Youtubers at the time like Seph1212, and perhaps others. Anyway, again sorry for the odd request. I just remember coming home from middle school and watching his videos on YouTube like over 10 years ago, and I was just hoping his stuff hasn't been completely erased from the internet.
  10. Thanks for sending me those tracks, I can't stop listening to them now haha ^_^ Also, I did manage to convert and insert Katrina's theme into Fire Emblem 7. Here is what it sounds like:
  11. Zalor


    Really, well thats good. Granted, I feel like he is a character that is under appreciated more than anything. But the few times I did see his name come up with FE fans, I felt like they don't like him as much as I do.
  12. Zalor


    Welcome! I love your Narshen avatar. Despite how hated he seems to be by most FE fans, he is one of my favorite Fire Emblem villains. Hes like a less crazy but way more egotistical Valter.
  13. Yo Naglfar94! Fancy running into you here. Your FE4 hack looks really fun. In fact, I think you might have even mentioned it to me the last time we crossed paths on Youtube. Incidentally, I'm currently working on trying to insert Katrina's theme from Romancing Saga 3 into Fire Emblem 7. If When I succeed, I'll let you know. Furthermore, I just have to mention how cool it is to see a FE4 hack. Aside from Japanese hackers, I feel like FE4 gets little attention from the hacking community.
  14. *When posting this topic something glitched and it double posted.
  15. So I originally posted this on FEU, and I received some help there. However, I figure I would have an easier time figuring this out if I ask here as well. So I am working on inserting a song into Fire Emblem 7. However, when I insert the song, the quality is noticeably compromised. To give you reference, here is What my insertion songs like (yuck). Please compare that to the original. I am really new to music hacking, so please do not assume any knowledge of me. Also, I assume the problem lies with the voices or something. I already put the Native Instrument Map into my rom, which did help a bit. But as you can tell, my version is still pretty compromised. My next assumption would be that I would have to edit the song on Anvil Studio. However, I've never used music programs before. So I don't really know what specifically in Anvil Studio I should do. Anybody who could help me figure out how to get a good conversion of this song into my rom, I would deeply appreciate your advice and suggestions.
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