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  1. Thank you so much!!! Uwaaah this is so cuuuute ♡♡♡
  2. I hope it's alright to ask this here...May I ask to anyone who played the game and knows a bit of japanese to tell me what the characters are saying in these pictures? A summary is ok ;w; https://twitter.com/hinagi_kgmn/status/624613568432857088
  3. I'll be marrying Takumi on my Hoshido file (and probably on the 3rd path as well) and Leon on my Nohr file. Based on this, any recommendations for the other pairings in order to have children with great stats? Also, if my Kamui marries Takumi how should I optimize her for Kisaragi and Kanna to have good stats (same with Leon for Foleo and Kanna)?
  4. I haven't decided for Nohr and Invisible Kingdom but I think I'll go with these for my first Hoshido gameplay: [spoiler=Hoshido with F!Kamui]
  5. Aah, thanks! I didn't know what thread to check, I'll see it now :D
  6. Hahahaha oh my god I can't stop laughing!!! x'DDDD BRILLIANT!!
  7. If I marry Takumi in Hoshido, what would you say are my best pairings choices for the other characters so that the children have the best (or very good) stats? For instance, who should I marry Ryouma to for a great Shinonome, etc.
  8. Uwaah I didn't know! Thank you for the link!! :D Edit: oops sorry, I misread it >_< I actually meant Hisame's support with F!Kamui xP
  9. Thanks fletch!! But take your time, don't worry! You've translated so much in so little time, you're amazing!!
  10. Your comic is so cute!!! Hehe, parent/child supports were really cute in this game. I really want to see the Hinata/Hisame and Asama/Mitama ones *^*
  11. Ah, yes! Didn't she say her hairstyle was like that because it was similar to Takumi's? Something about wanting to feel closer to him if I'm not remembering wrong. That's so cute x3
  12. Kaze x Camilla/Hinoka and Silas/Sakura haven't been translated yet but here are Silas/Elise: Silas/Elise C Silas/Elise B Silas/Elise A Silas/Elise S
  13. The most recent I've seen is Saizou/Oboro but dunno if you already saw it ;w; And woah there are more Kaze supports since the last time I checked (sorry, I don't know which one is new) but maybe you already read them. These ones: Kaze/Rinka Kaze/Oboro Kaze/Mozume Kaze/Midoriko Kaze/Kagerou Kaze/Felicia EDIT: Sorry fletch, just saw your comment about the Hisame supports. The only ones I've seen are the ones with Kisaragi, Midoriko and Shigure. I'd love to see the ones with F!Kamui and Hinata ;w;
  14. That wasn't what I meant at all. What I meant is that it helped bringing more fans but it wasn't the only aspect, of course. In my case, what brought me to fire emblem was the story and then I discovered the game mechanics and loved it even more cause' I love RPGs. Whatever, let's stop talking about this. We have different points of view. End of discussion.Does anyone know if there are more Hisame supports translated?
  15. I admit that at first I thought his face was too long xD but after seeing it more and more, I like a lot now <3 If his face was shorter he'd look too young and very similar to Kisaragi. I want to touch his hair...I mean, ahahaha *sweats*
  16. With the help of pineapple power Hmm, I think the short parts of his hair are the ones that give that "pineapple feeling" and then it's just a long ponytail xD
  17. Oh my god guys, this thread became a HOT thread thanks to the great amount of replies. Yaaay!! BLESS ANGRY PINEAPPLE PRINCE. I made an icon to celebrate, weeee!!! (click it for better resolution) EDIT: You made a great point Hatsuoki, I actually see that his hair is quite similar to Heisuke's!! (I love Heisuke too ayyy)
  18. Uwaah, it looks cool!! Thanks for sharing :D This helps to give me a better idea of how to draw his hair loose, yay.
  19. Haha let's hope!! xD If they intend to make an artbook like with Awakening I'll most certainly buy it *__* Yes, it'd be awesome!!! :D
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