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  1. As with Hoshido and Nohr, are there any characters that can't be recruited in the 3rd path?
  2. Now that I look at it again, I think you're right. He looks younger in the edit ;w;. Still, it's nice to look at both versions, hehe. Aaaah, I want it to be 2016 already ;m;
  3. I also think Takumi's support with Felicia was awful. Poor Felicia...the only good supports I've read from her are with Leon, Flannel and Nishiki. Then, I liked Takumi's supports with Aqua except for the S support...I don't know, it felt too weird for me. What I'm curious about is how Takumi's support with Charlotte would go. I love both characters so I'm looking forward to reading it. As regards his role in the story, I haven't played the game but I saw that, as Sunwoo said, he appears more than Ryoma. Is his role more important than Ryoma's in the games?
  4. Uwaah he looks SO MUCH BETTER like this!! Thank you for sharing it!! :D
  5. Archers are raaaad!! I usually love archers and dark mages. Haha, I liked Virion but not that much xP. My fave in Awakening is Henry. Sniff, I want to pet Takumi but I have to wait until 2016!!! And I became addicted to TakuKamu art in pixiv. Happy to know he's also popular in Japan (or with those pixiv members at least)!!
  6. Hehe, wow this thread has had a lot of replies really fast!! It makes me happy that so many people love this character. Takumi is really awesome. As regards shipping, I like a lot of ships for him. Oboro seems a really good match for him because of the crush she has and I also find it adorable that she makes many of the clothes he wears (at least the support and her epilogue suggest this). Then, I don't know why but I find Takumi's supports with Setsuna (need I say why? she's adorable) and Camilla super cute (Camilla's teasing, oh my god, it's fantastic). And I'm sorry if this sounds weird but Anyway, Takumi's rad and poor cinnamon roll doesn't deserve to suffer.
  7. Yes oh my god, poor Takumi ;A;. Though I think Grey has it worse, in my opinion the nose looks so weird, poor boy The other amie portraits certainly look amazing, I agree! Yaay, I also love Takumi's voice!! Actually, the voice actors in this game have done such a wonderful job *__*
  8. IKR?! His other portraits and game art/animations from the story are gorgeous so why that long face why ;A;
  9. I think so too! Yeah, I'm glad his initial reaction towards Kamui is hostile not only because it feels more believable but also because it works a lot for his character development, in my opinion. Sorry, I figured there would only be character threads for the main characters ;w; are there really lots of character threads? oops
  10. So I've seen some discussion threads of other characters and since there wasn't a Takumi one I decided to create one myself. To be completely honest, when the trailers came out and there was a big hype pre-game release I didn't pay much attention to him except for his design, which I really loved his ponytail is rad brah (I know some fire emblem fans don't like archers but I LOOOVE them). But now that I know more about him I find him incredibly interesting and love this character. I don't know how much of it is a joke and how much isn't but Takumi seems to be a bit unpopular with some people because he doesn't like Kamui from the very start and/or due to some other circumstances that mainly have to do with the story. In my opinion, I think he's actually a very human character with all the self-insecurities he has and with the time it takes him to warm up to Kamui. I also love his voice yes yes I know many remember Yuuki Kaji for voicing Eren Jaeger but trust me, he has many different roles and is a very talented voice actor/seiyuu and think it fits him wonderfully. HIS SUPPORTS WITH LEON ARE GOLD (gosh I love Leon too). [spoiler=Translated website page] What are your thoughts on Takumi? :)
  11. Thanks!! Wow, this is so cute!!! Gosh, I need to make a list of the pairings I'll be using in each playthrough. There are so many that are adorable!!
  12. The only Marxander ending I've seen translated is the Nohr married ending with Kamui:http://prevolt.tumblr.com/post/123625160926/can-you-translate-epilogue-marx-and-femkamui - - - Duellwalzer, so then marriage endings are similar to Awakening ones in the sense that they are all the same for male characters and just vary the wives name (in Awakening what varied was the husband name), right?
  13. Thank you so much!! Sorry, I didn't know you didn't take requests >__< thank you very much for doing these ♥
  14. Thank you so much for these, you're amazing!! ♥I was wondering...would you mind doing Takumi, Nishiki and Tsukuyomi being married to Kamui (or another female char)? I'm really curious about them :)
  15. I created a thread for character epilogues: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=55806 I hope that's ok ;w; haven't seen one so...
  16. Since I haven't found this topic anywhere, I decided to create one myself for everyone who wants to share ending epilogues of the characters, married or not. The only one I've found so far is the one with Marx and F!Kamui married: http://prevolt.tumblr.com/post/123625160926/can-you-translate-epilogue-marx-and-femkamui
  17. I know I read it somewhere, I don't really remember. But I think Henry is around 16 years old. He is one of the youngest in Awakening. EDIT: Found it! I read it here, from a huge Henry fan http://amielleon.tumblr.com/post/55183299996/aviva0017-replied-to-your-post-curiosity-how. It's not canon (the only canon ages are Emm's, Lissa's and Chrom's) but Henry IS a boy/young man so he's got to be in the 15-17 range. But anyway, back to the topic in Fe Fates, there are actually some supports where the characters don't exactly marry each other but promise to do so in the future.
  18. Yeah, Ricken was the youngest. Then came Donnel, then Lissa and Henry. Though I don't remember if Henry was the same age as Lissa or an year older.
  19. 14-15...yeah, I think so too. But that would be around Henry's age, whom I married in Awakening, so in my case I wouldn't have any problems marrying him to another character (or my unit, in one of the save files). Plus I love Shara so...fufu. - - - Thanks for the support, Fletch!! I think Shinonome's my favorite candidate for Matoi, so far. Patrolling couple <3
  20. Is Tsukuyomi really THAT young or just LOOKS young?
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