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  1. Ah they will turn out quite well. I have used this list before and Velouria was insane, Shigure I believe could one-turn Anankos' head and ball form. Soleil also turned out quite well. I didn't play around with ALL the units, but from what I have seen, they turn out to be quite usable. At least for all that you will ever need in the main game.
  2. Ah, then I guess this might not be the best list for you. The optimisation goal in Fates is different as it was in Awakening. Of course you don't want to give really crappy parents to certain children, but it is not the sole superior goal anymore, some other things are taken into account as you said yourself. To answer your question though, this is just an all around optimization, mostly geared towards the gen 1 units.
  3. Well, there is already a list which has been posted on a Fire Emblem sub reddit which has a list of all the optimal pairings for Fates for all 3 routes. I'd suggest going by, bar all your already fixed pairings. [FE14] Optimal Fates Pairings (Birthright, Conquest, and Revelations)
  4. Completely understand that point. I might go with a 3rd gen Lucina!Morgan though. Just for extra game breakage.
  5. The Cherche choice is a small thing I'm doing out of preference, and I'll take the hit for whatever consequences that brings. The rest I don't really mind. I do have DLC so I'll have the opportunity to grind the entire world's gears once I get past chapter 4.
  6. Hi guys. I need some help with some Fire Emblem Fates pairings. I'll be playing on Revelations and what I want to get is the most "optimal" pairings for each child unit in the game. I'm aware that there seems to be a bit more of a compromise with pairings that you have to make in this game as compared to in Awakening. That being said, I do want to give Velouria, Shigure & Soleil the best inheritances they can have, and then I don't really mind with the rest of the units settling for whatever there is as a 'second-best'.
  7. Gameplay. Most optimal pairings to give the most broken army in the end game.
  8. Hey all. I booted up my Awakening cartridge to find out that I didn't have my Lunatic+ save loaded, and it appears I have also lost my backup ;-; So I have decided I'm going to replay the game through Lunatic+, and I want to have all the most 'optimal'/'best' pairings. Now I've decided I'll probably be going with some sort of +Mag male avatar, and will most likely pair him with Cherche, if not Lucina. With this in mind, I would like to ask what are the best pairings in Awakening? Please and thanks.
  9. Vous êtes ma drogue, mon Soleil~

    1. Melissa


      "You're my drug,  Soliel?" --My best translation 

  10. HI, I'm new to the hacking scene and decided I want twin Kanas. Now, the problem is that I already recruited my single femKana. and so what I did to accomplish this was to just recruit a logbook Kana and just remove his recruited status and einherjar status using FEFTwiddler, but I would like to know if there is a better way of achieving this?
  11. I'll definitely be lurking here, I've completed all 3 routes on Lunatic/Classic, though I only really use my Revelations save. To be entirely honest, one could say I didn't legitimately beat them as for Revelations and Birthright I did use a save editor in place of actually grinding, from the second you get access to DLC, but I really can't care less now. I've been pretty much been dicking around now trying to do ridiculous shit against Lunatic Anankos, such as one rounds knock outs.
  12. Soleil is a Nohr Noble because Powersaves. For the core of my team, I would like to have the royals, MU, Soleil, Kana, Azura, Shigure and Kaze as they are my more favourited units. As for roles, I would like a utility unit of some sorts so I guess Kaze fits that role already, someone who can lay down debuffs and unlock chests. I would like for my MU and Soleil to run a more offensive set and Kana more of a well rounder. Azura will be staying as a Songstress and then the rest is mostly what the units are good for and what skills go with that.
  13. Hi, I'm doing a Conquest Lunatc/Classic run. I need help with my skillsets. My pairs are: Xander/Effie Camilla/Arthur Leo/Felicia MU/Soleil Keaton/Selena Nyx/Jakob Charlotte/Kaze Odin/Elise Laslow/Peri Niles/Azura Silas/Mozu Benny/Beruka Classes: MU: Nohr Noble Soleil: Nohr Noble Odin: Sorcerer Arthur: Hero Xander: Paladin Leo: Dark Knight Felicia: Maid Camilla: Malig Knight Effie: Great Knight Elise: Strategist Keaton: Wolfssenger Selena: Hero Kaze: Master Ninja Charlotte: Hero Laslow: Hero Peri: Great Knight Kana: Nohr Noble Shigure: Falcon Knight Niles: Bow Knight Azura: Songstress Nina: Adventurer Silas: Paladin Mozu: Dread Fighter Sophie: Paladin Forrest: Strategist Ophelia: Sorcerer Percy: Wyvern Knight Benny: General Ignatius: General Siegbert: Paladin Midori: Merchant Velouria: Wolfssenger Flora: Maid Beruka: Wyvern Knight Nyx: Dark Knight Gunter: Great Knight Shura:Adventurer Jakob: Butler Izana: Onmyoji Dwyer: Strategist Do include skills that you can obtain from My Castles and DLC Skills. Also, include skillsets for the children aswell.
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