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  1. But then again, He can still use that SWEET Brawl Avoid +20 when going into War Master.
  2. Seeing the Results so far makes me think that: It's wise to give Balthus's Pass to someone else. Of course that would be in the next poll.
  3. Seems to be that way, But it's too early to say. It's just the first day.
  4. @SatsumaFSoysoy You mentioned dromi twice and I'm honestly lost. What does it mean.
  5. Good Day, everyone. This will be the comeback of the Best Classes Series. The poll shall be up for one week or when displaced from the first page twice, whichever comes first. This will be followed for best Units for each new DLC Classes. You're free to campaign or debate. You're free to change your votes. You just need to abide by the rules set by our mods.
  6. So, I've heard that there are limited Abyssian Exam Passes (only at the beginning) until you purchase with renown. I'm planning for the return of Best Classes Series. Would you rather have: Best Classes for Ashen Wolves or Best Characters for Each Special Class?
  7. Does anyone have screenshots of Other Characters in DLC Classes?
  8. Does she have around 1/3 or 5/6 in her Lance XP? I'm trying to figure out if this page's initial levels would check out.
  9. Does anyone have data to the 4 new character's Seminars and Advanced Drills?
  10. I have to report some of the observed changes within the update. All initial goals except Constance's change Yuri: Sword and Faith -> Sword and Authority Balthus: Brawling and Faith -> Axes and Brawling Hapi: Faith and Riding -> Lances and Reason Balthus's internal Auto-Level class changes from Mercenary to Brawler
  11. I mean besides Edie and Hubie there's one other CS exclusive character
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