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  1. Thank you! Should I use these tiers for combat arts?
  2. The only person who would ask to be a hero is RAPHAEL. I would only say yes if I'm really bored.
  3. I dunno if anyone noticed yet. According to this guide, when a student (or faculty) ask you a question, the person(s) accompanying the student is also motivated.
  4. Something juicy about this tweet. Please take our with a grain of salt.
  5. I was thinking Anna would have strength in Faith too as she's built as a staff bot in previous games.
  6. I dunno if this is gonna be big enough to be it's own topic. What do you think Jeritza's and Anna's stats will be? Both highs and lows. What do you think their skill level strengths and weaknesses be?
  7. You're correct, this poll is a Yes/No kind.
  8. The poll has been updated. If you see the same ability across multiple tiers, please vote for it on one tier only. Please update your votes accordingly.
  9. Before I forget, if you're not gonna give a list, comment: I NOMINATE <ability> for <tier> This is for easy searchability
  10. It's preferable to refer to the highest difficulty possible, only taking special consideration on easier ones. So, Maddening NG by default. Edit: Poll has officially started. To add more abilities above, comment you're own tier list.
  11. Before we start a poll, let me explain the mechanics: There will be 5 tiers: Uber, OU, UU, RU, NU Nominate an ability by commenting a list. For example: I nominate the following: <tier 1> <ablility 1> <ablility 2> etc <tier 2> <ablility 1> <ablility 2> etc In selecting an ability for a tier, please not only consider its usefulness but also its difficulty.
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