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  1. Using different accounts is not a solution for a single player since the Global save data (Support Log) and saves in general (multiple save points, NG+, etc.) can't be transferred between profiles.
  2. Seeing that the devs confirmed that DLC won't affect the main story or postgame: https://nintendoeverything.com/fire-emblem-three-houses-devs-on-the-games-origins-working-with-koei-tecmo-japanese-title-expansion-pass-more/2/ I'm thinking it'll be a prequel that will show the start of the conflict with the Agarthians and Sothis + her children.
  3. There's a reason you are still allowed to buy items in the map preparation menu, and that there are Torches available in the item shop. Also, the moment your Flayn died, could have either soft reset or close the game manually.
  4. Definitely a stretch since it really wouldn't help her other than killing some small criminals, especially ones who have nothing to do with her issues in the first place. She hired them because she knows that Dimitri, Claude, and the other nobles would likely be the main ones who would block her way to a unified Fodlan. Don't think she told to bandits to differentiate her housemates, so it seems she was willing to get them killed as well.
  5. She hired bandits before the game started. This is something that is consistent through all routes.
  6. She hired bandits to kill innocents (Dimitri, Claude, and the other students) at the beginning of the game, and in GD, she was using the citizens of Enbarr as meat shields. Even if you don't want to count the GD one (since that happens in one route), we know she's willing to take the lives of innocents to achieve her goal.
  7. No, you'll just get the bonus as 50,000 every game clear going forward.
  8. Where said family was likely lied to by TWSitD as well. Just because the church is lying doesn't automatically make them evil. The reason they spread the lie was so innocents could be saved (children of the ten elites) from the potential wrath of the people. We have seen what people have done to the original owner of Marianne's crest after all.
  9. It seems clear cut to me. From the patch notes: They seem to specify that the max threshold for bonus Renown is 50,000 points. That makes it seem that you will get 10,000 points for first clear, 20,000 points for second clear, 30,000 for third, 40,000 for fourth, and 50,000 for fifth and onward clears. Also, from what I recall, the Save Editor for the game seems to max renown out at 999,999. Don't know if that's how it actually works in the game, might test it out tomorrow. From what I have heard, as long as you keep everything on the same NG+ chain, yes, data will accumulate.
  10. She had a choice to not believe TWSitD's lies and side with the Church instead, but unfortunately, she hates the church too much.
  11. With the 1.0.2 update dropping today, do you think you'll be able to check if they patched out the S support trick? Edit: Tested it out myself. Was M!Byleth, had 1,001 points with Felix, chose F!Byleth in the next path, and I was able to unlock an S support with him. Guess that this was truly intentional.
  12. I posted this on GameFAQs, may as well post it here: Overall, my suggestion is, if you are planning on an all supports run, once you are able to get A rank on characters (usually after the timeskip), only view the convo of the paired endings you want (for example, Dimitri x Marianne, Annette x Ashe, so on), and make sure every other A rank (or A+ rank) is unseen until the penultimate chapter (you can only view supports within the monastery, so you can't view them on the final map), probably right after you choose who to marry. That way, by that point, the paired endings you want should hit the 1,001 cap, and the other pairings will be stuck at 600 points (or 800 for A+) until the final map(s). Depending on how you tackle the final maps, you shouldn't hit 1,001 with the other pairings. As for how many support points is raised with non-Byleth pairs, it's hard to say. I'm guessing somewhere between 8 to 12 per action in battle (for Byleth pairs, I believe it's 1), but I have yet to do testing on that. With sharing meals, it's likely much higher since it's higher for Byleth.
  13. Of course, you have to manually pick who you want to marry. However, after A support, you can still build support points in battle. Many people have confirmed that in their first NG+, they were able to purchase an S rank support with a character they didn't marry, and people have figured out why it happened.
  14. The issue is that the students still believe that the Western Church members were never out to kill Rhea in the first place, even though we have seen proof (that was eventually confirmed). I disagree. All Fire Emblem games are based off medieval times, and thus, their act of justice is based off of said times (Chrom's personal group killing bandits, killing pirates in other games, etc.). No reason to see Three Houses as any different.
  15. I believe someone mentioned that, through battling (next to each other or as an adjunct), it takes Byleth much longer to get to a certain rank than non-Byleth x non-Byleth. Probably somewhere along the likes of 1 (or slightly more than 1) support point per action. That means you will be grinding many battles with Byleth to eventually reach S-rank (C support is 100 points, C+ support is 200 points total, B support is 300 points total, B+ support is 450 points total, A support is 600 points total, A+ support is 800 points total, and S support is 1000 points total). For the trick you mentioned, you need to hit 1001 points with the non-marriable unit (with current gender), since the game adds a support point to mark the support convo as "viewed" internally. Just wondering, how did you get this amount? From what I have seen, the Save Editor seems to stop at 1000 or 1001 for everyone. That means that even if someone is ready for something such as an A+ support, they are at 800 points. From there, you can have two characters keep on grinding support points (they will cap out at 1,001 points) to guarantee a paired ending (you don't need to cap out at 1,001 for this).
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