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  1. To the point where he already gained enough power from the Agarthans by killing Sothis, then went on to nearly exterminate the rest of her race/children? Going to have to be a hard disagree with any chance of Nemesis being noble like you are trying to theorize.
  2. That is true, I was just pointing it out as a possibility, seeing that it is as much as it's a theory that Nemesis wanted power to protect Fodlan from Sreng. Just wondering, which stories showed that they are possibly romantically involved? The closest I could find was a stage play being reference in one of the DLC books, but that likely wasn't really accurate. I wouldn't say it's inconsistent to say he wanted world conquest because it's clear that he wanted power, and apparently had no lines in terms of getting it. I do admit that he didn't obtain conquest, but it's clear that he had some sort of control over Fodlan (seeing that he likely kept on creating war/strife).
  3. Depends. It's possible that he did, and Wilhelm chose to betray him so he could control Fodlan instead . That being said, there is nothing that contradicts the church saying that Fodlan is suffering under Nemesis, and Maurice calling him a "King" is what backs this up. He might not have had a government, but he seemed to have chaos wherever he went.
  4. If Nemesis wasn't unwilling to tell the Ten Elites about how he obtained his power, he likely was still working with TWSitD, who he had to have known were willing to take over the continent. It doesn't make sense that someone would hire you to kill the supposed god of this land without wanting to have power.
  5. It's best not to trust the wiki on info such as this. The page on Nemesis has been wrong before I brought it up. Still would be hard to say since the Agarthans were the ones who wanted to conquer Fodlan, and, as you said, he worked with them. I highly doubt he just wanted power to take out invaders, or else he wouldn't have gone through drastic measures such as killing the god of Fodlan and killing the Nabateans with a massacre.
  6. True about Adrestia forming, which likely wouldn't happen if Nemesis had an iron grip over the continent. The fact remains that Nemesis had some rule over Fodlan, we just don't know how much. This falls in line with his followers calling him "King". The Ten Elites formed their own houses/clans after all (possibly over northern Fodlan, which is where their houses still reside), and Rhea even mentioned that he had followers (when she reveals the truth in Verdant Wind).
  7. Do you not think that this happened within that timeframe? He was working with TWSitD after all, and they gave him an immense amount of power since they wanted to take out the Nabateans and rule Fodlan. There has to be a reason that he is called a "King", I doubt a bunch of bandits (the ten Elites) would give him that title for the sake of it. That would simply mean that anyone loyal to him would have joined him, especially if they viewed him as a King already.
  8. Not necessarily. Maurice still calls Nemesis a king, and I doubt that he would follow the church's lie, so it's possible that Nemesis started to take over Fodlan after his attack on Zanado. The Ten Elites apparently accepted some offer from Nemesis (likely ruling over Fodlan) without knowing what he did at Zanado as well (from one of the books in the Shadow Library from the DLC).
  9. There likely would be a civil war within the Empire that Edelgard would have to worry about, seeing that a good amount of nobles were expecting a continental war to take over Fodlan. Of course, this is better than a continental war, and I doubt Rhea would want to feed into the conflict unless Edelgard/the opposing forces start persecuting members of the church like Edelgard did in non-CF routes.
  10. Isn't Fates the only game with a Phoenix mode? Awakening, Fates, Echoes, and Three Houses have Casual though.
  11. Assuming that it was all so the teach could run away is not really much to go off on, especially compared to what the Flame Emperor outright said (wanting the bandits to kill the leaders). Also, if she stayed back at camp instead of helping her fellow peers, it would look pretty bad on her. As noted above, even though she says that, it's highly doubtful since her soldiers or beasts likely will end up killing them if they are in range. Telling people to get out of your way as you commit a crime is a pretty silly thing to say as well. In that case, I do agree that she if she did less evil things (due to Agarthans not being around), she would be better morally. Of course, we do not know if this would truly be the case. For example, I doubt that the Agarthans told her to keep on persecuting members of the Church (non-CF routes).
  12. Ah, so it's an in-battle quote. Definitely dubious since any of her soldiers would still be willing to kill them (along with the beasts as you mentioned).
  13. Which is why we can only say that Edelgard is either incompetent, or she was just really hoping that at least one of the leaders would luckily end up dead. Also, no one in the story managed to trace the bandit attack back to her anyway, and we do not know if the Church would act any differently if one of them ended up dead. For the bluff, she only says that if you join her from what I recall. She is going to kill you and your students if you oppose her. As for causing little harm, we really have no clue if she would try to do that, and an invasion is still an invasion.
  14. Eh, she still hired the bandits to try to get Dimitri and Claude killed, along with trying to kill her former teacher and students in the Holy Tomb on her own, which I'd say are still very big reasons to not join her.
  15. Reddit is the worst place to have discussions on anything. The reply system is nice, but people always abuse the voting system, using it as "I agree/disagree with this" instead of what it's meant for (whether it contributes to discussion), which leads to legitimate posts being hidden from the majority. Regular message boards such as SF and GameFAQs are betting in that regard at least. And yeah, I do agree that Three Houses isn't all that it's cracked up to be. One of my biggest issues with it is the story (mainly random differences between routes along with keeping some things). I'd say even Awakening's story is better than it.
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