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  1. Just started revelations and boy am I disappointed with the maps so far. 7-9 is slow going, but I was kinda ok with it, since the nature of the route means you'll be lowmanning for a while, but chapter 10. chapter fucking 10. not only are you forced to lowman, but the pace of the chapter is slow as hell, and it isn't at all difficult. just annoying. who the hell designed this chapter.
  2. Having Xander not be a flier is a huge help yeah. The shining bow adventurer's are pretty dangerous, If you want to get all the treasure before the thieves escape you'll definitely want to be able to send him around with impunity.
  3. I think the Endgame is pretty much impossible if you don't have rescue, pass, or entrap. I do like how they've changed up from the norm and made the endgame the most difficult part of the game though. Most of the endgames are usually just jokes that you run through, but the endgames for both routes have been decently challenging. That being said, top 5 hardest maps in the series is a big statement. Chapter 20 isn't that hard, just irritating. Managed to get every chest on the map in around 15 turns, and I wasted a few with not being aware of the wind pattern completely, as well as forgetting entering Fuga's room spawns a ton of reinforcements. The wind helps a lot for getting rid of Hayato's hexing rod fast if you play around it properly.
  4. Is there an optimal spot to place the barricades on Soleil's Paralogue? Struggling to get past the latter portions of the map while still capturing the boss. I also waited way too long to get Ignatius, He nearly gets 1 rounded by the ninjas now, and my fliers can't survive the enemy buildup if I rush over to him X_X. I really wish they had just made him a playable unit from the start of the map like they do in the Velouria and Siegbert paralogues so you can promote him and keep him from getting destroyed. I've done the paralogues for Forrest, Nina, Percy, Shigure, Sophie, and Velouria so far. None of them were particularly challenging except Percy's. The Forrest one is a bit annoying because enemy density is high and you need to move relatively fast, but with a couple units who can eat multiple EP attacks it wasn't too bad. Percy's wouldn't have been nearly as bad if I had waited to get Xander first, but I'm an idiot. Shigure's is free experience because of how the enemies are positioned, and it can be done in 1-2 turns easily as well if you want since its only defeat boss. The only hard parts about the Nina and Sophie paralogues are getting all the treasure and saving the villagers, who like running into the enemy berserkers for some reason. For the ones I have left, Siegbert's and Ophelia's paralogues are looking pretty tricky. Dwyer's and Kana's don't look too bad, and I've already played through them once on hard, so I'm not too worried about them. Both maps are pretty straightforward. The bottom room of Ch26 has been giving me nightmares.
  5. So I decided to do a run of Ch19 Conquest without lowmanning or using Effie/Xander/Benny. I generally don't like lowmanning chapters unless im deliberately LTCing, so I decided to try it out deploying a normal set of units. While I still don't like the gimmick they used to amp up the difficulty because... its a gimmick, I realized that there is a bit more depth to the chapter than I initially believed. There is a pattern for how the foxes aggro and cloak-decloak that you can exploit that actually makes the chapter a lot more doable. When I figured this out it opened up a lot more strategy to actually approach the chapter, which is why I wanted to try it without the use of any extremely bulky units. I feel like this chapter really challenges how well you understand the attack/guard stance of the game more than anything. For the most part up until this chapter, you can kinda get away with just sticking your strong units into guard stance and playing a really turtly style because of how fast you build gauge with doubles. For this chapter though, unless you lowman, you really need to make effective use of Keaton/beastkiller weapons with attack stance and careful positioning to clear out big groups of enemies in one player phase turn, or your squishy units just get mauled by the foxes instantly on EP. I actually had a ton of fun thinking of the best ways to aggro mobs when none of my units could tank more than 1-2 depending on guard stance meter. Way more fun than I had lowmanning this chapter, thats for sure. I came to realize that the most annoying part of this chapter isn't the fact that the foxes all have pass/beastkiller/cloaking, but more the fact that literally NOBODY on your team ever has reliable hit rates. I actually found the only use for Kumagera all playthrough so far in this chapter, simply because he comes with certain blow and can survive 1-2 attacks on EP, depending on the type of fox. Gonna try to get through Ch21 without lowmanning next, although I'm pretty positive I'll need at least one of Xander/Benny/Effie for that one. Those stoneborn HURT.
  6. Lunatic birthright is definitely easier than conquest hard, even without grinding.
  7. Ch10 Nohr wasn't really that bad. I find that pushing ahead early and gaining ground gives you a lot more leniency later in the chapter. If you soften up groups with fire orb/ballista, lots of things die on EP allowing you to get the villages relatively safely before falling back for the later push once the dragon vein gets used.
  8. I really like every version of End of All. My favorite has to be Thorn in You though. Never get tired of hearing that song.
  9. Completely forgot about entrap, holy crap am I an idiot. Think I can get both chests in around 20 turns now. Unfortunately I don't have Snake Venom or those other % damage skills either.
  10. Does anyone have a good strategy for the right side room on Ch.25 Conquest? I can get through the left side pretty consistently, but the right side is just terror. I still have a lot of freeze/rescue charges. I held on to most of my stat boosters as well, is tossing all of them + tonics onto corn and just going after Ryoma a viable tactic?
  11. Thanks for the help. I thought getting Sirius would trivialize the game a bit kind of like how Wolf/Sedgar do it in FE11, but things were still pretty difficult, although Chris seems to be ridiculously strong. I didn't really find any of the 7th platooners really usable, but maybe thats just my incompetence. The last FE game I'd played recently was FE6, and I was expecting Arran to be comparable to Marcus, but I was definitely in for a rude awakening x.x Is there a specific point in the game where the difficulty begins to taper off? I thought having S ranked HHM/FE6 HM and completing the rest of the games pretty easily on their hardest difficulties would have prepared me to blindrun this game on lunatic, but boy was I wrong xd
  12. Or is this games earlygame difficulty on Lunatic much harder than the rest of the games? I haven't had this much trouble in the earlygame of any FE except maybe FE11 H5 and FE13 Lunatic+ (granted I haven't played Thracia), but this seems even more difficult than those. FE6/FE10 HM earlygames feel like a walk in the park compared to this. Is there a specific reclass/forge I'm supposed to do earlygame? Should I just be feeding every single prologue kill to Chris and having him go solo maps? If I fodder off units things would be easier, but I don't want to complete the game that way. halp
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