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  1. It's nice to see that Claude's getting quite popular. It makes so much sense too, since he looks like a people-person with that smile of his and yellow cape. Edelgard seems to be our rebellious, passionate heroine. Jokes about his hair aside, out of the trio, Dimitri seems like the type to keep Edelgard and Claude in check. If this is really set in a military academy, then I'm excited to see the trio's interactions together. Byleth, our assumed MU/Avatar, is my favorite though. Pretty boy's just gotta be a sweetheart underneath that intimidating, reserved black and gray outfit. Like Batman (Bruce Wayne). Here's a little something I found interesting about Byleth's outfit. http://historyoftheemblem.tumblr.com/post/174862797981/byleths-sleeves
  2. Like others before me have said. I think it's too early to tell. I'm interested in how that "four seasons" theme will play out with this game. The only other experience I have with said theme is a song by Namie Amuro, which seemed pretty romantic imo.
  3. I see our newest, assumed avatar, Byleth isn't afraid of wearing pink. I think the sparse amounts of gold, pink, and blue in Byleth's outfit is another hint towards his relationship with Edelgard (the symbol), Claude (the gold buckle), and Demitri (Byleth's daggers blue sheath).
  4. All I want to know is... Which economic idea has the best way to pay for a product and be able to keep it? How should we improve on OSHA, human resource (HR department), worker's wages, management, and etc?
  5. This thread is not restricted to just Pokemon. I was just stating it as an example. All games may be freely discussed here.
  6. I have a appreciation for how far Pokemon has come, since it's beginning with red and blue. I'll give you guys an example of what I mean with Johto's Violet city. Compare the city with HG/SS's and G/S/C's lay out. You'll see that HG/SS's Violet city is much more detailed (giving it a bit more individuality other than G/S/C coloring the town violet) and compact, while G/S/C's Violet city is huge and a bit same-looking with sharing it's building design with the other cities. It's really neat imo. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Violet_City (Unable to provide an image link. Sorry.)
  7. Congratulations! May you two have a happy future ahead.
  8. My update on the trio. This time it's a rough sketch.
  9. Ah~ wow, your art is so cute.
  10. Here's what I'm thinking of doing next with Anankos.
  11. Well, I'm always up for making him a little less delicate and young. Which would be good practice in drawing an older man, at the very least.
  12. Thank you. I strive to get better.
  13. I know I still have long way to go until I'm "good". But here's an original character I just drew. I also have a deviantart account. I'm accepting of any critique of my art. http://lurenko.deviantart.com/
  14. Uh. Was bored so I decided to draw FE 14's lackluster villain. I used what I could make out from the hidden truth's DLC portrait and model of Anankos, plus using his kid, Corrin to fill in the gaps.
  15. Really wish IS could of delved into more of the mythology of Corrin's dragon side, since he/she is the son/daughter of Anankos. Perhaps delved into what this character was/wasn't good at and the like. If IS wanted to go with a literal Avatar (with a Qilin influence in Corrin's case), then Aang (AtLA) is a good representation of that concept, since he's the human personification of the planet.
  16. Do you guys think the tone of the Fates game (all three routes) is a factor in displaying Corrin's personality? What could've been done to improve said tone? Do you think it should've had one mood or be (like reality often is) shifting? Can you all tell what's being conveyed (like when something's funny or sad [The various deaths in Fates] or is it really coming from nowhere? Thinking it over, the criticisms of Fates story for all three routes is well deserved.
  17. Really wish I could've given a care about Mikoto dying. Getting snippets of information being told to Corrin from other characters about his/her mother, instead of being shown. #blameTakumi Just kidding. Oooh. I really want to see if anyone has created an alt outfit /design for Corrin that they think is fitting for the setting and his/her personality. To be clear, this is just for fun. I like Corrin's current outfit. Whether they chose to ignore their draconic heritage in favor of establishing Corrin as Sumeragi's actual son/daughter or making them more like their dragon father or taking more inspiration from their mother.
  18. I like Corrin, to an extent. Which is mostly Anankos and Mikoto related. They're cute, despite their non-existent character growth. Each Corrin in the three routes are meant to be different people (Sila's mention of their favorite food would imply IS had hoped that it would get that point across). Considering the main cast all fills a niche via their job in the army (on the battlefield and off), their rank in the army, and how they interact with each other in the army. What sort of niche should Corrin have filled?
  19. There's a mention of Kana's/Corrin's draconic features in Rhajat's and Male!Kana's supports. Plus, it's mostly Kana who gets his/her dragon side emphasized to an extent in their supports with the other children.
  20. Apparently there's been some funding cuts recently. Thoughts?
  21. Apparently P. Ryan got audio leaked of him being against Trump (courtesy of Breitbart). You guys want the Breitbart article as well? http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/mar/14/paul-ryan-audio-ill-never-defend-donald-trump/ http://www.politico.com/story/2017/03/breitbart-paul-ryan-bannon-trump-236048 A bit of the audio below (I don't really care for the commentary or the channel itself): Let me give you the timestamps for the audio itself. Everything afterwards is just the aforementioned commentary. 0:31- 2:07
  22. *COUGH*Team Warrior Bunnies (Taguel).*COUGH* Nah. But seriously, I like Velouria, so I'm gonna say Wolkfskin (How do you say that? Wolves-kin? Wolf skin?).
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