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  1. Helena turned towards the knight as he approached her. She was pleasantly surprised at his kindness. However, she wasn't about to fully let the knight off the hook. "Your horse was in surprisingly good condition, considering all you'd been through yesterday, sir knight. It's a good thing I decided to look at her when I did. I hate to think of such a beautiful steed remaining so dirty for so long. You see...horses are my life. And if we are to travel togethor, I'm going to see to it that they receive the treatment they deserve..." With her little lecture complete, she handed the reins of his horse back to him before mounting her Pegasus. She beckoned Gareth ahead. "I will gladly allow you to escort me. It's far better than traveling alone."
  2. Helena went about preparing Garen, though she was a lot more limited in what she could do. Still, it was nice to just do some monotonous work she was used to for once. Looking over and seeing Cheribim, she noticed the horse was still quite dirty from the nights previous adventures. Sighing to herself, she went to go clean and prep the other horse. Being slow and cautious, showing she meant no harm, she approached the other horse and petted her snout. Quickly getting acquainted with Gareth's mount, she got to work. The horse was obviously taken care of consistently, though not nearly to the level she took care of Garen. Still, she was somewhat surprised how much Gareth had kept up with her maintenance. Maybe she had him pegged wrong? Regardless, she finished caring for the two of them and sat off to their side for a bit, contemplating things and breathing heavily from the morning routine. Certainly one way to wake up.
  3. Helena wasn't an early rider. She tended to get up in an adequate period of time, just never early. As she finally roused herself from her pity nap, she stumbled a bit getting up. Checking her hair and other frivolities, she just have up and left it tied up and a bit messy. It wasn't normal of her to be so slobbish. Consequence of a restless sleep the might prior. Leaving her belongings for the monent, she stumbled for the temple's entrance, looking to go about her morning routines with Garen to rouse her a bit. Grumbling as she slouched along, she bumped right into Gareth as he was having a conversation. She half mumbled half growled a careless apology as she pushed last the two towards the spots the animals were being tied.
  4. Helena work slowly. She had been graciously given a room separate from the other two. She took some time to get her bearings, remembering the events of the prior day. With a few grunts she got up and dressed herself, plopping back down onto her clothes she had slept on, trying to forget the mess she'd gotten herself into.
  5. Helena expertly handled the animals towards the place I also instructed. She had a lot she wished to say to the silent creatures, but held her tongue for a few minutes, thinking on a few things. The templar's outburst had surprised her, a He hadn't seemed the type to run off like that. Helena took a few moments to ease some of the animal's discomfort, since most of them weren't used to her hands not each other yet. She patted down her clothes, trying to make them seem at least halfway decent under the armor she had been given, before making her way back to Leon, leaving him time to his own steed.
  6. Helena was conflicted. The elder's words stung a bit at her pride, but he seemed gentle enough. "I find much confidence in the presence of animals, sir Suva, if I may refer to you as such." She hated talking in this fashion. Too much effort on simply sounding important instead of having much of a message to actually say. Still, it was the way she was originally talk to speak, given her standing. "I understand you only seek to give is kindess, but I would appreciate not have every effort we take to pay you back your kindness with ours barred with further pleasantries. Now, if you would excuse me, I would like to see to the care-taking of my horse." Helena took the reins of Garen back from Kalao, being careful to trade them carefully as you always did while he awaited the rains to the other beasts.
  7. "I think I can handle the horses. Far better than you would know, sir." Helena bit back at Gareth after he offered to accompany her. Helena quickly dismounted and readied Garen. She learned to herd horses with relative ease back home. Itd be an insult to be shown up by this ritualistic cod. "You both go on ahead and wash yourselves. I would prefer my privacy during bathing anyways." Helena stared 1st Gareth for a few moments, waiting for the others to dismount. There was noticeable impatience and a hint of pride in her eyes, such as how she got when it came to treating her animal compatriots.
  8. "My name is Helma. This is my horse, Garen. Not to be confused with the...ah...Sir Knight here." Helena wanted to say more to the aged priest, but kept herself silent for the time being. It was already obvious she was a native, despite her name coming close to the other land her new compatriots hailed from. She leaned over on Gareth, looking to hand him off to the boy Kalao. "If it would be alright, I would like to accompany our steeds. I find their care...soothing..." There was a lot Helena needed to get off her chest, and as always Garen would listen to her.
  9. Helena sneezed as the two whispered. As the priest beckoned, Helena allowed the other to pass her, placing herself away from Gareth. The less anyone inquired of her the better...
  10. "Yeah. I suppose it would be easier to walk..." Helena avoided Gareth's gaze. The man was annoying and she was in no mood for his prattle, even if he did it out of kindness. She rode along in silence with the others to the temple...
  11. "I suppose it's better than the ground..." Helena sat stop Garen as they walked. It was surprisingly pleasant, the two's tired muscles resting against each other as Garen followed a bit behind Gareth's lead. Helena was familiar with the temple of Urga. Full of the local knights, happy to show off their pledges of faith and use it as a badge of authority. The men were always a bore to deal with, even as they had begun prepping her for her pilgrimage a few years back. At least it would be warm and safe...
  12. Helena kept quiet?, dodging glanced from the brothers as they spoke. She stormed off as soon as pleasantries were over. She needed to dash the stink of idiot from herself. She made things a lot harder on herself than necessary it seemed.
  13. A Knight?! Crap. Gotta think fast... Helena couldn't really run a fake story, the knight would see through it quickly. But since the others had come out with introductions, she'd need one too, or risk looking suspicious. Dismounting Garen, she clung to Garen's side, trying to shrink herself as much as possible to avoid Gareth's vision. When it came to her, she stepped out slightly, glancing nervously at Gareth. "I-I'm...Hel-" Wait, if she used her real name, this man might recognize her household. He seemed like the type of man who'd groom a top class horse, if only for showing it off as part of his pride. So what to go by? Think.... "I mean, it's Hel...ma. Helma!" She said with forced enthusiasm. "I-I'm a...uh...young, naive adventurer looking to get away from my home cause i-it's boring? Heheh..." Oh god could I sound anymore forced or pathetic? They'll see right through me! Helma sweated softly as everyone stared at her. She waited for their response, every moment an agony of embarrassment to the clever girl she thought she was.
  14. Helena flew in, landing softly to the side of the group. It had only been a minor exercise, but she was already exhausted
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