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  1. For the first part of your question, I defer to everyone else in this thread. He just couldn't speak a word of modern tongue although he understood it fine. However, as for how he learned to talk, Soren actually says how in that special base conversation he has with Ike. He says:
  2. Ike leaving is not abandonment. I'm sure Ike did not make the decision to leave lightly. However, Tellius was no longer at war and his job was done. Ike cared deeply for the people he knew - I'm not doubting that - but I do think that his decision to leave was one he had to make for his own happiness. Furthermore, while he was never 'seen' again, that doesn't mean he completely cut off contact with the people of Tellius. His situation reminds me a lot of the modern day issue of immigrating to a new country. Just because he was not around doesn't mean he had entirely left Tellius behind and ceased to care for everyone he knew. However, Ike (as presented in the games) could not endure the status and be happy. To expect him to endure it for his entire lifetime - after he had sacrificed so much to the wars - is unfair. The reason Elincia renouncing is considered 'out of character' is because the underlying plotline of PoR for Elincia is regain the throne and and lead the Crimean people. That is what PoR spends the entire game working toward. If she renounced, after all that, all that work is lost. If she renounced, all that development where she learned to accept her lot in life goes down the drain. You might argue that she never truly accepted her duty but I would disagree. Whether she WANTED her duty is something else. However, Elincia is very much a character who would put aside her own wants for the betterment of her country. Hence, why she chose to let Lucia die. But that brings us back to whether she or Renning would be a better ruler. Honestly, I don't think there would be much of a difference in skill between them. I actually think Elincia might be the better of the two (since she actually has experience as a ruler and is younger - granting her time to grow). But even if they were simply of equal skill, Elincia abandoning the throne would only confuse and scare the Crimean people, which is something she would definitely want to avoid. I don't think she would renounce unless if she felt she was truly awful at her job. Which, while she does think this at the beginning of Part 2, her arc was basically her growing out of that thinking. But, I suppose we will just have to agree to disagree.
  3. Elincia abandoning Crimea and Ike abandoning Crimea are two very different things. Elincia had a much larger duty to Crimea than Ike did. He may have been a general, but he was a mercenary first. Ike had no obligation or duty to Crimea whatsoever. Elincia did. Furthermore, to say Ike abandoned Crimea isn't exactly true. Ike never wanted to be the general/hero in the first place and was pretty much forced into the position. You can see this when Sanaki names him general and when Elincia grants him a lordship. However, when the wars came, he DID fight. He DID lead. Ike NEVER abandoned Crimea in her time of need. However, that was not what HE wanted. It was also established that Ike never wanted the reputation or the high position that came with playing pivotal roles in the wars. And by the end of RD, he no doubt had both. I have always felt that he left in order to escape that. It should also be noted that his paired endings (Soren and Ranulf) are two people who care relatively little for status. They never raise Ike onto a pedestal for his achievements, like Elincia and the laguz royals. That is rather telling. If Elincia were to renounce her throne at the end of RD, it would completely destroy her entire development in part 2. What would be the point in her learning to accept her duty (and all that comes with it) if she just up and renounces at the end of the game?
  4. The thing is, Soren is often grouped alongside other young characters in the game. Take Devdan. He can only be recruited by child units (Tormod - I think he's 13, Mist - 14, Sothe - 13/14, Rolf - 12 and Soren). So, in verse, Soren looks young enough to be grouped with a bunch of 13 year olds. This also fits what he says in his support with Stefan. Tibarn also calls both him and Mist children, even though (if the book is correct) he has the appearance of a sixteen year old, only a year younger than Ike. I think he looks sixteen in his art too but characters in game seem to think he looks younger than that. (But we are getting off topic. Great work so far Kirokan! Thanks for taking the time to translate everything!)
  5. Actually, Soren is sixteen at the time of Path of Radiance. We know this from what he says in his and Ike's B support: Soren : When I was about four, a nearby sage came by and asked to take me in. Soren: : When the sage died two years later, I had acquired much magical skill. This shows he was about six years old when he met Ike. We also know that the day after he and Ike met, Greil went on his berserk rampage, causing him to leave Gallia. Caineghis mentions that Greil left ten years ago. Thus, Soren is sixteen. This artbook is a little weird, I think, in regards to ages. I would take them with a pinch of salt.
  6. Why does Lyre have a weird strap attached to her collar? It looks like a dog lead o.o
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if they added Casual mode but I really doubt they will put in all those features. They would need to completely rebalance the game depending on which one you chose (providing they are actually going to rebalance this game...) So, my thoughts are no, the shouldn't. EDIT: They might add the weapon triangle too. Basically, the core mechanics may be put in but newer features (like marriage and children) are unlikely.
  8. Astrid!! I loved her in PoR before the afro man in the last post. Nice work as always!
  9. Pretty! Also my ironic fave Makalov finally makes an appearance. You have to love the pink afro!
  10. Path of Radiance is my favourite game in the series. It also has my favourite plot... but honestly, it doesn't have much competition. There is a lot wrong with it. As others have pointed out, the plot is very by-the-numbers - Hero helps innocent princess regain her kingdom. The main antagonist is also one-note and dull (although his whole 'strong should rule' ideology is interesting). I think the plot would have worked a lot better if Ashnard had killed Greil as there isn't much reason for Ike to want to kill him, really, other than it being morally right. Elincia has more reason but she is shelved into being a damsel who does nothing but fawn over Ike... I wish we had gotten more of her Radiant Dawn self in this game. What I do like about this game's story, though, is that it has one of the better worlds in the series. Every place seems so interesting with its own politics and culture. Ike is my favourite lord in the series purely because he is so different from the standard Fire Emblem protagonist. I also liked that the story was more grounded with only a few supernatural (like the Medallion) elements sprinkled in. The characters in this one are also favourites of mine, although there are quite a few one-note characters (like Makalov and Illyana). With such a large cast, you kinda' have to expect them. PoR's plot works for what it is. A small plot to set up the characters and world for the larger conflict in Radiant Dawn. It is not 'the holy grail of storytelling' exactly but it is executed decently enough. The Jugdral games are far from that also as those games suffer from their fair share of issues, especially in Genealogy (The weird tone issues, Seliph having the personality of wet tissue paper, the constant time-skipping in part one; the weaker antagonist in Julius ect). Sometimes I wonder if people would even care for FE4 as much if it wasn't for that whole... ahem... incident in it before the second generation. Thracia fares a little better but even that game has issues like retcons. Overall, the plot is fine and non-offensive. Nothing absolutely major to hate about it but when compared to the plot of, say, Fates... yeah, it seems a lot better than what it is.
  11. 2016.... the year started badly. My dog developed a sting of illnesses which eventually resulted in her death early in the year. However, we greeted a new puppy into the world from that which was great! I finished my time in therapy as well as managing to get into university with decent grades. Although the first few months of university was a nightmare on my social anxiety, things are finally getting better so hopefully my time will keep looking up. New years resolution? Probably to really crack down on uni work and improve my writing since I also picked that back up again this year. Doubt either will actually happen though :P.
  12. Honestly, 'bland and lifeless' isn't all that rude. It's constructive criticism. They even provide images to show how you can improve. No offence to you Ana but you seem to have a slight tendency to take things the wrong way. Fair enough if they'd said 'This work is bland and lifeless, you suck' but 'bland' and 'lifeless' are completely valid forms of criticism. For example, if you were reviewing cakes and you called the cake 'bland' that's not rude. Not nice to hear, yes, but not rude at all. I think it would help you a lot Ana if you tried to be a lot more critical of your work in general. I know it may sound silly and I'm no way telling you not to be proud of your pieces but the ability to look at your work and go 'This looks odd' or 'this looks stiff' will help you improve massively in the long run, in any activity that you do. Look at that drawing of yours. What don't you like? What could you improve upon? Once you can acknowledge such flaws taking criticism is a lot easier.
  13. Welcome to the forums, good sir! Hope you enjoy your time bumbling through the forest :)
  14. Also, yay, Micaiah! I may be on the odd side of the fence but I actually like her. She could have been written better but she is still my favourite female lord. Also, mage lord! Yeah he does in the Endgame-3 base conversation :) Great work yet again on the translations!
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