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  1. Hey man, really cool engine. I might look into it a bit more, if not just out of curiosity. Is there more you plan to add to section 22 of the tutorial though? I was trying to look for tilechanges, and it took me a good while to realize it wasn't called tilechanges at all.
  2. (X-Post from FEU) Hey all! I’m hiring for sprite commissions. I need both portraits and animations. My baseline prices (in USD) are 25 for a mug (standard size, not halfbody), 25 for an animation edit and 100 for a custom animation. These are all flexible of course. Please let me know if you’re interested, and provide some sample of your work. Thank you!
  3. Can you detail the gameplay related changes? Maybe in a document or something
  4. Pikmin1211

    Blasse's gallery

    Hello! I'm currently making a romhack and am in desperate need of an artist. I can pay you if need be as well. DM me if you're interested please!
  5. Whoa! Been a while. Here to revive a dead thread. A lot of stuff has been edited and revised. I've looked over what I had and made several changes to the project. No more demons I've decided that not only can the plot not have demons and be pretty much the same (actually a bit better), but it also expands the gameplay a lot. As we all remember from SS, chapters with nothing but monster enemies can be a bit plain due to their lack of variety, so I just decided to can them. Dragons are cooler anyways. No third tiers This is mostly due to a lack of consistency, and I might change my mind again later if a lot of new animations get made. But I didn't feel like making special exceptions just for muh third tiers, plus I can use the animations for bosses and the like. Nothing else! The rest of the things I wanted to do are the exact same as before, so expect varied objectives and incentives to move forward in maps. THE STORY: Long ago the continent of Panthia was a peaceful one. This all changed when suddenly, a cataclysmic event known as "The Rift" tore the capital state, Ancia, asunder. Mysterious demonic power leaks from the rift, which is poisoning the Ancian people and their land. Their neighboring state, Derrain, refuses to lend aid in fear of the life-destroying aura. Our twin heroes, Sanders and Ackard, are not nobles, nor mercenaries - they are scholars seeking to uncover the mystery behind The Rift. WANT TO HELP OUT?: Great! I appreciate any help people are willing to offer. In particular I need art assets the most - maps, animations, and portraits. If you're looking to report a bug or offer criticism, please consider joining the discord, or just comment below! THE DISCORD: https://discord.gg/UEc73Js DOWNLOAD: Latest release: V.0.0.1: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/419198760917139466/419199048235352064/FoT_V.0.0.1.ups Two chapters are fully playable right now! Story integration later. For FE8. Screenshots: xpost from feu: http://feuniverse.us/t/the-flame-of-tomorrow-artists-needed-v-0-01-out/3218
  6. Known bug, it's actually the cleric animation. Thanks for the report though.
  7. Thanks for the bug report. The game is currently in a barely playable state and the team is working hard to fix it up.
  8. I've completed the Jacket Myrm animation. I'm not sure why they were incomplete as it took me about an hour or so to finish up. Here is a video showcase: Here is a DL: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xw582l13yt51e8e/completed jacket myrm.zip Obvious credit to Jubby and fuzz94.
  9. Link for my true vanguard animtion - http://www.mediafire.com/file/v8nb56c5xvarghr/True%20Vanguard.zip Basically vanguard but with axes like they're supposed to have. Video showcase - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3TVJE2WLCs&feature=youtu.be
  10. The main issue would be weapon ranks.
  11. Hi there! Before I start describing stuff I'd just like to thank you for clicking my thread. After a long time of playing and watching fire emblem (and various romhacks of it), I always thought it would be so cool to be able to make a game myself. So, I decided I would, and got to work conceptualizing and toying around with FE8. Now I'd like to present the (still growing) fruit of that work, Fire Emblem: The Flame of Tomorrow! THE FEATURES: A brand new story (more info below!) Brand-new and revised classes 3 promotion tiers (May or may not be for every class, depending) Varied objectives - no rout maps Scary (powerful) monster classes New and revised items, spells, and weapons ...And more! THE STORY: Long ago, the continent of Panthia was a (mostly) peaceful and prosperous one. Until suddenly, a mysterious otherworldly power tore the earth asunder. The once prosperous capital state of Ancia now lays in ruin, and demonic creatures rise from the rift left from "the Collapse". The Ancian governmental power is unable to afford to keep things in check. Tension grows between Ancia and their neighbor Derrain, who refuse to lend aid, and have build a great wall between them to try and stop the terrors. Our protagonists, twin brothers, Sanders and Ackard, are not nobles, nor rebels - they are scholars, seeking to learn about the mystery behind the Collapse. WHAT I NEED: I'll keep this section short: artists and writers. I have very little artistic talent, and would also love any assistance with my writing. Things that need to be made: Mugs, maps Things I would like to be made: Animations (high priority), map sprites, class cards, music Note that my standards are not sky high - if you can splice convincingly I have no complaints as long as it looks good. Once again I'd like to thank you for reading, and would love any and all criticism as well!
  12. Hey! I come bearing gifts from the Japanese community at ngmansion. Marth by caim van fang Double Blade Eirika by kenpuhu Mage Knight Sword (2 versions, custom and ranger clone) by kenpuhu Many Ballistae variants by St jack FE4 Druid by St jack Battle Sage (Sage with armor and Swords) by St jack Axe Wyvern Knight (with alternate helmetless Wyvern Knight) by St jack FE7 Fire Dragon Full by St jack Alternate Female Hero by St jack
  13. You seem to be doing fine so far in terms of strategy. Only thing I see you not doing is remembering that allies can use trade to unequip adjacent allies as well as change their weapons (you could've used this during your Mozu killfeeding) You already bought tonics, so yeah. Meals from the mess hall also provide some stat boosts, with tonics you can get up to +4 in some stats. You said you're uninterested in children at the moment, which is fine, but pairings are also useful for ridiculous stat boosts. Some of the most useful and notable ones are Xander with Charlotte, Camilla with Keaton, Leo with Felicia, Kaze with Beruka and Effie with Arthur. For some characters like Charlotte and Beruka, you'll invest in a master seal just to make them more useful as pair up fodder, and do so at level 10. Others like Camilla and Keaton can function as two separate good units being paired up instead of one main and one pairup bot. Reclassing, the most useful is Camilla going for Wyvern Lord. It replaces her useless tomes for better strength speed and defence, as well as letting her use rally defense. You might want to wait until level 5 first, though. Leo also can benefit from reclassing - Sorcerer forgoes his worthless physical stats and 8 move in exchange for more magic and speed. Strategist allows him to keep the 8 move and use staves in exchange for most of his physical defense, while still having higher mag and speed (less so than sorcerer though) and giving him better skills. Corrin has useful reclasses depending on what you picked out, some of the notable ones being Master Ninja and Paladin. Felicia can run Strategist, as well as Flora, letting them use their magic stats more effectively and giving you more mounted staff users. Jacob enjoys Paladin, but seeing as how you're male, this won't matter much. Most other reclasses are trivial and unnecessary - Xander can go Great Knight to pick up Luna, but it's not particularly worth the expense, Selena can go Pegasus Knight, but she's fast enough and has enough tendacy for low strength already, etc. As for Mozu, she's ok I guess. Not that impressive other than being a semi broken parent. People like to run her as Archer - this is mostly unnecessary as you should be running Niles for capture already. Speaking of capture, build a prison, and watch out for units with really good skill combinations. Capturing these guys is extremely useful. Some of the more famous examples include Haitaka in chapter 9 (the boss spearfighter with rally defense) and rallyman in the Takumi wall chapter (generic Master of Arms with a shitload of rally skills) That's about it. Forges are really good because no weapon durability. Good luck!
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