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  1. Alright! Thanks for keeping up with us. I'm fine waiting until you're feeling better and have more understanding. Feel free to email me whatever questions you have, and I'll make sure you have access to the correct game files. I look forward to playing this out with you two. Good luck.
  2. Speaking the N file, I realized the alley way to the north side may be a viable retreat if we really need to buy time. It may be some way that the weak and wounded can escape the front line, anyways. I messaged Izhuark, so in about 8 hours I will either hear back, or I will move Alceste somewhere safe like R4.
  3. The vigilante is very uncomfortable. "She's right! If we fight we'll die. Run away!" "Hang on there man, we only need to take a few steps back. You're not going anywhere, just step back here. You'll be safe here." "That's right! If we stay with our friends we'll be safe! Just hang on until the guard arrives, and don't do anything foolish!" Vigilante2 moves from N6 to O6. Vigilante3 moves from N7 to O7. Fafalel turns to Alceste. "Are you sure you want to be out here with us, not having combat experience or anything to defend yourself with?"
  4. It's decided. You should hold for now, or even heal me with a HHL. We want to stay safe until the guard shows up. They will be a great help. Alceste should play a song for our vigilante in combat range this turn. We convince the vigilante to hold their positions. We should wait for Izhuark to catch up with us before we do anything just yet. I also have some work to do, so let's take a break.
  5. Under this topic we will discuss anything about the game play, game rules, or our thoughts about the game in general. Here is another set of links for the principle game files in use. Core Battle Characters First, we wanted to discuss strategy, so my idea for now is stay out of range until the enemy shows their hand, keep a formation, and try to keep everyone alive. Remember that healing items can be used to heal the person next to you, and we'll all make it through this.
  6. I understand what you are saying, and I'll try to better anticipate player expectation when it comes to probability. I wanted to increase randomization of this particular event, which is why I chose the big dice. As a player, however, by identifying the unfairness of events, your character could conclude that Grodom cheated. And if I had won, he probably would have called me a cheater. Anyways, while we were discussing what happened, a commotion incited outside. Everyone rushes out to watch. I move to the front for a better view. Alistia and Alceste follow closely. It appears that Grodom started an altercation with one of the townsmen, and struck him. Grodom is threatening to kill the unarmed man, and has drawn his axe. The official town guard is approaching to defuse the situation, but some of the vigilante, including Fafalel are closer. I approach and ask what's wrong. Grodom's face is entirely red from intoxication and an inordinate amount of rage, and he is shouting rather loudly, but this is his normal voice "Beat it, wimp! Stay outa my way or you'll get hurt. Anyone in my way gets split. Now that coward over there offended me, and you're gonna let me teach him a lesson." he pushes Fafalel away and the members of the vigilante draw their swords. I draw mine and attack Grodom. My hit = 100 + 15 minus his avoid of 18 equals 97%. My crit roll is 40. Fail. My hit roll is 60. Hit! Grodom takes 6 damage. He counter attacks. His hit = 90 - 15 minus my avoid of 16. His crit roll is 92, fail. His hit roll is 32. Hit! Fafalel takes 9 damage. Ouch! The fight is over and I gain 20 jex. Grodom seems actually surprised that someone tried to fight him "Wait a minute now you cowards, I see how it is. You think you can all team up and beat up big bad Grodom? Look here buddies, you're not my friends anymore. Now these guys are your friends." He whistles loudly and several thugs looking rough and tough like Grodom come out of the alley ways and surround him. Grodom drinks a vulnerary. "Gaaa Har Har Har! If you bloodthirsty louts want a piece of me, you have to get a piece of them first! This is the last warning. Get out of the way!" We join formation with the vigilante. "Men! We must defend the innocent from these savages! Don't be brave and foolish!" The townsman who Grodom first threatened approaches Fafalel and friends "Thank you, you were very brave. I'm sorry I started all of this. If I had been watching my path, I would not have bumped into him. He's drunk isn't he? I wish there was a way other than violence to solve this, but he and his thugs must not be allowed to harm anyone. This is their fate, right? They chose to oppose humanity? Oh, before I forget, I'm Biltmore. Thank you." Some of the thugs begin to approach. Battlefield Characters Player Phase 1 Fafalel stays at N8 and eats a heal hedge leaf to recover 5 health. Waiting for Izhuark and Snowy_One. Generally, I'll give at least 24-48 hours for one turn, but if the group were larger we should have more time. If players are absent, then we'll use their characters in the best way, prioritizing survival over anything else.
  7. Email me: [email protected] to chat and share gdrive files!

  8. Alright, thanks. I trust everyone here, so there should be no problem. I think we have enough players to begin. SETTING Alceste, Alistia, and Fafalel are from a medium sized, industrious city called Fimini, which is named after and located along a major river of the western, Garian Kingdom countryside. The city is situated between the river to the south, and the flood plains of a second great river, the Falian, to the north. To the east is a confluence of these two rivers, and to the west great plains extend until reaching the coastline. The Garian Kingdom controls the large, north part of the "C" shaped continent of Tetaron, the large southern part is controlled by the Shattan Kingdom, and the small central part to the east is controlled by the Holy Kingdom Blovaria. In the center of this "C" land formation is the Great Central Sea. The kingdoms are separated by difficult natural land barriers, so contact between the three is minimal. There are many islands to the north and east of Tetaron, and small nations there trade with mainland kingdoms. Shattan especially is isolated, and left to their own devices, they have attempted to wage conquests many times in the past. The year is the 949th recorded since the foundation of the Holy Kingdom, from which the other two are said to be born. It is fifth sun of the first chapter of the new year (each year has 20 chapters, each chapter has 20 suns). Alistia has recently graduated from Knight Academy at the capital and returned to Fimini for two chapters of vacation prior to enlistment. There she is overjoyed to see her local friends, Alceste and Fafalel at the Three-Legged Tarvos Tavern, where Alceste the Poet always performs. That is where they all met, in fact It was about three years ago this day, so they are all celebrating another year of friendship to come. While Alceste plays the Mundane Mandolin for the crowd, Alistia explains to Fafalel some of the magic she learned at the academy. Suddenly Fafalel's thirst returns. "Barkeep, I'll have another ale!" A voice shoots from the other side of the bar "Actually he'll have two and I'll have two." The voice came from a tall, tanned, bald-headed, bearded man with large arms sitting at the other end. "Thank you for your kindness, stranger." said surprised Fafalel. "I ain't kind, and I ain't a stranger. I'm Grodom. Yer not gettin a drop until you beat me in a good ol' fashioned arm wrestle. Loser buys all the drinks." Unable to back down from such an easy challenge, Fafalel quickly grasps the huge right hand of Grodom and, after a quick countdown, begins to pour all his energy into this competition. We both roll 1d00+strength: Fafalel: 9+5=14 Grodom: 76+8=84 Grodom slams Fafalel's arm down instantly, throwing him off of the stool and causing him quite a lot of pain. He explodes into a roar of laughter "HA HA HA, I ain't got no time to hang out with wusses like you, hahaha. You lost fair and square. Pay up or I'll throw you out hehe hahahaha." Luckily it's only costing 20 coins. The barmaid brings four beers. Grodom consumes three of them, belches loudly, and leaves. Fafalel returns to his table, sore but not disheartened.
  9. Hahaha That's all good. Next you should decide your job, roll 1d20 for your base luck modifier, and roll 8d6 for base stat modifiers. Let me know results and I can make you a sheet.
  10. I finished this last night. I had to first construct a graph to make it work Bonuses and penalties to base stats from personality are listed in the support tab. Alceste should have base stats modified: Str+1, Spe+1, Int-1, Res-1. I'm almost finished writing the full stats for every job. I think there are only Outlaws and Nobles left. After than I'm going to begin redesigning the musical instruments, try to finish Dances, and start working on summoned monsters again. Doing all of this should allow players to make the most informed decisions about their characters without them starting to play the game.
  11. 5x is fine. As long as everyone is calculating d6 x5 for stat growth bonus, I'll be able to construct a challenging campaign that is not unfair for anyone. It does get silly, like a level 1 Joker with over 100% in dexterity and speed, 55% luck, but 30% in every other stat. There is always a way to balance, like dropping stat or growth up items for weaker chars. I also believe in mulligan rules for blank level ups. If there is a blank level, simply reroll. Personality to determine base stats is a great idea. I will work on that. My main concern is for units with 0s in Magic, Resist, or Luck. I could probably exclude those stats. I'll learn Roll20 and see if that's what I want. I am comfortable keeping it in a thread here, so long as it does not bother others. I draw maps in google sheets, which has been my primary method of graphically represent online play.
  12. I discovered in my tests that Fog of War vision rules are flawed. I'm going to change the name of the stat from "Line of Sight" to "Dark Sight," and balance it for all classes. That is also a way to restore a player to the game if their character is killed and lost, so perma-death is not a ban from the game. Here is a link to the folder where character sheets exist. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pZKJItcuA4uwwkxKfnybIkUcC5FiNdgu1Tl1AqXMFqM I think I wrote in Character Creation that to determine random growth rate modifiers for player characters, there are d6 rolls multiplied and converted into percentage. I think the rules suggested 5x dice result, but for more balance and less RNG screwed characters, we could reduce it. I'm thinking 3x or 4x. If you guys want to vote on it. For luck modifier I'm rolling a d20. For 1-9, result = bonus to base luck. For 11-19, result - 10 = bonus to base luck. 10 = 0 bonus, and 20 = 10 bonus. I rolled a 13 so my starting luck is 1 + 3 = 4 Also, concerning dice rolls: Do the players want to roll their own or have me roll for everything? I'm comfortable either way. For those without dice, I suggest Dice v2.2 RPG Dice Roller by Zsolt Nagy: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dice-roll/
  13. There would have to be repercussions to getting KO'd, like exiting the battlefield, then coming back next chapter with lower growth rates to account for your injury. I could see there being a window of opportunity to rescue your dying unit, but I am concerned about movement. For example, if a General is blocking a narrow passageway, and he dies, the enemy should be able to stand on his square to keep attacking. Perhaps he will just lay there until someone adjacent can restore him. I think that will work, in which case I will make "Dying" into a status ailment like it in is Final Fantasy Tactics, and change all death defying spells to remove that status. >Any longer and they become a zombie and the like? Bingo. I had already thought of this. As the body decomposes, your necromancer will lose options of bringing back the unit. If you wait so long, they will only be able to come back as Ghost. You will always need the body, so if you flee the battle without recovering, you have to go back and find it - maybe in a tomb or graveyard. Oersquirrel is right. I will definitely give grace to players and try to keep it interesting. If anything, death and stuff give you more quests to do, and things don't always happen as quickly. Keep in mind that in FE9 a year passed before Ike returned to Crimea. That's close to how long it takes for your dead friend to go from skeleton to ghost, and you'll have more time if he has a proper burial. Yes! thank you Izhuark! Okay, I'll add you to the roster soon. I don't know if it will make the Poet too powerful, but I want the Poet's Perform ability to be an area of effect around the Poet. The easiest way to balance the Poet would be to put one on the enemy team or increase enemy levels/equipment quality, so I'm not too concerned about it breaking the game. We will play with this new rule. Also, in order to have the setting I need enough characters. We have two or three for now, so I think I have a good idea for setting already. If that's the case, AnonymousSpeed, I'll arrange that you are a recruitment after we establish the setting. Before I do that, I'm going to run errands and give another chance for someone to hop in with us for the first chapter / prologue. I am comfortable beginning with Izhuark at level 1. My character: Name: Fafalel Job: SellSword Age: 23 Gender: Male Personality: 5 - Fire (lol) Alignment: Chaotic Good Okay, I have to run some errands, but I will return soon.
  14. It's basically the same character, but as a different race. For example, if you were human, died, then were returned as an undead by a Necromancer, your race changes from Human to Undead. The Bishop's Cleansing will hurt you more, but you also can get some advantages, so it's not really supposed to be too terrible of a thing. It's better than being perma-dead. You can also be brought back as angel or demon, depending on who is returning you. I haven't determined the timing of most resurrections, though I have written that a Staff that resurrects must be used on the target before it dies in order to bring it back unchanged immediately. The effect of that staff lasts until the end of the next enemy phase, so if that does not feel long enough, let me know and I'll boost the S ranks. Haha, yeah I can be clever. The story isn't completely fleshed out, but essentially it is a classic Fire Emblem plot of "big empire suddenly decides to go to war with neighbor kingdom, and fugitive royal attempts to reclaim home." I'm going to tell you right now, I'm heavily drawing from Sacred Stones and I'm not ashamed. Okay great. I additionally need the following information about your character: Name Age Gender Personality Alignment For personality (Support Tab of Rule Book), either you or I can roll d20, you could tell me one you like, or tell me what traits your character is going to have and I'll pick the best match. Note that I never mentioned anything about alignment in the rules. I just thought of it a few days ago to fill up some empty cell on the character sheet. You know the drill: lawful, neutral, or chaotic + good, neutral, or evil. Indeed it does. I think the biggest thing is there not being a truly set story line. There's a main plot, but the character's don't even have to respond - they can stay in town and make a living at the arena for all I care. The arena is not just for exploiting your way to high cash and ex anymore! It's a way of life.
  15. Thank you so much, Uncle G.! I do realize the lack of character limit. At the time I was trying to expedite the exposition of information, without risk of losing the information to computer problems that I am plagued with currently. PERMADEATH So, just like any computer information, you can backup the files and reload them. For this game, that would mean inserting a character into another timeline. There are some magic spells that have power to prevent permanent death, resurrecting the character as the human they once were, or as the race of a summoned monster, e.g. your dead paladin can be restored by a necromancer, but he will become undead. If your healer casts a spell to prevent death, after your paladin is killed he will be restored to life. If you have more questions, I'll try to answer them when I return.
  16. Thanks for this, mate. I'll give it a thorough read later on, and I'll let you know if I get a game going.
  17. EQUIPMENT This is not too different from how it was before. The weapon triangle is the same Sword beats Axe beats Lance beats Sword. The main difference is that there are crosiers that staff users can cause physical damage with, and caestus. For those who don't know, Caestus are fist weapons, they are close ranged, and I gave them increased critical hit rate. Weapon subtypes are: Sword, Great Sword, Rapier Lance, Pike, Javelin Axe, Great Axe, Thrown Axe Knife, Dagger, Thrown Knife Bow, Great Bow, Long Bow Caestus, Claws, Katar and Crosier is the melee subtype staff. Weapon materials are rank E through S: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Magic has a more complicated scheme for advantage and disadvantage. Water and wind have disadvantage against each other, and Fire and Water have advantage against each other. Fire has full advantage over Wind and Thunder. Thunder has full advantage over water. FWWT (Fire, Wind, Water, Thunder) magic has advantage over Light, Light beats Darkness, and Darkness beats FWWT. Geomancy and Staff magic are not participants in any advantage scheme. Moreover, Geomancy checks the users magic stat and the targets defense stat for damage, so it is special in that regard. Bardic Music is a way to increase the stats of allies and attack enemies, which Dancing is used to allow allies to move again and afflict the enemies. They are still under development, but there is enough information for Dancers and Poets (Bard's first rank) to be viable characters at least until the Poet or Bard reaches B rank where the instrument list drops off. Shields and Heavy armor are used to provide big defense bonuses to units like Soldiers and Knights. Some familiar items like Hoplon Guard/ Iron Rune and Fili Shield/ whatever equivalent are now considered shields. Light armor is not as effective at providing protection, but can provide other bonuses than defense and resist. Boots are now equipment that modifies the way a unit moves. This is quite straightforward. One can be useful to more than one character, but they cannot stack like the Swiftsole could in Sacred Stones (don't you love getting multiple Swiftsoles and stacking them on L'Archel or Lyon though?). Accessories are the final equipment type. They provide bonuses to stats or other things, and are pretty straightforward as well. I guess I could quickly mention items. There are some familiar recovery items, and there are a whole bunch of items for curing status ailments. I broke down the stat growth rate items into a bunch of different ones of varying potency, but the base stat increase items are mostly the same but with different names to prevent armor, shield, and accessory confusion (I'm looking at you, Angelic Robe, Energy Ring, Dracoshield, and Talisman).
  18. Alright, here is a link to where the files are. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1KgMHIQYW-yfmRvc1lMNzJMUTVkZ3d6cW1ZaUw2NkdZRko1TmpTMUEwRTJRYzgxZ0VrdG8&usp=sharing Be sure to check out Rules if you want more details. I tried to be as complete as possible, but it is still very early and I haven't had many players unfamiliar with Fire Emblem asking me for clarity. I'm going to start describing some of game features in more detail. CLASSES The seven classes (and number of jobs within which) are: Soldier (5): They form the legions that serve crowns. They depend on formation, numbers, strong armors, shields, and weapons. Some are mounted, some use magic. They are mostly similar to the Knight/General/Great Knights of Fire Emblem GBA. Mercenary (5): They are generally commoners who learned martial arts outside of the cities. They generally stick to one weapon type, though some can wield them all. They wear light armor, including some of the more advanced pieces. They include Archer, Fighter, and SellSword (Myrmidon equivalent), etc. Occultist (6): Students of arcana who follow traditional teachings. They use magic to fight. They are most similar to Mage, Monk, Shaman, Priest, etc. Mystic (7): Seekers of hidden knowledge who travel across the lands and even into difference planes. Some can summon monsters to fight for them, and some can fight on their own. Closest to Summoner and Necromancer, otherwise an original class. Hunter (8): Trained battlers who specialize in deadly attacks. Some of them are professional monster slayers, others are trained to quickly kill humans. The closest equivalent to hunter would be the Swordmasters and Breserkers for their critical bonus, otherwise this is an original class. Outlaw (8): Societal outcasts whose violent, selfish, deceptive, and greedy ways warranted rejection. Many are organized criminals. There is variety in how they operate, but they almost always value treasure over justice. Thief, Pirate, Brigand, and Assassin are all part of this class. Performer (4): These ones like to take it easy, but when in battle they can be very entertaining and supportive. Some of them provide bonuses for allies, others specialize in attacking from range. Dancer/Bard is included in this class, but as separate and distinct jobs. Noble (13): Rich, honored, educated, the Nobles are the only ones allowed to become actual Knights, of which there are many varieties. The more intellectual ones are very talented magicians. Paladin, Mage Knight, Pegasus Knight, Wyvern Knight, etc. are all part of this class, as well as Pupil. A lot of jobs are renamed, like the Dark Mage instead of Shaman, and ArchMage instead of Sage. The four of these are totally different jobs.
  19. Hey Jhar226, I too am working on a RPG. I took a look at some things on the old site and new one. It looks like your creation is more heavily influenced by D&D than mine. Some of it didn't make sense to me immediately, but I admit to only skimming over the details. It looks like a lot of your information comes from the Sacred Stones, and that pleases me, lol. Everything looks pretty good, but I have to ask about RuneSword, it has no effect? It does have decent damage, so is that the trade off? I'm also surprised you didn't use Yotsmungand, lol. I would be interested in playing, and if you need some kind of help, I could do something simple like generating content where you feel it is lacking.
  20. HELLO SERENES FOREST! TacticsEmblem here to give you guys an introduction to a project I have been working on all summer. Dungeons & Emblems is a multiplayer Fire Emblem I crafted in Excel and Google Sheets. It has been no easy task, but I finally wrote enough information to actually play the game! New features are often being added, so expect expansion packs. Here are some of the features in this game so far: 56 jobs, each with three ranks, distributed between 7 classes: Soldier, Mercenary, Occultist, Mystic, Outlaw, Performer, and Noble. 7 types of physical arms: Sword, Lance, Axe, Bow, Knife, and new Caestus and Staff (for healers to bonk their enemies with). 8 types of magic spells: Staff, Fire, Wind, Water, Thunder, Light, Darkness, and Geomancy. 2 types of performance: Song and Dance Many Heavy Armors, Light Armors, Shields, Boots, and Accessories 20 personality types, each offering a unique set of bonuses for support units 175 Skills 17 status ailments, more ways to inflict them, and RNG rolls to do so Neat experience table 50 levels of character growth Features coming soon (once I recover the info from my HDD): Monsters, some actually original, most borrowed from myth, legend, literature, and other games. An original world map Some mostly original characters 2 types of crafting, Alchemy and Enchantment 4 types of summon spells: Necromancy, Demonology, Hagiology, and Animation Changes and Omissions (based on features found in GBA and GC versions of Fire Emblem): No character constitution or weight, and therefore no rescuing or shoving No biorhythm No Laguz Magic stat renamed to Intelligence, Skill stat renamed to Dexterity, Resistance shortened to Resist Items like Vulnerary can be used on units, rather than used BY them (think Final Fantasy Tactics) Spell tomes don't degrade if they miss. Difference in experience award between mere survival/missing and avoiding, and between killing and one-hit killing Physical damage weapons with elemental attributes That's all I can think of right now. I'm interested in questions, comments, and concerns anyone might have about this project. I have been working pretty hard on it, and it's still being tested and developed, so any volunteers would be appreciated. I'll post some files later, maybe in an hour so hang tight.
  21. Both, though I only just began playing TO. I definitely prefer the original FFT over FFT Advance.
  22. Eirika She was my second play, and I really enjoy her path. If not for the Spear, I would think Eirika is better than Ephraim, since she almost always beats him in the Link Arena. Although I much prefer the design of Ephraim's Chapters 11, 13 and 14, but many of Eirika's maps are good, old fashioned brawls. Eirika faces quite some challenges, like stopping all those pirates in C9, or fending off gargoyles in C12. I also much prefer getting Innes, Tethys, Gerik, Marisa, and Saleh earlier. The price I pay though is getting Cormag 2 chapters later. Also, you have to consider the different generals each has to deal with. As Eirika, you get to see much more of Glen, Valter, and Caellach. I like Glen because he's intentionally designed to be likeable and he brings out the feels. Valter and Caellach are such pricks, but they are more interesting to me than Duessel and Selena, and better to use in my opinion. If Valter and Eirika were on the same team, they would definitely have great support conversations! Finally there's Lyon, whose role in Eirika's story is definitely worth a ticket for a ride on the feel train.
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