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  1. *I'm going to bed now, not tomorrow.
  2. I don't really agree with my thoughts on SB anymore. I did have a problem with the roleplaying, but because I thought it was being used as an excuse to be vague. After a reread it seems like that problem was only in SB's early D1 posts, where there wasn't a lot to talk about anyways, while his later posts are better. ##Unvote I'm going to go to bed tomorrow. I should be available all day tomorrow, and I'll try to be relatively active.
  3. Completely agree with this. I disagree with the case on Marth, it seems silly to find them having a weak vote despite it still being RVS when he made the vote suspicious. @Omega I've played probably 5 or 6 games of Mafia on this site, a couple games off this site, and lots of live games on Epicmafia and Town of Salem. @athena_57 My vote on Weapons isn't serious. @Eurykins I don't think there's any scum intent on my bandwagon. It makes sense to me that other Townfolk would find my actions suspicious. I would like to hear more from @Prims. Pretty sure their only contribution so far after RVS has been casing me but since then I feel like a lot more things worth talking about occurred, and I don't really know anything about their position in the game from just their casing me. I have a problem with Kokichi's roleplaying. It seems like it's partly an excuse to be more vague in their speaking. I remember a game I played with SB where they said nothing but "..." the whole time and they were Town, but in that game that felt more like SB didn't want to put effort into their posts while in this game they're intentionally making it harder to read them. I'm pretty sure Athena is town. They're very active at getting people to speak and getting reads, and I don't think that they would be this active as Mafia if this was their first game of forum Mafia. I disagree with their having a problem with Omega's post though because Omega usually doesn't say much as either Town or Scum. The tone of Via's posts makes me feel like they're Town. Though this is more of a gut read than anything particularly set in stone. I'm basically null on everyone else. I didn't like Eurykins asking Sunwoo for their thoughts on the rest of the playerbase since I felt they had already given a fair amount on everything happening at the time, but I don't think that warrants any suspicion. ##Unvote ##Vote: Kokichi Oma
  4. Nothing else seemed worth talking about.
  5. It wasn't really listing the scumteam. I just chose random people and included Refa because I thought it'd be easier to tell it was a joke.
  6. I'm sorry Prims! I don't even have a good reason as to why. Informed townie here, I was told by the host that Sunwoo, Weapons, and Refa are the scumteam. ##Vote: Weapons
  7. Law of Sines/Cosines, because it's fun to shout "Sine, Cosine, Tangent!" like Sho Minamimoto.
  8. 1: Squirtle or Charmander 2: Cyndaquil 3: Mudkip 4: Chimchar 5: Snivy 6: Chespin 7: Rowlet
  9. Drats, I've been caught! /in I guess I'll go with Tim for the name. Never played Etrian Odyssey.
  10. I like Touhou 10 a lot. I've only played 6-12 but I'd say it's my favorite or second favorite behind Touhou 6.
  11. Yeah, it's basically the same for me. Minoriko's last spell seems a little luck-based, and I have trouble with Nitori's miniboss spell, but otherwise I can do the first three stages pretty well. I like Nitori's final spell a lot more on Lunatic.
  12. I know how to do the second spell, but the bullets coming from both directions messes with my head and I can never dodge it. The survival spell is also hard but I didn't mention it because it's fun to dodge.
  13. I hate Aya's second and last spells with a passion.
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