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  1. i pondered, and i'm not feeling up to a game of mafuia right now. i'm /out, sorry
  2. i'll /in, but i don't promise good play/lots of time in advance merry birthday me
  3. wouldn't be a trainwreck without that happening to me
  4. https://www.twitch.tv/deliciousbees y'all get in here, it's mario party purgatory with 4 variable difficulty ai
  5. Quicktopics: mafia gy neighbor v2 Postgame-ish stuff: Boy. This was a game. Not without its share of fuckups by me, as well. The main one being that the delayer was only ever meant to be one-shot, but I didn't catch the wording until it was too late, and I had to run with it as written, which in the end screwed over the mafia, as that wasn't intended. I almost completely hecked up the drive shenanigans on N3, but I actually caught most of that before people really saw I had completely forgot to apply that drive. Oops! Comments: D2 modkill: I had to debate whether to do one of the following: 1) Modkill, continue the day (lolno) 2) Modkill, allow discussion (ehh) 3) Modkill, end day. I opted into 3) since the modkill had to take the place of the lynch, + delayer shenanigans meant the gamestate would stray too far from what was intended. Setup: I tried to make it so that there were no duplicate roles or roles that were eerily similar, and to limit town's investigation to lower amounts. Non-TP roles existed on both sides to mess with rolespec. Ascetic was possibly a little too close to commuter, but aside from that I think I did an okay job. In general, I didn't want to jam shitloads of power onto each role, so I tried to temper it around and try out some less standard options. Inventor items were not terribly strong either, and the Farmer role was always kind of throwaway. That's on me. Also I totally forgot a role pm. am good at the organisational things You are aligned with Armoroad, and you win when all threats have been eliminated.
  6. Turns out, Snike was that last person that wanted you dead. And the crown princess, no less. With that, town wins EO3 Mafia! The remaining alive people: Also you find a scrap of paper on the outskirts of town.
  7. You may begin complaining about balance/role fuckery etc now.
  8. Mafia have forfeited. Role PM's shortly, postgame maybe idk
  9. Didn't take long for Prims to suddenly claim he was a traitor. So you strung him up. It is now Night Four. You have 24 hours to submit night actions. Phase ends at 1AM GMT 3/28.
  10. Annnnnnnd no one ended up dying last night! It is now Day Four. With 7 alive, it takes 3 to lynch at deadline, and 5 to hammer. Phase ends at midnight GMT 3/30, in 72 hours. Night results going out shortly. It is still MYLO! Town can lose following a mislynch today.
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