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  1. Gray (Merc), Tobin (Archer) and Kliff (Mage) will be their canon classes because i'm boring (and also because it's to best class for them as everyone already said.) Faye will be a Peg Knight because even through it looks like Cav is her official class (to me atleast) I just like Peg Knights more then Cavs. Atlas will be a Cav because that's what I made him in Gaiden (which is probably why I remember him being as awful as Tobin. Hahaha.)
  2. A few years ago I played Gaiden and I think I reached Chapter 4. I was so angry about this I never touched the game again. But since I already know what's going to happen I probably won't have any more nasty suprises once i'll play Echoes. Hahaha.
  3. Personally, I can't wait to see how Kliff looks like. From what I can see of his sprite in one of the new pictures, his hair also changed to white like Boey. But since Tobin had his purple hair change to brown I guess this had to happen. Hahaha.
  4. I would've said why I like Tellius the most, but everyone else already said why. Hahaha.
  5. If it really is a sequel to Idol Emblem, then the only thing I have to say is that Atlus are really, really brave. Hahaha.
  6. My hype for this game died months before my hype for Idol Emblem died. I wanted to get excited for this, I really did, but when the game came out and the thing that I feared the most actually was true (Hoshido not being able to do anything wrong, Nohr being spawn of satan) plus the return of Awakening's marriage system just killed any hype I had for this. I'll probably still buy and play this game, but I really hope that Treehouse (Or whoever translate these games) will change the script a little to not make it look it was written for / by kindergarden kids.
  7. The team behind this game choose characters that are either popular or didn't appear in over 10 years, right? Can't wait for the eventual apperance of Sable Prince and Prince Richard! Hahaha!
  8. Wasn't Operation Raccoon City really not liked or something like that? You'll think Capcom will learn their lesson. Guess not. Hahaha.
  9. The mirages seem to go to the guys that most resemble them, right? So if I was in this universe my Mirage will probably be Ilyana, Stahl or any other character that their thing is being hungry 24/7. Hahaha. And now for a serious answer, I ended up really liking Finn in the 4 chapters I played in Thracia 776 so I would really like him to be my mirage. I also ended up really liking Mist after reading the PoR LP in Something Awful's LP Archive, so probably Mist too.
  10. I can't believe that I made an account just to reply to like, two threads. Hahaha. *I agree with everyone that said that the series became too much fanservice happy in recent games. It reminds me of my extreme Weaaboo days that I had until 2011-2012, and I would REALLY like to forget about that. (I'm probably going to unironically enjoy the skinship thing though. The thought of treating your human friends the same way you treat your supernatural pets from an alternative universe is just too funny.) *Talking about fanservice, I really hope that making Original Character Do Not Steal of the three most popular characters from the previous game isn't going to be a thing. It just felt really lazy, you know? *Please don't add the marriage system again (Unless it's a Genealogy remake). the marriage system in Fates actually sounds even lazier then the clone characters. How do you even manage to do that? Hahaha. *Also, Please please PLEASE don't put plot points and entire stories behind DLCs. There's no reason why Invisible Kingdom couldn't be an extra story after beating the main story of the version you choose and there's no reason why Invisible History couldn't be Gaiden chapters / Paralogues / Whatever they call it this time. Not everyone have a visa to buy them, you know. *This is probably just me, but I really wish the Avatar was optional. I usually really like self inserts but in Fire Emblem they just feel really... forced, You know? All the characters agree with your Avatar's actions, they all love your Avatar (And probably fall in love with them) and if they don't love the Avatar they're probably evil. The Avatar also can't make bad decisions because they're supposed to be you and it's just.. like... no. I didn't read Fates spoilers in a long time but I think Black Kingdom and White Kingdom suffered the most from this. If Black Kingdom was about Xander, White Kingdom about Ryoma and only Invisible Kingdom being about the Avatar maybe it could've been better. *The grinding in Gaiden is the only thing that stops me from unironically loving it. It's a good thing that grinding in later games that have world maps isn't as annoying. Hahaha. Anyway, right now that's really about it. Sorry for writing too much. (Especially about the Avatar)
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