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  1. Ok first off, rude. Second, I am not forcing anyone to watch the video, but if you are going to post that the video is too long and that's it then you might as well post nothing. It adds NOTHING to the discussion and might as well be filler posts. I asked the thoughts on the video itself, not the thoughts on it's lenght and nothing else. And finally quality over quantitiy: what matters QUANTITY when the QUALITY of the video itself is the one being discussed here. What matters 30 minutes when the content is good or not. If you don't like it, sure, dislike it I am not forcing anyone to like it. I came back here because the other posts interested me and I realize that my attitude earlier on leaving the site was extreme. So again, rude.
  2. DIS guy. Can I love you forever now. And another thing, if you ain't watching the video because lulz too long, don't even bother posting. This is NOT a thread on to judge the video's length, remember "quality over quantity" that's a thing. It saddens me that most people here don't take opinions from outsiders. Who knows, maybe the outsider have a point that you people don't.
  3. I expected better from you guys http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=63865#entry4387819
  4. Comments like these make me regret ever sharing this with you people. I expected smart comments but ended up getting cancer
  5. Is that the reason why you can't watch it. If so that is a dumb ass reason
  6. Now I know that some here do not like opinion lists (something that I really like and so I feel like an outcast for liking it) but I want you guys to watch this and give your thoughts. He ain't judging this based on usefulness but rather on character. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OOI7mCQneMc https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YbIbF9J2sH4
  7. I like it a lot. Too bad I am still not done with it
  8. So I am playing Pkmn Colosseum and soon I might start the sequel Pkmn XD. I have seen the Pokedex for that game and started building a team. I need a good recommendation for my final party member. The only rule is no repeating types from the pokes I have planned. Jolteon Houndoom Walrein Gardevoir Breloom (*Insert 6th member*)
  9. Path of Radiance list (subject to changes once I play RD) Male 1-Ranulf 2-Ike 3-Zihark 4-Soren 5-Gatrie or Geoffrey Females 1-Nephenee 2-Marcia 3-Titania 4-Jill 5-Callil
  10. Happy Birthday Ray. May you keep presenting good content and being the awesome person you are.

    1. TheAstraWolf


      Also I've noticed you started replaying FE4. What do you think of this acoustic cover of the map themes?

  11. Just have patched the translation. Congrats bookofholsety, the new patch looks damn good and I am excited to continue it. It was worth the wait.
  12. Has good taste on good FE characters but shit units (Roy, Wolt)
  13. Obvious Pick a god and pray is obvious. As for a original choice, Henry's "I'm gonna kill you" is straight to the point and quite funny with the tone Henry says it
  14. I have a new contender for my favorite Tome, that being FE9's Rexbolt.
  15. I have finished the game and I had this idea on my unit records, so here we go. 5-Zihark (LV 15 Swordmaster) 4-Soren (LV 14 Sage) 3-Marcia (LV 16 Falcoknight) 2-Boyd (LV 11 Warrior) 1-Ike (LV 20 Lord) What about you guys?
  16. Not really, considering I was only attacking via counterattack due to the fear of the BK doing Luna, Ike did only 9 damage with the Ragnell. Considering the BK has Renewal and 30 Def, Ike would be dealing 9 damage without the BK doing Renewal, he would only have dealt 45 damage without Aether procs Not to mention that I didn't knew the BK would not attack Mist and as such I kept her away, far away. Now that I think about it, I could have played it a bit less cautious since I could have just healed Ike after he attacked BK, but eh, what's done is done. Maybe I will get my chance another day...
  17. So, I didn't defeated the BK in 5 turns, Mist died in battle and Nasir died in story. Is his substitute Ena any good. Mist died because she failed to dodge 2 39%. Fuck you RNG Edit: Should add this, the reason i failed to kill the BK is because I didn't had Aether activating until the FINAL FUCKING TURN. I wanted to like the fight itself but I can't anymore. It is HEAVILY luck based. Ike was capped in Str and Defense and while he had 0 problems on activating Aether throught the chapter, here he was all like: nahhhhh bro, seriously, FUCK THIS FIGHT. But I am getting off topic big time here.
  18. Time for an updated list with FE9 and FE4 gen 1 (least favorites) FE1/11: Tomas FE2: Boey FE3/12: Matthis FE4 Gen 1: Sylvia FE6: Sophia FE7: Karla FE8: Amelia FE9: Sothe FE13: Virion
  19. Hardin. My bias for him aside, what makes him great is his process on becoming a villain. Sure he does had some help of the Darksphere offered to him by Gharnef but the other reason was quite human. He was in love with Nyna, yet she still had feelings for Camus and so he became depressed from this unrequited love. He became a villain not just because of the Darksphere, but also because of this weakness which reminds that he is human and humans have flaws. It's even better when you consider that his state left him vulnerable for any sort of influence (Darksphere) and as such becoming the evil emperor. Add to his dapper design, awesome chapter, intimidating presence (lampshaded even further by FE12 and his quite visible red eyes of DEATH) and his climatic battle and you got my favorite villain in FE Runner-ups: Arvis, Lyon, Zephiel.
  20. WOOOOOOOOOOO! *Ahem* To sum up this trailer. Rowlet is best starter, Hawaii is cool setting and legendaries are a Sun Lion and Moon Wyvern thing. Also the in-game models are what I've wanted in X and Y. I am excited and hopefully this will turn out waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Gen 6
  21. I kinda forgot that the weapon triangle isn't a thing yet at that time. Also I use these characters on Knight form for chapter 1, it's a habit of mine.
  22. Episode 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldD2KB_Kpa0 Lemme know what should I fix, I am using Open Broadcast Software for recording.
  23. In this order: FE8, 7, 11, 9, 4, 12, 6, 10 and 5. Play FE1 and 3 only if you really wish to dive deeper, otherwise don't because you've already played the remakes.
  24. 1- I'd say I find myself using Thunder tomes a lot in every game 2- Forblaze, Excalibur and Mjolinir (Awakening) are quite sexy 3-Again, Forblaze just gets to me but both Glepnir and Naglfar have quite the animations 4-Anima Magic is my jam, I lost interest in Dark magic and I never liked Light magic that much. As for anima element, it would easily be Thunder.
  25. This man has some of the most beautiful covers for Genealogy map themes and really anything I've ever listened to. Such magnificence.
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