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  1. I'm back to doing both PxZ 2 and Pokemon Ultra Sun which I started on May. I'm 11 chapters away from finishing the former and just started Ula'Ula on the latter. Tales of Vesperia DE is almost done, got to Tarquaron today. Trails in the Sky FC: just sidequesting around Zeiss before the big events happen. And on the phone front, I started Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance 2 days ago and finished case 2 from AA Trials and Tribulations. Needless to say, I'm pretty well stacked.
  2. Best FE6: Rutger. His Hard Mode bases are pretty great and Swordmaster is quite the powerful class in FE6 with their high Crit rate. Runner ups: Miledy, Deke, Percival FE7: Hector. Strong, durable, has a very powerful Sacred Weapon and unlike Eliwood he can be pretty godly even in his own route where you are forced to use him. Runner ups: Raven, Lucius, Pent. FE8: Seth. I mean cmon. Oifey, strong starting bases and very good growths that carry him for the WHOLE GAME. Bringing him to the final chapter is not a bad thing to do. Runner ups: Joshua, Cormag, Eprahim. Worst FE6: Sophia. Her Con, bases and the weight of her weapons speak for themselves. Runner up: Wendy FE7: Karla. Terrible join time with some low bases. Runner up: Renault FE8: Knoll. His stats are pretty bizarre and it doesn't help that Gleipnir is the worst Sacred Relic in the game. Runner ups: Amelia and Ewan.
  3. He's MANLY I MEAN LOOK AT HIS FE6 BEARD! Jokes aside, he is a good unit that does his job well (hitting things hard with an axe) and shows some nice character growth between FE7 and 6 from brash guy to wise man.
  4. Adventurer. Shining Bow Niles is the good future and also another staff user is nice.
  5. 2- Depends but since everyone can become really good with the right setups in Awakening then I suppose its just preference. Kids are obviously better than their parents tho. 3-Grind her by dancing a lot and beating the spotpass characters with Thieves on it (Edward, Leonardo, Salem, Matthew in this order as you get higher leveled with her) 4-Just get your units stronger and skills are passed down by depending on what skill is in your last skill slot. Other than that i didn't really understood this question of yours.
  6. -Kris -Sophia -Karla -Amelia/Neimi -Fiona -Ricken -Peri/Corrin -FE8 Selena -Iago -Meg
  7. When were you introduced into FE? (2009) How did you get introduced? (With Super Smash Bros Brawl) What was your first FE game? (Fire Emblem Awakening) What is your favorite FE game? (Tied between FE7 and FE9) How many FE parts have you played yet? (Everything that isn't Birthright, Revelations, Thracia 776 and Echoes) Have you played any other games which represent FE characters (Smash Bros, Project X Zone) (Only Smash Bros) What makes you like FE so much? (Gameplay, characters, supports, soundtrack) What’s your favorite theme? (FE10's preparation themes are pretty baller but I also dig FE4's chapter 10 and the endgame theme from Fates) Who’s your favorite boss? (Valter and Caellach from FE8 due to ending Joshua and Cormag's arcs pretty well and Dheginsea from FE10) What’s your favorite chapter regarding on map design / mission objective? (Part 2 Endgame from Radiant Dawn, FE9's chapter 22, Conquest's chapter 20 and Chapter 20 from FE3/12) Who’s your favorite character gameplaywise? (Lewyn, HOLSETY WOOOSH WOOOSH) Who’s your favorite character personalitywise? (Joshua, shocking I know) Who’s your favorite character designwise? (Most Peg Knights are pretty good looking but damn do I dig the Black Dragons from Tellius) What’s your favorite class? (Swordmaster) What’s your opinion about avatars? (Other than Robin, I don't like 'em) Would you like to see a return of berserk staves? (I guess yes) What's your opinion of weapon weight? (It's okaaaaaay) Which FE part has the best weapon weight system for you? (Altough Tellius using Str as weight is pretty cool as it makes Myrms/Swordmasters gain just a teeny bit more Str than usual) Was capturing in FE5 a good idea? (Good idea, horrible execution) In which FE part do staves work the best for you? (GBA games had plenty of variety when it came to Staves) Have you any ideas for new weapons a / o staves? (Nope, but how about adding a Poison stave, I wouldn't mind that so long as I had Restore) Should movement become a gainable stat? (No, it's fine the way it is) What's your opinion of dismounting and decrasing movement for mounted units? (I don't mind dismounting, makes riding units pretty unique) Does FE need more stealth chapters? (NO, remember the days of FE9?) Do you like Corrin? (Absolutely...not. Not the worst Lord but definetly up there) Should dragon veins return? (Yeah, they were a good mechanic. Just make them less gimmicky and we are fine) Who’s the real Mary Sue / Gary Stu of all FE lords? (Eprahim, He doeSNt PicK FIGhts hE CANnoT wiN) Do lords need a rapier weapon? (They are special so yes) Can you beat Gharnef? (S T A R L I G H T) Do you like Micaiah x Sothe? (Nope, they have more of a sibling thing going for them) What was the biggest WTF moment in all your FE playthroughs? (Awakening has a boss in chapter 2 that EVERYTIME crits Robin to near death) In which difficulty do you normally play a FE game for the first time? (Normal for harder games, Hard for easier ones) Which part is the hardest in the lowest difficulty? (Binding Blade or Conquest) Which part is the hardest in the hardest difficulty? (Awakening is more unbalanced so i would say FE12 or FE14) What’s your opinion of the „Jagen-archetype“? (Clutch for early game, some stay steady for hard mode like FE6 Marcus but then there is Arran...) How often do you use prepromoted units? (Quite a few times, especially on FE8) Did you ever start to cry due to a certain cutscene or an other event? (Almost cried at Ryoma''s death in CQ) Have you ever used Wendy till the end? (N E V E R) How do you face Rinehart in FE5? (No opinion) Does FE need a multiplayer modus? (Co-op yes, Vs no) What was the highest hitrate one of your allies did miss? (97% IIRC) What was the lowest hitrate you got hit? (11% IIRC) Are you excited for Echoes? (Hell yea) In which part do you have the most deaths? (FE6 and CQ) Who does have the most kills of all your playthroughs in total? (don't remember) Who has been got killed the most of all your playthroughs in total? (also don''t remember) Classic or Casual? (Phoenix Classic) Olwen or Eyrios? (No opinion) Nohr or Hoshido? (Hoshido if only because Japan motif) Story or gameplay? (Gameplay) When do you use status boosts? (When a unit is not catching up to averages or during the endgame) Do you use arenas? (Sometimes) Do you savestat-abuse? (Yes, FE4 says hi) Funniest line in any conversation? (Everything involving Volke and his paywalls) Any villains you wished they were playable? (Llyod or Linus depending on the route) Opinion about same gender S-supports? (To each their own taste) Do you like ninjas? (Yes, just...no debuffing, plz) Any mechanics you would like to see returning? (Tellius bases plz) Any mechanics you never want to see again? (Fatigue-oh wait Echoes HAS THEM) Have you ever made thoughts that Ashnard and Ashera begin with the exact same three letters? (Pure coincidence...or is it!) What’s the best version of the weapon triangle for you? (Fates's) Have you learned vocables of other languages by playing FE? (Nope) Have you learned sth. about the nordic mythology? (Yes, but mostly other franchises like SMT helped) Which stat is most important for you? (Either Atk with Def or Atk with Spd) Which class do you use the least? (Ballisticians are laaaaame) Does FE need more remakes? (FE4 and 7 remake when) Do you find that FE5 has made the biggest change / jump in FE in terms of gameplay? (eh) Are multiple lords ok? (I'm fine with that) Have you done a draft (focussing on very few and rather bad units) yet? (Almost did it but my friends drooped out) Do you use second seals? (Only in Awakening for certain units) Which FE game is most balanced? (FE7) Have you played romhack(s) yet? (A bit of Last Promise, Sacred Contention and that FE7 The After Years styled hack with the multiple stories) Which part has the most aesthetic graphics? (FE10 is A E S T H E T I C beauty) Do you buy DLCs? (Not for FE) How would you describe your playstyle? (Depends from game to game) What’s a good difficulty for you? (Normal for harder games except FE14 and Hard for easier games except FE11) Opinion about infinite weapon durability? (Totally ok) And new class(es) you'd like to see in future parts? (Make Swordmasters have bows as side weapons, it's a neat idea) Do you care for tierlists? (Not really, I use people like Alec, Noah, Largo and Henry who are worse than other units in their games) How would you describe FE in three words? (The Salty People) Hardest chapter in the series? (Chapter 10 was HARD but in the good way) Opinion about bexp. system in the Tellius games? (BRING IT BACK IS) Opinion about the exp. gain system for healing? (KEEP IT IS. We don't want FE1 to come back) Sigurd = Sigod? (Lewjesus) Do you think FE has focussed too much on fanservice lately? (As long as the character is good, I don't mind) Does it bother you that FE shares Hitler's birthday? (I mean, some fans are...heh) Do you think that FE could die out very soon? (It's a mainstream thing, it won't die anytime soon) Do you like personal skills in FE14? (It's a great idea done pretty well, keep it for later games) What would be a good skill system for you? (Personal skills+Tellius skill scrolls) Do you think disabling the enemy's movement and attack range should be set as a customized option? (Indifferent to that) Have you ever destroyed things due to anger happened in playing FE? (Nope, only punched pillows. Altough Conquest's later chapters made me want to cut a bitch) Do you think that FE stories became worse and worse lately? (Echoes seems to have a nice plot but as a whole...FE always had some questionable plots) Opinion about FE10's 1x1 support system? (Laaaaaaaaaaaaaame) Do you think FE is too brutal in the one or other scene? (No) Most memorable moment for you in any FE playthrough? (I don't have a particular one so i'll give a shout-out to all lucky crits I got that saved my bacon) Pair up or classic rescue, take + drop? (Pair up like in Fates and Rescue should stay) Do you like Anna? (How can you NOT like Anna. She's fun) Which question did you miss? (Cheapest FE chapter) Your feedback of this questionnaire? (Long but fun) Would you like to see another questionnaire for an other bigger videogame franchise again? (Do it)
  8. I have 2 alternatives: a) Make them just like in FE6 where they had a pretty huge crit boost b) Give them bows upon promotion to make up for that lack of 1-2 range option and keep the crit boost of 15%
  9. I won't go into full detail here since I had some bad experience involving outside content posted here on Serenes and me discussing about it in the past. But generally speaking...can't we just enjoy the games and stop bickering about what side is right? Been trying to tell the fanbase that in other places, if that happened, this fanbase would be a hella more pleasant.
  10. Persona and some SMT games do that quite a lot, same for FFXIII. When the leader dies, it's an instant game over. How nonsense is that, do the rest of the party just fuck off and dies?
  11. Well I have a couple: FE1/11- Chapter 22. FE3/12-Chapter 20. FE4-Chapter 8. FE6-Chapter 22. FE7-Endgame FE8-Chapter 19 FE9-Chapter 22 FE10-Part 2 Endgame FE13-Tie between chapter 9 and 17 FE14 (Conquest)-Chapter 20
  12. At least he can take a few hits and in the end due to the weapon triangle, lance users will get hit a bunch from axes soooo durability does help. I am willing to increase Shanna's rank to 6.5 however, since she rides flying equestrians we know as pegasi
  13. Dheg lives up his days blessed by a deity. Loptyr is a big evil dark god aside from also being a dragon Grima is spooky, I assume he is from the same lineage as Medeus and Loptyr so...yeah fuk
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