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  1. You can kinda bypass the forced promotion by going into Nightmare and editing the Knight Lord and Great Lord classes so they promote into themselves instead of their unpromoted version. This will revert them to Level 1 anyways but won't affect their stats, so the main lord will have some extra levels thanks to that.
  2. - Adventurer palette in Raven's Tale pt. 1 FIXED (BY REMOVING THE ADVENTURER) For all the good it did. Also Pent can't crit Efta even though he has more crit than Efta does luck.
  3. Poleaxes don't get weapon triangle advantage or disadvantage. Some bonus content cutscenes don't work. When you beat part 2 of Pent's tale, the final scene loops itself and you cannot continue. If you get caught by Hector in Astor's bonus content chapter, the text gets buggy. Both houses in part 2 of Raven's tale are buggy. If you recruit Lizbeth by visiting the village with Hector, she can still talk with him and the same conversation takes place.
  4. Hey, I liked your idea a lot. Thanks for your comment and that fantastic request :)

    One thing tho, I don't think Athos should be allowed, even though he's first seen as a green unit when he fights against Nergal, the first time he takes part into real combat, he starts as a blue unit, so I think I should replace him, too. Not sure if that could cause any bug, but I already thought the list, not gonna spoil it too. I'm gonna say that Lyn gets replaced by someone else who fits more, if you're fine about that :)


    1. ranger016


      At first I replaced Athos with Bramimond but I thought it might cause some bugs so I allowed him, you can replace him if you want though.  

      About Lyn, sure you can replace her with someone who fits more. I just hope you use Ephidel in some chapters instead of benching him.

  5. I'll keep accepting requests until Friday of this week, then I'll put up a pool to see which challenge should I play first, and once I get enough votes, the request with the most of them will be the one I'll play. Also, I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I think I'll allow people to request more than 1 challenge, keep 'em coming! Though don't exceed yourself. 3 as a maximum is probably enough. Thanks for your commentaries, and remember to follow this thread! If you want. Though I said I'd be accepting anything, this one seems a little bit too random for me. I don't get what's the point of using only units who get +4 stats on their first level up? You can edit it if you want. 'Course, it's fine if you don't, I'll play it if this wins anyways :P Also, I'm a bit disappointed no one's requesting a challenge for a HackROM. I'm pretty sure there's something good we can do with them!
  6. You know, Japanese people are random. The same can be said about Dorcas getting in the top 20 characters for Fire Emblem Heroes (but I'm assuming that's because the "WHAT HAPPENED TO DORKASS?" meme)
  7. So you're basically saying you didn't level up a un-promoted level 1 character (which is the main lord and needs to be deployed at least in the first 8 chapters, mind you) so you can give experience to an Oifey archetype that doesn't need the earlygame experience? And then when you reached the first arena you maxed them all, making an easy game even easier? ...Wow.
  8. - Make Knoll have Nergal's name, portrait and description. If you can, make him the "Dark Druid" class and give it the ability to summon phantoms. If not, the Summoner class suffices. ALSO, I don't know how experienced in ROM Hacking you are, but if you could make so Nergal can summon morphs instead of phantoms, that would be awesome! (Sonia, Ephidel, Limstella, etc...) - Make Aias a level 7 General called "Saai", with 50 HP, 21 Strength, 18 Skill, 13 Speed, 10 Luck, 23 Defense, 11 Resistance and 16 constitution. B rank in Swords, A rank in Axes and Lances. Give him a Tomahawk, a Silver Lance, an Elixir and a droppable Knight's Crest. If you get this reference you're AWESOME. - Make Zonta a level 10 Knight called "Nozat", with 39 HP, 16 Strength, 11 Skill, 6 Speed, 5 Luck, 17 Defense, 8 Resistance and 15 constitution. C rank in all four types of weaponry. Give him a Zanbato, a Steel Axe and a Killer Bow (I know Knights don't have a Bow, Axe or Sword animation in this game, so you'll have to disable his animations) Again, props if you get this reference. And now I'll stop referencing this game. - Make Beran a level 10 General called "Bran", with 50 HP, 20 Strength, 19 Skill, 12 Speed, 12 Luck, 21 Defense, 14 Resistance and 15 constitution. C rank in Swords, A rank in Lances and Axes. Give him a Silver Axe and a Spear. Yeah, this boss is pretty tough for chapter 10 of Ephraim's route, but he's optional, so if you can't beat him, just don't engage him. (Edit: Make him drop a White Gem so beating him is a high risk high reward task!) Also yay, more references! I suck... I'll think more maybe :P
  9. Or PMCR for short. So, all your screenshot LP lovers probably know that TheMoniker, a guy who does (or did) screenshot Let's Plays (and he's very good at that), recently quit doing them. And I've come to take his place! Nah, not really. I'm just a lurker who mostly comes to see the progress of the fangames that are being posted here. BUT. This time will be different! And I'm comparing that to the screenshot LP I tried to do, which consisted on Randomized Fire Emblem 7. But it was pretty boring and no different from the others. Heck, I was even doing Lyn's mode! And we all know no one enjoys that. So, after that introduction to my tragic story on these forums (not really), and since I'm on vacations, I decided to do something that hasn't been done yet... OR HAS IT? Well, anyways, I'll keep this short: I'm bored, and I want to play some Fire Emblem. But I don't know which Fire Emblem to play! And since I suck, I can't play the most recent titles. So I decided to start some challenge runs to entertain myself a bit. But I thought "Hey! Wouldn't it be better if people could watch how I suffer doing stupid things?" So (man, why do I always have to start sentences with "so"?) yup, that's how I decided to do this thread. Since I haven't beaten any 1-5 Fire Emblem, I'm going to do this for the GBA titles only. At least for now. The way this is gonna work, well, I think a LP would be better if the viewers could actually... "participate" on it, in one way or another. So... YOU. Yes, YOU. You're gonna choose which challenge run I'll be doing! This is the "template" you need to use if you want so see me suffer: After I get enough requests, I'll set up a poll, and the challenge who gets more votes, that's the one I'm gonna play. For now, since I had this in my mind, I'll auto-request myself, because I'm such a good person: I think I wrote everything I wanted to write so yeah... Let's see if this thread gets noticed. If not, it'll probably get buried and no one will remember it. I'LL DEAL WITH IT. PD: English is not my native language so I can make mistakes. Bear with me plzz.
  10. Editing your first comment, maybe.
  11. The "Wait" glitch is actually not a glitch, it's just an April Fools joke, since this same "glitch" is used in another joke hack that was posted today.

    Figured I'd let you know :)

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    2. CrystalPoke


      If I knew something about FE Hacking except for basic Nightmare modules stuff then I could remove that "glitch" and play it normally like 1 day earlier before Arch releases the "no-joke" version. Ah well. Here's to hope he'll release it soon.

    3. SilverManedWolf


      Yup, I mean you can sort of play it But you'll get to a point where you can't do anything.

    4. SilverManedWolf


      You'll just have to enemy phase the game xD

  12. I hate to be that guy, but yes this is an April Fools joke, mostly because the Attack command is disabled and for some reason, Eirika killed Seth in the Prologue. Even so, I'm giving this patch a 7.8/10
  13. Yeah, if you patched on a US ROM you didn't mess up. It's just the curse. Or Arch playing with us for April Fools.
  14. I've checked and every Tale has this bug. Also, there are some Bonus content scenes where, if you select "Yes", you get a black screen. Also, in his Bonus Content, Astor is called "the deceased Archsage" in his description. Nils has Hector's portrait and is called "Knight Commander of Bern"
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