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  1. It depends on the difficulty. If I'm playing on normal, I can help but do the cutest couple , I also take the hair colour as a factor to have the most handsome child, but if I'm on hard I Will do pairing based on stats.
  2. Well she's the 6th more popular female character according to the fire emblem heroes event that nintendo have made before the release of Heroes so if it's not "everybody" it still make a lot of people.
  3. I played both in the same time in fact. And I liked Ephraim, unless Eirika, I can see why people keep folowing him , it makes sense( that's not the case with Eirika, why would an unexperienced young girl lead an army ? She's not good at it as proove the stonegate ), maybe Eirika suffers from the comparison ? Or I place too much hope in her, I really want to se a good feminine main character in FE ( Lyn is good but she's not as important as Hector and Eliwood)
  4. Yeah, you're right, I mean that Eirika is the basic "I don't want war and Ilike my friends but I need to fight" FE lord character, without anything more( she's cute ? ). Does not make her a poorly written character tough, just a forgivable one. My real grundge against her is more the whole " giving the stone " story. I mean : some of my team member die for this stone and they spend half the game saying how important it is, all of that for having that girl just giving it to the villain. It hurts. Anyway, I'll try to play the game again and this time giving Eirika her chance... just had to convince me that given the stone is a proof of her love for Lyon and not a proof of her stupidity. I'll also check her evolution, maybe I'll love her this time ?
  5. Judging by Fire Emblem Heroes voting gauntlet ,It seems that Eirika is a very popular character...and I really don't see why. In my opinion she has a pretty boring and not original personnality plus she's not that strong as a unit. But that's not the reason why I hate her . If I can't stand her , it's because of the 28 chapter of the Sacred Stones, in which she gaves the stone to Lyon. SHE GAVE THE MOST POWERFUL ITEM IN THE WORLD TO THE MAIN ANTAGONIST !! and why? Because he asked. It's not like she didn't know he was possesed or anything, she was fully aware of that and,in the same chapter L'Arachel told her that the stone can't help Lyon so Eirika has no excuse. My problem is: I don't want to hate her, it makes me unable to replay Sacred Stones because I always put Eirika in the first line so that she can die (it's better for everyone if she does) but, well, it's game over. Jokes appart, a game is more enjoyable if you actually like the main character. So maybe you can say why you like Eirika so that I can try to see her that way too? Please ?
  6. I basically want a Daenerys Targarien character. A lord who had to flee from her kingdom (or any other territory Her family ruled) as a child because of a coup d'état and has learned life the hard way since. And so is not naive. But she want her kingdom back and revenge and so start a war years later, she can start with an army of mercenaries and gain partisan and people who are still loyal to her family through the game. I really think Game of thrones plot will make a great FE.
  7. Gnous

    Hello !

    Hello guys ! So I'm another Fire Emblem fan. I started with Awakenning and I love fates (A lot, seems like bad scénarii don't bother me) but I also Played (and enjoyed) FE 8 ,7 and 12. I'm currently playing FE 6 but I'm reaaaly taking my time. The saddest thing in my life is that path of radiance and radiant down are far too expensive today for me . Hope you'll be nice and sorry for the grammar mistakes.
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