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  1. That's his build atm, I'm changing from his old fury/desperation build to something that synergises better with his refine.
  2. I'm having a build dilemma Res Smoke vs Speed Smoke C skill for my male Morgan...he's obviously got his tome refined so can debuff away quite happily.
  3. Lol that's why Robin does Exponential Growth and Golden Gaffe, too much counter everywhere.
  4. It initiates on both phases Soul. Not so easy to get around at E weapon ranks lol.
  5. Exponential Growth is good for one on one support growths which is what our sneaky Robin is aiming for.
  6. It's okay. I for one feel it would be great if you felt up to it.
  7. Question why they're still alive, then proceed to call the AFP.
  8. Oh boy... I got a -HP/+Atk Keaton. What's the best build to utilise his base kit?
  9. Question why they're still alive, then proceed to call the AFP.
  10. I had an actual "entry" for this round but I haven't finished it yet lol. It'll be fashionably late. Told you so: Title: Líf's Arrival Words: 1,085 Fandom: FE Heroes Post Read Notes
  11. So a mate of mine pulled Duo Veronica from the double special heroes banner and is relatively new to heroes and he wants to know what's the most efficient inheritance use of her skills (he's got one copy he's keeping, this one is a spare)
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