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  1. Late again, but this is the month of "For the Love of Fluff!" Feel free to write a short story about the season of devotion or just some plain simple fluff.
  2. And the new theme for this month is : Happy Holidays! Feel free to give it a whirl, or indeed any of the other themes that might have caught your fancy.
  3. I love how you turned the angry customer trope on its head! Really well written for such a short piece!
  4. Like I've said before this is a more casual affair, so it really is up to when you feel is right to post a fic that fits any of the themes in this thread. Essentially there's no due date, unless you wanted the fic out by a certain time.
  5. Down to the wire with this one, but I finally got the fic finished, it's mildly rated M for the small scene where MC gets threatened, you can skip that entire part and the rest of the story falls into PG easily:
  6. Nice! Just a suggestion, try to space it out a bit, because the writing looks a little bit full for the eye to follow, putting in a bit more of a gap between paragraphs would make it an easier read. Other than that looks really good so far!
  7. And there's an event for interested parties: https://discord.gg/uDJ9sjbJ?event=1153097851237302272 And I really need to get on with my written work for this month!
  8. That's okay, like I said the group is totally chill, and it's up to people if they want to join or not, I wanted to share in case people wanted to.
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