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  1. I've been watching RWBY, just finished Season 2, and started watching a bit of Season 3, and also watched almost every single episode of RWBY Chibi. So far, I really like how the series in general took influence from both American cartoon/comics and Japanese anime/manga. I especially like how the story respects both individualism (generally considered as a western and esp US virtue) and teamwork (an Eastern, and especially Japanese virtue) - and how the right kind of both brings the best in each other. Anyway, I found out about the series through watching a few release data of Blazblue by vitrue, in turn, of its association with both the above and Persona 3-4.
  2. Thanks, eclipse. I have to admit, I wasn't sure where this would have gone with this thread straddling multiple subjects. BTW, anyone wants to have a go at Radiant Historia?
  3. Someone has got good taste.

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      Oh, hey thanks, aha. You're lucky I decided to come back soon, otherwise this would have been lost to the void.

  4. To commemorate the imminent release of TMSFE, let's do a round of which SMT/Persona (or Radiant Historia/Odin Sphere, if you so desire) character should have which FE character as their mirage. (I'm not sure whether this thread should be here or in a FE-specific thread, but anyway.) For the purpose of this excercise, the Atlus characters can have multiple mirages as their personas. My round: Persona 4: Yu: Male Robin Yosuke: not quite sure...Gatrie or Inigo maybe? Chie: Hana/Lyn Yukiko: Sakura/L'Arachel (Then again, I wouldn't mind Lilina with my Yu x Yukiko...eh never mind) Kanji: Ike, Hector, or Sigurd? Rise: Lalum Naoto: Lute/Soren? Teddie: uh don't know Nanako: Maria Marie: Tohru Adachi: Narcian Persona 3 Portable Minako: Female Robin or Female Byleth Junpei: Hinata Yukari: Lucina and Neimi Fuuka: Florina Akihiko: Dieck Mitsuru: Edelgard! Shinjiro: Rutger Ken: Lugh or Chad Aigis: Uhhh...maybe Idenn? Ikutsuki: Nergal Ryoji: Lyon? Persona 5: Akira: Maybe Leif (Thracia 776) Masayoshi Shido: Definitely one of the senators from Radiant Dawn So, what's everyone's take?
  5. I can see a full sequel be out of the question, but what would stop the developers and writers from making 5-6 chapters each to tie up loose ends in all 3 (or was it 4?) routes as DLCs?
  6. Not all of us are fans with the grimdark and grotesque stuff of the SMT games - as good as I am sure the games are. I for one still can't stomach the dicey stuff from those games. Even Persona 3-4 needed some getting used to when I first checked on it after playing TMSFE. Also remind me why did the majority of us we even play Fates Conquest which had a story that resembled a multi-vehicle pile up from Burnout unlike the majority of Atlus games (and yes, including TMSFE)?
  7. You know we're not forced to play this game, right? And that we don't even know how much extra content or changes there would be until release day? Not to mention what you described it is essentially Conquest Fates without the story going into a complete air crash.
  8. Ryoma? I mean, as with Seth in Sacred Stones do you really need him in what's essentially Awakening 2.0? I think we're talking about stats (or gameplay).
  9. Persona 5's story modified to have Naoto and Mitsuru involved with the Phantom Thieves.
  10. So the corrupt police still haven't reformed. Here's hoping that Naoto, Mitsuru, and Detective Kurosawa will make an appearance and at least explain their absence in P5 proper (which was a missed opportunity for the story), as well as have their take on the police (and adults in general) explored. You know what? I wonder if I should do a P3P-P4-P4A-P4U-P4D-P5-P5S part-fanfic LP similar to what I did with Fates Conquest and write the P5 arc as how would the story have happened if Naoto/Mitsuru were actually involved...
  11. I haven't played Three Houses yet, but I certainly wouldn't mind not having everything going your way, story-wise. I'd also like to see more cases of having to deal with people who may be your allies, but who don't necessarily share your moral high ground, but again, you can't get rid of them because of their assets to you, their status etc. I mean, we all know that World War II was one of the closer things we had to a good-vs-evil situation, but even that would have debates in regards to how morally did each country/government, or even individual people within, conducted - not to mention the proverbial skeletons in everyone's proverbial closets. (Even neutral countries like Switzerland or Sweden are arguably not entirely guiltless.) Or even what they did after the war. (Like, for example, Imperial Japan's "hell's new" management of South East Asia during the war vs UK, France, and Netherland's "hell's back-to-old" management after the war, to put it very simply.)
  12. Yeah, I've got my fingers crossed too. I've only played the first chapter and a little bit of the second (as I was playing this at a friend's house), but it was such a blast immersing myself into Tokyo. In fact, this led me to check out other games from Atlus, and resulted in me being a fan for Persona 4 (and onto 3 and others). Actually, you know what? Let's just see if this results in better-suited scenes for the possibly updated story.
  13. I'd like the following: 1a. I'd really want to see how everyone makes the groundwork for their routes' happy ending. And especially how Edelgard crushes the conspiracy group. 1b. I also want a remake of everything that is not Ylisse/Akaneia, Fateslandia, or Valencia. Jugdral will need some modernization both in story and gameplay: to further expand the characters besides Sigurd, and to especially get rid of some of the arbitrary limitations in money and trading. Binding Blade's gameplay should go beyond the positives of Conquest's gameplay, and make Roy's leadership and intelligence actually matter gameplay-wise, and rebalance stats between units to make everyone have a more equal shot at being good units. As for the story, script, and characters, I say massively expand the script to feature character-specific episodes for whoever is alive (and maybe even deployed): Lilina and/or Cecilia can be Roy's devil's advocate, either replacing, or alongside Merlinus. Marcus can comment on the failing state of Lycia's alliance. If Roy romanced Thany or Sue, they can can inform him (or Lilina if Roy romanced her instead) about the culture and history of Ilia/Sacae, and also scouting results in Ilia/Sacae chapters. Milady and/or Elen can undergo Bern's "state of the union address" talks with Guinevere - either replacing, or alongside Roy in some of the chapters. Saul and/or Dorothy in Chapter 11 Ebracum route have their character episode where they investigate the corruption of Oro and his church, and also investigate the missing whereabout of previous auditors from the Etrurian Vatican. In other words, I'd like an expansion of the core story, by having other characters talk and act (alongside, or sometime instead of Roy/Merlinus) in the core story where possible. For Tellius: I can't mention about the gameplay, but for the story, there are several. Firstly, as with Elibe, core chapters should feature more of other characters talking and acting in the main story if they are alive. Also, with Radiant Dawn, add extra chapters and proper support conversations for Micaiah's group so that they have proper screentime/limelight. Finally, change the final chapters a bit so that others can contribute in damaging the final boss, and Micaiah (and anyone else who should be eligble) can vanquish the final boss instead of only Ike. Basically tone down the sexism, please. 2. I think I would put it as 1. Jugdral, 2. Elibe, and 3. Tellius. There is one big condition to all of this, however. I'd like to see more screentime for other characters (either as described above or another way if more appropriate) instead of, Alm or the original Roy, Ike, or Corrin being the be-all and end-all of all things. This was one aspect of TMS's and Persona 3-4's storytelling that I liked better than the majority of FE's main stories (or in various stories I know in general that aren't about history): The stories for the former three games were explicit in showing how it was not just about Itsuki, Yu, or Minako, but also their friends and comrades (side quests, performances for the former, and social links for the latter), and how they worked together to save the day. I felt that this was in general lacking (or lip-serviced at best) in Fire Emblem outside of gameplay. 3. I've put Tellius down, but my real answer is none, because I'd rather have a full remake of Tellius instead of some minor polish, and I don't really see Akaneia, Ylise, or Fateslandia needing an updated port as a priority. 4. See 1.
  14. For once, I'd like to see none barring the standard wyverns as the "helicopters". The final boss being a remnant army, and the difficulty coming from secondary objectives that don't rely on overpowering the enemy. Something like, you need to convince enemy factions to surrender with either specified non-lord units, or lords with sufficient charisma. Or, evacuate specified units before they get overwhelmed. And failing in those objectives won't give you a game over, but will lead you into a sad/cynical ending. Alternately, the enemy can be reckless and desparate and unhesitant in taking you down in the process.
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