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  1. Actually, there is the officer outfit which is probably more appropriate wear for the setting, though it's DLC. So if you think F Byleth's default outfit is too revealing, there's that. As for me, as a matter of habit in recent times, I've been playing as the female protagonist when that option is available. Whether it is Pokemon, Persona 3, or Three Houses. I don't know why though. And I'm really looking forward to see her marry Dorothea or Edelgard.
  2. The other interesting thing with GSC (not so much with HGSS), was just how much it was tied with real-life. It is quite clear that GSC took place in 1999 Japan vs 1996 Japan for RBY - the three year time passage is a reference to the Japanese release dates for both Generations. Furthering this is how it showed a couple of references to historical events and phenomenon in real life such as the Columbia shuttle shown in Pewter City or the whole Team Rocket thing being the fictional example of the Yakuza. Let's face it, the only other big RPG that is fairly explicit with its real-life setting during the 1990s was Shin Megami Tensei. I really wish they kept that real-life setting throughout all eight generations, and not abandon this during Gen 3-5.
  3. I also work alone, with my role at work, but that is generally due to lack of anyone else with my skills too. In fact, the last time I did groupwork was at uni, and we worked very well with each other. Ideally, I would like FE to be more team-focused in the narrative like Persona and Tokyo Mirage Session is for the most part. In the latter two cases, you have substories of characters with their Social Links and Side Quests respectively, and there is a generally more equal contribution to the script than FE does. Given that it's not just a famed general that win wars but involves not only frontline troops from all ranks and levels, but also those in logistics, engineering, civilians working in the factories, and civil servants providing the authority and the doctrine, and diplomats negotiating with allies and enemies, I like to see less of lord characters dominating the battlefield, and more "everyone discussing their next move" and "every character telling their bits of the story". Here's what I've previously written as one example:
  4. Not really. Unless if it was at most half of how much Switch games are priced.
  5. Unfortunately, this isn't exactly unrealistic. Otherwise Erwin Rommel, and to a lesser extent Isoroku Yamamoto (if we consider his big misgivings about expanding the war to rope the United States into) would not exist as they are portrayed today... I'm sure there are a lot of other examples from history where people may see huge issues with their own contry's involvement into whatever war they are fighting, but decides to serve regardless, and try to make the best out of a bad situation... As for Tsunderes, the only one that I really liked was Yukari from Persona 3, and that's because it is not a straight example. Yukari's tsundere personality is considered to be a bad thing that damages her relationship with other, and it's also brought up as a product of having to be suspicious of other people who may or may not stigmatise Yukari due to what her dad was involved in. As for a trope that definitely overstayed it's welcome, on at least one game franchise, it's Damsel in Distress. Especially when that particular damsel (actually, replace "damsel" with "idiot") turned out to fight back just fine in Smash Bros. As for one that overstayed its welcome in Fire Emblem, well "Never a Self Made Woman" is one. Why Micaiah and Celica weren't given their own stories is beyond me when gamers in general (*) seemed to have little to no issues with Edelgard in Three Houses having her own way in her own story, or at least not enough to affect game sales and character polls. Heck, 3H also had a non-Caucasian lord/hero too, and the gamers didn't mind enough to negatively affect sales on that front either; it shows how Nintendo can sometimes be needlessly conservative in their design decisions. (*) I'm not talking about FE fans here, because let's face it, in many ways we generally scrutinise things more of the FE games compared to the average FE gamer!
  6. At least it was good while it lasted. This is how I got my favorite Persona 3 Portable on my Vita after all. Not to mention, I'm glad Sony decided to keep the PS Store for Vita and PS3 long after PS4, and even right after PS5 came out - unlike the debacle of the DS Wi-Fi & online services. I might as well get Odin Sphere and Aegis Rim 13... I do hope at least some of the old titles gets migrated over to the PS Store for PS4 and 5, though...or maybe some already have done so? Does anyone know if you can buy digital PS3/Vita/PSP games for PS4-5?
  7. Right! Thanks for bringing this up, that is a good point you raised. 💡‼️ Do you mind pointing out a few examples from history to me? Would it be something like UK, US, and France during World War I/II? Or are we talking about different allied legions in Ancient Rome? I still don't know if I still want this restriction from a gameplay feature, though - well, at least not sure about 1 to 1. I mean, even with the justification, I still think the restrictions on trading is still drastic compared to other games, and it bring a question on why family members, or people in the same faction within your army can't trade. Perhaps, as you said, maybe allow some form of trade between same factions (say, fellow countrymen) of your army, such as both item and money between family members, or only money between two units that are from the same country/faction. Alternately, maybe lift the restrictions on trading depending on support level (maybe money to a limit on B, money and an item on A, and unrestricted on A+/S) regardless of romance, or the lack of. Glad you agree with the rescue, Pair-Ups, and I totally agree with the battalions for FE4-Remake. And now that you mentioned it, I think I remember reading somewhere that each unit in the original FE4 were implied to be battalions.... How would you go in implementing the battalion system? Same as 3H (with the obvious exception of names etc), or would we tweak some stuff in the system?
  8. I was thinking more in lines of PvP battles where type-counter moves become more important. So for example, I think Venusaur and Torterra can learn Rock Climb in Gen 4. If it was a rock-type move, then Venusaur and Torterra has a better chance beating Bug, Fire, and Ice types.
  9. I've always wondered why the useless ones like Cut are Normal-type moves (and thus no supereffective opportunities). It would have been nice if Cut was a Steel-type move, if only because of say Charmander potentially type-countering against Rock types. Strength should definitely be Fighting, Rock Climb could either be Ground or Rock-type move, and so on. If it going to be a crappy move, then at least be a generally crappy move that has potential type-countering moves as an exception.
  10. Oh shit, thanks for reminding me about Fates. And you're right, if Nintendo managed to get away with Fates's incest (which is stupid even for fanservice), the really, there's no reason anymore to worry about Genealogy (which at least is there for good storywriting purposes as opposed to fanservice).
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incest_in_film_and_television Umm, Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Rocky Horror Picture Show? Psycho? They're maybe not "widely popular", but they're at least well known/distinguished movies. Or even Book 4 of Star Wars or Back To The Future as an borderline example?? Incest as part of the story isn't as rare as you think.
  12. Some QoL stuff should definitely be in order: Trading should be done like any other FE. If any weapon become overpowered as a result, then either nerf it accordingly or put a limit to who can wield it. Don't put arbitrary limitations on logistics involving supplies or financial transactions that aren't considered standard FE features. It doesn't make sense that you can't just physically walk up to your comrade and trade stuff with them. (One case which I can maybe buy the justification is if this had been discouraged/forbidden historically by doctrine or regulations...) Maybe as a compromise, allow a personal convoy vs a castle/barracks convoy, where you can only have 20-30 items for the former vs 200-300 for the latter. Incorporate Fates-style Pair Ups or Rescue to allow for speedy transport of infantry units, or maybe don't have such move differences between cavalry and infantry in the first place. Maybe even differentiate Rescue vs Pair Up (the former protects the back unit from all enemy attacks, but the latter gives bonuses instead of penalties). As for the gameplay involving worldbuilding/storytelling: The maps probably should stay as they are - this is an epic war story and the chapters should be treated as such. As a compromise, at least lower-level difficulties should incorporate minor and major checkpoints throughout the chapters where you can freely do the following: Minor Checkpoints Save the game Access the convoy Trade between units Basic purchases from stores or visiting merchants Basic weapon forging Support conversations Major checkpoints allows the following in addition to whats allowed in minor checkpoints Bigger range of purchases and forging available from stores or merchants Barracks training for bonus weapon skills or experience points Accept side quests Because of the huge scale of the chapters and maps, have the units lead batallions like in 3H. Finally, for the minority of people who plays FE to some extent who wants to play the original, either release the original game on the VC or provide an option to play the game in Classic Mode. Because let's face it, how many of us did play stuff pre-Awakening? And how much have gaming been streamlined since FE4 or even Awakening? And we (particularly purists) from Serenes Forest are how many people out of everyone who play FE, based on sales of copies? I can bet you, the number to the former would probably be tens of thousands at best, while the latter would definitely be at the very least a million, if not more. Also, the arbitrary trading method is listed up as a Scrappy Mechanic in the other wiki - you be the judge.
  13. So, maybe the real problem is lack of options between Hard and Maddening, and maybe lack of options from Maddening onwards. Now that I think about it, I'd probably be more critical about the lack of challenge if there weren't other things to offer. It can be various other gameplay contents that are just as fun, or a story worth watching and paying attention, or as just said, a proper challenge that is yet still manageable. Part of the reason why Awakening's lack of challenge bothered me more than Sacred Stones or Three Houses was due to its lack of other content compared to 3H, its uninspired story compared to both, and it's lack of a balanced difficulty setting between Hard and Lunatic compared to, say, Shadow Dragon.
  14. I see you're a worshipper of the Great Emperor Edelgard?

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    2. henrymidfields


      I'm on the Black Eagles route atm. Still in White Clouds phase. I kinda like the majority of supports this time compared to last one I played (Fates btw, skipped SoV). And I like how this time, the female lord (well, at least for BE route) gets to write her own story in her own terms.

    3. Blaze The Great

      Blaze The Great

      Yes, don't know which other routes you've played, but I personally find BE to have the weakest character roster of the houses (pending assessment of Ashen Wolves, whose route I'm still doing). Still a step forward in terms of overall character development. And, obviously, big fan of their main lord!

    4. henrymidfields


      How is TH as a whole compared to character roster from other games?

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