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  1. Oh you've said it. It's idiotic how little skill matters in Mario Kart. I'd prefer that unskilled players just be ranked/scored lower and everyone just be segregated based on their rankings like Pokemon's online PvP ranked mode.
  2. I found Mario Kart worse than that, particularly with Grand Prix. They can do whatever they want with Multiplayer Mode, but single player 150cc and Mirror should have just been to withheld the more powerful items from both the player and CPUs, and actually force players to get better at not messing up their driving in the first place instead of essentially grant CPUs cheat codes. It's infuriating when you're knocked down from 1st to last just because of some CPU opponent got a lucky item. If the higher classes in single player made recovery more difficult (rarer chance of getting Stars or Thunderbolts) in exchange of not having to be bombarded with Thunderbolts or Blue Shells in return, I'm fine with that.
  3. I remember playing F-Zero Maxiumum Velocity on the GBA. Such an insanely difficult and chaotic game to master, and aptly reflective of the danger the racers face. At the same time it never felt unfair to me unlike Mario Kart, because of how it rarely punishes good technique (aside from the rubber banding). Not sure about having 99 players, but I'm glad there's going to be new life breathing into F-Zero.
  4. You've beaten my answer to it. I'd also say that Yuna's story in FFX-2 - specifically, how she tries to actually start living her own life as Yuna herself and learning to let her hair down - is underrated. I think she's arguably the true hero of the duology.
  5. @gnip @Florete Well your arguments just showed that the majority of 10-year-olds at that time didn't do their homework. It'll be a lot better for me if the veterans complaining about her actually replay the game for once and see how their older selves stack up against their younger ones, particularly for a few people who thinks Pokemon has gone too easy - another unpopular opinion, while some entries are easier than othes, and QoL has been going up, Pokemon has never been all that truly hard, you also got better in the game. Also, congratulations, this just made my post an unpopular opinion, I guess. Don't waste your time and effort arguing with me, because I will not budge at all. My point still stand - for any of you who grew up with Gen 1-2, you're all adults now. Stop being a bunch of snowflakes, and review your homework. @ParrhesiaCounterpoint: I don't care about Graveler's appearance as long as its useful.
  6. That was not my experience when I started to play GSC. Choosing Chikorita as my starter, it was clear that I had to diversify, and fast. Falkner? Forget it. Bugsy, again, no. Silver, also no. I've decided to start over, and rethought my approach. I caught many of what I've mentioned above, including the Mareep, Geodude, and Ghastly, because the game made it seemingly clear that just my starter was too risky. Yes, I caught a Drowzee in Silver and an Abra in crystal, just so that I can get the Machop to diversify my team further, no questions asked. I even used the Daycare near Goldenrod to level up Mareep I previously missed out on. It worked out well, because I was in the middle of level grinding other Pokemon, and Mareep caught up in level by the time I finished level grinding a few extra Pokemon. I even explored every part of town just so that I can get extra items of experience, because, why not. It made the whole game much more bearable, and this is something I've always followed religiously. While Whitney's rollout did catch me off guard on my very first try, I still won, and I never had any problem against her for the total of three or four times I played Silver and Crystal after either. I've eventually moved to RBY after that, and never had a problem with any of the gym leaders. I knew Brock and Misty would be weak to Bulbasaur hence I got yhat from Oak, and for the latter I also stuck around in Viridian Forest to catch a Pikachu. I also caught a Geodude again, as I know Blue's Charmander was going to be a problem. Blue caught me off guard a few times, but I never made the same failure twice. My bad for the Graveler though. I thought Grav was from an earlier level, but must have forgotten. Also the video did say that thete are a lot of options provided against Whitney's Miltank, and the author even asked how come people found her so hard despite this.
  7. LOL!!! XD Thanks for letting me know. Good to know that it wasn't just me noticing the lack of an direct edit button. Do you know if that was because users were abusing the edit button for whatever reason?
  8. Now, as much as I'm an idiot for accidentally quoting and double-posting myself numerous times now without checking - and maybe this is something I mis-remember - but I would have sworn there was an "Edit" button next to the Quote/Multi-quote button. Is there a reason why that is now hidden in the top tri-dot?
  9. Another Pokemon opinion, in response to a Youtube video that came out: I never, ever, ever, understood why people treat Whitney of all things as the Pokemon's answer to Kaptain K Rool or a Dark Souls Boss. Ever. It's like people become collective noobs against her when the solutions against her are still fairly obvious. Her Miltank's Attract? Use a female Pokemon. There's a female Machop that gains bonus EXP in the same city! Even better, catch a Female Graveler that resists both her Rollout and Stomp, and has 115 Defense (one of the highest you can get in the early game) - which is what I did. You're an idiot for not using a Geodude/Graveler anyway (Not using an Onix, I can understand, considering the disbedience issue.) because Rock is supereffective against all of Bugsy's Pokemon and Silver's Zubat line - and in GSC, also Silver's and Morty's Ghastly line because of their part-Poison type. And if you're using the Chikorita line, also Silver's Cyndaquil line too. Speaking of the Chikorita line, although it comes with the caveat of being Female (or switch in when Miltank starts doing Rollout), that's another option for stalling, as that line has comparatively high Defense of 60-80 with Reflect (which lasts for 5 turns, and doesn't disappear after a switch), Poison Powder, and Synthesis. Speaking of her Rollout? It has a 10% chance of missing, the first two hits only have 30-60BP, and that stupid cow's locked-in with that for 5 turns. Just spam accuracy lowering moves: Sand Attack from any flying Pokemon, TM Mud Slap you get from Falkner, HM Flash for your HM Slave or your Mareep line. TM Dig can also help in interrupting Rollout, plus you can combine that with a Wooper (or Quagsire once it hits Lv 20, with its stat boosts) you can get earlier for type resistance, or the Graveler which I mentioned previously. Stomp? Okay, I can see how that might be annoying, but even that has at least two options: Mareep has Static in HGSS and Thunder Wave in both versions, so even a Lum Berry can only do so much. For GSC, use the Ghastly Line to shut Miltank Down with Hypnosis; Miltank doesn't have Lum Berry. Also, Geodude/Graveler - again, see above. And others I may not know of. Finally, once you get Headbutt, there's also Heracross in HGSS. Or set up Fury Cutter you get from Bugsy with Clefairy, and 1-2HKO Miltank once that comes out. Like, this isn't the first time people had such a beefgate. Falkner and Bugsy were bad for Chikorita users. In fact, I say Falkner was worse, because he also countered the obvious solutions (Geodude/Onix - and even Mareep if that was accessible at that point) with Mud Slap, something you'd not expect for a 1st boss of many game. Brock and Misty were also pretty firm beefgates for Charmander/Pikachu starters too - I chose Bulbasaur and caught a Pikachu for the latter, and even then her Starmie was not a pushover. But neither were unreasonably hard, once I found the solutions. Even Lance in GSC, I beat him in the first try - Thunderbolt or Thunder Punch against Gyarados, Ice Beam or Ice Punch against his Dragonites, and any old water Pokemon against Charizard or Aerodactyl (and many Water Pokemon can also learn Ice Beam and/or Ice Punch). Elesa in BW gave me more trouble - thanks to her Pokemon actually addressing BOTH of her type disadvantages, but even there, I was kicking myself because I didn't catch Sandile (one of the best Pokemon you get at that point) when that typings, movepools, and its starts that are very high for that part of the game (The fact that I struggled to take down a wild Sandile should have been an obvious clue that it was a keeper!!!) would have saved me a lot of trouble. I need to retry this myself, but I now see even Elesa's not that unreasonable. Back to Whitney. We've already got at least two options that are very obvious, and more that would also be reasonably obvious if we stop and re-think our strategy. I played GSC when I was 10, and I beat Whitney on my first try - with a female Machop and a female Graveler. I didn't even know Miltank had Attract or Milk Drink for a long time. She is really not that hard; this so-called difficulty speaks more about people not doing their homework, and same people mis-remembering the difficulty or lack of because they don't acknowledge the previous reason. Unless one had an unlucky Metronome with Whitney's Clefairy - that's one big exception I'm happy to make. As for how I think could make Miltank worse? Give it moves that actually counters my Machop and my Graveler. Zen Headbutt, Iron Head, and max BP Return with Scrappy. Then I'll talk.
  10. The original Tetris Attack - both on GB and SNES. I liked how it was challenging but also quite fair in opportunities to come back from a worse position, and unlike the more recent iterations, the SNES and GB had Yoshi characters.
  11. I know this is late, but I now wonder why wasn't the Zoroark line a mythical in BW1 considering them being featured in the Zoroark movie, and trying to obtain them involves getting the shiny legendary from attending that movie screening, and you cannot get them any other way outside of trading with BW2. It would have saved people a lot of grief with the Dex completion.
  12. You mean JRose II? I've been listening and watching his runs. Amazing how he's been making a tier-list of the best-to-worst Pokemon for solo-runs.
  13. I very much would prefer a complete remake from the ground up, partially because of how gaming tech has evolved, how worldbuilding has changed over time for some franchises like Pokemon, and how virtual consoles and emulators are now a thing. Very much this. There's very little reason for me to play Link's Awakening on the Switch when I've already played the same game on the original Game Boy, and especially when the same GB game is now available in Virtual Console. It would have been nice, at least, if some of the story was expanded - for example, confirming the timeline between the Oracle games and Awakening, or even expanding the mythology of the dream concept and how the nightmares are formed, and make the (back)story quantity more in line with the post-2000s 3D Zelda games. Were it not for the fact that Pokemon DPPt is no longer easily available, I would also mentioned the same with Pokemon BDSP, when Pokemon ORAS at least added a new storyline and some Emerald stuff. Final Fantasy 7 Remake, on the other hand actually expands and shakes up the story, artwork, and gameplay from the original, while the original PS1 version is available online - otherwise, what's the point. As for the two games I want to see remakes, Pokemon BW1+2 and Fire Emblem Jugdral duology: For Pokemon BW, I think the worldbuilding of this game is not American/NY enough. (See here and here.) This is an opinion that a few people (inc myself) in reddit now have. Games after this (XY and onwards) actually now represent France, Hawaii, UK etc to a significant degree, (although not as explicit as RBY and GSC - see my and ping's post.). Earthbound did a better job of depicting Eagleland/fake-USA, and Pokemon BW should just straight-out make Unova as an American region (to better align with the worldbuilding of XY and onwards) with Gotham-like Art Deco cities, small Springfield-like towns, New Age Retro Hippie characters, and other stars-and-stripe Americana stereotypes like Eagleland did. (Or Ghetsis being depicted as an demagogue politician like how Valerie Simmons in Carole and Tuesday was.) For Jugdral, the story is widely considered great for good reason, but there's quite a bit of QoL that we can add. Aside from releasing a translated original on the VC, I'd like to see rebalancing of the units so that infantries can see better use. (This may be the few cases where mounted units should NOT have markedly higher movement - at least not outside of class-specific abilities and certainly not without some sort of gameplay penalty - due to the bigger scale of physical distance, time, and conflict.) As for trading, I think certain form of direct trading should be allowed (though still restricted otherwise) to make better logical sense (Like, how can you not hand-trade between family members?), and to take into account relationships (the other big focus in Jugdral). To further show the epic scales of war, battalions and pair ups should also be a thing to better show the bigger scale of the battle as happening between several regiments.
  14. Gen 2's Grass mono would be one of the worst, not only because of the bad type machups, but also considering the generally shallow movepool. I think Gen 1's fighting monotype isn't all that great either, outside of Bug or Ghost, now that I think about it. Not only is it weak to the then super busted Psychic type, it's also not very effective against Koga's Gym, and can't do any STAB attacks against Agatha, considering I think Odor Sleuth not being a thing yet. Also, Karate Chop back then was a Normal type move. Gen 5 and onwards, are probably not as bad compared to earlier gens, thanks to movepools being wider and Pokemon being more various. While Dragons have reigned supreme in Gen 4-5, they're probably still good in Gen 6 onwards thanks to their generally super-wide movepools easily countering Fairy, Steel, and Ice.
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