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  1. Oh wow, why Leonie of all people? Lysithea, I can understand when she's given an additional recruitment opportunity in Crimson Flower and a story-heavy support conversation with Edie on top of that.
  2. Actually not all that much. Lost interest, won't purchase: Tellius duology and their false billing with Micaiah. Won't play again: Fates Conquest and its atrocious story. Awakening for its lack of good gameplay. Might not play the original, but interested in a remake: Jugdral Played twice, enjoyed it: Elibe Binding Blade, Sacred Stones. Also Shadow Dragon for its value as the game that started it all. Will play again at some point: Three Houses. Looking forward to Verdant Wind next. But geez, as much as I'm enjoying the story, the whole thing is a slog to get through.
  3. And this is why I lost interest in purchasing the Tellius games (and Shadows if Valentia for that matter). Aside from the games now costing an arm and a leg. She and Ike really gives me the impression that RD pretends to be not b/w when it still is, especially with Ike.
  4. Pokemon/Sim City - Basically you have to create the Trainer's Routes and populate the settlements, something similar to Black 2's Join Avenue, except much bigger in scale. Oh and you get to train Gym Leaders too. As your city grows, more and more of past characters from the series come and visit. Doubtful it would happen, considering the amount of characters you have to create, in addition to the all-star nature already done by Pokemon Masters...
  5. I would also prefer F-Zero. The thing I found with the little I play was that it didn't rely anywhere near as much on borderline cheating CPUs like recent Mario Kart entries are doing. If I screwed up in F-Zero, that was it. The difficulty came more in the tracks themselves - once I practiced, then I could actually win, unlike how luck-based higher difficulties in Mario Karo become. Unless if they change 100-50cc Grand Prix in Mario Kart to be a lot fairer and strategic (read: more basic items even in lower ranks for everyone as the added difficulty and force you to actually practice instead on relying on cheap items and ban item loss altogether) I'll have to say Mario Kart no longer has a good single-player mode. Keep the item-fest in multiplayer mode. Finally, it would be nice to tie-in the story between the main series and FZ Advance that was set 25 years later. Tell me what happened between then and now. Did Captain Falcon retire, or did he pass away?
  6. To be honest, none. Because every franchise that I have played had either some stinker entries or massive turn-off moments (or both) that taints my view. One franchise in particular I now mostly avoid. And yes, both Pokemon and Fire Emblem have got said stinker moments. The former has Unamerican-BW and fake-Kyushu-RSE/ORAS that makes me roll my eyes at the region and setting. The latter had SoV and Tellius duology turning me off, and Fates as one of my biggest stinkers. Though, Earthbound might be the closest to being a favorite - I didn't really like Mother 3 at the time I played, but I'm starting to think that I've been underrating that. (EB Beginnings and EB proper were awesome.) The few entries I played in F-Zero was also quite fun. The ones that don't, well that's actually because I haven't played or known them as much.
  7. Banned for apparently training a dunce Salamence. Okay, unbanned, as you notified your movements lol
  8. Banned for slacking off in your duties as an Adrestian LOL.
  9. Was this created during World War 2? Seems like Dadaism meets nihilism. Beware: Spoilers galore for Pokemon Legends Arceus! This one is 13 minutes long, so I say just listen to the first four minutes. (For all real intents and purposes, however, if you don't care about the spoilers, I'd strongly recommend watching the entire thing. It's super-entertaining.)
  10. Mine is a tie between Generation 2 and Generation 6, then closely followed by Gen 1 and Gen 8. I had a lot of fond memories for Gen 2, as Silver was my first Pokemon game. I also found it novel that Pokemon as an RPG actually went for the "like Japan/Earth unless noted" - which only Earthbound or Shin Megami Tensei did during the 90s. Most other RPGs or their derivatives have either medieval and maybe futuristic. After three generations of the region designs that got into the wilderness, Gen 6 made a return to said worldbuilding approach with actual overseas regions since then. Gen 6 is when speculating and exploring the regions and comparing them with their real-life counterpart got me excited again.
  11. I think its partly due to everyone being unreliable narrators with their own biases and perceptions. Which is not all that unusual when one looks at written accounts of history, or even witness accounts of crime scenes. (The Rashomon Effect) I also think that the routes are all alternate histories to each other, with Byleth being the butterfly effect. And yes, as seemingly very not-obvious it seems, I'm including the different versions of White Clouds as subtly different from each other.
  12. For SS, well, probably the whole route should have been overhauled (or for that matter, merged with AM), but maybe a rescue chapter to retrieve Rhea? Then you can use her for the few chapters leading into the Endgame?
  13. Actually, for the first time around, I'd rather listen to full voice acting for support conversations and the like. I think it adds to the characteristics, so I'd rather that we have full voice acting where its feasible. Though there could be a simplified toggle option a la FE Awakening available for those who wants to skim over the conversations (the ones in 3H did take ages to get through...), or we could limit it to A/S-supports. But it does kind of sound like you've got issues with the Support Conversations themselves? Is that because of the character development that goes out of the window (or more accurately, yo-yos between developed and undeveloped) in the support conversation?
  14. English VAs: Tara Platt (3H: Edelgard): Mitsuru from Persona 3 Laura Bailey (Aw: Lucina): Minako/FeMC from Persona 3 Allegra Clark (3H: Dorothea/Shamir): Cynthia from Pokemon Masters Yuri Lowenthal (Eliwood, Bramimond, Marth and Merric): Also did Yosuke and P3's MC/Minato from the Persona series. Veronica Taylor (3H: Manuela): Ash Ketchum. Bit surprised no one brought this one up earlier. Japanese VA: Koshimizu Ami (Maiko from TMSFE): Yukiko from Persona 4
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