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  1. The protagonist that actually backs off once in a while and have his or her allies help out in progressing the plot or plan, and enjoy the story's spotlight. And showcase good teamwork saving the day. Whether it's Minako, Yu, or Itsuki and their friends.
  2. I'd probably would just call this as is: Annoyingly and illogically perfect character.
  3. BW wasn't all that explicitly American/US-like, unfortunately. At least not compared to, say, Earthbound, Catherine, Silent Hill, or the real-life sections of Ni no Kuni.
  4. Top 9: FE6 for having one of the better worldbuilding in the franchise. Persona 3 Portable for having a well-written female protagonist. Persona 4 Golden for pulling off a well-written story that isn't as dark, and with a quite logical mystery when you think about it. Tokyo Mirage Sessions for being fun in itself, and also introducing me to the above duology! Final Fantasy X was quite interesting that at least parts of it felt like an allegory of some of the New Testament passages. Final Fantasy X-2 was fun to play, and I feel is underrated in its story. For one, the personality changes with Yuna and Rikku actually makes sense when you think about it! Second, it is just nice to see a glorified happy ending for Spira in detail, when most games only briefly show or sometimes even mention the happy ending in stories. Plus, it means Yuna's struggle in FFX(-1) was worth the happy ending afterwards. VII Remake shows just how much world-building there is, even just in Midgar! Pokemon GSC for being explicity based off the real world - something that in RPGs I haven't seen mainstream besides Shin Megami Tensei at the time. Pokemon X and Y for actually internationalising the Pokemon World, and returning to take note of the real-life counterpart's region which was lacking in Gen 3-5.
  5. Never had any problems with that laigh scene either. If anything, I actually found it appropriately heartbreaking from the very first time I watched this. ...Of course, that doesn't stop me from loving how Lann lampoons the laugh in WOFF either. Onto the main answer: As much as Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4 is my least favorite character from the game (and possibly from the 3-4 duology), even I think she's overhated from the accusations of transphobia, which ultimately had nothing to do with Naoto's identity. Granted, they should have written her Social Link to be more about the sexism she (and her late detective mother) would face throughout the story like Mitsuru's SL in P3 or at least part of what I heard about Sae's character arc in P5 - and remove as many traces of ambiguity of her gender identity, instead of a Amazing Race-like quiz across town. (Here's my take on how I would do it (Reddit).)
  6. Final Fantasy 7 Remake at my friends house. And wow, it's hardly any wonder why I almost only hear good things about the game! The world building of Midgar is just awesome!
  7. Just started to replay Final Fantasy X on the HD remake on my old PS3.
  8. Persona 3-5 x Tokyo Mirage Sessions: Dancing All Day And yes, Iactually like to see something like this. And a Fever session between Rise x Kiria.
  9. The only two from the GBA Era that deserves their own paralogues are the two villains below. I refuse any logic against them. 😁 I totally would not mind having Narcian as a Villain Protagonist for the Binding Blade Paralogue! Maybe shine some light on how he became to be the GBA era's resident narcissist? Another VP paralogue I'd like to see would be Valter and how he became our resident GBA deranged psycho we know and love. (😱+😎)/2
  10. Born without seeing the old World Trade Center.
  11. Actually, that's no longer false, now I think about him. His social links are a big pain gameplay-wise, and the SL characters for Minato aren't as nice as Minako. He doesn't even have a SL for Junpei, Akihiko and the other male main characters. Back to the main topic. Hates Tellius.
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