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  1. I do wonder why the changes were made in the first place. It's not even G-rated in Japan in the first place, and other Atlus games - especially Rise Kujikawa in Persona 4 and its Dancing All Night spinoff, and also some of the stuff for P5 Dancing in Starlight - had stuff that were just as sexual, yet uncensored during localisation and were similarly teen/mature-rated.
  2. Yukari in Persona 3 is another good example of the archetype being part of character development. She also hides her feeling for people because of how much trust issues she had due to her father being a scapegoat for a severe industrial accident, and how she and her mother had to move numerous times due to being constantly ostracized by the general public from the fallout. It also did not help that one of her dormmates' (and fellow party members') grandfather, as Yukari's father's employer, was ultimately responsible for the disaster. By the time of Persona 4 Arena's story (which takes place at least 2 years after the end of Persona 3's story), she had more or less mellowed out as she had the courage to move on from her past. Well, except towards Junpei, but everybody from SEES/SO looks down on Junpei.
  3. Said Kiria to Itsuki, Maiko, and also Touma for no reason and good measure.
  4. Add mirages that aren't from Awakening, Shadow Dragon, or Mystery of the Emblem. Bonus points if they are from Jugdral, Elibe, Magvel or Tellius. Minus points if they are from Fateslandia, though. Some plot and worldbuilding changes/additions to elevate it to Persona levels of quality and lore. New music. Bonus points if any of them are composed by Shoji Meguro. English voices - just to see how it sounds like. Bonus points if Amanda Winn-Lee voiced Maiko! (Cause then it would be hilarious hearing both VAs voice both of the two hilariously drunk party girls from the SMT/Persona franchise!) New DLC costumes and easter eggs that are from Catherine or Persona characters. Particularly ones from the Dancing ... Night series.
  5. On the other hand, I wonder if we can get the following new costumes DLCs from Persona 3-5 (and 1-2)... Itsuki: Minato/Yu/Ren Tsubasa: Maya Amano (P2)/Minako aka Hamuko aka P3!FeMC/Kasumi Touma: Junpei/Yosuke/Ryuji (to tie in with Eleonora, meta-wise) Kiria: Yukino Mayuzumi (P1)/Ulala Serizawa (P2)/Marie Yashiro: Akihiko/Theodore?/Goro Eleonora: Yukari/Chie/Ann (to tie in with Touma, meta-wise), Lisa Silverman (P2) Maiko: Eriko Kirishima (P1)/Mitsuru/Yukiko? (as both are voiced by Ami Koshimizu) Barry: Kanji? Mamori: Nanako, and especially her Kanamin Kitchen outfit, no doubt! Tiki: Aigis?/Teddie?/Morgana?
  6. Oh, another good thing: I actually don't like J-Pop (or the majority of pop music), but I like the majority of the songs in TMS - especially Labyrinth and Reincarnation. I'm starting to wonder if Shoji Meguro had a hand in composing some of the songs - his music pieces can never seem to fail in the Persona games.
  7. I feel there are a number of good moments about this game. Firstly, the setting was an interesting and unorthodox take on how the two premises interact - I've never seen such interactions of the medieval and modern before. Then there are the character interactions and story involvement, which I think actually works better than FE did. Especially, Itsuki seem to actually backs off every once in a while and let Tsubasa and Kiria shine unlike what usually seem to happens with a number of FE Lords in the cutscenes. Instead of how Alm (*1), Ike (*2), Corrin (*3) or Roy (*4) ends up hogging the spotlight, it feels (and probably is intended to be) more like Persona 3-4 where SEES and IT members contribute to the main plot in meaningful ways and major amounts, and how the game unambiguously portrays the very fact that Hamuko/Minako and Yu/Souji need their companions, if they themselves are to ultimately save the day. (Ironic, considering how FE is also supposed to be about strategy and teamwork.) Finally, if the series ended up being grimdark like SMT, then I probably wouldn't be anywhere near interested in games from Atlus. I only decided to bother checking Persona 3-5 because of this game, and that led me to check other Atlus games such as Radiant Historia. No one else can deny me this fact. The only change from Wii U that I'll ask would be incorporating other characters from the FE franchise instead of just Awakening and Akaneia. The characters from the story-heavy games of Tellius, Jugdral, and 3H especially needs love. *1 - Hey, wait until Celica's done her turn! *2 - Hey, wait until Micaiah's/Elincia's done her turn! Stop hogging the spotlight! *3 - OMG! NOO! You failed politics forever!!! *4 - Actually, I'll let you off. At least I know you did your homework in Sun Tzu and Clausewitz.
  8. Actually, forget what I said before, because now that TMS for the Switch is now on the table... If you have not played the Persona series at all, then: First, play Tokyo Mirage Session on the Switch when it comes out next year, Then, move onto Persona 4 (on the PS Vita with cartridge, or your PS3-4 via downloading from the store), and then move to either 3 or 5. ...Because that is how I came to know and love Atlus.
  9. So what was your first game or media spinoff episode that aroused your interest to a game franchise or publisher? Here's my list: Atlus: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE - It was actually a good thing that this game didn't have the grimdark story of SMT proper, as I wouldn't have bothered checking out the Persona 3-5 franchise otherwise, and I would also have missed out on the Vanillaware games and Radiant Historia too. I'm really happy that this has got a remake - and I hope there would be more people who would get into the Persona series and other Atlus games through TMS like I did. Vanillaware: Through playing my next Atlus game, Persona 4, and looking at the titles for more games, and trying out Oboro Muramasa. (For those unaware, Atlus also publishes Vanillaware games.) Pokemon: The US-localised Pokemon Anime (Episodes 11-12, to be exact) that my friends from San Francisco watched since 1999. Fire Emblem: Binding Blade Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy X with a PS2 in my former host family's home in Adelaide. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - I won't be playing the remake, however.
  10. Oh good! TMS is on the cards for the Switch! Now I can finally ditch the idea of getting a Wii U. That's one good news from Nintendo I haven't had in a while...
  11. Great! I can finally ditch Wii U from my wishlist entirely. The game that I borrowed from my friend, and the game that started it (my Atlus/Persona adventure) all for me...
  12. Here's what I wrote about the legendaries in Gen 1-3
  13. While I haven't actually played this, maybe the Final Fantasy 12 remaster? Apparently that game has got a lot of politics involved similar to some of the better Fire Emblem games. I'm thinking about that with Valkyria Chronicles, Sakura Wars, and Persona 5 Scramble should I get a Switch.
  14. Binding Blade Perhaps more as a early-game optional DLC for BB Echoes, but have Elphin/Prince Mildain be the protagonist as he journeys from metropolitan Etruria to the colonies on the west and finds out just how messed up the colonial government is. Ironically, the very same people who resented the Etrurian government came to look up to Elphin as the leader that brings hope in people yearning for freedom. This is an minor alternate timeline where some other characters travel differently; main characters will include Lalam and Echidna, but other canon characters such as Klein and Tate will also be recruitable. The merge with the canon game will be around Chapter 12, where Elphin and Co will join forces with Roy and Co to overthrow Arcard at the colonial capital of Jutes. Just a bit more fleshing out of the world and geography and politics.
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