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  1. The only two from the GBA Era that deserves their own paralogues are the two villains below. I refuse any logic against them. 😁 I totally would not mind having Narcian as a Villain Protagonist for the Binding Blade Paralogue! Maybe shine some light on how he became to be the GBA era's resident narcissist? Another VP paralogue I'd like to see would be Valter and how he became our resident GBA deranged psycho we know and love. (😱+😎)/2
  2. Born without seeing the old World Trade Center.
  3. Actually, that's no longer false, now I think about him. His social links are a big pain gameplay-wise, and the SL characters for Minato aren't as nice as Minako. He doesn't even have a SL for Junpei, Akihiko and the other male main characters. Back to the main topic. Hates Tellius.
  4. Banned for enjoying Fates's story unironically
  5. Today's music channel is not brought to you by Emperor Siegfried
  6. I'd never leave the music thread alone for a week!
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