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  1. What's with Artemis and Charles having such low skill growth? Makes me not want to use them
  2. In chapter 2. There's an invisible soldier unit named Caela. Has identical stats to Kormac. Edit: Also in chapter 3 it seems like Kormac and Caela have their items switched. I'm not sure if Caela is supposed to be a soldier class when she can use staves. This also caused Kormac to lose his wing spear that he got from chapter 2
  3. Oh, didn't notice the different tabs. Thanks a lot!
  4. do you have a chart for the growth rates?
  5. WT for Iron lance is 80. I'm pretty sure that's unintended
  6. Are iron longbows meant to be locked to only the Archer and Sniper classes? It seems like no other bow class can use them.
  7. Oh, yea I didn't know i was on a previous patch. Updated it and now it's fixed. Thanks
  8. Having problems loading the game. Using dolphin and path o matic to patch the game but dolphin gives me a black screen. If anyone has a solution help would be much appreciated.
  9. After completing Tower 5, Immediately after the Tower 6 text I just get a black screen
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