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  1. When it comes to myrmidons and mercenaries, I think both have their place in FE. Ideally, the myrmidon class line is a fragile speedster and dodgetank who makes up for lack of power with high crit rate and such, while the mercenary class line is a lot more well-rounded and is more versatile as a result. Both have their place; they just need to be balanced well.
  2. On a second (or fifth) viewing, something I realized is that I hope the overall game will be more... colourful than what was shown in the trailer. When it comes to medieval fantasy, especially in video games, I much prefer when they're vibrant and full of colour, like Breath of the Wild (or really any Legend of Zelda game other than Twilight Princess) and I really dislike when fantasy games that try to be "gritty". "mature", or "realistic" almost inevitability fall into the Real is Brown trope: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RealIsBrown Basically, I dislike when medieval fantasy games decide to mute the colours and make all the environments & clothing various shades of brown or gray. I really dislike this trope as it makes the games aesthetically bland and unappealing, and it's not even accurate to the Middle Ages: the Middle Ages were very vibrant and full of colour. Fire Emblem: Three Houses managed to be bright and colourful while being the darkest FE game in years in terms of tone and content, and the game was all the better for it than it would've been if everything was brown. Final Fantasy XVI, based on the reveal trailer, looks like a case of Real is Brown, and I don't like that.
  3. Ah, The Flash. I wanted to like this show, and, despite its issues, I did manage to get through season 1. It was season 2 (the season from which the clip originates) that I really couldn't finish. This video is over the four-minute limit, but only by 38 seconds.
  4. This was a "partner showcase", so there wasn't going to be any Smash Bros. DLC reveals or anything made by Nintendo.
  5. Out of everything the direct showed, the only thing I was excited for was Monster Hunter Stories 2. I played a demo of the first game on my 3DS and I really enjoyed it, but I missed out on actually getting the game itself. I honestly was not expecting a sequel considering the first game was barely marketed and didn't sell a lot of copies; I am very surprised and very glad to see a sequel. I haven't tried any main-series Monster Hunter games, so I'm not really excited for Monster Hunter Rise. I'll wait and see if I want to try it once more is revealed about it. When it comes to games, I'm more intrinsic in that the experience matters more to me than the rewards, but when the main reward in a game is better gear, I can't help but think, "To get the best gear, I'll neat to beat everything. But since I'll have beaten everything, there's nothing to use that best gear on, so now what? What was the point?"
  6. From what I've heard, it's an okay game, but the scars of its development can be easily noticed even if you know nothing about the development nightmare it went through.
  7. I don't know too much about Final Fantasy: I heard about Versus XIII/XV but didn't get it (and given everything I've heard about it and the development nightmare it went through, I do not regret that decision) and my first and only Final Fantasy game so far is FF7 Remake, which I have been really enjoying so far, but I have not yet completed it. So here's my opinion as a newcomer to the series: I like that this reveal trailer included at least some amount of potential gameplay; I've come to really dislike when a trailer is only cutscene; especially a trailer for a Square Enix game, as it usually means that Square Enix is announcing their game way too early (see Final Fantasy Versus XIII for an example). Looks like it will be mainly real-time action. I like the way in which FF7 Remake blended action and tactical combat with its ATB system, which made stuff like abilities, spells and healing something to be considered carefully and quickly while still having a bit of room to think. I hope this game implements something that stands out on its own but provides that same level of tactics. Anyway, I don't care too much about crystals; mainly thanks to FF15. What stood out to me that I really like is that they're going for a more classic medieval fantasy as opposed to science fantasy or urban fantasy like they've been doing for a long time. It's good that each game in a long-running series stand out, and this is a good way to do that. This seems like it's going to have a big war plot with political intrigue and such. Seems interesting; especially the part where the kid transformed into a phoenix.
  8. Please keep in mind that I have yet to do a Blue Lions playthrough. Black Eagles: Ferdinand: Great Jack-of-all-trades. Petra: she's fast, she's versatile. Dorothea: good stats and a great list of spells. Meteor in particular comes in handy. Golden Deer: Lysithea: She's a glass cannon, but emphasis is on cannon, not glass. Easily one of the best mage units in the game if not the best. Outside of offence, she also learns warp, which is very useful. Marianne: great healer, and she has flying proficiency, frozen lance and a magic-based sword with her crest if you don't need her to be magic. Other: Jeritza: Starts off great and remains greats for the rest of the playthrough. He's only available in part 2, but he makes a great addition.
  9. This movie was so terrible; one of the worst films I had ever seen. Thank you for reminding me about it. I was going to use opening 1 instead, but the video must've been taken down by YouTube or something despite being fair use, because I couldn't find it.
  10. Wait; do I have to hold the joy-cons separately, or can I slot them into the grip?
  11. I'll probably get 3D All-Stars. I just hope that there are plenty of options when it comes to the controls for Galaxy: I mainly play Switch games by having the Switch docked and the joy-cons slotted into the grip. I can understand using the Joy-Con gyro for things that used the Wii gyro in Galaxy, such as the manta rays and the ball, but I didn't like using the gyro and I hope there'll be the option to use the right control stick instead. Also, how are things that used the Wii pointer going to work? The gyro can easily end up out of alignment, and using a control stick instead won't be as quick as the pointer was.
  12. Interesting. I couldn't quite tell what happened at the end though; did he punch him in the face? I never saw anything connect.
  13. The cuts were a bit obvious in some places, and there were moments that were obviously fast-forwarded, but otherwise it's a good highlight reel of a truly great final battle of a truly great show. The song in this ending was sung by the protagonist's voice actor:
  14. I don't know what to make of it; I can't tell if it's supposed to be funny or not. I feel like this video makes more sense in-context. I should probably point out that I've never seen a Jackie Chan film.
  15. I don't get the joke. Sorry. For context for this one, the red-haiired girl named Rebecca has brought the protagonist of the show, Asta, to the restaurant where she works, the kids in the video are her younger siblings that she looks after, and the silver-haired girl is Noelle. She's secretly following them because she likes Asta, but she's too much of a Tsundere to even admit it to herself. I know I've been posting a lot of clips from this show, but that's mainly because I've been watching it recently and it's really good.
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