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  1. Thanks. I haven’t watched any of the previews/reviews because a) I’ve been traveling, and b) I don’t trust early reviews when it comes to the quality of a game. I’ll update the poll when I get a chance to do so.
  2. First; sorry everyone that I haven’t been keeping up; I’ve been traveling. Second; has it been confirmed? Where? When? If so, then I’ll update the poll as soon as I can.
  3. Not really; it just tells us that Byleth's mother is indeed dead. Other than that, it seems a perfectly innocent moment. In my book that I'm writing, the protagonist's dad gives him a ring in a similar moment. The dad survives the whole book series. Admittedly, the dad in my book is a much less significant character than Jeralt probably is.
  4. It hasn't been confirmed, so they're not on the poll. If they get confirmed, they will be added.
  5. So many classes shown so far, and yet it seems like there may still be some left.
  6. Yeah; I agree. I'm just not sure how I should construct the poll though. If I divided it based on house, then everyone who votes would have to vote for at least one of each house, and some people may not want to vote for a particular house; either because they don't intend on pairing Byleth with anyone in that house or they just simply don't plan on choosing that house. If I divide it based on male and female, that could also cause similar issues. If I just put all the students in one big lump, that could also cause problems that would skew the results. Any advice would be appreciated. EDIT: I've now added a poll. I hope I've found a solution, but if the poll could be improved in some way, please let me know.
  7. They've never been bad though as far as I know; the only problem has always been that they keep getting overshadowed. That hopefully won't happen with Edelgard.
  8. Yeah; sure, they probably are. I was just asking if it has been confirmed yet.
  9. Has it been confirmed that Knights of Seiros such as Shamir are romanceable? I ask because, at the time that I made this topic, it had only been confirmed that students are romanceable, so I restricted the topic to students. If knights are confirmed to be romanceable, then I need to update the original post!
  10. I think there was already a poll that asked this question... Anyway, I will undoubtedly have a playthrough for each house, but I think I'll start with Black Eagles simply because that one seems the most interesting to me. After that, I'll try Blue Lions because I like knights in fantasy, and then I'll try Golden Deer.
  11. That's... news; whether good or bad, I'm not sure. Though, for me, it'll probably be more than 80 hours as I'll be agonizing over what to do each in-game weekend.
  12. I can understand that; I usually find a lot of the avatar romances quite boring, as if not a lot of work was put into their support conversations. I usually just pair the avatar with whichever character I think will actually be interesting. I put Robin with Cordelia and Lucina for that reason, and I put Corrin with Azura in my first playthrough of all three versions of Fates because I heard that their support conversations differed with all three versions (I was grossed out by what Revelations revealed). For this game, I'm probably going to go with Edelgard in my Black Eagles playthrough for that very same reason.
  13. I just watched the Black Eagles ad. I kind-of miss the previous voice actress for Edelgard… To be clear; I'm not saying that this one is bad; far from it. I'm just saying that I think the VA from the 1st trailer was better.
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