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  1. Perhaps that could work. I see. I agree that 3 definitely had the best artifact hunt and 2 had the worst.
  2. Implementing the ship mechanics in a 2D game could be really cool, or at least the transportation would be cool. The ship missiles and ship grapple would probably be hard to implement in a 2D game, but I could definitely see the ship be used as a method of transport in a 2D Metroid. By the way, where do you stand in terms of the Prime trilogy (which would you say is the best, which would you say is the worst, etc.)?
  3. Yeah; it's definitely because of the hairstyle. I wasn't a fan of Ingrid's post-timeskip hairstyle in Three Houses, but her Three Hopes hairstyle makes her post-timeskip hair look amazing in comparison.
  4. Yeah; the ship being more useful was definitely something I liked about Prime 3. In most Metroid games, the ship being a save point is justified by most of the exploration happening underground or in a space station, but the Prime games tend to have large outdoor sections, so it does make sense to have the ship be more useful, and it does not disappoint. In terms of atmosphere, Prime 3 tries to be, for lack of a better word, "epic" than Prime 1 or 2. 1 and 2 try to go for a more typical Metroidvania atmosphere, but with 3 taking place during the final conflict between the Federation and the Phazon-corrupted Space Pirates, it tries to go for an atmosphere befitting Samus taking on a vital role in an epic conflict between good and evil, so dividing the exploration between multiple planets doesn't harm the atmosphere at all. Plus, it allows for a great variety of cool locations with plenty of atmosphere to them. Funny enough, I didn't mind Thardus, but I really disliked the Omega Pirate; that was a terrible boss fight. I haven't played Other M either. I've only played the Prime Trilogy, Super Metroid, and Metroid Dread. But I've only heard negative things about it as well. Funny enough, I made a thread a few months back where I went over everything I liked and disliked about the trilogy. I would simply copy what I said there, but you asked for no spoilers, and it has a lot of spoilers. I will say that choosing between Prime 2 and Prime 3 largely comes down to personal preference; both try to be different (Prime 2 with its light world & dark world, Prime 3 with trying to be a more epic conflict), and I prefer what Prime 3 did in execution. That said, two massive strikes against Prime 2 that have nothing to do with its different approach are that there are some stretches between save points that are even longer and more excruciating than the one in the Phazon Mines, and there's a key hunt at the end of the game that's far, far worse than the artifact hunt in Prime 1. It's kind-of hard for me to explain why they're divisive, especially since I only started playing the Metroid games last year. What I do know is that a lot of the debate is about stuff like which is the better sequel, whether or not either of them is as good as Prime 1, etc. Yeah; it is convenient. As for re-releasing the trilogy on Switch, the main obstacle I would see with that is that Prime 3 heavily depends on the Wii pointer, and while most games ported to Switch are able to easily replace the pointer controls with gyro controls, it's never as fast or precise as the pointer and it loses calibration. I agree that exploring the divine beasts was quite novel. Utilizing their mechanisms was interesting and I particularly liked how you could sometimes look outside and see Hyrule, really making them feel like part of the world in a way that's very rare for Zelda dungeons. As for Age of Calamity, honestly, having two campaigns: one that followed the actual events, and one that followed an alternate timeline, would have been a good idea. In fact, I'm pretty sure there was a Dynasty Warriors game that did something like that: I'm certain that there was a Dynasty Warriors game set during certain historical events and there was one campaign where events played out as they did, and an alternate campaign where the characters got to survive, so it really baffles me that Age of Calamity decided to only go with an alternate timeline where everyone got to live. Honestly, I would've loved going through the downfall of the kingdom and its champions; there's a difference between knowing about events thanks to flashbacks & journal entries and actually experiencing those events. Imagine a mission where you play as Link and have to protect Zelda from corrupted guardians while taking her from place-to-place, ending at the field outside Fort Hateno, where the mission changes to just "protect Zelda": you fight an endless horde of guardians, and you "win" if Link runs out of health before Zelda does. Imagine an epic final boss fight between Zelda and Calamity Ganon that ends with Zelda sealing away the Calamity for 100 years. I wanted to experience stuff like that. Plus, it would've been the perfect opportunity to expand upon things and give us more information as to what happened.
  5. Okay. Her hairstyle is still ugly. He doesn't look like his brother; there's no spikes, horns or fangs to speak of. Yeah, I agree. It's also rather weird because, you'd think that after what Sylvain went through, he'd want to avoid resembling his brother as much as possible.
  6. That's the reason I immediately clarified that, while I would understand cutting her hair for practicality, her pre-timeskip hair wasn't actually impractical as it's already braided to avoid getting in the way. I admit that "ill-fitting" was a poor choice of words, but I think my overall point still stands. Honestly, her Three Hopes hair would probably get in the way more than her pre-timeskip hair since it isn't even cut short; it's a strange middle-ground between her pre-timeskip hair's length and post-timeskip, but without the braid keeping it behind her.
  7. My favourite would probably have to be Mercedes; it looks like a perfect 50/50 mix between her pre-timeskip and post-timeskip appearances, and the dress looks good. Felix is probably a close second if only because his appearance reminds me a lot of the character Hijikata Toshizou from Golden Kamuy whenever that show has a flashback to when Hijikata was young. My least favourite would have to be Ingrid. I don't get what it is; Ingrid is very beautiful, and yet, aside from her pre-timeskip Three Houses hairstyle, every hairstyle that IS and Koei Tecmo keeps giving her is absolutely awful and ill-fitting. I understand wanting to shorten her hair for battle, but no one in Fire Emblem ever wears chain mail so there's nothing for her long hair to get caught on, and he wears her long hair pre-timeskip in a braid anyway.
  8. MP3 mainly handles that by making it that there are multiple landing spots on each planet, as well as making the time spent finding the upgrade on planet A usually substantial enough that hopping between planets doesn't feel tedious. Basically, it's a lot like the elevators/trains connecting different areas in other Metroid games. Honestly, I never really found travelling between planets to ever get tedious or tiring. You don't even have to return to where you left your ship; if a different landing spot is closer to you, you can go there and have the ship come to you. Yeah; that would be really cool, especially if she can also help out in combat. I hope you're right; I hope it is the case that they reunite midway through the game.
  9. There were several times during this where I genuinely felt nauseated and had to remind myself that the video says it's a parody.
  10. Old western movie trailer. Surprisingly long for a movie trailer. Indeed it was. Part of me does hope that, one day, Nomura will be able to make the game that was originally supposed to be made. If a bunch of angry DCEU fans were able to get a Snyder Cut of Justice League, why can't we get something that, unlike the Snyder Cut, actually had a chance of being good?
  11. Music video/10. They aren't meeting in the afterlife; it's tricky to explain the context, but Naruto is very much alive at that point in the story; it's more like he's meeting a remnant of his mother. Basically, both of his parents knew they were about to die and left behind a bit of themselves so that each of them would be able to speak with Naruto just once. It's kind-of like Superman meeting the Jor-el program in every Superman movie.
  12. There is definitely still exploration in Metroid Prime 3; it's just divided across several planets and you use the ship to go to each one. There is a greater emphasis on action and being, for lack of a better word, cinematic (but don't worry; it isn't like Other M), but exploration is still there. Having Zelda be the one who speaks to NPCs would actually be really cool. Another thing I could see Zelda offering in terms of gameplay is her sealing magic: at the end of BOTW, she said that her sealing magic had greatly weakened, but it was still there; that magic could be used for combat and for puzzle-solving. I have played all three games, so I can say that MP3's soundtrack is very good; it is definitely the equal of the first two games. But then again, I'm part of the minority that prefers Prime 3 overall compared to Prime 2 (though I think Prime 1 is the best of the trilogy). To be fair to the former idea, artifact titles are nothing new to games, and I can see the obvious reason to call an FPS Metroid game a Metroid Prime game even if it doesn't have Metroid Prime in it; people recognize the title; they see "Metroid Prime" and think of an FPS Metroid game. Yeah; the best parts of each Prime game is definitely more down to preference, especially given that 2 and 3 are a bit divisive.
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