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  1. Which ones? The mage lines that do nothing for his speed, or the cavalry lines that reduce his speed growth?
  2. Indeed it was; I'm just saying that it wasn't universal. Some places used the title King Consort, and some didn't give them a title at all. One reason it varied a lot was because of the rarity of having a Queen Regnant; it was more a case of, "Oh my! We never considered this! We always had kings! What do we do?! What do we do?!" Same; I always laugh whenever I read that line. Huh; I must've forgotten that.
  3. That actually varied from kingdom to kingdom and even changed over time. A good rule of Medieval European History: never assume that something was the same across Europe for the whole period. Not even the plague was 100% widespread. That said, I can just imagine Ike's reaction if he was told that he'd have to be called Prince Consort. "Does this mean yet another funny hat or something?" I'm not saying that he has to be; I'm just saying that it is a possibility. Didn't Ike always return Ragnell to Begnion whenever a war was over? He had no special attachment to it, so it could've ended up anywhere.
  4. Who says that he'd have to do so? Based on Micaiah and Soren's paired ending, it seems that the husband of a queen regnant in Tellius does not automatically gain any rank, title, or government position. He could go outside and do mercenary work at the same time that Elincia is dealing with nobles. Priam could also be Mist's descendant, given that Marth is referred to as a descendant of Anri despite actually being descended from Anri's brother and the fact that Anri died childless.
  5. Thanks. To be honest, it's not like there haven't been strange evolutions before, and it makes sense for a cream-making Pokémon to evolve by essentially being stirred.
  6. Thanks. I am aware; Farfetch'd requires getting three critical hits in one battle, which is made easier if they hold a leek, and Milcery requires the character spinning around while holding a specific type of item.
  7. Or you could just leave all of Dorothea's supports with people other than Petra at B until the final chapter, then watch the a-supports the last time you're in the monastery. That's the trick I came up with on my first playthrough to get the paired endings that I wanted.
  8. Nintendo charged full price for the Link's Awakening remake: a graphical update of a 20-year-old Gameboy game. Anyway, I think a bundle would be a good idea, though it would probably minimize the amount of work done to each game; we'd probably see some updated textures and maybe a couple added endings, but little more than that. I also like that idea of a brief epilogue story. That could be interesting.
  9. I think I'll have to divide into categories; you see, I try not to say I dislike something if I recognize its merits but it simply isn't something I enjoy. I save, "I dislike this" for things that I genuinely think have problems. For that reason, I'm going to split my answers between "Not My Cup of Tea" and "Games I Dislike". Not My Cup of Tea: 2D Mario Bros. Games: I can easily see why these games are well loved. I'm just not a fan of 2D platformers. The Spider-Man Game: I tried it, and there were plenty of aspects I enjoyed, so I can see why it was a big hit. But I disliked certain aspects of the combat and the game overall wasn't my cup of tea at all. Games I Dislike/Am Torn On: Xenoblade Chronicles 1: I don't so much dislike the game as much as I am torn on it. I played it once. I loved the story, the characters and the worldbuilding. But I did not enjoy the gameplay at all. Exploration was a pain, the camera was a nightmare when fighting anything larger than the main cast, I don't like combat that relies on abilities that run on cooldowns, and who thought spike damage was a good idea?! If you aren't aware, spike damage was a system where you took damage whenever you attacked certain opponents without any way of knowing which enemies cause spike damage and no way to avoid it except by equipping spike-damage resistance upgrades to your item slots. Super Mario Odyssey: As much as 2D Mario games are not my cup of tea, 3D Mario games are something I enjoy a lot. I really enjoyed Sunshine and Galaxy as well as the DS remake of Mario 64. I got Odyssey on sale and, at first, I really enjoyed it: Mario's movement is absolutely fantastic. However, as I played through it, I became increasingly torn on it. There are just so many moons, and a lot of them are obtained by going through tedium rather than by completing a fun challenge. I got tired of collecting so many moons for doing things that weren't a lot of effort. I also don't like how the game's idea of progression within each Kingdom is simply dumping more moons that weren't there before into areas you had already been. Why not unlock new areas within the Kingdom as you progress; areas that bring in new challenges or expand on the challenges you had already seen? It especially doesn't help that certain kingdoms, such as the Cloud Kingdom and the Ruined Kingdom, are nothing more than a boss room with some extra moons scattered about, when they could've been so much more.
  10. Okay, I think I've decided: Scorbunny, Rookidee, Wooloo, Chewtle, Galarian Farfetch'd, and Alcremie. Thank you all so much for your help.
  11. Alcremie it is. In any case, it's probably for the best that I'm going with Alcremie. Whichever of the two fighting-type Pokémon I pick, I will end up with at least five Pokémon that are focused on physical attack & defence, so it would probably be best to have at least one Pokémon that focuses on special attack & defence.
  12. Oh. Okay. In that case, which do you recommend: Alcremie or Galarian Weezing?
  13. True, and I do intend to trade for one. I just don't like using traded Pokémon in my story team. By the way, which fighting type do you think I should use: Sirfetch'd or Falinks? Or should I maybe use one of the other Pokémon I listed?
  14. I am interested in getting Galarian Ponyta; the game's region is based on the UK, and the unicorn is Scotland's national animal. But, as you said, it's exclusive to Shield. It was a tough call but I think i would prefer getting Sword, one reason being the legendary.
  15. I was using the names of the first to refer to the entire line; that's the reason I put, "Galarian" there. Sorry for the confusion; I realize that I should've been more clear. Interesting. Those are good points. It's a really tough call.
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