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  1. To be fair, he did get a moment to be creepy and imposing again when he helped Konohamaru fight a one-legged old businessman. And, as you said, it is fun seeing Orochimaru put his autograph on a card, and take part in wedding videos for Naruto and Hinata's wedding. The most fun of course is from seeing him be a doting parent to Mitsuki (and it's also rather heartwarming). You have a good point, though I would just disagree about the series having a bad ending because of Kaguya, since Kaguya was not the ending of the series; the real ending after all was Naruto vs Sasuke, and that at least was handled very well. And, since the Naruto anime adapted some of the canon light novels that take place after Naruto vs Sasuke, the ending of the anime was Naruto and Hinata's wedding. But that's beside the point. As for that statement about Madara, I think the problem that they're highlighting is that Madara was a Boring Invincible Villain: he just shrugged off everything that the heroes threw at him, leaving not much way to really defeat him without it being contrived. Kaguya, as "busted" as she was, had a clear weakness: complete lack of skill, and had been written with a built-in way of defeating of her: sealing her away as the Sage of Six Paths and his brother had done centuries before. I don't think that was the reason for writing in Kaguya of course, but I get why people thought that might've been the case.
  2. I see. Thanks for letting me know. It might have save states, but if it does have save states, I have yet to find them. I tried fighting Burst Man first since what I saw online recommended fighting him first. Navigating all the bombs was easy enough, but, without rewind, I lost to a miniboss: this robot that shoots energy blasts and bubbles. Yes; it is on sale as well. I went with Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 because it was priced so low that I was able to purchase it just using gold points that I had saved up. I probably won't be getting the Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. I got the Mega Man Legacy Collection because I wanted to see how the series began, but I am more of a Battle Network/Star Force fan.
  3. So, because of the black Friday sale, the Mega Man Legacy Collection Part 2 became available for around $10, so I bought it, since I liked the first part of the Legacy Collection. I was able to play Mega Man 7 for about 20 minutes before I grew extremely frustrated with it. The first part of the collection had rewind and save states, which made revisiting the classic Mega Man titles as a relative newcomer to the series a lot more tolerable, and also meant that I could save at any time and never had to worry about losing progress. The best that this version seems to have is "checkpoint saves"; what it does is that, if you use it, it records how much health and how many screws and such you have at a given point in a level and then, if you load that save, you're taken right back to the beginning of the level with all those items. I grew frustrated and shut it off, figuring that I could just start back at the beginning of the mission thanks to the save. Guess what: it's not a permanent save; it's more temporary than a suspend-save, so I lost what little progress I had actually made. How did they think that "checkpoint saves" were a good idea? This is ridiculous. Anyway, I recently plugged in my Wii U, so, since I liked Super Metroid and Metroid Dread, I thought I might buy the Metroid Prime Trilogy and give those games a try. Basically, now that I've tried 2D Metroid, I thought I might try 3D Metroid, though FPS games aren't normally my cup of tea. Is there anything I should know about these three games in advance before I purchase/play them?
  4. Denki's definitely a neat character. He just had the misfortune of ending up on the comic relief team, so he rarely gets a chance to shine as the one person on his team with cognitive faculties (no offense to Iwabe and Metal Lee), not to mention him a shinobi with tech skills in the more modern shinobi world of Boruto is seriously underutilized. Yeah; him using a self-made scientific ninja tool to go toe-to-toe with the samurai girl will definitely be cool to watch. Still, it would've been nice to see him demonstrate other tech-based achievements such as hacking skills, instead of half his team's on-screen appearances being about trading cards. @Etrurian emperor Yeah; he is already extremely similar to his father, so making him chunin was too much. I honestly didn't mind him fighting a sand girl at the chunin exam; honestly, I think it would've been hilarious if his parents teased him about it afterwards; something like this that I came up with as a joke: I agree about the anime, but the writers did have no choice but to find a way to justify it since the manga had already decided that Shikadai was made chunin. I will say that the reason they came up with for it not being Sarada: that she and Boruto had just gotten in trouble for leaving the village on their own to find Mitsuki, was a decent reason. But it still should've been Sarada.
  5. Ah, I see. I stuck around for that arc mainly because it was the only arc where I found Boruto to be even remotely compelling as a protagonist. Before that point, the only Boruto arc that I thought had a compelling lead character was the Sarada arc. You are far from alone. The Boruto fanbase is very divided on many things, but the one thing they can all agree upon is that it should've been Sarada that got promoted to chunin. But, the manga decided that Shikadai was the one made chunin, so the anime had to construct a bunch of justification for that bad decision. Yeah; Inojin is definitely one of the better characters among the new cast. He's definitely a really good 50/50 blend of his parents without being a copy. You summed him up well. He isn't my favourite though; I'm not entirely sure who it would be, but probably either Sarada, Himawari, or Houki (the Kakashi fanboy that I like to refer to as Kakashi's Deku because of that).
  6. I see. Well, The Last is really good; it's definitely worth watching. Technically, that episode with the Kakashi fanboy wasn't actually filler. The way the Boruto anime works is that the vast majority of the anime-only content is considered canon. Yeah; the prevalence of the Otsutsuki in Boruto is rather annoying. As for the first chunin exams arc (I say "first" because the current arc of the anime is another chunin exams), yeah; I understand the exams no longer being as dangerous because it's now a time of peace, but you're right that there isn't as much suspense as there was in the OG Naruto chunin exams. I will just quickly point out that Inojin didn't fight the sand girl; Shikadai did (because of course he did). Inojin fought the puppet user.
  7. Hm... as someone who doesn't have nostalgia goggles, I can honestly say that... I'm not sure. It could very well be that there was something about part 1 of Naruto.
  8. Yeah; I think most can agree that Shippuden has greater highs and lows while original Naruto is more consistent. By the way, is it just OG Naruto and Naruto Shippuden that you've seen, or have you seen other canon content such as The Last: Naruto the Movie and Boruto?
  9. @Ottservia He does have a point; authorial intent is one thing, while the end product is another thing entirely. And besides, outside of interviews and such, there really isn't much way to determine what was an author's intent, and it's easy to overreach and assume all kinds of things were an author's intent when they weren't. For one example, the movie Citizen Kane has been analyzed a ton, with a lot of people saying that all kinds of things were the purpose of a scene where a cockatoo randomly appears and screeches. Except Orson Wells outright said at one point that the only purpose of the cockatoo was to wake up the audience; that's it. He didn't say that though; he just said that he felt that, compared to Oda and Horikoshi, he felt that Kishimoto is weaker than them at writing an overarching narrative. That's not the same as saying Kishimoto's a bad writer or that he could've done a better job than Kishimoto. Something I learned in a critical thinking course is that responding to a statement is a two-step process: the first step is to interpret the statement in the most charitable reasonable light (I believe this is commonly referred to as "giving benefit of the doubt"), and the second step is to give no quarter in criticizing the argument. Skipping steps and giving no quarter in the interpretation results in the strawman fallacy. This is important to remember. You could just say "they" instead of "he (or she)". Anyway, I understand.
  10. Okay; it just that, the last time you got this abrasive, your topic got locked. And when did he suggest that he knew better than the author? I honestly haven't watched it yet.
  11. Oh, right; Might Guy. I don't know why I forgot about him when I responded. I will just point out that Guy's time in the spotlight is mainly because of his role as Kakashi's rival and foil (and, in the backstory, the only thing keeping Kakashi sane for the longest time); his involvement in the story as a team mentor is about as much as Asuma and Kurenai's. Yeah; admittedly the Hinata vs Pain fight is over very quickly in the manga, and it was the anime that made it more of a proper fight. One thing I liked about it (the anime version at least) is that Pain doesn't underestimate Hinata at all. Temari fights Shikamaru in the chunin exams and then basically acts as the sand village shinobi that's always visiting/in contact with the leaf village. If I recall correctly (someone correct me if I'm wrong). but she's basically the reason the leaf village is able to show up so quickly after Gaara gets captured. You're definitely right about Kankuro getting all of that stuff that you mentioned. So I guess it comes down to which you consider more significant: Kankuro getting badly beaten twice before inheriting Sasori's puppets, or Temari narrowly losing once and then being the leaf and sand village's go-between for an arc. Oh, and I haven't caught up with the argument that's going on between you and @Ottservia, but to both of you, I ask: can we please be civil? This was supposed to be for discussing Naruto; not for accusing each other of strawmanning.
  12. So, as I said, he didn't know how it worked until he began absorbing it. 1. Yeah, it doesn't immediately take over you, but the training is still extremely intensive for a reason. As for "depending on how much natural chakra you possess", that doesn't really explain how he took to it instantly when Naruto: an Uzumaki (who, as a result, has more natural chakra than almost anyone else to the point where his level of chakra is considered "inhuman" even when most of it was going towards sealing Kurama) had to train a ton over a period of time, struggled immensely, and one of his shadow clones did almost turn into a statue during training. 2. So, you're suggesting that, as long as you have the DNA of someone that mastered Sage Mode, you don't have to master it? I suppose that would explain Kashin Koji having sage mode... but that doesn't make much sense to me; it's not a kekkai genkai, it's a very dangerous learned skill. I happen to know that you used to agree about Kaguya, so you can at least understand the perspective of those that dislike the character, right? When was it ever established that impaired regular vision impaired the sharingan's abilities? Obito constantly needed eye drops and goggles and he still had effective sharingan, and Sarada needs glasses due to a childhood illness having damaged her vision and yet her sharingan function just fine. Maybe tomorrow; I'm really tired right now. I don't think he did that, but okay. I see.
  13. If I recall the scene correctly, he basically outright says that he has no idea how it works. Itachi still had his eyes though, and as you said, the Shisui moment is filler. it's a mangekyo sharingan ability that requires having both eyes. When Obito temporarily gave Kakashi the power of both of his eyes, Kakashi could use sussano'o, but neither of them could use it when only having one mangekyo each. Thematically, sure, but outside of that, all she is, is a plot device that appeared without sufficient buildup and at a time where there's already been too many, "Surprise! I'm the real main villain" twists and the story is dragging its feet in a desperation to end. In the manga, she gets almost no characterization (the anime added episodes of backstory for her and her sons) and she ultimately contributes nothing to the plot outside of killing Madara and Obito. She's ultimately just a plot device that does little for the actual plot. Theme isn't everything. These stories are primarily character journeys; hence character-driven narrative. Theme is supplementary to that. I just said that I didn't like her character and for reasons that largely have already been discussed to death; I wasn't saying she's a bad character. Have you looked for one, or have you only been looking for the bad arguments? We've had discussions where you've said "I have yet to hear a good argument [about this topic]" before, and it has often come across as just sounding like you've been avoiding or misunderstanding the good arguments. Okay... how is this in any way a counter to the argument that the story became overstuffed with Uchiha? Don't get me wrong; I don't necessarily agree with the argument that the story became overstuffed with Uchiha, but this doesn't really counter that argument at all. Not only that, but @Etrurian emperor prefaced their argument with, "The writer has a fascination with the Uchiha clan that I don't share", meaning this is just them sharing their opinion on which aspects of the story they personally preferred. Um... @Etrurian emperor didn't say that at all; he just said that they were underutilized in fights, and that was just one sentence in a paragraph that otherwise had almost nothing to do with that. There were a number of things in that paragraph you could've picked and torn apart (to demonstrate, I will do so after finishing responding to you), and you chose to do both a strawman and a false dichotomy simultaneously? Anyway, @Etrurian emperor, I told @Ottservia that I would respond to some of what you said in your paragraph about the female characters, so I will do so now: 1. I admit that this one is more an exception than the rule, but Hinata was vastly more important than Kiba and Shino. 2. The only time one of the non-Kakashi teachers had time in the spotlight, it was to be killed off in order to propel Shikamaru's character development. 3. I'd honestly say that Kankuro (the puppet guy) was overall less important than Temari. 4. Hinata vs Pain is a fight between Sasori vs Sakura and Konan vs Tobito where a female character gets to shine.
  14. …I'm completely calm; what made you think I wasn't? Seriously; I want to know since I struggle to convey tone in normal conversation, let alone online.
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