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  1. Yeah; I wasn't planning on doing so. Thanks. I've noticed that a lot of pairing suggestions I've gotten have been about Dimitri, Felix or Ashe, but the only one I hear more than once for Dedue is Dimitri. Is there something about Dedue that makes few of his pairings stand out as particularly good or something? Oh; don't get me wrong, I'm fine with paired endings being non-romantic (I think Dimitri should have one simply because the royal line needs to continue and his uncle dying off-screen in Verdant Wind is making me think the same thing happens in Blue Lions); I paired Ignatz and Raphael in my Golden Deer route after all. I'm just curious.
  2. I'm in the middle of part 2 of my Golden Deer route, and I recently did the Battle of Gronder Field. And yes, I recruited Ferdinand, and only for the paralogue. That's the reason for my two-recruit limit (to be clear, it doesn't include knights, Cyril, Flayn and the other two professors). I know I need Caspar for the paralogue and the scythe, but I don't want to use him, as it means I have 2 units that suck at authority. For that same reason, plus it not really making much sense story-wise, I'm not going to recruit Hilda either. Since I've decided who Ingrid and Mercedes will end up paired with, I guess it would help to know what pairings (among Dimitri, Dedue, Felix and Ashe) are good for the remaining two girls: Annette and Flayn.
  3. It was accurate in my first playthrough as well; it was the "regardless" part that I was getting at.
  4. Is this a joke, or a genuine question? I honestly can't tell, as saving the requirement for the end makes the sentence read like bait-&-switch humour. If it's a serious question, then that requirement is rather specific. I'm a big fan of The Legend of Zelda games, but, while it would be great if I found a woman who also liked The Legend of Zelda, I wouldn't have that as a requirement. But, then again, I've never actually dated, and it's not for lack of trying. 😢 Also, This. You're seriously thinking about dating in a time like this?
  5. I suppose it's possible, but that just reminds me of something Dorothea says in Crimson Flower, about how operas will have it that Byleth and Edelgard are an item regardless of historical accuracy.
  6. Ballistae weren't meant for knocking down walls; that task was handled by trebuchets. Ballistae were for dealing with castle occupants. I like the idea; just substitute "ballista" with "trebuchet".
  7. Ah; okay. Thanks. That I knew; I just didn't know if it was only the Aegis + Pavise that was Crest-specific or the increased magic range as well.
  8. Interesting, except those who carry the Crests of the saints aren't descended from them; they're descended from people that got a blood transfusion of the saints' blood. This includes Edelgard's ancestor, who received a Crest directly from Rhea.
  9. I knew you meant Lorenz; I just misunderstood why you were suggesting getting his relic. I thought you meant get the relic to give to Lysithea. I didn't know that Lorenz leaves your party before Part 2 in the Blue Lions route. Thanks for letting me know. Wouldn't Thrysus be useless though if I have no intent on using someone with the Gloucester Crest?
  10. Very true, and it makes me wonder, in chapter 12 of the Verdant Wind route, if you have Claude fight Edelgard, he says that her declaring war so soon almost ruins his own plans... How did he plan to take over Fodlan and open it up, if not through warfare? I get that he's a schemer and that he plans to bring things about more gradually, but at some point, there was going to be conflict.
  11. "Why exactly did Edelgard feel she had to fight the Church itself to achieve her goals" was a question that was nagging the back of my mind. You just gave a better answer to that question than I ever could. Thank you.
  12. You're welcome. Yeah; I found that weird as well. I had to Google what the problem was.
  13. They released a survey recently. I left a link to it on the first part of this thread. Just a warning: there's a 300-character limit for each text box in which you can type an answer, so keep your feedback concise.
  14. To be fair, this demo was released far earlier in the game's development than the one for the original Bravely Default if I recall correctly. They released it with the intention of hearing feedback, so why not give them feedback on these issues, and see what happens?
  15. I have yet to play Azure Moon, so I wouldn't know. I agree about them jumping to assumptions too early. By the way, this is beside the point, but what did you think of my idea for a way to have conflict (or at least disagreement) between Dimitri and Claude beyond just fog and Dimitri going mad (in Verdant Wind)?
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