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  1. I agree. A number of reasons really; one that comes to mind is that, post-timeskip, Byleth is chronologically 26 (while physically still around 21 thanks to the Crest Stone inside them) while she's 39. Also, her personality is not very appealing, and her alcoholism is probably unaffordable in the long term on a teacher's salary.
  2. At least it is a bit mitigated by Flayn not being too much younger (physically speaking) than the other students. Her age is listed as "17 (by appearance)". That's still younger than anyone else post-timeskip, but at least she isn't physically a child. I still wouldn't, and the trope is still there, but at least it is heavily downplayed compared to characters like Nowi. By the way, Seteth's age is listed as "26 (by appearance)". I'm sorry, but to me, Seteth, in terms of physical age, resembles my uncle, who's 41. While my uncle can pass for early thirties, he can't pass for 26, and it's the same with Seteth.
  3. It is explained by Jeritza either in support conversation with him or in Monastery dialogue (can't remember which off the top of my head), but he doesn't go into great detail about it. Basically, Edelgard found him some time after he snapped, and she gave him a new identity as Jeritza as well as some ways of keeping the Death Knight in check (namely by giving him specific targets to aim at). She then took him to a noble house that had run out of heirs and was on the verge of collapse and had them adopt him. Indebted to her and needing to keep working for her to keep the Death Knight in check, he continued to work for her. In his supports with Mercedes, it's revealed that he's her younger brother who had to stay behind when she and her mom fled the Empire. He found out that his dad found out where they were hiding and planned to have them captured and brought back to him (Jeritza's dad). Since Mercedes' mother was past the point of having kids, he planned on using Mercedes to have more Crest-bearing children. Hearing all this, Jeritza snapped and killed his dad. …But he didn't just kill his dad; he also killed all his dad's officials and everyone else even remotely involved in the plot. In order to cope, he created the Death Knight less as an alternate-personality and more as Jeritza free of inhibitions, including the inhibition against killing others. It's a real Jekyll and Hyde. Funny enough, in the original book, Hyde wasn't an alternate personality either, but similarly was Jekyll free of all inhibitions.
  4. I would love to see this as well. All the pieces are there in Three Houses for something truly incredible, yet, from what I've played so far, it does seem like IS and Koei Tecmo but off more than they could chew. Still a good game. One thing I think would make Claude more interesting would be if his "bringing in help from Almyra" gambit got played sooner out of necessity, and it backfires as Fodlan outside of Leicester justifiably mistake it for an Almyran invasion; not helped by Claude's heritage being exposed. Something like that could've worked in making Claude into more of a wild card rather than the fight being Edelgard vs Everyone else. I went into the Crimson Flower route of Three Houses expecting a three-way fight like advertised, not the Fire Emblem equivalent of playing as the Lannisters (as in the faction that almost everyone's against).
  5. When creating a forum topic like this one, there are two buttons on top of the title & content text boxes. One of them says "content", and the other says "poll". Click the one that says, "poll" to create a poll. As for who to marry, it doesn't really matter gameplay-wise as S-Support only really affects paired endings. If you really can't choose which one you most want Byleth to marry out of the three of them, then I suggest thinking about which two of the three do you like the idea of seeing end up with two the other characters. Then have those two A-Support the two people you want them to end up with, and pick the remainder for Byleth. For me, when I get around to my Blue Lions playthrough, I'm probably going with Ingrid (or Mercedes, but probably Ingrid). But that's just me and I have yet to do a Blue Lions playthrough.
  6. I'd have to sort them by the piece of media they were in: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Ed vs Greed, when he figures out he can turn Greed's diamond-hard skin into graphite. Roy Mustang burning Lust after having to carve the Flame Alchemy matrix on his hand and cauterize his stab wounds with alchemy and Havoc's ruined lighter. This one's my favourite. Ling and Lan-Fan surviving and escaping Wrath. Alphonse and Hohenheim trapping Pride in a dirt dome. Hohenheim revealing that Homunculus can't drain him as he spent decades speaking with and calming all 500,000+ souls Homunculus trapped in his body. Hohenheim and the Xerxes souls unleashing a counter-alchemy that returns the souls of the people of Amestris to their bodies. The Northern Forces proving themselves to not be a redshirt army by endlessly barraging Homunculus so he can't counterattack them. Greed turning Homunculus into graphite. Alphonse returning to his original body so Ed can get his arm back. Truth calling out Homunculus on his inferiority complex and telling him, "You should've seen the answer right in front of you" Ed getting Al back by sacrificing his Gate of Truth (i.e. his alchemy). One-Punch Man: Mumen Rider vs Deep Sea King, and Mumen RIder's speech during the fight: "No one expects much from me... They think a C-Class hero won't be much help. I know that better than anyone. I'm not good enough for Class B. I'm weak. I know that much. No one has to tell me I have no chance of beating you. I already... know that! And yet, I must try. It's not about winning or losing! It's about me taking you on right here, right now!" What a hero. Basically every single part of Saitama vs Boros is a hype moment. First, Boros surviving Saitama's regular punch. Then, Boros keeping up with Saitama in speed; something no one else has done. Then Boros going Meteoric Burst and kicking Saitama to the moon. Then Saitama jumping back to the exact same spot on Earth from the moon. Then Boros surviving consecutive normal punches. Then Boros unleashing his ultimate move: "Collapsing Star, Roaring Cannon" while Saitama unleashes his finishing move: "Serious Series: Serious Punch!"
  7. For MCU films: The Incredible Hulk (the one actually in the MCU) All three Captain America films Iron Man 1 Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Spiderman Homecoming Avengers Infinity War Outside the MCU: Spiderman 2 Logan
  8. Hm... Good question. I know I really liked Bravely Second's demo for being its own story before the events of the game, rather than just a piece of the early game. I found that that was really cool.
  9. People dislike Female Byleth's default outfit because it's just plain silly. It's supposed to be armour, yet it leaves stuff like her belly button exposed. Here's the way I see it: if you're going to give a character a fanservice outfit, do it right. Be subtle, tasteful, and realistic. Dorothea's outfit, being a slight modification of the standard student uniform (plus a hat that's just a hat) and her character has decent reason for dressing like that, meets the criteria (except maybe subtlety, but it is certainly far more subtle than previous FE character outfits).
  10. Oh; it definitely would be out-of-character. I was just clarifying what makes their swift judgement and execution horrific; that they were just pawns that didn't know what they were doing.
  11. Yes, but their shocked statements made it clear that they were unwitting pawns; unwitting pawns that could've been more useful alive for information.
  12. Same. He's a British singer. The only reason I know about him was that, in High School, a fellow student I never met before walked up to me and, out of nowhere, said to me, "Did you know you look like Ed Sheeran?" I had to awkwardly ask her, "Who's Ed Sheeran?" Basically, when I have a beard, I'm told I look like Ed Sheeran. When I'm clean-shaven, I'm told I look like Ron Weasley. I strongly suspect that the reason I keep getting compared to those two is that they are the only two live male redheads in popular media that people tend to know about. Back on topic: Lucina: Little Wonders Apparently, according to the singer (Rob Thomas), the point of the song is that our lives are made up of simple events while you're waiting for the big things to happen, and that we should live in the moment and not miss all these small things that happen in the meantime; these "little wonders". Actually, I think there's a few characters that this song could apply to: Edelgard, Rhea (?), Arvis (since he gets so caught up in his big ambitions that he misses the little things) (?), and Sephiran.
  13. I'm well aware; I'm just making a joke about it. I even asked for her opinion on a song I said fits Ike because I know she's an Ike fan. By the way, what do you think of the songs I picked for Ike and Rhea respectively?
  14. Yeah; I'm not sure about the genre of music. But then again, what genre would fit him? Indeed; you are evidently a big fan of Ike. It's obvious by your picture of Sylvain under a caption saying "Sylvain is best and cutest redhead <3", which is blatantly untrue as Sylvain's nothing compared to me! …Nah; I'm not nearly arrogant enough to make a claim like that. (For context, I look like a Canadian Ed Sheeran with freckles).
  15. Ah, yes. Silly me for forgetting that. Of course she was innocent; how old was she when the Tragedy of Duscur happened? I'm pretty sure she's well-aware. She's seen both Thales and Arundel and spoken with them as if knowing they're the same person. Yet another reason why we should've gotten chapters where she fights TWSITD; could you imagine the boss conversation between her and Thales: Thales: "[…] (Changes briefly into Arundel) You really think you can strike down your uncle?" Edelgard: "'Uncle'? You know; I am sick of calling you, 'uncle'! My uncle was a good man! Of all the things I had to put up with when breathing the same air as you, watching your poor imitation of Arundel was probably the worst! You could never hope to hold a candle to the real Arundel." Not my best piece of dialogue, but I hope it gives some idea of the potential there.
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